Tuesday 24 September 2019

Letter to America: Stop hating men and the shootings will stop


In the wake of recent shooting sprees by angry young American males at Dayton and El Paso, Boomer politicians and the lamestream media are scratching their heads and looking for explanations. To me, the answer is obvious. Like Hannibal, it is my gift to see through the fog of battle to the decisive heart of a given situation and immediately formulate a solution.

The cause of these dreadful events is obvious, and my own thesis explains it: Institutional Misandry. Because of its distinctive puritan heritage, Anglo-American culture reflexively hates men as active sexual beings . This problem is worse in the US not because of 'guns' or mental illness but because it is the most puritanical nation in the Anglosphere, indeed the west. Mass shootings and other forms of male alienation are simply a natural (indeed, legitimate) response to this misandry - an gender war being waged against all men across the Anglosphere, every minute of every day. This blog and my other writings are canaries in the coalmine; had they been heeded, far fewer people would be dead today.

Mass shooter Connor Betts

While American males are jobless, committing suicide, criminalised and being tortured with the lash of sexual disenfranchisement, the cucked authorities expect them to 'man up' to defend a culture which hates them. Meanwhile, women are pandered to in every sphere of American life while not even having to register for the draft. The Anglo-American 'mainstream' doesn't see the problem because they ARE the problem. As middle-class Boomers, they live in a bubble of ignorance about the true state of post-Internet America. At best, they blame the online incel and alt-right communities for mass shootings while failing to acknowledge the naked misandry of American culture or the legitimate sense of grievance this misandry fosters in young American men.

Misandry is now an issue to everyone living in the real world

My message to America? If you want to stop these terrible mass shootings, stop hating men and introduce genuine equality. A good start would be forcing all women to register for the draft. This measure is long overdue and would instantly restore a measure of goodwill to American gender relations. How women can be judges and politicians without have to register is one of the burning scandals of modern American life.

The blunt fact is, unless this scandal of institutional misandry is forcibly reversed, young American men will kill you in ever greater numbers. And they are right to do so; their grievances are entirely legitimate. Since a third of young American men are now incels, they have very little to lose from a genetic or sexual standpoint. Moreover, they have access to military-grade weaponry and are pre-trained in violence by interactive video games.

Quite how the people who run America cannot see the dangers inherent in this volatile situation leaves me baffled. And why they refuse to adopt the solution leaves me even more baffled. Instead of scratching their heads and telling oppressed, sexually-disenfranchised young males to 'man up', join the Army or go to church, these people need to 'man up' themselves and admit their warped misandrist culture is stoking the fires of its own destruction.

Had they listened to me a decade ago, none of this would have come to pass.

Hate men, then wonder why they fight back...