Sunday 31 July 2022

Tales from the Frontiers: Female Pedestalisation and Anglo Colonial Culture

In his excellent and definitive article from 2018, a former US Corrections Officer noted that most of the English-speaking world – in fact, everywhere but the UK – is defined by a colonial history marred by racism, slavery and genocide (though all this was all engineered by and from Britain, of course). In the Corrections Officer’s enlightened view, feminist ‘protest culture’ has appropriated the residual resentment associated with these crimes to empower itself, even though white women (and even white feminists) were often complicit in them.

As I re-read his article, his profound observations opened my mind to a further possibility: did the Anglosphere’s colonial culture of ‘womanless’ men directly influence the ‘pedestalisation’ of women and institutional misandry that currently defines the Anglo-American ‘colonial’ countries (the USA, Canada, NZ, Australia)?

Female pedestalisation arises naturally in a colonial situation, since frontiersmen are bereft of sexual opportunity. Women are remote, almost mythical beings and nearly all males are hardcore incels by simple virtue of their situation, whatever their social status or appearance. This sexual and emotional deprivation leads naturally to an intense and unnatural idealisation of women. For example, it is said that men in the American West would often burst into tears at the sight of any woman, regardless of her age or appearance. Moreover, gunfights over women were common and prostitutes could earn small fortunes sexually servicing cowhands, frontier soldiers, gold prospectors and other sexually disenfranchised males in the untamed West.

If we look at modern North America, both the US and Canada are the global epicentres of misandrist and sex-negative feminism. In the US prostitution is strictly prohibited, divorce outcomes for men are crippling, women are exempt from Draft registration and can mutilate (or even murder) males with complete legal impunity. Meanwhile ‘oppressed’ misandrist feminists like Katherine McKinnon dominate American law, politics and what remains of the mainstream media with an iron fist. In Canada, the situation is very similar: female ‘educators’ are showing pre-pubertal children their genitals while Canadian males are viewed as third class citizens, stooges and criminals by the police and other authorities.

When we take their distinctive colonial histories into account, it should come as no surprise that the US and Canada are now the most obviously misandrist of all Anglosphere countries. North American culture was strongly defined by sexually disenfranchised males who never saw a woman for months on end, plus entitled females who enjoyed maximal ‘scarcity status’ as 'controllers' and 'dispensers' of sex. When added to religious puritanism, malleable common law and underhand legalism, this sexual deprivation/scarcity situation was fertile soil for misandrist, sex-negative feminism to flourish. With various modulations, the other Anglo-Saxon colonial nations (Australia and NZ) exhibit the same institutional misandry so intimately associated with ‘colonial puritanism’.

One last thing: the colonial factor also explains why North American men (both tradcons and liberals) remain so strongly complicit in their own oppression. Since the colonial cult of female exaltation retains such a potent residual presence in North America, most North American males remain strongly attached to the delusion that women are somehow ‘guiltless’, ‘victimised’ and ‘oppressed’. For example, sexless White/Blue Knights and other male buffoons are fiercely protective of tattooed, misandrist feminists and intensely hostile to the Red/Crimson/Black Pills. Although their confusion can be partly attributed to rampant Sexual False Consciousness, a deep 'colonial' need to ‘pedestalise’ women is also in play.

The modern Anglo-American White/Blue Knight is essentially Judge Roy Bean, in all but name: a deluded fantasist with a Lillee Langtree poster nailed to the wall of his dust-bowl shack.

Saturday 16 July 2022

Where we Stand: Amidst the Embers of a Dying Civilisation

Is the ailing Anglosphere truly finished, at last?

When I started this project over a decade ago, a simple argument formed the cornerstone of my thesis. In short, I argued that Anglo-American feminism embodied the oppressive Anglo-Saxon puritanism of the Victorian era (although puritanism has been a potent force for much longer, as my books demonstrate). Although it claims to be ‘revolutionary’, modern Anglo-American feminism is in truth an extension of puritanical Anglo-American culture, not any kind of challenge to it. This is why Anglo-American feminism is so virulent and powerful, drawing much more support from the dominant culture than feminism outside the Anglosphere. Feminism is now truly the dominant ideology across the Anglophone world, persecuting and vilifying men at every turn. We see this in law, politics, academia and of course, across the mainstream media (or what remains of it).

This is why - despite its progressive rhetoric - Anglo feminism remains an essentially racist, elitist and puritanical movement. Its conceptual DNA adheres to the prevailing themes of Anglo-American culture, despite its stated opposition to them. The media maintains a screen of Sexual False Consciousness to prevent males from seeing the real situation (or challenging it if they do), keeping them locked in a fog of self-delusion. Since the broad mass of Anglo-American women enjoy exalted status in a sex-negative society as 'owners' of sex, they have every reason to support these agendas, of course.

Writing in 2022, it might appear that the puritanical stranglehold over the Anglosphere has weakened somewhat, what with the rise of 'Trans Rights' and alternate sexual lifestyles in general. However, making such an assumption would be a grave mistake

In reality, I would argue that the Anglosphere is even more repressed and puritanical than ever before – even more than it was before these movements arose. Driven by its reflexive hatred of natural heterosexual relations, the Anglo-American world has rapidly adopted sexual deviance as a means of managing the tensions that naturally arise in a denatured, sex-negative civilisation.

The whole deluded and discredited notion that gender identity is purely a ‘social construct’ springs from exactly the same puritanical neuroses. Encouraging 8-year old children to ‘transition’ before their personalities have properly formed is – like Anglo feminism itself – driven by an insane hatred of natural human sexuality. It is subhuman status and sexual disenfranchisement that drives low value men from the Anglosphere West into becoming transsexual 'women', not some deep-rooted longing to be female. As ever, the Anglo-Saxon terror of natural sexuality seeks refuge from the fact of sexual differentiation in crass denial of biological reality: in short, the ‘new’ transsexual agendas are really as old as the hills.

From our awakened perspective, these bizarre developments have amply confirmed my original thesis (however much the authorities strive to present them to the masses as ‘revolutionary’ or ‘liberating’).

In philosophical terms, puritanism is the key ‘episteme’ underlying Anglo-American culture, including its misandrist feminism; it can no more escape from it than an ocean can drown itself. Only the manosphere – and in particular, the Anglobitch Thesis – can offer awakened men an objective critique of the Anglosphere, or show them how to escape it. Our linguistic and conceptual innovations – the various Pills, our lexicon of new terms, our reliance on robust quantitative data – are essential keys in this revolutionary struggle. Because they are independent of (and unsullied by) Anglo-American degeneracy, these matchless weapons show men both how to resist and defeat it.

Remember, you are heroes and never let anyone tell you different.

The Crimson Pill: Weapon of Enlightenment