Monday 18 January 2016

It’s Demography, Stupid! The Myth of MRA Violence

We're all like this guy, right? Uh, no...

In recent years the Men’s Movement has become closely associated with various forms of violence, especially spree killing. Indeed, the mainstream media automatically tries to link any murder committed by a single male to the Manosphere. Now, it would be churlish to pretend that all males associated (however loosely) with MRA, MGTOW, PUA and anti-PUA are all angels: clearly, George Sodini, Elliot Rodger and Chris Harper-Mercer were not. However, an objective analysis of the situation quickly proves that – given its demographic composition - the Manosphere is a notably non-violent entity .

In short, the Manosphere is not especially violent given that the bulk of its members are young single men who are, as a group, particularly prone to violent display. If the men’s movement truly promoted violence, we would expect far more MRAs to be spree killers, sex murderers and serial killers.

Elliot Rodger: Posted on an anti-PUA Blog... that's it.

Religions, nations and political movements with disproportionately high numbers of young, single men are particularly prone to violence: all criminologists and sociobiologists agree on this. Today, Christianity is associated with affluent white females (at least in western Europe) and has a correspondingly low commitment to violence. But in the early Middle Ages, when Christianity was a mainstream cultural force and included many young males among its devotees , it was infinitely more belligerent. The Christian male’s aggression was expressed in crusades, military Orders, pogroms against Jews and the persecution of heretics.

Marc Lepine - an MRA... before the Manosphere even existed.

Another example is football (soccer) – when football supporters are predominantly young, single males of low social status (70s/80s Britain, modern Serbia, Turkey, Brazil, Poland and Russia) football and violence are intimately associated. In countries where spectators come from a broader gender/age/class demographic (Italy, Spain, France, Germany) there is relatively little football hooliganism.

Young British soccer hooligans... none of whom are MRAs

Almost by definition, the Manosphere’s adherents/participants are young, single males who are also profoundly alienated. Little wonder: young men raised since the 1960s have borne the brunt of institutionalized misandry, unchecked hypergamy, sexual disenfranchisement and all the other post-feminist fallout. However, despite being drawn from the demographic most prone to violent self-expression (young single men), the number of murders by men with clear links to the Manosphere can be counted on the fingers of one hand (all right, maybe two hands). Given this fact, it is obvious that whatever hysterical feminists or the lamestream media say about us, the western men’s movement is infinitely less violent than other social entities with the same demographic composition.

Chris Harper-Mercer: No demonstrable links to the Manosphere. At.All.