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Legal Hysteria: How Reactive Common Law Drives the Anglosphere’s Transsexual Obsession

Where did this madness originate?
Where and how did this madness originate?

Part of the pleasure of running this little blog is seeing different voices adding to the Anglobitch Thesis in novel and enriching ways. For example, I did not know that Canada (and especially Toronto) was a seething hotbed of feminist misandry; yet it clearly is. Similarly, I did not know that US army personnel were cucked left, right and centre by hyper-hypergamous wives until John Smith informed us of the fact. Nor did I know that the distinctive ‘common law’ that defines the Anglosphere was so instrumental in imposing and maintaining its institutional misandry until a former corrections officer and a distinguished law professor described the problematic legal issues in early 2018.

In broad and simple terms, these commentators claimed that the common law (which defines the Anglosphere) is highly reactive and malleable in relation to social trends and circumstances. This frequently results in legislation being created ‘on the hoof’ in response to media headlines and pressure group activity, without any proper consideration of the wider social or practical implications. By contrast, non-Anglo civil law changes much more slowly and only after deep consideration of all the adjoining implications, producing a generally more rational and stable society with far healthier gender-relations. Writing on this blog in 2018, a distinguished law professor stressed the role of Anglo-American Common Law in shaping an openly misandrist legal system:

A straying or dissatisfied wife outside the Anglo world will possibly sleep with the muscleman washing her car at times, take on a secret identity or even try an open relationship or swinging. (This is reasonably common in Europe and some portions of South America to ease relationship tension, as they are less puritanic in culture and seem able to grasp and hold to a bigger picture.) But the part that matters, is that the marriage will stay intact despite the straying, because the woman, the lawyers and the courts have no profit incentive to encourage it. And if it does happen, she will still need to take responsibility and become an earner, which fortunately, those societies also provide an assist for, in the interest of making sure everyone comes out OK. Custody, for the most part, stays a shared proposition. So whether the husband is “too perfect” (as my son supposedly was) or “far too imperfect” (which men in particular are stigmatized as in Anglo societies), divorce outside of the Anglo world happens less often and is much more humane and restrained. Particularly so in Europe (excluding Britain) and Central and South American countries that have largely been shaped by French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian civil law customs and culture.

Beyond the residual puritanism, profit-driven courts and reflexive misandry so ably outlined here, Anglo-American legal culture itself now takes a direct role in actively promoting anti-male agendas. According to the professor, legalistic scholarship has hijacked modern Anglo common law to make it infinitely more reactive to external ‘trends’ (shorthand for academic feminism and its affiliated tentacles in politics and the media):

Any L1 student starting up at a law school learns early about the principle of stare decisis, Latin for "let the decision stand", and thus some of my students have been confused by the very accurate points you and your contributors have been making even before my elaboration above. How can judges in the United States, Canada, Britain and other nations classed as "Anglo" have so much power to make arbitrary decisions, or incorporate radical Anglo-American feminist theories (which are indeed thoroughly misandrist by contrast to the rest of the West), when stare decisis supposedly requires them to follow precedent? Doesn't stare decisis mean they should follow older and long-established customs, including prior judges’ rulings, that are less misandrist?

The answer is no, and Mr. Kshatriya and his contributors are indeed right that judges in divorce courts have rather excessive powers particularly in the realms of monetary imputation and purview of a spouse's finances, and that alimony and child support payments can and regularly are harshly assessed. The answer to this confusion is that the common law since the 20th century has been quite different to what it was before. Most of you (referring to my law school students) have, or soon will encounter the treatises of critical 20th-c jurists such as Frankfurter, Holmes, Brandeis, Dworkin, Fuller, Wechsler and Bickel. In a gradual process of great significance, these legal scholars (several of them Supreme Court justices) re-interpreted the very concept of common law, to make it more flexible and responsive to modern scholarship. Since then, stare decisis and precedent don't mean what they did in the 18th or 19th centuries. Although prior case law remains greatly important in guiding future decisions, the evolution of these scholars' ideas in practice has meant that judges today have a lot of latitude in setting precedent based on prevailing social theories. Their ideas became so influential that they've now come to dominate the concept of common law across the English-speaking world, not just in the United States.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. Since Anglo-American judges now have ‘great latitude’ in setting legal precedents, vocal yet idiomatic academic pressure-groups have begun to exert massive legal influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers in society. Predictably, these academic pressure groups are invariably misandrist, puritanical and feminist in nature:

Unfortunately, once the common law's previous restraints had been cut-- restraints which predate the US Constitution itself, and based on custom instead of statute-- the dangerous perversions of the Frankfurt-School (cultural marxism and ideas of "political correctness" on university campuses) and in particular, the harshly adversarial ideas of 3rd wave feminism were able to exert themselves through this "new form of common law". And it has become a horribly destructive force in the family courts of the English-speaking world. In effect, "precedent" can be almost arbitrarily set by family court judges on the basis of what are considered to be "commonly agreed upon principles" in legal elite professional circles but which, in reality, are often little more than radical feminist theories (the Anglo-Saxon versions of them) that have been arbitrarily lent prestige by their appearance in academic journals. Moreover, since so much of academia in the USA, Canada and Britain (mainland Europe and Latin America have a different university structure) has indeed been taken over by such 3rd wave feminist and cultural marxist radicals who are on the payroll as serious "scholars", result is that common law precedent in Anglo-American courts, which affects all of us, is in effect being "set by precedents" derived from the most radical, misandrist theories of these sorts of feminist academic journals.

Although the professor's superb critique is largely directed at the divorce courts, I believe that the Anglosphere's malleable common law also underpins more recent attempts to redefine gender-relations across the English-speaking world. And nowhere is this influence more obvious than in the sudden explosion of 'trans rights' over the past five years or so.

In my humble opinion, this bizarre programme bears all the hallmarks of the professor’s brilliant analysis: swiftly and arbitrarily embedded in Anglo-American law without democratic consultation; driven by discredited Marxist ideology rather than common sense; and applied without proper consultation from medical professionals and other relevant experts.

Send in the Clowns...

While retaining their own strong and stable families, the Anglo-American establishment has imposed clown world on their mainstream populations via a flurry of common law edicts backed by a pliant mass media and an eccentric political class. Thus women can molest five year old boys in Canadian classrooms with complete impunity; all employers must make provision for  their (largely imaginary) trans employees; children of five are encouraged to consider gender reassignment, as if they were mentally equipped to make such decisions; a trans 'spokesperson' has to be consulted on every issue under the sun, from aardvarks to zebras; and anyone who questions this insanity is subjected to a reflexive witch-hunt in both social and mainstream media. 

