Tuesday 24 December 2019

The Class and Race Pills: Why High IQ Males in the Lower Classes are Forever Alone

Thick as shit and twice as nasty
This post is primarily for youngcels - specifically high IQ (110+) prolecels and ethnicels - although all dissident men will find it thought-provoking.

Any high-IQ male born into the lower classes - be he a white prolecel or non-white ethnicel - is going to have a hard time of it, sexually speaking. This is of course because lower class 'Dark Triad' women (Histrionic, Borderline and Narcissistic) want only criminal thugs and loathe intelligent men with a searing passion, although there are other factors in play. Lower class white women are the most overtly racist and hostile to ethnic males (though of course all Anglo women are racist in real if not rhetorical terms). For their part, lower class ethnic women have zero interest in males who aren't low-IQ, tattooed gang-bangers spouting ghetto-babble. Having an animal's self-awareness and intelligence, all lower class women are also highly eugenicist, instinctively shunning males who are short, ugly, autistic or in any other way biologically unfit for the crude rigours of proletarian existence. Of course, this 'sexual fascism' ensures that lower class women are also strongly drawn to the Dog Pill, the ultimate expression of female sexual animalism.

Two animals as one: the Dog Pill

Lower class 'culture' is essentially Neolithic in its socio-sexual structure, with a small minority of violent, thuggish 'players' and well-hung canines monopolising all sexual relations. Plebeian life is nasty, brutish and (by middle class standards) short. It is defined by giga-levels of male sexual disenfranchisement and Sexual False Consciousness among the many males ignored by atavistic female mate-selection. For the most part, lower class men effectively live sexless lives - over a third fail to marry or reproduce - with astronomical rates of suicide and mental illness in the process. Hysterical Sexual False Consciousness strives to conceal this arid reality, a kind of hyper-SFC in which ugly, blue collar dopes and other low-SMV males pretend that torrid affairs with models and actresses are their daily fare.

Proleworld is Neolithic, sexually-speaking

It does not take long for any high-IQ individual to work out the fictional nature of these tall tales and the all-pervasive hold of SFC on low-status men. Indeed, Sexual False Consciousness is the defining element of lower class existence; rap music and other manifestations of prole 'youth culture' are essentially institutionalised SFC, steeped in the inane fictions that 'women want sex with everybody', 'be happy' and 'everything is great'.

The MGTOW 'Pump and Dump' meme is the Red Pill variant of hyper-SFC,  since it feigns a surfeit of sexual choice that is simply unavailable to low-SMV males. Meanwhile, MGTOW's 'elective abstinence' - the pretence than inceldom is some kind of choice - is the cope to end all copes. One also thinks of the underclass sewage who join the Anglo military, who are invariably full of chirpy banter about their sexual adventures in sunny climes. This is Hyper-SFC at its finest, of course. In reality, the only females this Band of Fodder are 'pumping and dumping' are the discount hookers who haunt military towns and bases.

Low-IQ fodder weaving more SFC bullshit...
SFC has such a strong hold on most lower class males because they need it to get up in the morning; without a multi-layered patchwork of delusions to keep them on the plantation by use of false promises, vain hopes and outright lies, they would immediately rope. However, their inferior IQs and lack of culture make them particularly easy prey for the lamestream media fantasies that feed and sustain SFC in all its myriad forms. Prole 'hyper-SFC' is a kind of mental illness in which sub-5 incel men actually think they are having sex with models every night; this is the most extreme form of SFC, a kind of sexual psychosis beyond the reach of rational argument or even statistical evidence.

The amazing world of Blue Collar SFC...

The VantaBlack Conclusion?

Given the grim reality of lower class life, a high-IQ white prolecel or non-white ethnicel must resign himself to a nuclear Vantablack truth: it is very, very unlikely you will ever experience the delights of young love that other young men take for granted. The context is just not there for any other outcome. In fact, you had best be steeling yourself for a life of being Forever Alone and living off-grid in the longer term.

As a high IQ white prolecel or non-white ethnicel , you have a reasonable chance of status-maxxing via education, especially if you choose a STEM field. However, this route means you will only acquire middle class status - and freedom from Dark Triad, lower class females - in early middle age, far too late for 'young love' or even a long-term, stable relationship with a viable woman. If you then take to escort-maxxing and start laying 8s, 9s and 10s on a regular basis, these high-quality sexual experiences only make a romantic relationship even more impossible to realise or sustain in the long run.

Sorry I can't be more optimistic: but optimism and the VantaBlack Pill do not belong in the same sentence.

Happy Christmas, anyway.

Friday 20 December 2019

The Decline of Youth Culture and the Rise of Inceldom

Although a lot of recent evidence suggests that the last decade - 2009-2019 - saw a massive increase in the number of male incels, I have long wondered if this is an entirely new development. There are two possible perspectives on this vexed question:

1. The decline of mainstream mass youth culture has facilitated the incel explosion; the Internet has replaced it with a Tinder culture which promotes inceldom among sub-8 men.
2. The mainstream mass youth culture originating in the mid-twentieth century served to mask inceldom under a veil of Sexual False Consciousness; the Internet has merely exposed something which has existed for many decades.

I do not pretend to offer any definitive answers to this question, just throw a few factors into the debate which most observers have overlooked. The first of these is the decline of post-war 'tribal' youth culture in the Anglosphere West, which ceased to exist in about 2008 due to the emergence of new social media technologies.

