Saturday 14 June 2014

Hypnotic Self-Delusion: How Sexual False Consciousness Works

Derren Brown

A revolution is sweeping the English-speaking nations, especially the United States. Reality, so long suppressed and devalued by the lame-stream media, is reasserting itself. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of sexual relationships. The Internet now allows men to discuss such matters without upper-middle class censorship and the results are a revelation. Most American males are NOT living Don Draper lives, with bosomy models tapping them on the shoulder for sex whenever they walk into a bar. Indeed, most American women are not bosomy models at all; they are mostly obese, ugly and frigid. And the few sexualized, thin and attractive American women are (at least in their prime years) attracted only to violent, mumbling thugs.

Despite these harsh realities, most Anglo-American men are insistent that they are having sex with 17 year old models on a regular basis. This is especially true of blue-collar, middle-aged males who are clearly of no interest whatsoever to the small minority of attractive American women. Indeed, many a hard-core incel shelf-stacker seems to think he 'has a chance' with girls who would, in reality, not deign to spit on him.

Blue-collar oafs: united in fantasy

In my previous post, I described this pattern of self-delusion as 'Sexual False Consciousness'. Borrowing the coinage from Karl Marx, I suggested that the broad masses embrace such fantasies in order to make their pointless lives endurable. In this post, I offer a theory as to how Sexual False Consciousness is maintained on a daily basis.

In Britain, one of the most interesting entertainers is a fellow called Derren Brown. A mentalist stage magician, he is known for feats of memory, sleight of hand and mental manipulation. I recently read his thoughts on stage hypnotism and they went some way to explaining how Sexual False Consciousness operates in practice. According to Brown, nothing 'happens' to the subjects in a hypnotist's show. For the most part, the participants eating onions, singing arias and dancing the polka are their normal selves. Their enthusiastic participation relates more to a deep human need for social conformity than any real change in their mental condition. That is, they do not want to upset the audience/hypnotist/other participants by failing to 'act up to' expectations. Brown uses the famous Milgram Experiment to illustrate this deep human need to  conform. When test subjects were told to administer imaginary electric shocks to an actor, most of them did so without demur. Even when the actor was howling in mock agony, the subjects did not desist.

Milgram's famous experiment

It occurs to me that this deep human need not to 'rock the boat' explains Sexual False Consciousness. Blue collar males who never have sex (certainly with 17-year old models) maintain that they do for the same reason 'hypnotized' people dance the polka. Since the late 60s, a pan-Anglosphere myth has arisen that women are having sex with everybody; that post-feminist society is overflowing with sexual opportunity. This myth is maintained by the media at every turn - by rock music, rap music and TV shows like Mad Men. In short, there is considerable societal pressure placed on men (in particular) to pretend they are having sex with models every day of the week. To admit this is not happening is 'spoiling the show'; an unforgivable crime.

Don Draper: waiting for the tap...

By extension, it occurs to me that males who are drawn to this site and the Men's Movement in general possess, for one reason or another, stronger personalities than most. Perhaps some are immigrants to Anglo-Saxon countries and thus less troubled by non-conformity. Perhaps the anonymity of the Internet facilitates an honesty and self-awareness that men hesitate to show in their normal lives. Whatever the cause, reality is flourishing and there isn't a damned thing the Anglo Power Elites and their lackeys in the lame-stream media can do about it.

And long may it continue.