While most people seem to think these sudden changes came ‘out of nowhere’, this deluge has its true origins in Anglo-American Common Law and its infinite capacity to instantly promote and enforce societal change without reference to democratic consultation processes. While Anglo puritanism perverts human sexuality by its very nature, Anglo common law is the legal catalyst that transmits this perversion to every corner of the Anglosphere

Merry Christmas to everyone, anyway. Let's hope 2022 brings more joy than the past two years of pandemic misery.

Monday 20 December 2021

More Insights from John Smith: Active Resistance for Enlightened Anglo-American men

Here is another post inspired by the thoughts of reader and commentator John Smith, complete with commentary by myself. What I like most about John's writing is that it returns us to the first principles of the Anglobitch Thesis: namely, informing Anglo-American men about their perilous situation in the Anglosphere while giving them effective strategies to realise better personal or romantic experiences elsewhere in the world.
Greetings again, Rookh,

I recently read your latest article, another excellent piece as always . I must admit that I had been checking your website several times a week in anticipation of a new article. In it you mentioned detachment from the anglosphere and active resistance and wanted to share a few thoughts I had.

Rather than simply staying alive and existing within the anglosphere, men should actively fleece it and take advantage of the few things left it has to offer, Relampago Furioso did a version of this strategy, or rather described it in his work. I can speak only for the USA, but a main advantage of living and working in the USA is, in comparison to the rest of the world, the higher average salaries and the strength of the dollar overseas.
The Anglosphere certainly retains a lot of 'soft power' in the world, although its military and educational standing is starting to decline after decades of misandrist feminism and elite mismanagement. Its language, colleges and mass culture are still dominant at a global level. Think about it: educated people in India and China all want to learn English; but how many Westerners want to learn Mandarin or Urdu? So while Anglo-American men are treated as garbage WITHIN the Anglosphere, there are still great opportunities for them outside it. And now is the time to exploit these opportunities, before the Anglosphere collapses completely.
Being reduced essentially to mercenaries, men living in the USA or anglosphere (I only mentioned the USA separately because I cannot speak for other countries in the anglosphere) from the ages of 18-30 should take advantage of every free thing they can get such as education and job training, save and invest, stay out of debt, learn a new language if desired and if they choose to, take their skills and money overseas to friendlier cultures that will actually treat them like men with needs and will appreciate their skills.
Absolutely. The basic Crimson Pill dictum - change what you can, accept or de-emphasise what you cannot - fits the needs of young American men like no other Manosphere philosophy. While Black-Pilled incels obsess over their unchangeable shortness or baldness and Red-Pilled fantasists naively pretend appearance does not matter, the Crimson-Pilled man focuses all his energies on what he can improve, to his boundless health and benefit. He can travel, pursue a course of remunerative education or explore his sexuality in Germany or Latin America and his height or looks will not matter a jot.
Incentives matter, and when the enlightened man looks at what his incentives are in the anglosphere long term it truly only boils down to money. When men are not saddled with insane student loan debt, an anglobitch wife and a mortgage weighing him down, a financially savvy man can find that even a modest sum of 50k can go very far. However, if one chooses, getting a highly skilled job such as a surgeon, engineer or pilot can almost definitely find easy employment overseas, so much the better if he gets the education and training for free on the anglosphere's dime.
Exactly. Since the Anglosphere (and North America in particular) has declared war on men, Anglo-American men have got to discard the patriotic 'social loyalty' drivel that lamestream society tries to lay on them from birth to death. Why should men be loyal to a society that views and treats them like third class citizens? Canada and the US should have considered this when they were treating men like shit. In fact, men are now little more than 'Guest-workers' in the Anglosphere, after the manner of Turks in modern Germany; they are certainly not true citizens, with the same rights or freedoms as the Anglobitch (or her pseudo-female surrogates in the deviant communities). Since this is so, Anglo-American men should also reject all the informal social obligations associated with citizenship: loyalty, conformity and self-sacrifice. If you are treated as a mercenary, you might as well act like one.
My only concern with this strategy is if it were to ever go mainstream, the anglo-cucks in charge would try to crack down on it and keep enlightened men from leaving or punish them like they did with Cuba Dave. Like you said in the article mentioning him, anglo-cucks wont let men leave, their productivity and brain power is essential to keeping the economy going, society knows this but fails to recognize that men are adapting to the insanity brought on by feminism and reflexive misandry. They expect men to keep busting their ass and paying taxes (and potentially die in the case of a war) to protect and uphold a system that actively seeks to turn them into sexless non thinking automatons.

This piercing analysis makes me think of Boomer Uber-Cuck, Jordan Peterson. He spends his days proclaiming that young men should 'grow up' and 'be men' - yet without offering any reward or recognition for such diligent conformity. Meanwhile women can roam about the Anglosphere without any responsibilities whatsoever, getting railed or knocked-up by whichever tattooed thug happens to be prowling the landscape. The problem with Boomer tradcucks is that they are still firmly living in 1958: Peterson genuinely thinks that masculine diligence is still rewarded, both sexually and socially. But as we all know, the Anglobitch despises the competent Anglo-American man in favour of sociopathic thugs like Charles Starkweather or Jeremy Meeks. 

And of course, the authorities will not like men leaving the Anglosphere or going off-grid. Why would they? The goose that lays their golden eggs is leaving town, leaving the Anglo 'elite' with a society of whining, entitled females in pointless make-jobs. Of course, they will try to subvert the law to punish men like Cuba Dave from fleeing the Plantation for the sexual freedoms beyond America's repressive shores. But as long as the Crimson-Pilled man operates in the shadows, playing his cards of enlightenment close to his chest, there is presently little they can do. 