Back in the 70s, 80s and 90s there was a common western youth culture than transcended gender differences. This culture was incredibly powerful and pervaded society to an extent that modern Millennials or Zoomers can barely appreciate. Watching the movie Bohemian Rhapsody with its vast, adoring Live Aid crowds lays this out plainly. Maybe the existence of a cross-gender tribal youth culture simply did make people more liberated in those days. It surely eased the pressure of Anglo-American homosociality (puritanical gender segregation) somewhat. It also provided cross-gender social networks, venues and events (dances, concerts, hangouts) which were subsequently dynamited by Tinder and other social media based solely on appearance (which have systematically reduced low value males to sexless shadows).

Post-War youth culture produced a range of  ready-made 'tribes' which anyone could enter for the price of a few records and a haircut. In short, post-war youth culture and the various tribes within it sidestepped issues like looks, height and even ethnicity which so hamper modern youngcels. Youth subcultures cut across the 'grain' of these innate, VantaBlack Pill factors, diminishing their impact; while in our present Tinder Age, factors like looks and height have become absolutely pivotal to male mating success. It also explains why males are bearing the brunt of modern inceldom; they are now being judged solely on looks despite having innately lower sexual market value than equivalent females. The decline of white culture as the media's default setting probably played a part in this. Ethnic youth culture is simple hedonism which favours physical factors above all others; the arty white intellectualism of 80s New Wave or 60s psychedelia was far more complex and textured, permitting abstract factors like intelligence to play some role in sexual attraction.

Of course, the alternative view is that there never was a Golden Age of sexual freedom in the Anglosphere West. Even at the time, Michael Medved's Hollywood Versus America (1993) or Tony Tyler's I hate Rock and Roll (1984) suggested that young people were not having copious quantities of sex (although their assumption that this was a 'conservative' matter of choice would not impress many modern observers). In this view, the decline of Western youth culture weakened Sexual False Consciousness to reveal the mass inceldom that was always there. In other words, young men are now simply free to ADMIT to being sexually disenfranchised in a way they never were before.

So did this elaborate post-War youth culture merely mask widespread sexual disenfranchisement under a wave of Sexual False Consciousness? After all, the idea that 'everyone' under 30 was banging models every night went completely unchallenged from the early 1960s to the late 1990s: it was taken as 'given' that all males were enjoying copious quantities of free sex with nymphomaniac females. Absolutely no questioning of this assumed fact was permitted in the mainstream media of the day (not that it is now, of course), especially the media dedicated to youth culture. Because of this, researchers in those days were not really looking for evidence of widespread sexual disenfranchisement; academics bought into the omnipotent  'Sex for All' narrative just as readily as the mainstream population.

The truth probably lies somewhere between the two perspectives.  Most research suggests that Boomers and Gen X were indeed marginally more liberated than younger Millennials or Zoomers, and it is fairly obvious that the tribal youth cultures of those times played a role in this. At the same time, sexual disenfranchisement was both reduced and suppressed by this omnipotent post-war youth culture. Since I am writing for ethnic youngcels trapped in the Anglosphere as much as white oldcels and dissidents who plan to leave it, providing some illumination on the broader context of pan-Anglosphere inceldom will be useful for anyone trying to frame their situation in a broader cultural context.

I have come to believe that 2008 was a kind of cultural watershed, the last year of the Western post-War media monoculture. That year was defined by global movie blockbusters such as the Dark Knight Returns and still bore the stamp of the twentieth century, in every sense. Politics in the Anglosphere was still relatively stable and sub-8 men under 30 could still expect a heterosexual relationship. The rise of social media both terminated  this cultural phase while permitting sexually disenfranchised males to express their discontent through various online channels, free of the old monoculture's Sexual False Consciousness.

What else do you want to know?

Saturday 14 December 2019

It's a Mystery: Why do a few Low IQ Feminists and Mentally-Ill Transsexuals Exert so much Power over the Anglosphere?

According to both Anglo-American tradcucks and the alt-right, Jews and gay men are omnipotent in the Anglosphere.

A Jewish/Gay societal hegemony is at least understandable, if not actual: Jews and gay men have much higher IQs than other lobby groups. Their dominance of many fields is merely testament to their superior abilities, focus and cohesion (women's 'fashion culture' is largely the creation of gay men, for example). However, this Gay/Jewish intellectual advantage is certainly not available to feminists or trannies, whose best response to rational criticism is to quote discredited 'research' from the flabby social 'sciences'. Their more typical response is to launch hysterical, witless tirades against anyone who dares criticise their ludicrous opinions.

Moreover, feminists are infinitely more powerful than all other groups in the contemporary Anglosphere: Jews like Weinstein and Epstein have been the main targets of #metoo allegations aimed at them by the feminist hate-industry.

Which leads to a profound question: How have a handful of low-IQ feminists and mentally-ill trannies wrangled things so that even able, powerful elites tremble before their preposterous claims and accusations? How have they managed to get such omnipotent leverage in so short a time? And how have they managed to normalise views that only a few decades ago would have been considered mentally ill?

Make no mistake - despite their intellectual shortcomings, half-witted feminists and deluded trannies are now the gods of Anglo-American civilisation. The slightest criticism of their views is met with a torrent of rabid invective backed by the strong arm of the law. They are universally lionized by the media, academia and the legal establishment.

5 decades ago, this critter would have been certified.

