Friday 3 June 2022

Is the Anglosphere Ripe for the Taking? Moscow, Geopolitics and the Anglobitch Thesis

The Kremlin - beating heart of the Thesis?

Although it is hard to believe, the Kremlin view this blog quite regularly (the Senate, to be precise). It is easy to track any viewer's IP address on Google Maps to find exactly where they live. I never normally do this, since knowing such things is none of my business. However, when I get regular hits from Moscow, London or Washington it makes sense to undertake further enquiries. Unless the Anglobitch Thesis has any fans in the Kremlin – and why would it have? – we are safe to assume they are using our articles and commentary to gauge the mettle of the Anglosphere West.

It must be said that their interest is fairly understandable:

  • We describe the Anglosphere as it truly is, not as the Anglo-American authorities want it to be seen. We hear from exploited immigrant workers in Canada, American expatriates and incel Brits: a broad and representative slice of articulate and intelligent Anglo-American males.
  • We discuss various statistics and stories that undercut ‘official’ Angloshere narratives about the Anglo-American world being a peerless stronghold of sexual freedom and happiness.
  • We have had some pretty high-powered commentary on here by law professors, corrections officers and former military men describing the legal and cultural problems of the Anglosphere in great detail, especially as they relate to gender issues

Accurate knowledge of an enemy informs what Alexander the Great called ‘The Whole Campaign’: the economic, infrastructural, social and political landscape of an enemy nation, not just its military prowess. By any reckoning, the myriad problems of the Anglosphere must be very interesting to a potentially hostile state like Russia. Here are a few examples:

Institutional Misandry alienating millions of men

I will not bore the reader with what they already know about the Anglosphere’s institutional misandry, a legacy of its puritanical and sex-negative cultural heritage. The issue has become so bad that many weak-minded men are ‘transitioning’ into 'honorary' women, in order to acquire the exalted status that Anglo-American women enjoy by right.

Inceldom, Mass Shootings and ‘Idle Hands Theory’

In the US, nearly a third of all men under thirty have not had sex in a year. Including those men who exclusively use sex workers, that number is probably closer to half. Entitled girls and women dismissing such a high proportion of young males as sexual partners inevitably breeds feelings of resentment, making North America less stable than comparable societies. Mass shootings are not a simple matter of sexless young men shooting women or 'sex havers', however; while true incel shooters certainly exist, most shooters are incels by accident rather than design. That is, they are not deliberately targeting young women (or promiscuous 'sex havers') in the manner of Elliot Rodger or Seung Hui-Cho. Rather, they exemplify what I term the ‘Idle Hands’ Theory of mass shooting: that inceldom frees them to pursue a more general vengeance against those they resent or despise.

So what is 'Idle Hands Theory'? When a young man is enjoying a sexual relationship (and the greater fulfilment this brings), his ‘idle hands’ are much less likely to act on his natural male desires for vengeance, violencenotoriety and so forth. Remove that sexual relationship from his life and the same young man is suddenly ‘free’ to go after his classmates, work colleagues, black/white/brown people or any other target group he holds a grudge against. Indeed, crime statistics show that single males are ten times more likely to kill someone than males in a relationship. In sum, ‘Idle Hands’ Theory explains why North America increasingly resembles Liberia or Mexico rather than a stable post-industrial society; unchained from social responsibility by their inceldom, sexless young men are free to ‘act out’ vengeance fantasies that would normally remain firmly in their heads

In sum, raising the proportion of sexually-disenfranchised young men to the levels typically seen in unstable, vendetta-based societies has made North America far more vengeful – an obvious outcome, from a rational standpoint.

Borderline Cultural Values

Partly due to its feminist orientation, American culture as a whole seems to suffer from collective Borderline Personality Disorder: that is, it sees the world in dichotomous 'black and white' terms with its head continually striking the ceiling of reality. The North American assumption that ‘everyone’ can ‘make it’ and become rich/famous without reference to appearance, intellect or talent is a good example of this. An astute external observer like Putin is bound to see an entire culture mired in mental illness and fantasist delusions as an opportunity, not a threat. And Canada is even worse than the US, if that were humanly possible.

Canada: Nice scenery hiding feminist child abuse
Canada: epic scenery hiding feminist child abuse

Dysfunctional non-selective Secondary Schooling that breeds Mass Shooters

I have noticed one important this about school shootings that no one else mentions: they are more frequent in countries without a selective state secondary education system to segregate the intellectually able from the mainstream (namely, the Anglosphere, Scandinavian and some far eastern countries).  In France, Holland or Germany, which retain a selective state secondary education system, mass shootings are relatively rare. The US has become home to almost daily school shootings, as unhappy students or former students take out their righteous resentment against bullying, ostracism and unrealistic academic demands. I doubt Klebold and Harris would have shot anyone if they were surrounded by other high IQ adolescents in a selective secondary school; neither would Salvador Ramos, if he were in a more congenial (for him) trade school environment.

