Friday 25 December 2020

Marie Stopes: Racist, English, Anti-Life, Child-Killing, Feminazi Bastard

The Manosphere often characterises Anglo-American feminists as Feminazis, to denote their inflexible misandry and fanaticism. However, many famous Anglo feminists were in fact genuine Nazis - racist, eugenicist, imperialist. While I have been exposing these evil, cum-skinned hags for many years now, the times have at last caught up with my boundless brilliance. With this is mind, let us consider biggest Feminazi of them all: Marie Stopes.  

Marie Carmichael Stopes was born in Britain in 1880 and, until she was 40, led an exemplary life as a feminist pioneer: at 22, she got a first in botany and geology from UCL; two years later, a PhD from Munich University; and became Manchester University's first female academic, as a palaeobotany lecturer. She wrote two books in 1918, Married Love and Wise Parenthood, in which she outlined some of her eugenicist views. 

But the really eye-popping stuff is in Birth Control News, a self-published extremist fanzine which she set up in July 1922, with this stirring editorial: 
Sterilisation of the unfit raises a hornet's nest, but no one worries at all about the daily sterilisation now going on of the fit. Young married men of the professional classes are today often forced by conditions to remain sterile, though they passionately desire the healthy children they could have if they did not have hordes of defectives to support in one way or the other.

Her eugenics programme was actually slightly to the right of Hitler's, just because her definition of defective is so broad. Some issues of Birth Control News seem to suggest that some people should be sterilised for vaguer reasons of defectiveness, like not being rich enough. There are also strong strains of racism: she described the southern Italians as a "low-grade race"; she was accused of anti-semitism even by her birth-control allies; and in a stinging attack on the French who, in the early 1920s tightened their laws against contraception, she said that if they really wanted to repopulate their nation, they should "eliminate the taint of their large numbers of perverted or homosexual people." 

Sterilising homosexuals is a somewhat pointless suggestion from the scientific standpoint, given that homosexuals seldom reproduce anyway. For this reason, it is most unlikely to be an 'inherited' condition.

Interestingly - for someone preaching the virtues of genetic elitism - Stopes herself was a well-known sexual degenerate. In court, her first husband described her as a multiple adulteress, nymphomaniac and perjurer. In addition, she also seems to have been mentally ill: she claimed to have heard a direct message from God while sitting under a yew tree in 1920.   