Of course also, this strategy is not without risks and nothing is guaranteed or simple and this strategy will of course work better for some men than others. However, as the crimson pill guides us, we know there are some things we cannot change and some that we can. Namely our finances, fitness and location.
That's about it for my thoughts on this matter for now. As always thanks for taking the time to read and thank you for taking the time to continue writing articles and enlighten men.
- John Smith
While there are always risks in resistance, just consider how uneducated Sicilian immigrants - namely, the Mafia - were able to manipulate American law enforcement and monopolise organised crime for decades. If such mediocre men could wreak such havoc by refusing to 'play by the rules', just imagine the damage that able and determined men should be able to cause! With his mercenary mindset, clear-eyed awareness of female nature and accurate mental map of the host society, the Crimson-Pilled man should be able to achieve anything he wants. Our 'elite' opponents are Bible-thumping trad-clowns stuck in the 1950's and laughable, low-IQ feminists in pointless make-jobs; hardly fearsome opposition. As I have always said, success is the best measure of any life-philosophy: so be about it

Finally, John Smith furnishes us with two incredible case studies underlining the present state of the Anglosphere:
Some extra gems I found recently:

Boomer Anglocuck professor warns of a mating crisis and thinks women are only attracted to men with degrees and men signal their success on tinder with college degrees. Get fucking real dude, the average man would be far better off improving his mating chances by getting shredded, getting tatted up and getting in a few street brawls. Doing some time in the slammer would probably help too (not that I advocate this approach). Would love to hear what this professor thinks about the woman who sought out Charles Manson WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON and married him. I'm sure his multiple college degrees were really what made her pussy wet
Another case of rampant hyper-hypergamy in action, a millionaire surgeon divorces his wife who was moonlighting as an escort for rich men. You can give an Anglobitch a lifestyle that surpasses 99 percent of the world's women and instead of submitting to her husband and being faithful she decides to fuck rich men behind her husband's back. This surgeon would be a good candidate for my advice I think, seeing how he is already an experienced surgeon and maybe has quite a bit of money.
Case One enlightens us at so many levels it is beyond good. It highlights the inane delusions of Tradcon Boomer academics who still assume the Anglobitch wants a 'provider', when that role has long been appropriated by make-jobs and the Welfare State. As my man Richard Scarecrow (where the heck is he?) once pointed out, the modern Anglobitch only gets pussy-tingles for roided thugs who regularly hospitalise her: anything less is 'boring'. 

Case Two is also brilliant, showing the Anglobitch at her evil worst. First she lies about studying biology at college when she did not even graduate High School, in order to acquire a well-paid male dupe. Then, incapable of normal wifely loyalty and still thirsty for sexual validation by the Caucasian power-elite, she becomes a high-class hooker behind his back. The ultimate moral of this story is that you can take the Anglobitch away from deceit, racism and hyper-hypergamy; but you can never take the deceit, racism and hyper-hypergamy from the Anglobitch... 

And the man who tries is doomed to the same fate as this poor sucker:

Saturday 18 December 2021

Incelerando Complete!

In the midst of our troubled, crumbling world I have one good piece of news to relate: my long-awaited book Incelerando is now complete.

This revolutionary work projects the myriad perplexities of our age into both near and distant futures. It will form the third volume of my great Crimson-Pilled trilogy, which already includes Havok and Hope on Distant Shores.

Although it expresses many of the same themes and speculations as those two books, Incelerando does so from a wholly different perspective. It contains no footnotes or attributions, but is no less dynamic for all that.

The title Incelerando implies an acceleration of existing conditions, especially in the sphere of pan-Anglosphere gender-relations and institutional misandry. In sum, Incelerando explores such conceptual, political and social speculations on an infinite conceptual landscape.

It represents a golden living dream of futuristic possibility, a unique vision spanning continents and centuries. Believe me when I say all other manosphere writings pale beside its recondite magnificence, whatever Pill they adhere to.

Incelerando is available here. I will be taking no profits from sales. I seek only to serve the Crimson-Pilled elect of enlightened men, which is quite reward enough.


Friday 12 November 2021

Sleeping Armies: The Majority of Anglo-American Soldiers are Incels, Escortcels or Cucked

The mainstream media continually tell the blue-pilled masses that the modern Anglo-American military are ready to 'deal with' the 'Incel threat' wherever it appears. Implicit in this assumption is the notion that soldiers are not themselves incels – in fact, the mainstream narrative assumes they are all high-value 'normies' enjoying healthy sex lives:

U.S. Military Warns Troops About Possible ‘Joker’ Incel Violence, No Credible Threats Reported

The U.S. military has sent a memo to service members warning about the possibility of incel violence targeting screenings of Warner Bros.’ upcoming comic book movie “Joker.” No specific attacks or credible threats have been determined, but the military is upping awareness for its service members. The Army confirmed Tuesday, September 24 with io9 reporter Dell Cameron that FBI officials contacted them to say they uncovered social media posts related to incel extremists who are referencing on social media violent attacks at “Joker” screenings. The Army’s memo classifies “incels” as “individuals who express frustration from perceived disadvantages to starting intimate relationships.”

The memo informs service members that “incel extremists idolize violent individuals like the Aurora movie theater shooter. They also idolize the Joker character, the violent clown from the Batman series, admiring his depiction as a man who must pretend to be happy, but eventually fights back against his bullies.”

“We do this routinely because the safety and security of our workforce is paramount,” an Army spokesperson told io9 about widely distributing a warning. “We want our workforce to be prepared and diligent on personal safety both inside the workplace and out.”

Source: IndiWire, 2019

Articles like this trigger my Boolsheet detector like little else, because they present soldiers as sexual success stories (or at least 'sex-havers'). However, most men who join the military in the Anglosphere are disproportionately lower class and poorly-educated, with few opportunities for successful civilian careers (hence their 'choice' of such a dangerous, badly-paid and generally dead-end occupation). Given these facts, it is entirely obvious that hyper-hypergamous Anglo-American women view 'rank-and-file' military men as sub-5 losers entirely unworthy of free sex.

Although the MSM likes to pretend that Anglo-American soldiers are beating off Stacies with a stick, the reality is clearly very different. A quick Google search unearthed the following 2017 article from the site for the US Army. 13 soldiers stationed at Fort Hood were caught trying to pay an undercover policewoman posing as a prostitute in two hotels near their base:

More Than a Dozen Fort Hood Soldiers Arrested in Prostitution Sting

WASHINGTON — Thirteen Fort Hood soldiers face solicitation of prostitution charges after they were arrested during a two-day sting operation in locations near the Army post in central Texas, local law enforcement and Army officials said.

The soldiers -- among 20 individuals arrested in the operation -- ranged in rank from private to major and were arrested after agreeing to pay for sex, Maj. T.J. Cruz of the Bell County Sheriff's Office said Thursday. Each soldier has been released on bond, ranging from $1,500 to $2500.

Deputies with the department's Special Crimes Unit placed advertisements offering sexual activity in exchange for money on websites known for prostitution solicitation, Cruz said. Suspects agreed, typically through text messages, to prices ranging from about $60 to $200 depending on what activity and amount of time they sought, Lt. Michele Cianci, director of the Special Crimes Unit, told the Killeen Daily Herald.

