Sunday 28 June 2009

RIP 'Jacko' (AKA Peter Pan): the Tragic Anglo Mangina

Michael Jackson was a tragically confused figure. He was confused about his ethnic identity, but even more so about his gender identity. This has often been attributed to an abusive childhood and the demands of his craft. However, Jackson was an archetypal figure, not an eccentric aberration. The themes that guided his tragic existence were in fact deeply embedded in the prevailing Anglo-Saxon culture. For all his gloved posturing, it is telling that Jackson's child-man persona can be traced to the repressive, latent-homosexual hothouse of Victorian England - where piano legs were covered lest they incite lustful thoughts. And ultimately, to the soured instincts of Anglo-Saxon Protestantism in all its Calvinist, misandrist horror.

It is no surprise that Jackson's preferred alter-ego was Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. This is a classic Anglo-Saxon archetype, first articulated by the English Victorian writer, J M Barrie. Barrie himself had a piping voice, mincing walk and did not need to shave, even in maturity. This bizarre archetype is of immense significance, however; this is because it shows Jackson's preoccpations were not unique to his personal experience, but deeply rooted in Anglo-American culture - specifically, Anglo-American puritanism.

But why should Puritanism breed denatured types like Barrie and Jackson? Reflect a little and the answer becomes plain: a prepubescent state is the supreme statement of puritanical repression. And now Jackson's puerile preoccupation is revealed for the specifically Anglo-Saxon aberration that is was. 'Sleep-overs' with young children, affectation of a childish voice and manner, wearing lipstick and eye-shadow - all were inspired by a puritanical fear of manhood and its burden of dynamic potency. Of course, hatred of sex automatically incorporates hatred of manhood, in that manhood is an inherently virile condition. This is also why Anglo-American culture detests masculine men - indeed, men in general. Consider how specifically male issues - suicide, educational failure, prostate cancer, heart disease - are universally ignored across the Anglosphere. Then consider how - when some entitled Anglo princess goes missing for ten minutes - the media mobilizes enormous interest in the case.

Jackson's shame at being male and his bizarre preoccupation with trying to affect a genderless self-presentation can be traced to the degraded, parlous state of masculinity in Anglo-American culture. For the past thirty years (though this malady is of ancient vintage) the trash media habe been pumping out a clear, unmistakable message: manhood is bad. In all its forms, masculinity is now a despised, ridiculed, aberrant 'lifestyle choice' - one endlessly contrasted with the chipper entitlements of Anglo feminism.

In sum, Jackson was an eidolon of Anglo-Saxon values, not a cultural aberration. Because of the parlous, victimized state of manhood in the Anglosphere, the Peter Pan persona is a natural response to the gender-vilification men routinely receive. Adopting a pre-pubescent identity spares one the bile and chagrin directed against men in Anglo-American countries. The road of Peter Pan is easier than fighting the good fight against Anglobitch feminism - but ultimately ineffective and fruitless. And as Jackson found out, that road is also dangerous. Aside from the operations taken to maintain his juvenile appearance, such systematic suppression of his masculine identity must have wrought a fearful toll on Jackson - doubtless expressed in his dependency on medication and premature heart attack.

In the coming weeks (years? Decades?) much will be written about Jackson's sociological/cultural significance. His death truly concludes the Twentieth Century in showbiz terms, at least. In a broader symbolic sense, his death ends the prevailing themes of late Twentieth-Century global civilization - Anglo-American infallibility, paternalist politics, centralized mass-media and, of course, Anglobitch feminism. From our perspective, Jackson's untimely death was simultaneously watershed, lesson and warning - take heed, my friends.

Saturday 27 June 2009

Did Early Anglo-Saxons Practice the First Apartheid?

Lucy Buchanan, celebrity Anglobitch and avowed racist. Could her vile racist views be explained by the Apartheid origins of Anglo-Saxon culture?

The Anglo-American world is always quick to criticize other cultural blocs for their 'barbarism', and exhort them to accept the 'blessings' of Anglobitch matriarchy. However, British scientists have developed a controversial theory that explains the high incidence of German genes in Britain today by a kind of 'sexual apartheid' directed against British Celts in the 4th - 7th centuries AD. This thesis is creating a lot of 'waves' in scientific and social circles, with lame counter-arguments attempting to deny the possibility of Anglo-Saxon sexual apartheid.

