Friday 22 October 2010

Andrew Gardener: Victim of Anglo Marriage 'a la mode'

Domestic abuse is a 'hot topic' in the MRA community these days. Why, at this very minute, Paul Elam and David Futrelle are engaged in torrid debate over the 'whys and wherefores' of domestic violence (check out 'A Voice for Men' on my Bloglist). Of course, their fascinating debate will grind on indefinitely, since both parties are dependent on social 'scientists' for their information, and sociology is not a science. Indeed, as my regular readers will know, sociology tends to attract extrovert-unstable personality types more interested in advancing personal agendas than seeking objective truth. In a few areas such as education or consumer behaviour, where vast amounts of published electronic data exist, sociology has some interpretive validity. However, domestic violence is not one of these areas (in fact, crime is not - most crime is not reported or recorded). I would submit that even the most rigorous sociological enquiry into this murky, ill-reported area can produced no conclusions not heavily inflected by the pre-existing assumptions of the researchers.

Given the limitations of sociological research, I prefer to follow Sir Karl Popper in my own methodology - that is, presenting a case that definitively refutes a prevailing climate of opinion. In the Anglosphere, 'women can do no wrong' is equivalent to the statement 'all swans are white': that is, universally accepted 'common sense'. The statement stands as valid until a black swan is found, whereupon it is either qualified or dismissed. Well, I'm sure Clare Nichols is quite sufficient to forever refute the Murdocratic assumption that all women are flawless:

TWO people are today starting life sentences after being found guilty of the brutal torture murder of a man at the home they shared in County Durham.

Clare Nicholls, 28, will serve a minimum 32 years for the torture and murder of her patrner Andrew Gardner and her brother, Simon Nicholls, 24, will serve a minimum 25 years. Her on-off lover Steven Martin, 44, is also facing a life term. He will be sentenced in February following the results of tests by a psychiatrist.

Mr Gardner’s battered and burnt body had more than 120 injuries on it when paramedics found him in his living room on March 13 last year. The 35-year-old had been starved, whipped, scalded, slashed, kicked and punched before he died in agony from a catalogue of horrific injuries.

Doctors found he had suffered 21 rib fractures and associated tissue damage as well as a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and blood poisoning. Crude abuse had been scrawled on his back in nail varnish, and marks on his torso were described in court as “a grotesque game of noughts and crosses”.

His girlfriend, her brother and her former lover denied murder but were this afternoon convicted by a jury at the end of a harrowing three-week trial. Nicholls shook her head, laid it on a glass barrier in the dock and wept when the verdict was announced, but the two men showed no reaction.

The court heard how Clare Nicholls ruled the home in Arthur Street, Chilton, and how the men of the household were terrified of her temper. She repeatedly attacked Mr Gardner – the father of her youngest child – for what she saw as him being lazy or “stealing” food from the cupboards.

Some jurors wept during the trial as they heard how children saw the punishment beatings and, at times, were encouraged to join in.

Nicholls’ brother and Martin – an ex-lover who moved into the house three weeks before Mr Gardner’s death and reignited an affair – also helped. They later told police that Nicholls was the instigator and they were too frightened to stop the attacks in case she turned her violence towards them.

On March 13 last year, Simon Nicholls made a 999 call, saying Mr Gardner had returned home half-an-hour earlier and collapsed unconscious. He told paramedics that Mr Gardner said he had been beaten up by a gang while out for a walk, and was complaining about severe back pain. The story quickly raised doubts and police were called in, and a lengthy investigation followed – which resulted in the three being arrested.

A series of medical examinations showed that many of Mr Gardner’s injuries had been inflicted days – if not weeks or months – before he died. The suspects were released on bail, but were re-arrested and charged with murder in July when the results of the tests were received by police. Clare Nicholls pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the end of the prosecution case, but the plea was not accepted and she was forced into the witness box.

She confessed to inflicting “the best part” of Mr Gardner’s injuries, but also blamed her brother for some of the rib fractures and other beatings.

Martin was accused of “branding” Mr Gardner with a white-hot cigarette lighter, and scalding his feet and leg with boiling water from a kettle. He also owned up to repeatedly holding his lover’s boyfriend against a piping hot radiator for up to 20 seconds, causing three separate burns.

The court heard how the rib fractures were probably caused when former charity shop worker Nicholls jumped on her partner with her knees. A pathologist told the jury that the injuries were the kind usually associated with victims of car crashes or falls from “considerable” heights.

Prosecutors are seeking a 30-year starting point for the killers, but defence teams will argue this afternoon that the tariff should not be as high as that. The jurors who heard the harrowing details of Andrew Gardner's death will be spared jury service for the next 20 years.