Despite their socialism, Scandinavian countries are also highly prone to mass shootings (especially Finland).  This is because they share the Anglosphere’s non-selective secondary education system: a one-fits-all model of secondary education that breeds dissatisfaction for both the gifted and the average alike.

Dysfunctional non-selective state secondary schooling

Not only is state Anglosphere schooling a largely toxic social experience, it is fairly ineffective; in the UK, one person in three cannot divide 65 by 5 with pencil and paper. The fact that most inhabitants of the Anglosphere are stupid and lazy must be quite heartening to its many enemies, Russia foremost among them.

Failed Multiculturalism

Nations with alienated minorities are never robust, by definition. They have higher crime rates, less cohesion and a poorer quality of life. Due to their distinctive colonial/slave trading history, the Anglosphere nations are full of angry, profoundly alienated minorities who grow up as outsiders and justifiably hate the countries they live in. Although the authorities continuously strive to define multiculturalism as  positive and enriching, it is obviously a source of endemic dysfunction and profound alienation. As some commentators have written here, the racial tensions specific to post-colonial states create residual resentments which also feed generic radicalism; Anglo-American feminism is an obvious example of this (despite being a white, elitist and largely racist movement). That divided, hate-filled societies are ripe for the taking is one of war's oldest lessons; consider Alexander's effortless conquest of multicultural Persia.

Also, there are strong sexual dimensions to minority alienation: despite fake mass media depictions of inter-racial sexual harmony, puritanical middle class white women do not view non-white sub-9 males as potential sexual partners, however 'Woke' they claim to be. The extensive grooming and abuse of underclass white females in the UK is an predictable and obvious response to this wounding sexual ostracism.

Destruction of Monocultural Social Management Systems by Social Media

Without a media monoculture maintaining youth cultures to alleviate isolation and tensions between the sexes, gender relations have steadily worsened since about 2007. The coherent youth cultures that defined the Anglosphere in the second half of the twentieth century (and provided instant social circle and relationship formation opportunities) are now largely extinct, further worsening the incel problem and feeding male alienation in general. Social and sexual status is now based on one’s Tinder profile,  feeding female hypergamy and excluding a much larger proportion of males from the sexual marketplace.

Although ‘mainstream’ discourse is still controlled by upper-middle class Boomer politicians and commentators firmly stuck in the 1950s, social media has somewhat replaced such discourse and the Sexual False Consciousness associated with it. This revolution has found expression in the rise of the alt-right, the manosphere, protest voting and radical dissidence in general. Nothing wrong with those things, of course; but they are hardly conducive to societal stability.

Generation X Youth Culturists

Gerontocracy, Class Distinction and ‘Elite’ Incompetence

Anglosphere countries have relatively rigid class structures that result in alienated minorities, a huge white underclass and a cranky Boomer gerontocracy stuck in the 1950s. Johnson is a buffoon while Biden is clearly senile and younger Anglosphere politicians are either misandrist feminists or Marxists: Trudeau, Ardern and Albanese being three prime examples. In sum, the Anglosphere is run by a weak, degenerate and useless pseudo-elite who are clearly incapable of resolving internal problems or resisting external threats. Looking at that laughable crew, Mr Putin and his cronies must be rubbing their hands in sheer delight.

A Few Conclusions?

Considering our long-term interest in all these issues, it is entirely obvious why the Kremlin is so interested in this blog. Like a hyena eyeing a limping wildebeest on the Serengeti, the Russian oligarchy must open a new bottle of vodka every time a new Anglobitch post or comment appears. And since the invasion of Ukraine, the Anglosphere West has largely demonstrated only the dysfunctional weakness we ascribe to it: it will neither enforce a no-fly zone or send anything but military equipment to the battlefront, for example.

There is one problem with the Russians’ approach, however: Ukraine is not an Anglosphere country, and thus more robust than its crumbling western sponsors. Its boxers are renowned, its people retain a strong religious faith and they are ethnically homogeneous and fiercely patriotic, for the most part. In short, Ukraine has all the resilient qualities that the trans-obsessed, school-shooting, misandrist Anglosphere nations with their failed multiculturalism lack completely. Which kind of proves an important point: unless you are going to attack the Anglosphere directly, studying its weaknesses is a fairly pointless activity.

Still, we ought to be flattered at Moscow's interest in this humble blog. Their attentions prove that the Anglobitch Thesis is a tool of immense value for understanding the unique problems of the Anglosphere West. 

Mr Putin: Are we guiding his hand?