Many have tried to explain the situation by recourse to anti-Semitic and homophobic arguments. But no one tells the Anglobitch to fuck dogs, murder babies or engage in hyper-hypergamy; such degeneracy is entirely self-created and maintained by Anglo women themselves. Aside from the limitations of racist/homophobic conspiracy explanations, refusing to blame women squarely for their misandry, idiocy and deceit smacks of Anglo-cuckery. Since the Anglosphere's cucked Knights cannot dare to blame women for their crimes, they are forced to blame external agencies (Jews, gays) instead.

In short, Jewish Conspiracy nuts are just losers trying to justify their own life-failings by blaming people smarter and more industrious than themselves. And while gay men exploit female vanity to forge careers in the fashion and media industries, most of them are not especially pro-feminist or even pro-woman. But if feminists and trannies have no elite protectors or sponsors, how did they become so powerful in so short a time?

The Anglosphere is now dominated by 'Petticoat Government'

The Anglobitch Thesis is the best answer to this riddle. Due to the residual puritanism of Anglo-American culture, women are sacred deities who can do or say no wrong, in any circumstance. Women in the Anglosphere are playing life on idiot mode with infinite hacks; indeed, they are now the de facto nobility of Anglo-American civilization. The following extract from my book Hope on Distant Shores explains the historical and cultural origins of this situation in more detail:
As has been well-established, the Anglosphere harbours a deep tendency to Puritanism. The Anglo-American obsession with policing public sexuality for ‘the public good’ owes much to this unstated agenda, as does the long-standing (and bogus) Anglo assumption of moral superiority over other cultures. Of course, Anglo-American feminism has co-opted these agendas, as well as the Puritanism underlying them. It will be noted that Anglo feminists presume the right to ban paid sex work or regulate sex tourism without a moment’s thought, as if this were morally right by definition.

However, Anglo feminism also has a strong misandrist cast distinct from other forms of feminism. Again, this hatred owes much to prevailing Anglo-Saxon values, although it has amplified their misandrist elements a thousandfold. This misandry uniquely defines the Anglo brand of feminism, and explains its adversarial, rapacious and destructive nature.
Not so sure about the 'new'...

Since male sexuality is by definition active, potent and vigorous, it automatically offends the infantile morality of the Anglosphere. In a normal, life-affirming culture, potency and vigour are positive qualities. In a denatured culture which has severed all links to the primal wells of life and joy, these virtues acquire sinister associations. Little wonder then that the Anglosphere now tacitly views men as unwelcome interlopers, party crashers and defective females.

However, Anglo feminism has taken the deep-rooted Anglo-Saxon distrust of male sexuality and twisted it into a creed of hatred. Since the Anglosphere is by definition a matriarchy, feminism has effectively remoulded mainstream Anglo culture into a ‘girls only’ playpen from which men are systematically excluded (despite having to maintain and even defend it). Consider male exclusion from higher education, the burgeoning rates of male suicide and depression, the instant institutional acceptance of ‘#metoo’ hysteria and now calls to imprison all male incels – all products of post-feminist feedback, yet all ultimately rooted in misandrist Puritanism.

So much for the roots of feminist and female power. What about trannies and their burgeoning cultural might, before which even feminists are beginning to tremble? This quote from another chapter in Hope on Distant Shores offers the best explanation:
The privileged treatment white women receive across the Anglosphere is now so obvious as to be acknowledged even by some feminists and cultural Marxists. However equality is defined, men are treated as third class citizens in every Anglosphere country. The whole culture exists to serve white, Anglo-American women who are viewed as faultless deities and the existential benchmark to which all others must aspire. This gynocentric agenda is absolutely dominant in the lamestream Anglo-American media, where straight men are routinely depicted as criminals, abusers or dangerous malcontents. Outside of professional sports, the heterosexual male viewpoint has been largely banished from the media. Gone are the days of Walter Kronkite: newsreaders, talk-show hosts and even weather reporters are now typically female, usually heavily sexualized and indoctrinated by sex-negative misandrist feminism. 
In the Anglosphere, only female sexuality matters: straight males are tacitly viewed as destructive interlopers and their sexuality vilified. Female wants and requirements transcend all other considerations; in sum, society exists to serve them. The ‘Soyboy’, ‘cuck’, ‘White Knight’ or ‘male feminist’ is a disturbing response to this systemic oppression. These sad individuals have completely internalized the Anglosphere’s misandrist narrative, idealising women and shunning all semblance of a healthy masculine identity. However, these men still rank very low compared to gay and transsexual males in the Anglosphere’s misandrist caste-system. In a puritanical society with a reflexive revulsion of the male sex, women are invariably at the top and heterosexual men at the bottom. In between are various types of pseudo-female, who are now the official ‘spokespeople’ for masculinity...
So there it is: the mystery of feminist power deconstructed and explained in a few paragraphs. There is no 'Jewish conspiracy' underlying the exalted status women enjoy in Anglo-American countries; their status springs entirely from the puritanical, repressive nature of Anglosphere culture. Women and trannies could be lobotomized and their inane 'arguments' would still be sanctioned by the Anglo-American cultural establishment.

Friday 6 December 2019

Know Your Enemies: Lower-Class Blue Knights, Kings of the Azure Pill

The Blue Pilled narrative across the Anglosphere tells us that sometime between the late fifties and the early seventies, 'everything changed'; that suddenly, 'everyone' was having sex with everyone else in a dizzying maelstrom of orgiastic delightIn reality, what really happened in the 50s and 60s is that women gained the freedom to indulge their innate preference for high status males: it was a ‘hypergamy revolution’, not a ‘sexual revolution’. This is why male lower class suicide rates began to soar in the late 60s, as mateless males began to feel the psychological impact of sexlessness and singleness. It is interesting that socio-economic divides also began to widen at this time, making low-value males non-marriageable material for most Anglo-American women. What also began to arise were various 'copes' for sexless men, especially Sexual False Consciousness in all its myriad forms.

