Tuesday 27 May 2014

Karl Marx and Elliot Rodger: The Rise and Rise of Anglo-American Sexual False Consciousness

How's your sexual false consciousness today?

According to Karl Marx, the broad masses in capitalist societies are coerced by what he termed ‘false consciousness’. In this view, the exploited and disenfranchised internalize the world-view of the dominant class, even where this works to their detriment. Hence, the blue collar masses in North America often vote Republican, even though this results in reduced life-chances for people in their socio-economic bracket. Similarly, the British underclasses are often fanatical defenders of the social order, despite being firmly fixed at the bottom of it. Neo-Marxists such as Antonio Gramsci claimed that the complex mass media in Western societies are largely responsible for maintaining ‘false consciousness’ among the masses.

False consciousness: Mass Hypnosis at work

Some researchers have questioned whether false consciousness really exists. A British sociologist named Blackburn interviewed numerous factory workers in the north of England. All of them knew perfectly well that they were exploited by the factory owners, revealing no signs of Marx’s ‘false consciousness’.

However, I believe false consciousness is alive and well. It has just transformed into something else in the post-Marriage era: namely, sexual false consciousness. While disenfranchised men have a relatively clear grasp of their economic situation, they now suffer from sexual self-delusion. And this is a logical progression, in that status in western countries is now expressed sexually rather than economically. This change has shifted the locus of false consciousness from the economic to the sexual sphere, since the sexual sphere is now more important. Indeed, as the British writer Colin Wilson avers, the sexually disenfranchised are the new underclass, whatever their economic situation. Hence, an incel doctor has lower status than a tattooed thug in a housing project, if the thug is enjoying a surfeit of sex.

As we all know, the Anglo-American world is a dating nightmare for men. More than half of all American women are obese; most women over 35 are ‘past it’ from a sexual stand-point; and the few attractive women are entitled, unpleasant and only interested in thugs on Death Row. Men who want sex with the few eligible females have to work hard at it: study Game, hit the gym, eat right – and as the guys at PUA Hate argue, even all that effort guarantees nothing. So, aside from fucking whores and pursuing foreign women, the sexual options for the average Anglo-American male are, basically, dire. For a start, there are too few eligible women. And the eligible women that do exist generally hate men who aren’t ‘exciting’ (i.e. tattooed, psychopathic thugs or wealthy celebrities).

Despite this gritty reality, most Anglo-American men seem to live in a world of endless sexual bounty, having sex with teenage models every few days (at least according to themselves). Even old, ugly men with menial jobs claim to be doing this, in the face of all rational evidence.

Lower class men and their imaginary sex lives

That is sexual false consciousness, in a nutshell: rampant self-deceit about one’s sexual chances, options and achievements. Men suffering from this malady are fairly ubiquitous in the Anglosphere.  They are particularly common among the lower social strata, especially the type hitched to obnoxious land whales. If we examine their claims objectively, they have to be bullshit: otherwise, the Anglosphere’s tiny minority of beautiful women would be having sex with thousands of men every day.

False consciousness has a purpose. It deludes the masses into thinking they are living in mansions, not hovels; that they are driving Maseratis, not Volkswagens. Similarly, sexual false consciousness deludes men married to past-prime blimps that they are having sex with 18 year old models; or it deludes hardcore incels that such escapades are a serious possibility. And so such men stumble on through lives devoid of all sexual prospect, keeping corporate capitalism ticking over as workers and consumers.

Elliot Rodger: Sanest of All?

The recent case of Elliot Rodger shows what happens when sexual false consciousness breaks down, or fails to form in the first place. Instead of padding his mind with ludicrous pipe-dreams, Rodger confronted his incel status every hour of every day. Rather than being ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’, he was, in fact, entirely grounded and objective: far more sane, in fact, than men trapped in sexual false consciousness.

Rodgers’ only insanity involved his acceptance of Anglo-American Puritanism as the limits of his psycho-sexual world. With his money, he could easily have hired a bevy of silicon-enhanced hookers for sexual relief. Better still, he might have just journeyed to a foreign country where women are thinner, prettier, less entitled and frankly, less racist.

A win-win situation all round.