I know many of my readers are proud Celts who will be enthralled by these ideas. Although this general critique of Anglo hypocrisy ('Let's boycott South Africa, but why are we here?') is of tangential interest to the Anglobitch Thesis, it gives rise to a number of untimely meditations. For example, could Anglo-American women's sexual elitism and general sense of entitlement have arisen in those days? If sexual apartheid conferred genetic/reproductive advantage, and most Anglo women are descended from that small stock of invaders, this is a distinct possibility. Certainly, most Anglo females at their reproductive peak are sexually racist and elitist to a high degree, and these genetic findings seem to explain why.

This description of the 'Anglo-Saxon apartheid theory' is taken from the BBC website:

An apartheid society existed in early Anglo-Saxon Britain, research suggests. Scientists believe a small population of migrants from Germany, Holland and Denmark established a segregated society when they arrived in England.

The researchers think the incomers changed the local gene pool by using their economic advantage to out-breed the native population.

The team tells a Royal Society journal that this may explain the abundance of Germanic genes in England today. There are a very high number of Germanic male-line ancestors in England's current population. Genetic research has revealed the country's gene pool contains between 50 and 100% Germanic Y-chromosomes.

But this Anglo-Saxon genetic dominance has puzzled experts because some archaeological and historical evidence points to only a relatively small number of Anglo-Saxon migrants.

Estimates range between 10,000 and 200,000 Anglo-Saxons migrating into England between 5th and 7th Century AD, compared with a native population of about two million.

To understand what might have happened all of those years ago, UK scientists used computer simulations to model the gene pool changes that would have occurred with the arrival of such small numbers of migrants. The team used historical evidence that suggested native Britons were at a substantial economic and social disadvantage compared to the Anglo-Saxon settlers. The researchers believe this may have led to a reproductive imbalance giving rise to an ethnic divide.

Ancient texts, such as the laws of Ine, reveal that the life of an Anglo-Saxon was valued more than that of a native.

Dr Mark Thomas, an author on the research and an evolutionary biologist from University College London (UCL), said: "By testing a number of different combinations of ethnic intermarriage rates and the reproductive advantage of being Anglo-Saxon, we found that under a very wide range of different combinations of these factors we would get the genetic and linguistic patterns we see today.

"The native Britons were genetically and culturally absorbed by the Anglo-Saxons over a period of as little as a few hundred years," Dr Thomas added.

"An initially small invading Anglo-Saxon elite could have quickly established themselves by having more children who survived to adulthood, thanks to their military power and economic advantage.

"We believe that they also prevented the native British genes getting into the Anglo-Saxon population by restricting intermarriage in a system of apartheid that left the country culturally and genetically Germanised.

"This is exactly what we see today - a population of largely Germanic genetic origin, speaking a principally German language."

The research is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

More Untimely Anglobitch Meditations

The Anglobitch Poll: More Votes for Mackinnon, Please!
Thanks for your votes on the 'top Anglobitch' poll. One thing surprises me though - no votes yet for Catherine Mackinnon! This evil piece of repressive Anglo shit has done her utmost since the Seventies to advance her twisted Anglobitch 'rights without responsibilities' agenda. Worse yet, she yearns to ban pornography and prostitution, reducing all men to the level of denatured eunuchs. Of all women cursed with the name 'Anglobitch', this one deserves roasting over a slow fire above all others.

Why Women are attracted to Moronic Thugs
Juvenile delinquents typically have IQs of 80, in the semi-retarded range. These 'live wires' are, in fact, mentally dead. And this explains why women are attracted to them. According to sociobiologists, 'like marries like' in terms of height, weight, ethnicity, race, IQ and general coloring. Given that women's IQs are typically lower than those of males, women find violent delinquents attractive because their semi-retarded levels of intelligence are naturally closer to their own. Women feel little attraction to men of eminently superior intelligence since their own IQs are so much lower. Research indicates that most people marry/date those within 5 IQ points of themselves. This goes a long way to explaining why men of great brilliance such as Newton, Sidis, Beethoven or Kant found it impossible to form relationships with women.