As I have already described in a number of classic articles, Sexual False Consciousness involves sexless men falsely appropriating the sexual successes of high status men as their own at a subjective, imaginary level. Because rock singers, rappers and actors are having lots of sex with models, low status losers feel the need to pretend THEY are having sex with models, conveniently omitting the fact that female hyper-hypergamy only bestows this sexual bounty on rich, famous and high-value males. We see this crazy delusion at work in the MGTOW 'pump and dump' and Wall narratives, as if the average mid to low-value male were drowning in sexual choices every minute of every day

Granny sells sex: the reality of the 'Sexual Revolution'

This is not to say that MGTOW does not have value; but its real value is its political dimension, not its psycho-sexual one. It is perfectly reasonable for sexually and socially excluded males to self-organise online and minimise their societal contributions. Sadly, this good work is muddied by rampant Sexual False Consciousness at every turn. 

Of all low-SMV coper males, the most duped and dangerous are low-IQ, low-income, blue collar losers. These clowns habitually talk as if there were a queue of nubile women clamouring to have sex with them. In truth, the whole blue collar, blue-pilled schtick - that women want sex with everyone - is ludicrous in a world where toothless grannies are charging young men for sex while a third of young American males had no sex at all in 2017In fact, the same blue collar chumps swapping tall tales about their sexual escapades have swingeing suicide and addiction rates. Clearly, the only thing these shit-heels are 'pumping and dumping' in the Tinder Age are cheap hookers and blow up dolls.

He's banging models all night...

These loser dopes defend their Sexual False Consciousness with such fanatical resolve because delusion is all that stands between them and the rope. The blunt truth – that they lost out on love and sex with a prime female – would make their minds implode in psychotic rage. This is why these inane poltroons loathe the very shadow of the Anglobitch Thesis and all Red/Black Pilled thought. If they realised their real situation even for a moment – abject loserdom, wading through lives devoid of love and sex – they would instantly kill themselvesAlthough Game/PUA practitioners are a dying breed in the Tinder Age, they also cling to their delusions with the same fanatical resolve

The deluded Blue Knight

Angry and resentful, utterly gulled by the lamestream media and its cloying fantasies, it is easy to see why these 'Blue Knights' - that is, blue-pilled, balled and collared - are walking around on a 'hair trigger', waiting to explode in violent rage. Sports hooligans, violent criminals, racists and other thugs are generally drawn from this group. Moreover, lower class white 'culture' is hysterically misandrist in general, forever extolling male disposability and the endless virtues of white women as a class. This why Blue Knights have to be handled carefully, when we awakened men cannot shun them altogether; they are better left in Azure-Pilled delusion than introduced to the Red/Black Pills of liberating truth. Inbred autistics are among the most dangerous of these knaves, since their cognitive disorders inhibit understanding of their true situation and its causes. The veil of Sexual False Consciousness is essential for them to function at the most basic level, since it keeps their ugly and hopeless reality at bay for another day.

Lower class white men are vociferous defenders of 'women’s rights' in the Anglosphere because of low IQ, their misandrist culture and limited self-awareness; but also because sexual false consciousness prevents them seeing that women's 'liberation' merely gives free rein to female hyper-hypergamy. And here is the curious thing; by pedestalising women, lower class Blue Knights only legitimise and perpetuate their own inceldom. A good analogy would be the inane tendency of low income chumps to vote republican/conservative in Anglosphere countries, thereby oppressing themselves in the most ludicrous manner imaginable. Thus some Anglocuck who hasn’t had sex in two decades rails against the 'sexual oppression' of women in countries like Saudi Arabia, not seeing that strict sexual regulation of women would be far more likely than Anglo-feminist hyper-hypergamy to secure him a breeding mate. The ultimate expression of this idiocy is lower class Anglo males joining the military to 'free' women in societies which still regulate female sexuality. 

Lower Class 'Culture' idolises Women

In the 2020s these sexually-disenfranchised, deluded imbeciles will become our direct opponents in the struggle for truth and freedom. The 2020s is the Incel Decade when various long-submerged gender conflicts will come to a head in the west, for good or ill. Expect the authorities to manipulate Sexual False Consciousness to create a Blue Knight army of dangerous Anglocucks directly opposed to Manosphere goals and ambitions. Mark my words, friends: like hired thugs paid to break up union strikes, these Azure-Pilled lackeys will be extensively harnessed to keep us awakened men on the Anglo plantation.

The 2020s: Retarded Blue Knights will be unleashed

Readers will note that I have been using the term Azure Pill as opposed to Blue Pill. The Azure Pill is a heightened version of the Blue Pill; the Blue Pill in its purest form, in fact. The Azure Pill is unique to the Anglosphere and its misandrist, gynocentric puritanism. Consequently, it is far more intense and extreme than the Blue Pill that prevails in other cultural blocs. While the Blue Pill prevails in the world at large, the Azure Pill rules the Anglosphere.

