Saturday 21 October 2017

Why Don’t MGTOWs just GTOW? Because the Anglo-Feminist Matrix won’t Let them!

'Cuba Dave' Sprecker with some of his Conquests

A common question among Anglo feminists and their apologists such as David Futrelle is this: Why Don’t MGTOWS just GTOW? Why not get on with it instead of just blogging about it? In some cases, this is a valid criticism: many MGTOWers (possibly most) are indeed just squalling in the vain hope that some two hundred pounder will take them on. But not all, by any means: ‘Cuba Dave’ Sprecker, for example, washed his hands of Anglo women completely. Knowing their rapacious hypergamy meant little or no action for a humble labourer like himself, he preferred to roam the legal brothels of South America, banging warm and willing whores. A preferable lifestyle to the perma-celibacy he would have doubtless experienced in the States; also, whoring doubtless provided a better life for the girls than forced marriage to a local Pedro. And Sprecker can’t have done much harm to the South American economy, either.

'Cuba Dave' Sprecker in action
But Cuba Dave’s happy days came to an abrupt end in 2015 when a controversial Hillary Clinton-inspired ‘anti-trafficking’ law was brought into play. In no time Dave found himself serving a five-year prison term in a Costa Rican jail for ‘promoting sex tourism’ (posting a few pictures of legal hookers on Facebook). Fortunately a local attorney took up his case free of charge and Sprecker was happily acquitted in August 2017.

Cuba Dave’s case offers a robust answer to the feminist question: why won’t MGTOWs or gender dissidents just GTOW? Simple: because feminists won’t let them. The Anglo-Feminist Matrix led by vicious harridans like Hillary Clinton and Emma Watson is on a global crusade to prevent men glimpsing – and experiencing – the sexual wonders of lands beyond the Anglosphere. What they want is millions of sexually disenfranchised Anglo males begging for pussy from insolent land whales and toiling on the corporate Plantation for that dubious privilege. Or trapped in Sexual False Consciousness, pretending they are banging models every night. Like the Bounty’s Captain Bligh, the Matrix want its ‘crew’ pulling ropes on a harsh, joyless ship, not enjoying soft kisses on tropic shores. In sum, the last thing they want is men going their own way.

This is yours, American Men... or else

The Clinton Crusade has two prongs. First, it wants to stifle the sexual freedom non-Anglosphere nations enjoy, in order to lock Anglo-American men onto the Plantation. Second, it wants to hide misandrist agendas at home (male school failure, depression, suicide) by focusing on gender-relations in Mozambique, or some other irrelevant issue.

Why are they doing this? Simple: it suits their economic interests. Men toiling away on the corporate Plantation are, like slaves, lucrative assets for the Anglo-American Matrix. If they are trapped by marriage, divorce or children, so much the better. Slave owners in the Antebellum South were not going to free their slaves without a fight, just as slave traders in the British Isles were never going to give up their vile trade without financial compensation. Similarly, the Matrix cannot afford to let guys like Cuba Dave flee the Anglo-American plantation for Latin America’s boundless sexual freedom, because his example would inspire too many men with dreams of escape. No: they had to make an example of him, not unlike a hobbled slave in Antebellum Alabama. 
Dave Sprecker with two warm and willing friends

So it is quite obvious that feminists and their apologists don’t really want men going their own way at all, and have even taken decisive legal steps to prevent it. That makes sense: the last thing they want is Anglo-American men shunning entitled land whales (like themselves) for no-strings sex with nubile foreign women. I know various military and police forces monitor this (and other manosphere blogs) almost continuously; if they did not feel threatened by our message, they would simply ignore us. While Anglo-American feminists are always prattling on about separatism and ‘freedom from the patriarchy’, we invariably find them living in houses and cities built by men, using electricity and water provided by men, and ranting against 'the patriarchy' on electronic devices created and devised by men. What they clearly want is to retain those aspects of ‘patriarchy’ they approve of (male divorce slavery, marriage, the Pedestal) while offloading the rest (responsibility, genuine equality and male sexual freedom).

Why don’t they just go their own way, as they have always promised