The suspects were greeted by an undercover female deputy posing as a prostitute at hotels in Killeen and Salado and immediately taken into custody, Cruz said.

"The purpose of the operation is to crack down on sex trafficking and to identify and arrest individuals seeking sexual acts in exchange for an agreed upon fee in Bell County," Cruz said. "Our goal is to focus our efforts on sex buyers who are seeking to take advantage of sex trafficking victims, we are putting these predators on notice that our Bell County community will not tolerate their behavior."

Fort Hood officials said they were aware of the arrests and were cooperating with law enforcement but declined further comment.

Solicitation of prostitution is a misdemeanor with a punishment ranging from a fine to jail time, but the soldiers could face additional punishment or adverse impacts on their military career. Pandering and prostitution is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Servicemembers found guilty at court-martial face a maximum penalty that includes a dishonorable discharge and a year of confinement. 9 July 2017

Nor is such blatant Escortcelling exclusive to the North American military, as the following article demonstrates:

Army orgy: British troops 'smuggle prostitute into barracks & film sordid sex romp'

British Army soldiers are under investigation after being accused of smuggling a woman into their army barracks and filming themselves having sex with her. Video purporting to show the tryst has since been shared online.

Four soldiers from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards based at Leuchars Station in Fife (a slum in the middle of nowhere - RK), eastern Scotland, could reportedly face severe penalties if found guilty of breaching army standards.

“We are aware of the video and the Army are investigating,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense told the Scottish Daily Record. “Any breach of the Army’s values and standards is taken very seriously and action, up to and including dismissal, may be taken.”

The Daily Record quotes a source as saying the woman is a prostitute hired by the men to have sex with them all for £200. The video is said to show two men having sex with the woman while another man performs a sex act on himself. The fourth man is seen filming the events as well as himself. 

Russian Times: July 5 2018

Underlying the usual puritanical, gynocentric Anglo-American horseshit about ‘sex-trafficking’ and 'values' in these articles lurks an important truth: large numbers of US and UK male soldiers are ‘escortcels’ who regularly pay for sex due to a lack of willing female partners. Not only that, they are actively persecuted for doing so. In fact, several famous incel killers including Scott Bierle and David Berkowitz served in the US military. 

Scott Bierle: Military Incel

Since the US military is a huge organisation composed largely of men - nearly all of whom can handle deadly weapons - does this mass inceldom not represent a massive potential danger to American society? It is odd that no one in the manosphere (including me) has ever raised this issue before. Because men are not overtly red, crimson or black pilled does not mean they are enjoying a surfeit of sex: they might be as resolutely incel as the average physics student attending an Ivy League college. Frankly, most Manosphere discourse focuses its attention on civilian life and seldom discusses military institutions; a glaring omission, given the great size and power of the Anglo-American armed forces.

Moreover, does this explosive situation explain the mainstream media’s frantic attempts to deny the sexless reality of most American soldiers? They reflexively extol the US military as a bulwark of ‘normality’, when escortcelling /inceldom is clearly the brutal reality for many (if not most) single male servicemen in the Anglosphere. If 28% of American males under 30 never have sex, the figure for US soldiers must be even higher. It is often said that pan-Anglosphere society is a powder-keg waiting to explode with sexual frustration and resentment bred by decades of sex-negative, misandrist and racist feminism. While this is certainly true of civilian society, it is even more true of the military. In fact, I would wager that a substantial proportion of soldiers have never enjoyed free heterosexual sex in their entire lives.

Hookers: the main sexual redoubt of the Anglo 'Military Man'

What we do with this profound knowledge is a major debating point. Some dissidents would argue that directing a Black-Pilled counter-indoctrination programme at Anglo-American military personnel would awaken a veritable army of angry malcontents for our cause. After all, such men were told they would be having sex with models from earliest childhood, only to find themselves at the bottom of the sexual totem pole. Trained in the use of deadly weapons, they would be an immense asset in any future conflagration with the misandrist authorities. However, critics would warn about the futility of enlightening the low-IQ Blue Knights who make up the overwhelming bulk of Anglo-American soldiery: could such morons ever be trusted with such potent truth and knowledge?

For myself, I simply marvel at the extent of the Sexual False Consciousness that blinds the Blue-pilled Anglo-American masses to the sexless reality around them. Bulwark against incels? The pan-Anglosphere military ARE the fuggin' incels.

Blue Knights: Worth Saving?

Sunday 10 October 2021

The Black Pill, Suicide and the Road to True Resistance

Renegade #1: Was there a better way?

Western society promotes myths of personal transformation to keep itself ticking over, while peddling goods and services that the broad masses mistakenly believe will improve their lot. The sole benefit of this rigorous programme is false optimism. Thus the short, puny man with a hooked  acromion daydreams of someday becoming Mr Universe; the low IQ dope thinks he can become a surgeon with a ‘little more revision’; the one-eyed Indian janitor thinks he will bed models if he gets himself a new haircut; and so on. While none of this will ever happen, it inoculates the low-value male (as society and women reckon him) from absolute despair.

It ain't happening, dude...

The Black Pill – uncompromising realism and unflinching acceptance of genetic and cultural determinism – offers no such comfort blanket. Even my own Crimson Pill rejects simplistic, adaptive solutions to most dilemmas. According to our critics, this uncompromising approach renders the Black or Crimson-Pilled male far more susceptible to depression and suicide. Far better to live in daydreams, they say, than drink the hemlock of truth.

Superficially, there seems to be much evidence to support this view. Black Pilled male suicide frequently conforms to the conceptual frameworks designed to study such behaviour. Emile Durkheim, the father of sociology, claimed there were four types of suicide:

  • Altruistic – self-sacrifice for the greater good
  • Anomic – reaction to sudden failure and ostracism
  • Egoistic – escape from oppression, tyranny and bondage
  • Fatalistic – escape from an intolerable life of pain and exclusion

Black Pilled male suicide seems to be mostly of the egoistic variety. Renegade #1, one of the most famous Black Pilled suicides, was certainly of this type. Suicidal incel mass killers such as Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian seem to be Altruistic as well as Egoistic, in that they believed their ‘sacrifice’ would somehow improve the world for other men like themselves.