Judge Peter Fox, QC, told the seven men and five women: "This has been a case of particular responsibility and heavy responsibility in its discharge. What I can decide and, indeed, pronounce my decision about, is to say as a reflection of my appreciation of the responsibility you have carried out, you are excused jury service for at least 20 years, with my thanks."

Source: the UK Northern Echo

Why did Mr Gardner not leave the abusive household? According to police, he 'adored' his young daughter. This was his main reason for remaining, although it ultimately meant his own death. Such is the current state of the Anglosphere: for maintaining the father's traditional protective role, a man can face ignominy and murder with the tacit approval of the state.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Michael Gilbert: Victim of the New Anglosphere Matriarchy

A horrible but instructive tale, the murder of simple-minded Michael Gilbert in January 2009 shows us where the Anglosphere went so tragically wrong in allowing women rights without responsibilities. Read the following carefully, and you will find a misandrist, matriarchal subtext of alarming proportions. As Professor Daniel Amneus argues in The Garbage Generation, matriarchy leads only to the Stone Age. The Anglosphere's decline into neolithic matriarchy is already well-advanced (at least among the ever-expanding socio-economic underclass), and misandrist barbarism is the only possible outcome:

A FAMILY of bloodthirsty sadists were facing life in jail last night for the hideous torture and murder of a vulnerable youngster they kept captive for ten years.

Tragic Michael Gilbert, taken in when he was 15, was treated as a slave by the warped scroungers who inflicted pain on him for fun and used him as a source of income - topping up the brood's £38,000 ($60,000)a year in benefits and dole. When Michael finally died from the abuse aged 26 they beheaded him, cut up his body and dumped the parts in a lake at a beauty spot called the Blue Lagoon.

Michael had led a life of misery at the hands of six abusers, family matriarch Jennifer Smith-Dennis, 58, and her sons James Watt, 27, Richard, 25, and Robert, 20. Willingly joining in the sadism were James' girlfriend Natasha Oldfield, 29, and Richard's lover Nichola Roberts, 22.

Michael, who had learning difficulties and was emotionally immature, was a strapping 6ft plus and nicknamed the Big Friendly Giant. He was taken into care aged 15 after being (falsely) accused of rape. It later emerged the victim invented her story so she would be put in care to escape her own dire home life.

While Michael was at the Brambles Children's Home in Luton, Bedfordshire, he met James Watt, then 15. Watt introduced his new pal to his family who took him in, registered him as unemployed and began taking his dole.

They then started the sickening abuse. Michael was forced to sleep handcuffed to a bed and wear just boxer shorts to discourage him from escaping. He was routinely beaten for pleasure, shot at with an air rifle and made to drink his own urine. Michael had his pubic hair set on fire, was hit with baseball bats, jabbed with dirty syringes, made to stand in boiling water and smashed over the head with snooker balls and fluorescent lighting tubes. James Watt dropped snooker balls from a height on to his testicles.

Michael was also left in agony when James would order him to lie on the floor, shove a piece of wood in his mouth and, putting a hand on each end, do press-ups over him. His tormentors used mobiles to make "happy slap" videos. One released by cops yesterday showed Michael standing against a wall while two men punched him. The family could be heard laughing. Mole grips were attached to his genitals and he was led "like a dog" around the house in Luton.

Natasha Oldfield devised a "game" where participants paid to assault Michael. Police found an entry in her diary reading: "Gilbert ends up dead", adding "£5 (10$) slap, £10 (20$) punch, £15 (30$) kick, £25 (50$)head butt". Nichola Roberts admitted stamping on Michael's chest when she weighed 21 stone (over 200 pounds). She told Luton Crown Court: "He was a bit breathless afterwards - anyone would be, having 21 stone on them."

The constant abuse left him unable to control his bowels and he was punished if he failed to make it to the toilet. He was even made to goad a bearded dragon lizard the family kept until it lashed him with its giant tail. The court heard how Michael was once asked by Richard why he put up with the abuse. He replied: "I love you lot. You are my family."

His last days were spent with a bloated stomach, unable to walk. He died on a mattress smeared in his own excrement in January 2009. When the body was found, Richard, James, Robert and Oldfield cut him up. An vehicle owned by Nichola Roberts was used to take him to the Lagoon. A police camera captured Robert, James and Richard on the way. Four months later his headless corpse was found in a bag by walkers at the lagoon in Arlesey, Beds. It had been weighted down with a stone from the Watt's patio.

Source: The UK Sun, April 2010

Michael Gilbert was in every sense a victim of the Anglosphere's burgeoning matriarchy. He was falsely accused of rape (note how Murdoch's mouthpiece The Sun tries to gloss over his accuser's malevolent intentions). As a low status male, the UK Police and other authorities were entirely indifferent to his plight (contrast his treatment with the feminist media's obsession with 'trafficked women'). He fell into the clutches of a post-feminist kinship-gaggle, comprising the psychotic, criminally-prone individuals routinely produced by such pseudo-families. In the Watt family, only Jennifer's third husband Antonio had a job, and he alone was acquitted of all charges - a tale in itself.