An Anglo Blue Knight swallows his daily Azure Pill

Friday 29 November 2019

History's Black Swans: Why Societies Which Regulate Female Sexuality Endure

Studying our own tumbledown age with a critical eye, it is easy to think that ancient people were far smarter than we are. Above all, they seemed to understand the reality of female nature much better than we do. Although they cloaked their insight in mystical trappings for the ignorant masses of their own times, the wisest of the ancients definitely seemed to know that allowing women unlimited sexual freedom leads inexorably to the cock carousel, rampant hyper-hypergamy, mass inceldom, the proliferation of Dark Triad genes and  social decay. Most of their laws and customs seemed to focus on strict regulation of female sexuality for this very reason, although it was seldom stated openly.

However, I do not believe the ancients all had Tesla IQs. It just seems that way because the ancient cultures which still exert an influence on our own time were only a small minority of those which ever existed. In truth, the vast majority  of ancient societies died forgotten because they failed to regulate female sexuality; 'successful' ancient societies which restricted female behaviour were unrepresentative Black Swans, not the normative standard. We know very little about the matriarchal Etruscans or Carthaginians compared to the patriarchal, co-alpha Romans who conquered them; and this is because matriarchal societies lose wars, achieve little and leave no imprint on history. This uneven impact on posterity distorts our perception of the ancient past, creating the false impression that all ancient cultures shared the same insights into female nature; in truth, they did not.

The Fall of Carthage: Matriarchies leave little beyond ruins

Doubtless some men in history's successful cultures did have the Tesla IQs necessary to create robust patriarchal memes in the first place; perhaps they studied history or the dysfunctional cultures around them, or simply observed the lower classes in their own societies. Smart men in ancient Greece or Israel must have noticed that their own national underclasses achieved very little compared to social elites, just as in our modern Anglosphere. Modern underclass 'culture' (rap-babble, tabloid newspapers, Netflix, sport) will be forgotten in 40 years, while the upper middle-class academic culture in the STEM departments of elite universities will endure for centuries. That is because upper middle-class culture is still rooted in monogamy and stable family structures, while underclass culture is built on the sociopathic chaos arising from unrestricted female mate choice; that is the only difference.

British Chavs: Underclass Chaos personified

Considered as a whole, the ancients were no smarter or wiser than we are; it just seems that way because we only 'see' the 'successful' patriarchal Black Swan cultures of history.

Friday 22 November 2019

The Rise and Rise of Anglo-American Lesbianism: Introducing the Vantablack Pill, the Pill Beyond Cope

In an earlier post, I touched on the Dog Pill; the Anglo female's sexual preference for dogs over sub-8 men. In this post, I want to discuss an equally potent factor contributing to mass male sexual disenfranchisement: the Lesbian Pill. Few people in the manosphere grasp how widespread lesbianism actually is; yet it is a major force in the West's ongoing sexual crisis. As ever, the homosociality of the Anglosphere makes it even more common in Anglo-American countries.

The Dog Pill: A Rampant Force across the Anglosphere?
Although lesbianism has a relatively low media profile and receives much less discussion than male homosexuality, the consensus of scholarly opinion is that it is far more widespread. Unlike male homosexuality - largely restricted to the upper and middle classes - women of all social stripes engage in lesbianism:
Do All Women Experiment with Lesbianism at College?
Based on 13,500 responses, almost 10% of women ages 22 to 44 with a bachelor's degree said they had had a same-sex experience, compared with 15% of those with no high school diploma. Women with a high school diploma or some college, but no degree, fell in between. Six percent of college educated women reported oral sex with a same-sex partner, compared with 13% who did not complete high school.
SOURCE: Medical News Today 
Although a little dated (2012), the figures clearly show that homosexual attraction is somewhat more common among females. Almost all studies tend to replicate these findings, showing lesbianism to be far more common than male homosexuality. My own view is that female sexuality remains poorly evolved (conventional psychology misnames this tendency 'sexual plasticity'), since intra-male competition and social dominance simply obviated the 'need' for coherent female preferences for most of human history. When Ghengis Khan co-opted women into his harem, female sexual preference simply did not matter; sexual dissenters were terrorised into submission or simply killed. Moral questions aside, that was how things were.

The steady rise of overt institutional misandry in the Anglo West has eroded the last vestiges of male authority, allowing women to do whatever they please with complete impunity. Released from societal expectations and economic dependence on men by misandrist common law and feminist pseudo-careers, disordered female sexuality is now given free rein across the Anglosphere. Fucking dogs, abusing children and a massive increase in lesbianism are the inevitable results:
Psychologist John Buss estimates that for most of human history, perhaps 2% of women have been lesbian or bisexual. Not any more. Recent surveys of teenage girls and young women find that roughly 15% of young females today self-identify as lesbian or bisexual, compared with about 5% of young males who identify as gay or bisexual.
 SOURCE: Psychology Today
And so we see an obvious cause of the mass male sexual disenfranchisement engulfing the Anglosphere: many women are simply opting out of heterosexual relationships relative to men, leaving a large surplus of sexually disenfranchised males. Why so many otherwise awakened Manosphere commentators cannot see this astonishes even me.
But, as Professor Roy Baumeister at Florida State University and others have shown, sexual attraction in many women seems to be more malleable. If a teenage girl kisses another teenage girl, for whatever reason, and she finds that she likes it—then things can happen, and things can change. If a young woman finds her soulmate, and her soulmate happens to be female, then she may begin to experience feelings she's never felt before. 
Especially if all the guys she knows are losers.
 SOURCEPsychology Today
With typical Boomer gynocentrism and Anglobitch-worshipping self-delusion, the author blames male 'losers' for the increase in lesbianism. He then sails into a diatribe against male 'immaturity', completely ignoring female racism, lookism, heightism and all the other bracing goodies in the hyper-hypergamic package. Of course, admitting the reality of Anglo female hyper-hypergamy would mean actually accepting that Anglo-American women aren't 'perfect': and that is a bridge too far for any Anglo-American academic in the present age of Anglo-cucked degeneracy.