The true cause of male suicide

Surely, then, the Black or Crimson Pills are inherently dangerous for 'low-value' men? On closer inspection, this compelling interpretation misses the truth by a wide margin. For it is not the Black Pill that leads sexually-disenfranchised men to suicide, but Anglo-American culture itself. Accepting the Black or Crimson pills is a neutral decision, completely unrelated to depression or suicide. Living in a misandrist society inhabited by racist, entitled female vermin is the true cause of male suicide and depression; the Black Pill is merely a response to that unlivable situation, not its cause.

So what is to be done? More important, how is one to live?

The obvious solution to misandry is male self-reliance and independence – in general terms, studied detachment from the Anglosphere and its reflexive misandry, racism and repression.  This approach negates the threat of suicide through focused empowerment and more importantly, active resistance.

Why is living in the teeth of gynocratic hostility a heroic act of resistance? Moreover, how does choosing to live represent a dynamic revolt against the misandrist social order

This system wants us dead, dudes...

The answer is simple: Anglo-American women, simps and society in general actively want ‘low value’ men to kill themselves. In fact, that outcome is right at the top of their twisted agenda. This life-changing realisation confounds the whole notion that suicide is a rebellious or ‘romantic’ act: in the Anglosphere, a suicidal male is actually conforming to society's dominant values! 

In conclusion, do not give way to the siren song of suicide. It is not Black or Crimson Pilled, not 'romantic' or cool and certainly not bold or manly. In truth, male suicide is the act of a Blue Pilled muppet conforming to Anglobitch whims and societal misandry, both of which want you deadConversely, choosing life represents authentic revolt, vigorous resistance and focused autonomy. 

For Awakened Men in physical health and of sound mind, suicide should not even be an option.

The Crimson Pill: Wholesome After All

Friday 9 July 2021

Back to First Principles: Fantastic Essay from John Smith, with Commentary and Analysis

When one reaches an important milestone such as 1000,000 page views, it is usually necessary to restate one's position and perspective: to return to one's first principles, as it were. Happily, an anonymous email from a young American man has helped me to produce such a restatement of my central ideals. Going by the name 'John Smith', his story is extremely illuminating and supports all the key tenets of the Anglobitch Thesis. Stories like his prove I have used my time well by creating and maintaining this blog, as well as writing two definitive books on the issues explored here:

Greetings Rookh, I have only discovered your blog in the last couple of years but since then have probably read your entire blog about three times and have found it truly enlightening, not only because it is the truth, but because it helps make sense to things that I have experienced in real life. I actually came across it originally from the now defunct Relampago Furioso blog page. I said in my comments that I would like to talk about some observations I have had about the Anglosphere. Some of these may simply come across as ramblings and if that is the case I apologize, I don’t offer any sources besides my own experiences. I am a mid-20s male with military experience and an associate’s degree. I am also the one who made the comments on your last blogpost regarding that "modern life dating" clown.

Nothing is more gratifying than when somebody's 'real life' experience verifies one's ideals and ideas. It is a pity that Relampago Furioso has stopped posting and dropped out of the scene, he was very insightful and talented. Anyway, let's get back to John Smith and his story:

My first experiences with what could be considered the anglobitch began in middle and high school for me. I went to a private school until my last two years of high school and then went to college to earn a degree at the same time. Now at this private school, the male to female ration was easily about 4:1 at least for my class. None of the females in my class would be considered attractive to any man who had any kind of standards, but that didn’t stop them from constantly being hags and downright insulting, rude, or just be a bitch to the guys in my class who would be considered bottom of the SMV scale. I was easily down there as, despite being over 6 ft I suffered from childhood obesity, acne and poor self-esteem.

Probably the worst part of all this is that the school faculty would never do anything regarding all of this, these hags knew they could get away with anything because no one would hold them accountable. I always had a feeling, even at a young age, that there was something deeply wrong with Anglo women, psychologically or otherwise, perhaps it was part of their upbringing, but as you have mentioned before, it is Anglo-Saxon culture and how it elevates women and places them on pedestals. I didn’t realize just how bad it was until one day we received a new female student, who happened to be from Russia but had mainly grown up in the USA.

Now first things first, this Russian girl is easily far more attractive than any of the other females in my class. The most striking thing about her was she was kind and respectful to all the guys in my class, not just those in the top 1 percent. Not only that but her voice was softer and overall tone was less combative/and hostile. I am fully convinced that the Anglobitch voice is a real thing, and is likely shaped by their upbringing and hostile behaviour and overall hatred of men.

I have heard this concept of the 'Anglobitch voice' mentioned by many males across the Anglosphere, including Australians and Brits as well as North Americans. Women raised in the Anglosphere tend to have strident, piercing voices defined by pure entitlement, as if the world owes them some kind of explanation. The skewed gender-ratio in the school also implies how the whole Anglosphere works to exalt women and denigrate men by artificially sustaining an atmosphere of 'sexual scarcity' which  allows women do or say almost anything with total impunity.

The most remarkable interaction I ever had with this girl was when I was going to college and she happened to run into me while I was sitting in a lounge area. At this time I had begun to lose weight and shape up but was still socially retarded and had some ugly facial hair. Regardless of all this, she felt perfectly comfortable sitting down next to me and striking up a rather lengthy conversation about how things were going and the future. When we finished she said it was good talking, proceeded to give me a hug and was on her way. I have not encountered her since but last I heard she married a man a few years older than her and is living at home with kids.

Obviously when it came to her, I was not stupid or had any delusions about being able to get with her, but the way her behaviour stood in such contrast to the anglobitch was jarring for me even at that time. I have quite a few Slavic/Russian friends and one thing that I have noticed is that when it comes to their gender relations, there is a huge SMV divide. A vast majority of the women are extremely good-looking while most of the men are very rough and tumble and gruff-looking in the face. Despite this, even a very plain-looking or downtrodden looking Russian man seems to have no problem landing a girlfriend or wife as long as he has a little bit of something going for him. I made a quip to my very dear Russian friend from childhood that in Russia for every "Alexei or Dimitri, there were 5 or 6 Sergeis or Olegs". He laughed and told me it is a very accurate observation.