Here are some less well-known facts about Marie Stopes and her beliefs:
  • From 1918 to the early 1930s she published several books on marriage and birth control. One of these was Radiant Motherhood (1920) and in a chapter headed ‘A new and irradiated race’ Stopes reveals her underlying (and repulsive) agenda behind her push for widespread birth control: ‘It is the urgent duty of the community to make parenthood impossible for those whose mental and physical conditions are such that there is a certainty that their offspring must be physically and mentally tainted…’ She wants their sterilisation made immediate and made compulsory otherwise there will be an: ‘…ever increasing stock of degenerate, feeble-minded and unbalanced who will devastate social customs…like the parasite upon a healthy tree.’
  • She did not just write, but actively lobbied the Prime Minister and Parliament to pass Acts to enforce compulsory sterilisation in order to: ‘…ensure the sterility of the hopelessly rotten and racially diseasedby the elimination of wasteful lives.’
  • Stopes also urged the National Birth Rate Commission to support the compulsory sterilisation of parents who were diseased, prone to drunkenness or of ‘bad character’.  To use a selection of her words, the: ‘hopelessly bad cases, bad through inherent disease, or drunkenness or character’, ’wastrels, the diseased…the miserable [and] the criminal’, ’degenerate, feeble minded and unbalanced’, ’parasites’, and the ‘insane’. In Wise Parenthood she explains: ‘Our race is weakened by an appallingly high percentage of unfit weaklings and diseased individuals.’
  • Marie Stopes’ first family planning clinic was in North London in 1921 and was run by an organisation she founded: The Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress. It was no coincidence that her birth control clinics were clustered in deprived areas, to focus on reducing the birth rate of the poor lower classes and prevent the birth of those whom she considered to be ‘the inferior, the depraved, and the feeble-minded’.
  • Her views were not a passing fad. In 1934 she publicly stated that ‘the half-caste’ should be sterilised at birth. In 1956, two years before she died, Marie Stopes asserted that one-third of British men should be forcibly sterilised, ‘starting with the ugly and unfit.
  • Stopes cut her own son out of her will simply because he married a girl who wore glasses. Instead, the bulk of her estate went to the Eugenics Society.
  • Stopes was a Nazi supporter. In 1935, she attended a Nazi Congress for Population Science in Berlin. Four years later she sent Hitler a gushing personal letter along with a volume of her love poems: ‘Dear Herr Hitler, love is the greatest thing in the world: so will you accept from me these that you may allow the young people of your nation to have them?‘ The irony of people today praising Stopes is captured by Anthony Ozimic: ‘Praising Marie Stopes as a woman of distinction should be as unacceptable as praising Adolf Hitler as a great leader. Both promoted compulsory sterilisation and the elimination of society’s most vulnerable members to achieve what they called racial progress.
  • The BBC website states that the Catholic Church was Stope’s fiercest critic. They fail to clarify it was actually the Catholic Church that most opposed her appalling eugenic beliefs. In the 1920s, a legal victory against the rising eugenic tide was won by Dr Sutherland, with the support of the Catholic church, over Marie Stopes. Sutherland actually opposed eugenics long before he became a Catholic. Yet Stopes is lauded today as a feminist hero, while the story of the eugenics libel trial, and the Catholic role in trying to stop eugenics, has been either overlooked or dismissed as simplistic Catholic opposition to contraception.
  • Moreover, Dr Sutherland and others were actively trying to prevent and cure tuberculosis, (the disease of poverty) while at the same time influential eugenicists decried their efforts as a waste of timeEugenicists considered tuberculosis was a ‘friend of the race’ because it was a natural check on the ‘unfit’ and poor, killing them before they could reproduce.
  • How ironic that Stopes, who describes poor children as ‘puny-faced, gaunt, blotchy, ill-balanced, feeble, ungainly, withered’ is the one now feted as a feminist heroine, and Sutherland who tried to treat and heal them is forgotten.
  • The deliberate excision of Stopes’ eugenic legacy has made her a secular saint. The abortion industry in particular, and liberalism in general, have effectively erased Stopes’ racism and hatred of the poor (such inconvenient historical facts) from their collective memory. Yet the truth is, Marie Stopes represents an early fusion of Anglo-feminist and Nazi beliefs. 

Nor is Stopes merely a figure of historical interest; her Feminazi vision is still going strong. Marie Stopes International, arguably the biggest abortion and birth control provider in the world, focuses on providing cheap abortions in developing countries directly to the poorest women in the world:

  • MSI focus much of their abortion provision in developing countries;
  • Western Governments (including the UK) work through MSI to put heavy political pressure on African governments to overturn restrictive abortion policies (the ‘West knows best’) but deliberately hides this foreign influence;
  • MSI funding is from rich Western individuals and nations, including the UK government, with millions more in tax money pledged in 2019:
  • MSI use misnomers such as ‘safe abortion provision’, hiding or ignoring evidence that their policies can actually harm women or at best are ‘ambivalent in effectiveness’.
  • The UK Government (funding MSI) spends more money and effort on birth control than on providing quality maternal care (which would save more lives)
So it seems that Stopes' colonialist and eugenic agenda carries on, with a different cloak and mantle and exported to a different part of the world. What a totally unexpected surprise...!

The Anglo-American cultural establishment spends a huge amount of time and effort vilifying Hitler's regime (and other cultures in general) in books, films and other cultural propaganda. However, not only did they collude with that regime, but modern Anglo-American feminism maintains a Nazi agenda in its dealings with emerging nations. Anglo-feminism serves as a convenient smokescreen to hide sinister racist, imperialist and fascist agendas under the guise of 'progress' and 'equality'. This also applies to the 'trans' agenda, which it promotes at every turn; is that not just more misandrist eugenics, under a different name?

In short, Feminazis really are Nazis.

In 2008, the UK revealed its true values and affiliations by creating a Marie Stopes postage stamp. Yes, I kid you not: they put a mentally-ill, Feminazi cunt on a stamp, as part of a series celebrating 'female pioneers'. 

For over a decade, I have been saying that misandrist Anglo-American feminism is not a revolutionary or progressive movement at all; to the contrary, all its warped and imbalanced values (repression, sex-negativism, legalism, life-hatred, deviance, elitism and racism) originate within the dominant Anglo-American culture and promote its core values, albeit in 'radical' guise. How else could it have become the dominant value-system across the whole Anglosphere, in so short a time?  

Merry Christmas, anyway.