Declining Male Fertility and the Rise of the Anglobitch
Over the past thirty years, the male sperm count in most western nations has steadily fallen. In the UK, for instance, almost 30% of males now cannot father a child without medical intervention. No doubt pollution and other testosterone-reducing factors in foodstuffs and the built environment have contributed to this sad state of affairs. However, an interesting tangent is the perfect correlation between falling sperm counts and the rise of the Anglobitch. Could this Medusa have arisen had men been strong, virile and at the peak of their manly powers?

Little Princess Syndrome and the Decline of the Anglosphere
The most devastating proof of Anglo-American gynocratic supplication to the Anglobitch has to be the Little Princess cult that has turned nearly all young Anglo-Saxon females into venomous, entitled young reptiles. Read more about it here.

If women truly wanted equality, no one would mind. The problem is, they only want equality when it suits them. The rest of the time, they want to 'play Princess' - especially when it comes to draft registration or healthcare equality.

The Perils of Chauvinism: Eschatological Assumptions Rampant
Eschatology is broadly the study of 'end times', the notion that we are living on the last days of the Earth. Many theologians argue that the early Christianity of Jesus and his disciples cannot be understood without reference to eschatology; for example, Jesus' wildly impractical injunctions to give away all one's possessions. In the modern context, chauvinists like Dick Masterson have seemingly adopted the same Neo-Christian 'eschatological consciousness'. How so, and why is this dangerous?

Chauvinism can be an amusing approach to challenging Anglo-American feminisms, but in some ways it is fraught with peril. The problem with most chauvinists is that they operate with an eschatological consciousness; that is, they tend to assume that women are in (or will shortly assume) traditional roles. Unfortunately, Anglo-American women are now dominant, such that Anglo-American cultures have to be considered matriarchies; and there is no evidence that this is going to change in the immediate future.

Given this reality, the perils implicit in chauvinism become clear. When chauvinists call for women to be kept out of the Army and return to the kitchen, they play right into the feminist's hands. Why? Because it allows Anglo women to cherry-pick rights, while eschewing responsibilities. Women certainly don't want to join the Army, but the reality of their position is such that they can still collect inflated salaries in public sinecures.

The point is, chauvinism assumes that women's rights have been dissolved in the here and now, when in fact they ride the crest of a wave of enormous privilege that is most unlikely to be reversed. Adopting a chauvinist outlook with female entitlements in place just leaves men with obligations, while women continue to bask in rights and privileges. This is the primary danger of chauvinism.

New Videos Added!
I have added to (and upgraded) the videos on my Anglobitch YouTube site. You can find these by just searching for 'Anglobitch' on YouTube. More often than not, you will find links to them at the foot of this page. Happy viewing!

Saturday 13 June 2009

The Girl Guides: Anglobitch Incubators

The Girl Guides are one of the most fascinating of all official English societies, in that they exemplify the crass social dysfunction at the heart of Anglo culture that has shaped the rampant Anglobitch. Like the Boy Scouts, that Anglo-American prowling ground for homosexual paedophiles and other misfits, the Guides partition the sexes into separate realms from their earliest years, leading ultimately to a riven society wherein the sexes view each other as rivals or even enemies.

The Guides are divided into Rainbows (5-7); Brownies (7-10); Guides (10-14); and Seniors (14-26). Girlguiding ‘enables girls and young women to fulfil their potential and to take an active and responsible role in society through its distinctive, stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities delivered by trained volunteer leaders.’

The Guide promise, no doubt sworn with all the sneering fervour of an SS oath to the Fuhrer, runs thus:

I promise that I will do my best:
To love my God,
To serve the Queen and my country,
To help other people

To keep the Guide Law.

When we get to The Guide Laws, certain problems emerge:

• A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted.
• A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely.
• A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences.
• A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides.
• A Guide is polite and considerate.
• A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her.