The bit about the attractive yet friendly Russian woman is extremely interesting. The whole MRA/MGTOW 'AWALT' thing is naive nonsense by North American men who never travel anywhere; women outside the Anglosphere clearly have an appreciation of men (even low SMV men) which is wholly absent in Anglo-American women. No, this does not mean that all men outside the Anglosphere are banging models all day; merely that most women outside the Anglosphere treat most men as human beings as opposed to invisible pariahs, walking credit cards and disposable sperm donors

And yes, Anglo puritanism is the force which promotes Anglobitch misandry, as well as raising Anglo-American women's SMV to unnatural levels and pedestalising them as sexual deities. As for women from more traditional cultures, men should still be wary of them if they have spent a majority of their time in Anglo countries. Of course they will never be as bad as a typical Anglobitch, stewed and basted in misandrist, sex-negative Anglo culture since day one. However, since the Anglo-American media-cultural complex invariably seems to corrupt all women it touches, it is still wise to treat these 'hybrid women' with a certain caution

Anyway, back to John Smith's entertaining tale:

I joined the military right out of high school because I had nothing else going for me at the time and around the midpoint (maybe late 2017) was when I came across Roosh game theory and approach and all that jazz. Despite whatever I did however, nothing worked. I tried using dating apps but to no avail. I had constantly read that "looks don’t matter" or "it’s your personality that counts" and I always felt this was bullshit but couldn’t articulate it. The scowls and fake smiles I would get even from the buzzed females in night clubs or the sober ones on my walks around the local lake even from just a casual "hello" seemed to confirm things. I was still baffled that despite all my efforts, the guys that would constantly get in trouble, display thuggish behaviour such as getting drunk were the ones that were always going home with the girls which, at the time, simply confounded me. 
Around this time was also when I began to suspect that American society and women simply do not like men. This thought to me was later verified when, in my last year in the military, during an anti-sexual assault/harassment training session, we were literally told that ANYTHING can be considered sexual harassment. A good Russian friend of mine who attended a local university and his dreadful interactions with American women there, also recently told me that he feels wrong for saying it, but he gets the feeling that women in American hate men. He came to this conclusion by himself simply by attending universities. I have not asked but I doubt he has ever read your blog.

Yes, let’s have men and women work together in close quarters and then say that anything can be considered sexual assault and harassment. Surely nothing can go wrong, especially when it all it takes is an accusation.
To a foreigner, it is entirely obvious that Anglo-American women hate men. This is because foreigners have not internalised misandrist hatred as normal or acceptable female behaviour, as most Anglo-American men have. Despite this truth, the Blue-Pilled mass media still try to represent young Anglo-American women as warm, sympathetic deities handing out free sex to all and sundry. These delusions feed various forms of brain-clotting Sexual False Consciousness in the male population, many of whom are desperate for the smallest morsel of sexual hope

Obviously, Game/PUA trickery is one of these manifestations. Game can help some men but only once they have been pre-selected as a potential mate, according to various physical and social criteria (height, looks, ethnicity, status). For the vast majority, Game is an complete waste of time, effort and money. And even where it does work, Anglo-American women are in any case completely unsuitable as long-term mates.

However, Sexual False Consciousness can also lead to Anglocuck simpdom, which is a far more pernicious and dangerous condition. The Anglosphere is full of lower-class Blue Knights who will leap to women's defence in every circumstance, despite being sexually shunned and despised by the women they idolise. Trapped in their psychotic delusions of extreme Sexual False Consciousness,  these Azure-Pilled losers actually think that actresses and models want to have sex with poor, ugly losers like themselves. In consequence, these dangerous Anglosimps wander the world defending women in the vain hope that a few stray crumbs of pussy will eventually fall their way.  

Anyway, let us return to John Smith and his fascinating story:
Around 2019 was also when I happened to come across your blog, along with the wagecuck meme and things started to make sense. I was working a gruelling schedule at the time with little to no free time and began to wonder if this is all that life offers, that I would be working for most of the day with only the weekends off, no family or prospect of having one, and have to do this for at least 40 years and hope the stock market doesn’t crash so I can enjoy what little I have left in life.
It was when I formulated all these thoughts in my head that I came across your article about how Anglo men have been reduced to mercenaries and it summed it up beautifully for me, and made me wonder just how many other men are out there with technical skills and able to make lots of money but have no ties or stakes to the countries they live in. To me, if you do not have a family or a genetic stake in society, the only reason to work and save money is to make enough money to where you never have to work again, to achieve a position of "fuck you" as John Goodman put it in the movie The Gambler. However, as is abundantly clear, most men are nothing more than sperm donors to the anglobitch, who take the fathers to court and destroy them and take all their assets in family court.
In the last year I have discovered several black pill channels such as Faceandlms, and as much as I like the blackpill perspective, I can see that it is rope fuel and have decided to try to stay Crimson-Pilled as much as possible (credit to you for that term), focusing on things I can change such as fitness and location while earning money stateside or through investments.

I think that’s about it for now. If you actually read through all my ramblings and observations, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you. I know your credentials and intelligence vastly outshine mine, but I hope you found something of value in here.
- 'John Smith'

We certainly did find much of value in your gripping account, John Smith. I too love Black Pillers like Face&LMS and Incel TV but as you say, their way is the road to the rope. Also, many of my readers are presentable, high SMV males who want to achieve better long-term relationships than is possible within the Anglosphere. So stick with the Crimson Pill for practical balance and direction; while life is imperfect, it is still far too precious to throw away (especially at your age). 

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your interesting life experiences and may the Crimson Pill continue to guide you.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

THE ONE-MILLION SPARK POST - Count Your Crimson Pill Blessings: How Objectivity Confers Advantage over Delusion

Checking my records, I note that my blog has now reached one-million individual page-views. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me over the past 12 years. It has been a long and sometimes unforgiving journey but well worth it in the long run. 

Speaking of unforgiving and unrewarding circumstances leads me to the subject of this landmark post. Inevitably, awakened and self-aware men living in the Anglosphere find many aspects of life difficult: relationships, divorce laws and pretty much everything else. While this can be a difficult existence, it is still better than the alternative: namely, living in a world of Blue-Pilled self-delusion

As we have often discussed, the Anglosphere countries have become strongholds of 'secular puritanism' in which misandrist feminism now occupies the role formerly occupied by puritanical Christianity. This residual 'secular Puritanism' is why the Anglosphere persists in fighting a ridiculous 'War on Drugs' despite the enormous human and economic costs (and obvious failure) of this policy. Similarly, the US ban on prostitution is pernicious and ineffectual, yet neither the Republicans or Democrats make moves to amend or terminate it. Many of my critics have questioned whether the Anglosphere (especially North America) is truly puritanical: yet these ridiculous policies are clear proof that it is. In stark contrast, countries like Germany, Switzerland and Portugal have progressive, realistic views on drugs and prostitution yet remain perfectly functional

Because puritanism is essentially hostile to sexual and social reality, Anglo-American countries prefer to hide in a fantasy world rather than acknowledge the need for change or intervention. Indeed, both Anglo-American politicians and the 'mainstream' media still seem to be living in the 1950s rather than the 2020s. This wilful self-deceit is what makes living in Anglosphere nations so difficult for Awakened men, for whom truth is the essence of life.  