Indeed, the Dog Pill and the Lesbian Pill are so degenerate that they transcend normal Black Pill classification and deserve a new colour classification all their own: VantaBlack . Vantablack is a material developed by Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom and is one of the darkest substances known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light (at 663 nm if the light is perpendicular to the material).

Vantablack: the World's Blackest Black

Most Black Pills arise from an individual's personal issues (autism, shortness, ugliness, ethnicity, poverty) and are thus manageable in psychological terms. However, the Lesbian Pill (like the Dog Pill) is infinitely more pernicious since it arises from factors transcending any individual, namely misandrist Anglo-American culture, raw female degeneracy or being born into the post-patriarchal Matrix as a victimised male Xer, Millennial or Zoomer.

Lesbianism and the other VantaBlack Pills are like tsunamis or earthquakes, terrible forces which leave men numb with impotent despair. The blunt fact that many western white women prefer sex with dogs or other women over sub-8 men automatically renders all remediation attempts (other than expatriation, which costs time, money and effort) utterly futile, pre-consigning millions of Western males to sexlessness, childlessness and existential despair.

When the VantaBlack Pill strikes, abandon all cope.

Friday 15 November 2019

Too Good for Any Man: This is What Hyper-Hypergamy Looks Like

Anglobitch Emma Watson is now officially 'self-partnered'...

Anglobitch icon Emma Watson has been making waves recently with the revelation that she is not single but 'self-partnered':

Approaching a milestone birthday inevitably forces us to evaluate what we've achieved and where we feel we've fallen short — both personally and professionally. In a recent interview with British Vogue, actress Emma Watson said one thing she's made peace with as she nears her 30th birthday is her current relationship status. "It took me a long time, but I'm very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered," she said.  
What does that mean, exactly? Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist based in California sees merit the idea. Manly describes the relationship status this way: "self-partnering focuses on the ideal of being happy and complete as a solo individual. A self-partnered person would feel whole and fulfilled within the self and does not feel compelled to seek fulfillment through having another person as a partner." 
That doesn't necessarily mean a self-partnered person doesn't date or never hopes to get married someday. It's that they're taking the time to know themselves first. "To be truly self-partnered, one must often invest a great deal of time and energy on personal development," says Manly. 
Watson isn't the first celebrity to shift what's normally viewed as a negative relationship status into a positive. In 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow used the term "conscious uncoupling" to describe her divorce from Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Why has reclaiming these terms become a trend now? "There’s a big shift in renaming the terms of relationships because there’s also a huge shift towards individuality in younger generations who are no longer wanting to be defined by the standards of traditional generations," explains Travis McNulty, a therapist practicing in Florida.
SOURCE: NBC News, November 2019 

However, Watson isn't 'self-partnered' at all. She is suffering from the Anglobitch condition known to the wise as hyper-hypergamy: the notion that no man on earth is good enough for her. She would rather end up a childless, lonely hag than marry a man and submit to normal womanly duties like child-bearing. Contrary to what some in the Manosphere think, many Anglo-American women think a billionaire with the Rock's body and the face of Chris Hemsworth is still beneath them on the sexual totem-pole. Watson is one of these, although Jodie Foster is another hideous example of the breed. In sum, they think all men are sexualized pieces of dogshit however handsome, rich or intelligent they might be.

Too good for any man?

The following excerpt from my book, Hope on Distant Shores, explains the concept of hyper-hypergamy with specific reference to the Anglosphere's distinctive sex-negativism, misandry and ethno-cultural imperialism:
Another factor one might consider is the high ‘power distance’ or depth of inequality experienced in Anglo-American societies. The Anglosphere is a potent colonial bloc that still bestows considerable status on white Anglo-Saxons in a global context. Anglo media, culture and institutions remain the primary global exports, in ideological terms. The obvious international power of say, Victorian Britain or post-War America surely wrought some heightening effect on female hypergamy in those nations. After all, the ‘hypergamy bar’ is necessarily raised when a country is a great colonial hub with huge international influence and prestige; since the female frame of reference reflexively broadens and deepens in response. In this view, the Anglo female's misandrist hostility is an insane extension of natural hypergamous instincts: almost no male or his offspring is good enough for a female raised in a global superpower. Here is one of my anonymous correspondents on the wider social ramifications of this tendency: 
Feminists in North America are now in the process of formally making sex equal rape, and the man has no defense. So I guess the fertility bearing rate of the Anglosphere is about to drop to 0.5. Oh, except for the Africans, Latino groups, native Americans and of course the Muslims, who ironically enough, actually will mass rape and then impose a real shari'a patriarchy on the stupid Anglobitches who no longer have the protection of the men or more rational women who've all left. North America is toast. Leave while you can (Appendix F, p.240). 
This exalted form of Anglo hypergamy is best called ‘hyper-hypergamy’, female sexual elitism and selectivity carried beyond all rational measure. This is not exclusively associated with the Anglo West's colonial values. Britain and America have lower social mobility rates than other industrial societies, together with wider wealth and power divisions. This must also exert a strong impact on female hypergamy, with a much larger proportion of males being dismissed as potential mates than in progressive, egalitarian societies. 
It must be said that modern romantic life in the Anglosphere has become a form of misandrist eugenics, where women arbitrarily select which males get to breed on the basis of hyper-hypergamous criteria. This even applies to sperm donation, where donors have to pass the most stringent criteria related to intelligence, education, height and health. In sum, fat, ugly Anglo women riddled with personality disorders get to sit in genetic judgement on the gender that created and maintain civilization. Of course, mass abortion is an even more active and deadly expression of eugenic hyper-hypergamy, predictably falling heaviest on the offspring of low status males (which is almost all males in the Anglosphere).

