Sunday 1 May 2011

Royal Wedding Lessons: Some Useful Revelations

Just a few observations on the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William:

- The Anglosphere countries remain culturally united by more than language
- Disney values define the Anglosphere
- Most Anglo women retain hypergamous fantasies
- The Anglo elites remain committed to puritanism
- Anglo women remain committed to Marriage, Repression and 'Romance'
- The Anglosphere template remains aristocratic
- Anglo 'tradition' and feminism are one
- At heart, all Guys want Something Else

The Anglosphere Nations remain Culturally United by more than Language
This Marriage (and the hysteria surrounding it) proves the Anglosphere remains a cogent cultural entity. From Milwaukee to Melbourne, from Manitoba to Milton Keynes, the event elicited a similar response. Wherever they were, all Anglo women wallowed in the same hypergamous fantasy, searing proof of the Anglosphere's androphobia, misandry and repression. Little wonder: sexual repression ('romance') remains the cornerstone of their agendas - and source of their socio-political power.

As we all know, George Washington defeated the British Crown (with the aid of the French) thereby creating a continental power that would one day rule the Anglosphere (and indeed, the world). And yet the same democratic, 'classless' republic still gets 'hot flushes' for British pageantry and aristocratic privilege.

These facts demonstrate the truth of the Anglosphere concept. Underlying superficial differences of accent, law and 'football' definitions, the English-speaking countries remain a cogent entity.

Disney values define the Anglosphere
Saccharine values define the Anglosphere. The broad mass of Anglo females in America, Australia, Canada and Britain still become starry-eyed whenever marriage is mentioned (especially to scions of inherited privilege).

All this persists despite the fact that around half of all marriages end in divorce and most British children now reach the age of 16 in a single-parent family. And yet, at least notionally, the Disneyland idyll thrives like marijuana in a hothouse. This is because the needle of Anglo culture defaults to a puritan pole, despite an antithetical 'reality'.

At heart, All Guys want Something Else
As a young Mexican fellow once observed here, Middleton looks more like Prince William's older sister rather than his girlfriend or wife. One way or another, most males will do anything to escape a stereotypical relationship with an Anglo female. Of course, selecting a foreign mate is the most direct and forceful expression of this tendency but, even so, an older-looking female still represents a viable statement of protest. Then again, there may be deeper psychological forces at work. As is generally observed, the repressive nature of Anglo culture ensures that the younger and more attractive a female is, the more entitled and obnoxious she will be. Hence the widely-observed preference for old-looking females among Anglo-American men - it represents a psychic defence against fear, insecurity and unhappy memories.

The Middleton girl is not merely too old, she is really rather plain. If she were a prostitute, she would struggle to make a living. And yet the gynocentric media gush over her as if she were Helen of Troy. Yet another reason to want 'something else'...

Anglo women remain Committed to Marriage, Repression and 'Romance'
Women love 'romance' and remain fanatically devoted to it, despite decades (if not centuries) of feminist propaganda decrying it. But hold on; was this the same 'militant' feminism that railed against prostitution, (imaginary) sex-trafficking and pornography? Of course it was. And now we see the kinship between Anglo feminism and the dominant, traditional culture of the Anglosphere, where 'romance' and repression are the order of the day.

Indeed, the popularity of the Royal Marriage (in all, 2 billion people watched it) indicates that the vast majority of Anglo women remain committed to hypergamous fantasies. This implies that Anglo feminism (most contemporary Anglo women are self-identified feminists, after all) coheres with 'traditional' Anglo-Saxon values, a central assumption of the Anglobitch Thesis. So much for 'revolutionary' feminism...

The Anglosphere Template Remains Aristocratic
The aristocratic nature of American culture has never been touched upon in my writings, but is rather important. The high social 'power distance' in Anglo-Saxon countries drives female hypergamy and entitlement to insane levels. Indeed, this 'aristocratic' hypergamy inheres seamlessly with Anglo repression to produce a 'hyper-hypergamy' with racist, caste-like and Neo-Nazi undertones. This is felt most keenly by working-class and non-white males in the Anglosphere (although it also infects female attitudes to all men, to a greater or lesser extent).

Compared to the aristocratic ideal and the 'fairy-tale' hypergamy that springs from it, no male can ever match the crazy expectations of the Anglobitch. Such expectations handily explain why 7 in 10 divorces are initiated by women and half of all marriages end in divorce. Nothing less than a Prince is good enough for a princess, after all...

P.S. A pity the Gynotheory writer is on holiday. I wonder where he goes - perhaps the Bodeleian library? Anyone who can write such fine essays is clearly highly intelligent... the kind of visionary who makes us all dream.