Although self-delusion might be more comfortable in the short term, it is a most unhealthy long-term life strategy. Medicine itself shows why this is so: if someone finds a lump somewhere, the sooner they seek out medical attention the better their outcome is likely to be. If they deny the lump's existence, their prognosis gets worse with each passing moment. In fact, their condition usually becomes incurable after a certain time. In the Anglosphere - with its neo-puritan tendency to self-delusion - a whole range of problems have similarly become incurable due to neglect

The whole 'OK, Boomer' meme arose because because many of the Baby Boomer Generation prefer to live in a 1950s fantasy world rather than grasp the nettle of reality. When confronted with brutal facts about post-feminist society - like the fact that a third of American males under 30 have not had sex in a year, or that the law allows Canadian women to get away with child abuse - many Boomers flatly deny the reality of the figures. Similarly, facts like female hyper-hypergamy and racism or soaring male suicide rates are either flatly denied or airily dismissed by older generations. 

For all the pain and disappointment they can cause, objectivity and self-awareness are still better (and more effective) than retreating into self-delusion. Adapting to reality is simply more functional than ignoring it, in a score of ways. In fact, performance in every sphere of life can be dramatically improved by the rigorous application of objectivity; and this applies to educational and practical matters, not just sex and relationships. 

If a person has an IQ of 90, they are much better aiming for trade school rather than medical school. If a man has a fragile bone structure, he is not likely to become a professional athlete. If a person has asymmetrical facial features, they are most unlikely to become a Hollywood actor. At the sexual level, a one-eyed Indian janitor is unlikely to enjoy much success applying PUA techniques that work for tall white males. Similarly, if a man wants a stable relationship he is much better departing the Anglosphere for a country where women are less entitled, misandrist and socially destructive; for in a misandrist culture which sees all men as disposable, deviant and criminal, marriage is a disaster waiting to happen

In short, the Crimson Pill - a worldview which combines Red Pill energy with Black Pill realism - is the optimal choice for Awakened men. This is especially true in the Anglosphere, where Blue-Pilled self-delusion is the prevailing worldview. 

Friday 2 April 2021

Five of the Best: Remembering the Logitorian

Some of you might have been aware of the Logitorian, a YouTube Vlogger who discussed female nature, nihilism, social decay and other Black/Red Pilled topics. Apparently, he shot himself in the head a few weeks ago. Believe me when I say this guy completely belied the low-IQ, belligerent stereotype commonly associated with black Americans. His meditations covered a wide range of topics with verve and originality, and it is gratifying to think that his channel might be guiding younger generations of men for decades to come

The Logitorian's immersion in the VantaBlack Pill was the true cause of his death. When he first appeared on the scene, his channel cleverly mediated between the Red Pill and the Black. As time went on, however, he became exclusively Black Pilled and nihilistic in every aspect of his thought. Unfortunately, the undiluted Black Pill is a daily feast of darkness that only the most resilient can endure; when not balanced by a profound sense of life-mission, it can only lead to a terminal conclusion.

This is why I always maintain a Crimson Pilled position, between the Black and Red. Obviously, there are some men for whom things are 'beyond over' in psycho-sexual terms; contrary to what the lamestream media tells us, one-eyed Indian janitors are never going to be bedding models under any social conditions. For such men, the pure nihilism of the Black Pill is an ideal method of managing despair. Not all men are hopeless incels, however; for those of normal height and appearance, there is hope for sex, romance and liberation via dieting, exercise and travelling outside the puritanical and misandrist Anglosphere. 

Here are five videos by the Logitorian which I found inspirational and insightful. 

The first one discusses the Androgyny Culture that is presently engulfing the Anglosphere countries. As we know, the androgyny culture is just Anglo-American sex-negative puritanism disguised as something 'revolutionary' - much like Anglo-American feminism itself:

Beware the Androgyny Culture:
This video discusses the fact that most western women are mentally ill. I have written about this topic before, with particular reference to the female Dark Triad (Borderline, Narcissism and Histrionic) of personality disorders. Obviously, the misandrist and puritanical Anglosphere helps to incubate and normalise these disorders:

Don't Try to Fix Her: 
This video focuses on female entitlement and self-delusion. Due the puritanical, sex-negative nature of the Anglosphere, even the ugliest and most obese women harbour distorted perceptions of their own sexual worth:

Unattractive Women Thinking They're Dimes  
Not only does the repressive, puritanical, sex-negative nature of the Anglosphere give Anglo-American women an inflated sense of their own sexual worth, it also serves to incubate outrageous levels of female narcissism:

Female Narcissism
Finally, this video discusses the ongoing war against masculine virtues being waged across the West in general, and the Anglosphere in particular. Due to its puritanical, sex-negative culture and history, misandry is the Anglosphere's default cultural setting:

Real Men Are Being Exterminated

This is just a small selection of the many videos produced by the Logitorian and I recommend every single monologue he produced. Although his original YouTube channel has been closed, the MGTOW Mirror Project has backed up all his presentations ( An extremely intelligent and self-aware individual, the Logitorian's loss is a grievous blow to the manosphere. It is remarkable to consider that his channel could exist as an intimate record of his philosophical thought into remote posterity, guiding and informing Awakened Men of all colours and classes for decades to come

Indeed, this possibility has moved me to begin work on my third book. While Havok and Hope on Distant Shores were non-fiction works, my third book will approach the same issues in a totally different way.

Sunday 31 January 2021

An Anglobitch Mystery: What is it with Canada?

'I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated' - Catharine MacKinnon

When I began writing this blog, I never factored Canada into the Anglobitch equation. American puritanism, British repression and Australia’s male suicide rates naturally absorbed all my interest. As the years have rolled by and more commentary has stacked up, I now realise that Canada might well be the most misandrist nation in the whole Anglosphere. The whole world was surprised by the Marc Lepine and Alek Minassian massacres; however, further investigation shows that Canada is the perfect breeding-ground for such events.

