Sunday 9 October 2016

Don’t Vote for Donald Trump - Sex is Wrong!

The Donald signs a Tit - shocking!

In many respects, the unfolding US presidential election represents the age-old Anglosphere conflict between Saxon and Celt. Hillary embodies Anglo-Saxon values – a former lawyer (law is of course the keystone of Anglo civilization), an anaemic liberal, a default feminist and of course, an entitled woman. With his Scottish genes, Trump is the living expression of alpha manliness, charm, flair and visionary enterprise – all Celtic traits. Hillary is obsessed by procedural details, Trump focuses on the big picture – ‘the big stuff,’ as he puts it. In time-honoured Anglo fashion, Hillary refuses to acknowledge that decades of misguided collectivism have led to national decline. In typical Celtic style, Trump recognizes the crisis engulfing America but offers few concrete solutions beyond his vague national ‘vision’. Edward I and William Wallace, Hotspur and Owen Glendower, the Jacobite rebellions and even the American Civil War – the battlefield changes but the ancient adversaries remain the same.

However, the election also shows how totally Anglo feminism ‘owns the ground’ in the United States. Far from being oppressed or marginalised, ‘mainstream’ American institutions (including the Republican party) have universally decried Trump for statements affirming his attraction to fertile young women. His worst ‘crime’ was daring to say that women let rich celebrities ‘grab them by the pussy’ – a statement he made long before entering politics. Besides, Mr Trump was merely stating an obvious truth: that women are attracted to men with wealth, power and celebrity. This is entirely obvious to anyone with even half a brain. Women let rich, famous men ‘grab them by the pussy’ without complaint because they are (for the most part) hypergamous and sexually elitist. Mr Trump is excoriated not just for his attraction to women, but because he tells the truth about them.

Of course, women are sexually indifferent to wealth and fame!

Above all, the witchhunt against Mr Trump hinges on the fact that he is a heterosexual male with healthy erotic drives and interests. The American cultural establishment seemingly expect the President to be a denatured eunuch with no human drives at all. In their view, it is ‘misogynistic’ for a man to say he finds fertile young girls attractive; frankly, a warped and degenerate perspective. And how curious that the liberal establishment – so notable for promoting gay ‘rights’ – nurture such antagonism towards Trump’s spirit of sexual experiment. After all, what is the attraction of male homosexuality, if not ‘experiment’? Men sucking other men’s cocks is just fine and dandy – but when Mr Trump describes his priapic desire for young nubiles, a storm of liberal-feminist invective descends on his head.

Double standards, much?

Being heterosexual - a Federal Offence?

For over five years now I have preached that the Anglosphere retains a potent strand of secular Puritanism upon which Anglo-American feminism draws for inspiration and sustenance. It not only explains the repressive misandry specific to Anglo feminism, it also explains feminism’s dominion over the pan-Anglosphere establishment.

Well, this presidential contest offers ample proof of the latter point.

Bizarrely, Hillary’s media/political/academic fan club seems to view recreational, heterosexual sex as inherently wrong – a matter of scandal, almost of shame. Moreover, they have successfully normalized their warped view of human relations, making Mr Trump appear as some lust-crazed monster for simply being a heterosexual male. Frankly, what has he said that every normal man doesn’t think every day of his life? What has he done that every normal man wouldn’t do if he had Trump’s money and fame?

America’s academic/media/political establishment will only be happy when all males are castrated, gay or extinct. Hopefully, enough American people will see through this puritanical nonsense to appreciate the Republican candidate’s varied merits. Not least of these would be his actually having engaged with the real-world economy, something most feminist lawyers and career politicians have never even attempted. Plus, he can stay on his feet for an hour without fear of seizure or collapse: surely a decided advantage for the world’s most powerful person?

America, the choice is yours.
Sex isn't wrong!