Jodie Foster: The Anglobitch Made Flesh

And there we have it: Watson's ludicrous 'self-partnering' is little more than a trite addendum to the Anglosphere's diabolical agenda of usury, misandry and death.

Friday 8 November 2019

Making Societal Waves: Female Sexual Fascism is the Anglosphere's Watergate

Anglo-American culture typically strives to hide its own historic crimes (slavery, genocide, oppression) and internal problems (economic inequality, institutional racism and educational dysfunction). Usually, this process involves criticising other cultural blocs, as if the Anglosphere – with its prison-industrial complexdivorce industry and mass male alienation - were somehow perfect. However, mainstream Anglo-American culture also strives to suppress its internal critics. Ever noticed how 'mainstream' male spaces on the internet are heavily censored and policed in order to banish dissent? On the Ask Men website, sexless males are systematically banned by the moderators. Simply by existing, such men are challenging the Anglo-American perception of women as flawless, liberated, semi-divine beings.

However, the Manosphere goes much further: we consistently point out that Anglo-American women are sexually racist and elitist, actively confounding the Anglosphere’s core memes of female infallibility and sexual liberation. By creating societal ‘waves’ of this nature, we are proffering a direct challenge to the Anglosphere’s international image as a transcendent social entity – and such a challenge must be forcefully repressed. This is because exposing the reality of widespread Anglobitch racism or ‘sexual fascism’ not only shreds the key Anglosphere myths of moral supremacy, sexual liberation and female infallibility; it reveals the racist and puritanical roots of Anglo-American civilisation, including its left-liberalism. While Anglo tradcucks spuriously try to link Anglo-American feminism to Marxism, its intellectual DNA – like that of the Anglo left in general – really originates in imperialistic Victorian Christian Evangelism. This is why both Anglo-American feminism and liberalism retain such puritanical memes as sex-negativism, racism and woman-worship, none of which are present in classical Marxism (although neo-Marxists have appropriated them, of course).

With all these troubling memes being exposed and challenged by the Manosphere in general (and the incelosphere in particular), it is any surprise the pan-Anglosphere Deep State is knocking out our strongholds one by one? Such is the inevitable price for creating a cogent counter-narrative to Anglo-American propaganda.

Above all, exposing the reality of female sexual fascism is hugely problematic for the Anglosphere’s imperialist project. If the world at large became aware that white Anglo-American women saw non-white males as disgusting sub-humans unworthy of sex, it would halt the Anglosphere’s globalisation programme in its tracks. As Richard Scarecrow once said, Anglo women exploit sex in the same way hoarders exploit food during a famine; although they have food aplenty, they begrudge undesirable males the smallest sexual morsel. Yet gulled by the myth-peddling Anglo-American media, non-white males around the world honestly think ‘liberated’ Anglo women are clamouring to give them free sex; in reality, the Anglosphere’s mass inceldom falls heaviest on ethnic males.

But of course, exposing this cruel reality would simply create too many ‘waves’ in the global culture for the Anglo-American Deep State to countenance. Such disruptive 'waves' would not only harm its international image; they would also refute the carefully-cultivated Sexual False Consciousness which holds the Anglosphere together like a flimsy old boot lace. Let’s face it: if non-white males in the UK or North America realised Stacy, Sharon or Becky considered them to be sexual untouchables – subhuman pieces of dog shit – there would be spontaneous riots in the streets. Indeed, this ‘forbidden’ knowledge extends to low SMV white males, too. The average blue collar white chump lives in a world of self-deceit, pretending his inceldom is a ‘lifestyle choice’ or temporary ‘dry spell’; but if the scales of Sexual False Consciousness were removed from his eyes, he would immediately join the sexless non-whites at the barricades.

So what is our best course of action?

Simply to keep pumping out our message of truth in the teeth of all resistance. It is obvious that the Anglo-American Deep State and its feminist allies are on the run; and we must KEEP them running with all the might we can muster. These are great times, days of legend, and we are privileged to be living at such an hour. In the end, our relentless truth-saying will provoke our foes into a hysterical counter-stroke – thereby forcing a decisive confrontation between our light and their darkness.

Saturday 26 October 2019

Knowledge without Nihilism: Introducing the Crimson Pill

Let us consider the various ‘pills’ that rule contemporary Manosphere thought:

The Blue Pill: The world of comforting illusion. In the MRA Manosphere, it has come to mean the fictional ‘mainstream’ narrative that women are all oppressed and all men advantaged, or that only men can be racist or elitist. In the Incelosphere or PUA community, it is synonymous with various romantic delusions: for example, that race, looks or height do not matter to women or that there is ‘someone’ for everybody. The various Blue Pill fictions are promoted to keep the broad masses cocooned in a comforting world of self-delusion, thereby making society function from day to day. Sexual False Consciousness – the absurd fantasy that ‘all’ men are having sex with models every night – is a perfect example of this.