The year 2020 will go down in history as a watershed in the history of the Anglosphere: when its global dominance came to an end. Let us consider the two main Anglo-Saxon countries, the UK and US. Both countries have deep problems adhering to their distinctive puritanism, which have led to a wide range of  ongoing dysfunctions:

  • An expensive, ineducable underclass constituting about 20% of the population: an inevitable by-product of feminist social policy.
  • A puritanical drugs policy that needlessly criminalises and imprisons large sections of society. This is not only expensive and inefficient, it seems to have fed mass opoid addiction in the US and abetted the rise of a criminal underclass.
  • Cultural inflexibility derived from reflexive puritanism, stifling rational reform of failed policies such as the War on Drugs.
  • A failed state education system, with too few domestic students studying STEM subjects.
  • Limited social mobility, leading to mass alienation, protest voting (Trump and Brexit) and incompetent political elites who seem to be living in the 1950s.
  • Domination of (soft) academia by post-modernists and misandrist feminists.
  • A common law legal system open to manipulation by misandrist, neo-puritan feminists.
  • Institutional, legal and media misandry driven by residual puritanism and its modern agents, misandrist feminists.
  • A 'future is female' agenda in politics, education and public policy.
  • Mass obesity and poor mental health.
  • A deranged obsession with obscure social minorities such as transsexuals while ignoring mainstream problems such as the criminal underclass, failed drugs policies, dysfunctional families, mass singleness, widespread political alienation, male suicide, etc. 
  • A racist legacy linked to the slave trade.
  • A fake historical narrative designed to downplay the Anglosphere's role in historical crimes like the slave trade.

Of course, there are also dysfunctional factors specific to these two countries.  The UK is primarily secular, unlike the US. It also has a unique post-empire legacy, resulting in an entitled and indolent lower class. Being rather more religious, the USA remains morally puritanical with strict bans on prostitution and hard drugs. Despite the obvious failure of this ‘zero tolerance’ approach, the puritanical trajectory of American culture inhibits rational reform. And so ever more American citizens are needlessly criminalised, permanently sabotaging their economic and social life-chances.

The reader might ask why I am discussing the UK and the US when the topic is Canada. However, Canada is a cultural composite of those two countries. The nation derives its laws and institutions from Britain, while the US provides its basic cultural template; and Canada also gets its core misandrist memes from those two nations. From the US, Canada gets a direct transfusion of misandrist, legalistic feminism. From the UK, it derives a kind of racist socialism that is no less pernicious to the vast majority of men. Both of these toxic cultural strains originate in puritanism, the primal fountain of all Anglo-American misandry. The diagram below describes the basic cultural equation:

As many expat American commentators have pointed out, the puritan tradition remains strong in the US. Further, puritanical repression has become a cornerstone of the misandrist American feminism which is presently being exported around the world. Feminist 'scholars' like Catherine MacKinnon essentially view all men as criminals for being physical, sexualised beings. Atop this, feminists have subverted American society using the nation's all-pervasive legalistic framework, a model which non-American feminists have readily adopted in order to bypass democratic and cultural resistance.

Turning to Britain, the concept of 'racist socialism' might surprise some people. However, it makes perfect sense when one grasps the archaic and idiomatic nature of the English socialist tradition. The Anglo-American brand of socialism has a quite different intellectual heritage to Marxism, which derives from German academic philosophy. The Anglo-Saxon ‘radical’ tradition is far older, dating back to the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381, the English Civil War, the Methodist religion and Chartism (the British campaign for mass voting rights in the early 19th century). 

This English radical tradition was of course a major influence on the American Revolution, via the influence of radical writers like Thomas Paine and John Locke. English socialism differs from Marxism in many respects, not least its intimate association with radical religion (Puritanism, Methodism) and the various anti-Semitic, racist, imperialist undercurrents it picked up during its long history. For example, the late eighteenth century English 'radical' William Cobbett (a follower of Paine) was an avowed racist and anti-Semite, even while he preached the virtues of ‘equality’ and ‘justice for all’. In short, English socialism wants equality between white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon gentiles – but no one else

William Cobbett (1763-1835): English Racist Socialist
William Cobbett (1763-1835): Racist Socialist

Once we understand and appreciate the Anglo-American socialist tradition’s historical links to religious puritanism and exclusionary racism, it becomes much each easier to understand the rabid Antisemitism of Britain’s Labour Party, the long-standing racism of the American Democrats and the hysterical, sex-negative Neo-puritanism of almost all Anglo-American leftists. Let me repeat: the Anglo left is not Marxist. It has acquired some Marxist concepts and rhetoric over the years, but its intellectual heritage and Neo-puritan values are quite different.

Canada is widely seen as the most ‘left wing’ or socialist of all Anglosphere countries. And in many obvious ways, this is true: its present leader is an avowed socialist. However, since Anglo-American socialism is also distinctively racist, anti-Semitic and puritanical (and thus anti-male, since puritanism vilifies men as sexual beings), these factors now oppress Canadian men in general (and non-White Canadian men in particular). The legalistic, toxic feminism emanating from the USA also helps to create an optimal breeding-ground for institutional misandry. Together, these factors explain why Canada loathes and oppresses all men while exalting women (especially white women) in every circumstance.

This is also why white 'liberal' women in Canada are not only misandrist, but also uniformly racist. In fact, not only are white Canadian feminists hostile to ethnic men, they also harbour racist feelings towards ethnic women.  Given the specific origins of Anglo-American 'socialism' in pre-modern England, a culture defined by slave-trading, imperialism,  racism and religious puritanism, such 'liberal-racism' is entirely to be expected. 

Let us list the fruits of Canadian misandry and unbridled woman-worship:

  • While male sexuality is vilified and oppressed, Canadian women are free to have sex with dogs and show their naked bodies to grade school children.
  • Toronto women are free to engage in hyper-hypergamy while suppressing male sexual choice and freedom.
  • White Canadian women can indulge in racist rhetoric and commentary with total impunity, while men are effectively gagged and their experiences of hyper-hypergamy and sexual racism vilified.
  • Female nurses and doctors in Canada can parade their naked bodies online, without fear of professional censure. Meantime, heterosexual males are ostracised and persecuted for the crime of being male.
  • Canada piles public funds into feminist causes abroad, while ignoring the economic and sexual ostracism of Canadian men at home.
  • In common with other Anglosphere countries, Canadian academia privileges women in every circumstance. This results in declining academic standards, too few STEM students and the intellectual legitimisation of feminist drivel.

Thus equipped with a coherent understanding of Canadian history, culture and politics, we begin to see that the violent responses of Marc Lepine and Alek Minassian were entirely understandable. Canada represents a terrifying collision of the most misandrist cultural elements in the Anglosphere, producing an unlivable society for the vast majority of Canadian men.

In the absence of reform, only one question remains: when will the next massacre occur?