Thursday 21 September 2017

Choose Enlightenment: Don’t Die Defending Mud

Porus at the Hydaspes

In the battle of the Hydaspes in 326 BC, Alexander the Great took victory with a brilliant and daring manoeuvre. King Porus’ left wing was lined up on a muddy river bank, expecting the Macedonian right to attack their positions. Instead, Alexander ordered his cavalry to switch flanks in mid-charge, falling instead on the beleaguered Indian right. The Indian left were instantly cut out of the battle, standing like fools while Alexander crushed their right and centre.

Their fatal mistake was in assuming that their muddy patch of river bank had enormous military value. Alexander saw it for what it was – a patch of mud – and not worth fighting for. The crumbling Indian right was a far more valuable military target, a fact which Alexander exploited to full effect. 

Ignoring mud, Alexander triumps

The vast majority of Anglo-American men make exactly the same mistake as Porus’ army: they think their lives are of incredible value, something others want to possess. Blue collar Anglo-chumps are strongest in this conviction, which is fuelled by the lamestream media and sheer stupidity. And nowhere is their self-delusion strongest than on the issue of sexual freedom; dumb schlubs getting no sex from Anglo women will still rush to their defence without a moment’s thought. In short, they are defending mud; standing proud upon a patch of shit of no value to anybody, least of all themselves.

Indeed, such morons will actually lay down their lives for women who consider them expendable chumps. Consider the fate of this young fool from the UK:

Owen Jenkins, 12, died trying to save friend from Nottingham River

A 12-year-old boy "who couldn't swim much" has died after he went into the River Trent to help a struggling friend. Owen Jenkins was described by his family as a "hero" after it came to light he was attempting to help a girl who was having difficulties at Beeston Marina in Nottingham.

Owen's great aunt, Liz Ryan, said he was playing with friends when "he went in the water to save a girl and help her get out".

Explaining that "he couldn't swim much himself", she went on: "We don't know the full story but all we know is that he is a hero. He didn't think of himself."

She added: "They were told not to go - 'don't go playing down the weir' - and obviously that's what they do."

Nottingham Police were called to the lock off Riverside Road at around 6pm on Monday night when Oliver was reported missing. Police divers, three search boats, a helicopter, a drone and more than 30 firefighters from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire were involved in the search. Hundreds of members of the public also came out, searching until dark when helicopters with infrared cameras were sent out. The body was discovered in the water at around 10pm. Owen's grandmother and her husband said the boy's father spent the whole night sitting by the weir where the tragedy happened.

Lynda Fletcher said: "He was like a giraffe, he was nearly 6ft tall. He was just a friendly giant. Everybody loved him because he was so nice. They loved him because he was so kind and polite."

Sky News, 11 July 2017

And utterly stupid. Predictably, the girl survived while Sir Lancelot perished.

Anglo-American males are also encouraged to defend women’s rights in a more abstract sense (misandrist feminism is an integral part of Anglo-American democracy, after all). Despite equalist rhetoric, it is men who sign up for UN-backed crusades to ‘free’ women from ‘oppressive’ regimes or ideologies. This is the ultimate expression of defending mud: low status men with desultory SMV (Sexual Market Value) risking life and limb for women who wouldn’t give them free sex in a thousand years. Of course, these clowns have been gulled into believing they are banging models every night via the mass hypnosis of Sexual False Consciousness; and that they are defending these (imaginary) pleasures by supporting such escapades. In the final analysis, they are fighting for pipe-dreams no less than their vilified opponents. And long may their folly continue; they would not thank us for enlightenment, anyway.
But defending mud afflicts far more men than the Average Frustrated Anglo-Chump. After all, old style MRAs have made defending mud the backbone of their movement. Unfortunately, the post-War beta-stooge lifestyle they extol has simply vanished: socio-economic change means blue collar men can no longer support families or attract even the ugliest women. The result? These old style MRAs are standing proudly on their patches of mud, Bible and spanner in hand, while the few remaining sexualized and attractive Anglo females inundate Death Row killers and gangsters with erotic love letters. Go figure.

Is this really worth dying for?

In some ways, the contemporary male underclass is now the smartest demographic. With no memories of post-war prosperity to cling to, their high-risk/high-reward lifestyle fits the new ‘low trust’ Brazilified Anglosphere perfectly. Unlike the high-prole beta suckers clinging to their Post-War folk memories, the underclass male has chosen a lifestyle relevant to his situation. He knows – or intuits – that women want ‘dangerous’, ‘exciting’ men, not bores clutching spanners and Bibles. He also knows that social conformity offers slim returns to low status males in Anglosphere societies at best, some dumb kids with a low-quality woman. Above all, he grasps that reward does not match investment for any male in a gynocentric society: a shrewish wife can reduce even a billionaire to penury on a whim.

The enlightened man is defined by his steadfast refusal to defend mud in any situation. He is secure in his knowledge that mud is mud, and nothing more. He does not rush to the defence of women who consider him an expendable utility. He does not lose blood advancing Anglo-American gynocentric misandry in foreign lands. He knows blue collar Anglo-chumps are not banging models every night. He knows foreign women are thinner, better-looking and more personable than their Anglosphere counterparts. In sum, he is totally self-aware.

He values himself, not mud.

Would you die for this?