Sunday 23 September 2012

Beauty, the Geek and yet more Anglo Delusions

Ah, the lengths the legacy media will go to pretend that young Anglo-American women find intelligent males attractive.  The television show Beauty and the Geek implies that – given time, coaching and a little TLC –even the haughtiest Lyndon Hall cunt can be persuaded to consider mathematics majors and software developers 'exciting' mates.

All utter drivel, of course. As just about everyone living to the East of Eden knows, American women are by instinct drawn to morons, layabouts and violent thugs. In reality, the vast majority of high IQ males with tangential interests end up sexually disenfranchised, a la James Holmes , Cho Sui Seung and George Sodini. 

For proof of this, we need only consider the case of James Holmes. When he was a diligent young geek, winning scholarships and striving for academic success, he enjoyed no sexual success whatsoever. After attacking a theatre dressed as the joker and killing several people, he is now being inundated with offers of sex and marriage.

In short, it is entirely obvious that women do not find diligent geeks attractive. It is also obvious that they are drawn to public displays of masculine violence like moths to a flame. However often David ‘Blobfish’ Futrelle tells male college students that MRAs and PUAs are ‘screwed-up misogynists’ and that women like ‘nice guys’, the blunt reality of their sexless lives will repudiate his ludicrous advice.

What exactly goes on in Futrelle’s ‘workshops’, anyway? He is hardly a young Adonis with a tanned model on his arm. The only women he attracts to his blog are past-prime soccer moms and embittered lesbians. And once his ‘students’ work out that his ludicrous advice leads nowhere but the Incel Club, his appeal as a dating guru will surely dwindle to nothing.

I have an idea. Chicagoans, the next time Futrelle visits your campus offering his pearls of wisdom, why don’t you raise the issue of James Holmes? You know, that guy who never got any sex when he cracked the books and ‘did the right thing’ – but now stands waist-deep in love-letters after shooting defenceless people in a movie theatre.

Do it – and tell the Blobfish who sent ya!