In the coarsest sense, Gilbert was also physically attacked by misandrist underclass women, both of whom actively contributed to his tragic death. As we all know, women can attack men with near-absolute impunity in the post-feminist Anglosphere, as this tragic tale proves (indeed, Natasha Oldfield was actually smirking and laughing in court while discussing her hammer-attacks on Gilbert's stomach. It was, to her, a joke). Finally, the inane institutions of post-feminist civilization (and we use the term loosely) directly contributed to his death, since Oldfield evidently considered his torture a kind of 'game show'.

On analysis, what initially appeared an idiomatic expression of British underclass savagery is revealed to express the core themes of our unravelling culture: institutionalised misandry, matriarchal barbarism, rampant Murdochracy and legally-empowered feminism. Watch well, friends, for the idiomatic events of today can so quickly become the norms of tomorrow.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Murderous Brit Anglobitch Gets Job as Child Protector

Lynda Barnes: Anglobitch Extraordinaire

We are sometimes told that the Anglosphere is not a matriarchy because a tiny minority of males control all the positions of power in the media, politics and business. This cannot be conceded, as the following case makes plain. In a pragmatic sense, women across the Anglosphere enjoy enormous privileges before the law, in employment and in a plethora of other areas. Consider this: had a man conspired to kill his wife, would he have received such a perfunctory sentence and then been given a position working with children?

A social worker who hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband was given a job with her local councils' child protection unit, it has emerged.

Bath and North East Somerset Council was forced to apologise after it hired Lynda Barnes knowing that she had previously been found guilty of conspiracy to murder. Barnes, 55, was convicted of the charge after offering a contract killer £10,000 to 'take out' her former husband Rodney.

She was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in 1995 and was sacked from her job at Avon County Council. Barnes was later given the job with Bath and Somerset Council, despite admitting to the conviction during the application process.

But her past emerged during a child protection case at Bath County Court last June where she allegedly lied on oath and asked another social worker to lie to the court. The judge ordered an investigation and published a damning report into her 'appalling' actions.

Barnes, from Nailsea, north Somerset, has now resigned from her post where she held a senior job managing 20 social workers. The council has reviewed all cases she handled during her employment. A council spokesman said it has apologised to the families involved with Lynda Barnes and has also offered an apology to the court.

'Lynda Barnes lied to the court under oath. She also asked one of our other social workers to do the same,' the spokesman said.

Barnes was arrested in July 1993 after arranging a meeting with a hitman 'Peter' - who turned out to be an undercover policeman. She met him in layby on the M4 and offered him £10,000 to murder her (allegedly) abusive former husband Rodney, then 33, with whom she had split two years previously. Barnes planned to sell his unique turbo Fireblade motorcycle to finance the hit, the trial at Bristol Crown Court heard.

She initially denied conspiracy to murder but dramatically halted the trial on the second day to change her plea to guilty. On March 24 1995 Judge Peter Fallon said he was imposing a lenient two year suspended sentence as the case was 'the most unique set of circumstances' he had ever seen.

A co-conspirator, who helped set up a meeting with the undercover policeman, received a 38-month sentence.

At the time of her conviction Barnes was a social worker in the Child Care Department of Avon County Council. She tried to take them to a tribunal, claiming unfair dismissal, but the case was thrown out. In 1996 Avon County Council was scrapped and the area it covered was split between a number of local authorities, including Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Judge Paul Barclay said he was 'appalled' and carried out his own investigation into Barnes' past, which exposed her criminal past.

It emerged that she had disclosed her conviction during the application process.

But she gave Bath and North East Somerset Council a 'highly sanitised version of events in which her role is minimised compared to what is revealed in the Crown Court papers,' Judge Barclay said. She also registered with the General Social Care Council (GSCC) in January 2006 after they believed her version of her role in the crime without checking with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

Barnes was involved in 17 cases in which 31 children were removed from the care of their parents before she resigned in March this year. Yesterday Judge Barclay's report into the case was made public after Barnes failed in a Court of Appeal application to prevent her being identified.

Bath and North East Somerset admitted it was a mistake to employ Barnes but said no children under Barnes' protection had been unfairly removed from their families. The spokesman added: 'Council managers acted to remove Lynda Barnes from duty and address any possible areas of concern as soon as possible.'

Ah, that makes it all OK, then. What is particularly disturbing that, having been shown enormous clemency by the Court, the offending Anglobitch still couldn't control her sociopathic tendencies, presuming the right to lie under oath. And this remorseless Pedestal Princess probably ruined 31 children's lives, into the bargain.

Oh, that awful patriarchy!