Saturday 10 February 2018

Tales from the Real World: Billy and Ranger Get to da Choppah

John Rambo Makes His Break

Recently, I have been posting a series of erudite comments from the likes of North Wind and Lawrence: brilliant commentary on Anglo-American Common Law, and how this has been systematically subverted by feminist judges and lawyers. In some ways, this has become the Rosetta Stone of the Anglobitch Thesis: a measurable, well-defined legal distinction between the Anglosphere and other western countries.

However, while such scholarly comment is always welcome, so is mainstream commentary from practical men embodied in the real world. One of these is Billy, an expatriate American who finds life, sex and relationships far more congenial in continental Europe (specifically Austria) than his native United States:

Well, I'm just an ordinary expat without any special expertise or law background, can't match the intellectual fire power of you guys here but can give my two cents here on why it's better for families, certainly men and fathers when you go outside of any English-speaking country.

Me, I'm just a hayseed outta Iowa, never even went to college but I made a pile of money working in the fracking industry up in the Dakotas and out west.

Well, right outta high school and a millionaire, muscled up working out in the field, you get a lotta female attention, I thought for a while about marrying a girl near where I was working.

But a relative, couple friends thankfully talked me out of it, warned me a lotta things you guys are saying here. Gold diggers preying on what I earned, going to jail from child support or checks to the ex wife. Even a nice girl getting turned to a ho and encouraged by all her friends and divorce court to go after a guy's money.

What the prison guard's been saying (see the previous post - RK), it makes sense with what I was warned about. It's like once get hitched, have your first kiddo, now you got a whole posse of leeches egging the wife on to divorce you. Because it's like there's a bunch of leeches ready to get rich at your expense when you divorce. That's how it is in the US at least. And Canada.

So what I did, I started up in Norway with their petrochemicals operation, made a pile more money there, banged some hot Viking women. Sweet days. Hopped thru some more countries, but settled down in Austria, I mean the Alpine country where they speak German, not Australia.

Best choice I coulda ever made, Europe in general, Austria specifically. Haven't gone read all the comments, but I got the gist, and yeah it's true, you don't lose your shirt if you get divorced in the Euro counties. Yeah you do in the UK cause it's Anglo I suppose, saw that when I was up around the North Sea fields.

But yeah I knew some American guys who got hitched with some hot blonde Viking girls in Norway and Sweden, got rich, then some of them split up. But they kept the money they made, their houses, car, shared raising the kids. The wives never got alimony, they don't do child support it's just they both continue to raise the kids as they would otherwise cause they share the raising. But no jail, no community property, you keep what you earn, and the ex-wife, she earns her own money, up there the ladies demand it of themselves even beyond the law itself. If these guys had got divorced in America, they'd lose their shirt cause the exes could take everything. But not Norway and Sweden, not Europe.

And Austria now? Perfection. The laws, culture, ladies are hot, sexy, freaky but also traditional and feminine when you raise kids. A lady gets nothing if she divorces you so people stay married, or have a fling here and there but stay out of a family court. I played the field awhile, eventually tied the knot with a sweet Russian girl who came to Vienna, we're expecting our first later this year.

Billy's astute comments and earthy wisdom are supported by Ranger, an ex-military man with a similar tale to tell. He describes the same pattern of experience, with the United States (and the Anglosphere in general) coming off as chronically inferior to mainland Europe in its treatment of men (especially divorced men):

Great to see your thoughts Billy, I must say it adds a bit of fun and perspective to have a blog discussion that can ponder such serious topics of law and society and then be just as comfortable talking about banging hot Euro ladies. Which let's face it, it's the cherry on top of being an expat.

I'm ex-military and like a lot of Americans was posted in Germany for years, so I did the side-by-side comparison. The summary in as few words: truth here from you guys, so much truth.

Some of my fellow grunts went back to the States and got married. Total mistake, total misery. Their wives slept around while they were deployed. All the frickin' time. Then they filed for divorce. And the wives got everything from a man who served his country getting shot at. She got the house. The car. The dog. She got his savings. A chunk of his pension. Alimony. Child support often more than the poor guy was making after returning to the home front, because divorce court judges are c*nts in the extreme and like you all said, can impute any BS amount to what the guy "should" be earning. And the worst? The man-hating she-beast feminists, joined by mangina and white knight assholes, cheer the gold-digging Anglobitches on in the USA for wrecking good men like this.

You wanna know the real reason why so many US vets commit suicide? No, it's not the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or PTSD. It's that we get hit with divorce papers, lose our assets and our kids, then get spat on by a crazy feminist, man-hating society that cheers our ruin. WTF????

Now compare, me and my fellow grunts who stayed in Germany after discharge. Now I gotta say, I love South American girls. For me Colombia, Brazil, Panama, if I could somehow get posted there I'd be h happy happy camper.

But outside of that, German ladies rule. French girls are hot too, not hating, but the German girls got that special something something, especially once you pick up enough German you can hit on them in the native tongue.

On divorce here? Yeah it happens, but in Germany and Europe, it is true, divorce is just a bump in the road, nothing like the total wreckage you suffer in the US. They don't even really have family courts here, it's all a "mediate it and be done with it" thing. You don't lose your kids, you keep your house and car, you keep what you've earned and saved in your profession and your hard work. No alimony. CS is a max amount and you don't get gouged. So a girl can't gold-dig here, a lot more incentive to work things out if things get rough. I've known hundreds of American guys who came to Europe, got hitched, some got divorced. Not one single one got ruined. They don't want people to divorce here, so the laws make sure you can go without hassle.

But that's the beauty of it, all this makes divorce less likely. And like I said, the German girls have that something and it's less common. They can be independent-minded sure, career-oriented, but somehow when it comes to sex and being hot, they're so much more into it than any American girl I ever dated. Same with the other European girls, in fact even the other grunts who brought their American or Canadian gf's here, once they acculturate they change so much for the better. And the ladies love kids here. My wife and I have 3 and she still stays hot and fit.

So from a practical standpoint, and especially in the areas of sexual relationships and marriage/divorce, it would seem that the European mainland is preferable to the United States (and the Anglo-American world in general). Billy and Ranger wear their hearts on their sleeves, men with a fierce love of life and all its pleasures. When they say they had to leave the Anglosphere to realize their romantic goals, why would anyone not believe them?

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