The Red Pill: The world of (often bitter-tasting) reality. In the MRA Manosphere, it has come to mean the suppressed truth that law, healthcare, education and the media all favour women over men in contemporary society. In the Incelosphere  or PUA community, it has led men to pursue a variety of self-maximising strategies in order to trigger the innate (but socially repressed) female desire for psychopathic, socially dominant/indifferent or physically attractive males.

The Black Pill: The world of absolute truth in all its unending and inflexible horror. In the MRA Manosphere, it means rejecting activism for a MGTOW or renegade lifestyle on the fringes of society. In the Incelosphere or PUA communities, it has come to mean that factors like autism, looks, race or height are fixed and unchangeable, and that men who are ‘challenged’ in these areas are doomed to a life of involuntary celibacy. What defines the Black Pill is its immutability,  its nihilistic acceptance that many features of life cannot be changed despite one’s best efforts.

For me, it is obvious that there is truth in both the Black and Red Pills. While certain features of personal identity (looks, height, ethnicity) are fixed and predetermined, other features (economic status, location, culture) are open to manipulation. Therefore, serious and objective thought requires a new pill which integrates the wisdom of both the red and the black: a pill I will call the Crimson Pill.

The Crimson Pill: Accepting that many features of life cannot be changed but focusing solely on those that can, which are typically social or cultural in nature. Winston Wu of Happier Abroad represents the Crimson Piller at his most effective. He recognises the unchangeable features of his existence (shortness and East Asian heritage) but focuses on those he can change (principally, cultural location). As a result, he has been able to forge romantic bonds with several women outside the Anglosphere.

Obviously, the Anglobitch Thesis is in essence pure Crimson Pill: by rejecting or departing the Anglosphere, a man immediately solves the problem of entitled, misandrist, sex-negative, overweight Anglo-American women who use sex to manipulate and exploit men. That is, the Thesis focuses on a factor – namely, cultural location – which can be changed. It does not pretend that every male can looksmaxx to resemble the young Elvis Presley, or that midgets can become giants, or that autistic misfits will ever be the ‘life and soul of the party, or that hunchbacks will ever win female affection with ‘charisma’ or ‘personality’. Rather, it focuses on the one factor which any solvent man can change for the price of a plane ticket: namely, the culture he resides in

I am aware that many in the Manosphere view the Anglobitch Thesis are a ‘cope’, offering false hope to romantically disillusioned (or sexually disenfranchised) Anglo-American men. However, I have never been under the illusion that all women outside the Anglosphere are angels or that marriage is ever a totally risk-free proposition. Simply relocating to another culture will not guarantee romantic success, a happy, stable marriage or any other factor a man might desire for personal fulfilment. No society is perfect, or ever will be.

As the Manosphere has developed in depth and scope, embracing perspectives from a wide range of cultures, unexpected issues have emerged. Foremost of these is the issue of Canadian misandry. In the wake of his 1989 massacre, most observers considered Marc Lepine an anomaly rather than a true gender-warrior. However, as ever more Canadian males snapped and ‘went postal’ in violent revolt against the misandrist culture-war being waged against them, I began to realise that Canada is just as misandrist as the US, UK or Australia, if not more so.  Further, non-Anglosphere cultures with an active or residual puritan element have similar issues with institutional misandry and strained gender-relations. Obvious examples would be  Japan and some parts of the Islamic world

Despite these observations, the personal evidence of my many correspondents demonstrates that leaving the Anglosphere can definitely improve a man’s romantic chances in the absence of obvious physical deformities or extreme psychological disorders.  And when we turn to issues like divorce, the case for Anglo-specific misandry becomes even stronger. Various learned correspondents have demonstrated that the Anglosphere countries are defined  by several legal/cultural features which make it uniquely difficult for men to form healthy, safe or stable relationships.  I have defined these features as the Five Pillars of Anglosphere Dysfunction:

Class Distinction
Social Isolation
Common Law

The Five Pillars are comprehensively described in my most recent book, Hope on Distant Shores. However, the experience of a correspondent who has actually lived and successfully formed relationships outside the Anglosphere sets out the case in plain English:

And the different, more freewheeling attitudes of Europe towards sex and sexuality are truly a lot different, which probably steers the culture sharply away from Anglo-style feminism, even among the feminists there. Before my fiancée joined me in France—and I’ll admit it here, even after we got married—one of the places I loved to go was up In NE Germany. Tbh German, Polish, Czech, Swedish and Finnish girls are sexy as hell in general, something about that Baltic area, and these gorgeous ladies never have hang-ups about being sexy, attracting men, even being nude or out in thongs in public. When you talk to them, many will say they’re feminists, but their coziness and lack of frigidness around being sexual totally changes what feminism means to them. FWIW I see the same kind of thing down in South America when I’ve been there, particularly down in Brazil, which is the one country I would have chosen if I didn’t wind up in Europe. Crazily hot women, independent, often say they’re feminists but it all means something a world away from Anglo feminism. (In Brazil, when a girl says she’s feminist what she really means is she likes to be the one in control in bed). So from that observation I think you guys are right, the way that Anglo feminists have been conditioned to view sex itself as dirty and nasty, a hang-up from our Puritan tradition, may contribute a lot to the nastiness and misandry of US and Anglo feminism.

For the simple price of a plane ticket, any solvent Anglo-American male can simply wash his hands of repression, sex-negative feminism and shrill, overweight women. If that does not increase his romantic chances by several hundred percent, nothing will. By directing all his efforts on a fluid, Red Pill factor - namely, his cultural location - it becomes possible for a Black Pilled man to transform his life for the better.

That is the wonder of the Crimson Pill.