Point number four in particular shows that Guides are systematically taught to value their bonds to other women above those with anyone else – particularly men, implicitly. This impression of arrogance and exclusivity is strongly reinforced by the listed aims of Guiding, which provide opportunities for girls and young women to:

• be challenged by new adventures and experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment
• develop self-awareness, self-respect and self-confidence
• develop a personal faith and values to give life meaning and direction think for themselves, govern themselves and make their own decisions
• make friends and have fun in the family of Guiding
• develop a sense of tolerance, justice, kindness and honour
• learn teamwork and acquire leadership skills, working with and for others
• appreciate the environment and how to live in it
• understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures

Nowhere is there any sense of obedience to men, to fathers, husbands or brothers. The Anglobitch Me! Me! Me! philosophy is here enshrined on an official basis. If anyone still doubts that Anglo-American feminism is in fact an extension of the existing Anglo-Saxon cultural template, just consider the warped values of these ‘traditional’ Anglo organizations.

Above all, the girl guides reinforce the exclusivity of Anglo females in typical puritan fashion. Girls Only! trills the blurb on the website. Nor is this some marginal, bourgeois organization: 600, 000 girls are members in the UK alone.

The Brownies, Girl Guides and so on are a fairly unique Anglo-Saxon phenomenon. They provide a semi-lesbian induction into social life that precludes normal contact with the opposite sex. When one considers this with an eye to psychological development, it is plain that here is the origin of the universal ‘existential abnormality’ that so characterises Anglo-Saxon women. English women exist in an insular world of religion, feminism and snobbery in the case of the middle class, celebrity trash culture in the case of the lower orders. In the onerous official examples of these strange, women-only organisations we see plainly the origins of these attitudes. When one tries to talk to any English woman about anything beyond their parochial, gender-specific obsessions, a look of blank incomprehension sweeps her face. The origins of this lie in the puritan-driven division of the sexes into two separate races by semi-official edict in Anglo-American culture.

The BNP, Protest Voting and the Rise of the Anglobitch

The BNP (British National Party) is a unique aberration in the history of the Anglosphere. Never has a far right wing, neo-Fascist political party achieved so much electoral success in an Anglophone country: as well as having a presence in local Government, they also have not one but TWO MEPS (Members of the European Parliament). Readers outside the UK may not have heard of them, but it is impossible to doubt that their recent successes represent a watershed in Anglosphere politics.

Much learned ink has been spilt on the BNP phenomenon, but one key factor has been overlooked: Anglo-American feminism and its impact on young, disenfranchised males. In an online article, referring to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Arun Kundnani examines who really votes for the BNP:

New research into how people voted in local government by-elections in autmumn 2003 shatters some of the myths about who votes for the BNP. The study indicates that BNP voters are not, as often supposed, disgruntled, elderly people who are uncertain about a changing world. And, the rise of the BNP cannot be attributed to traditional Labour (Democrat) supporters, having grown frustrated with the current direction of their party. The evidence also suggests that those who vote for the BNP are not just being tactical but really do support the party's views. And the theory of BNP success resting on low turnouts does not hold water.

Young support

The most startling revelation of the report, entitled 539 voters' views: a voting behaviour study in three northern towns, is that, in the areas studied, the younger one is the more likely one is to vote BNP. Around one in three of 18-25 year-olds said that they voted for the BNP. 46 per cent said they had voted for the BNP on a previous occasion. While the Labour Party had strong support among older age groups, hardly anyone in the 18-25 category voted Labour (Democrat). In this age group, large numbers of young men have been attracted to the BNP's message - making it the only party whose support is predominantly male.

So the BNP really appeals to a very distinct, and quite unexpected group: young, disenfranchised white males who do not usually vote or take part in politics. Interestingly, this group of males is also the group that has lost most by Anglo-American feminism. The skewing of education in favour of females, for example, has quashed opportunities for young men to improve themselves; and the endless vilification of males in the media has damaged young males' self-esteem. Young, poor white males are now the lowest-achieving group in British schools - and this failure is echoed all around the Anglosphere.

Could the rise of the BNP be directly linked to misandrist agendas emanating directly from Anglobitch feminism? Could it be a visceral response to decades of misandrist vilification from the Anglo-Saxon cultural Establishment as it brutally promotes the Anglobitch and her endless 'rights'? Really, these questions answer themselves. After all, one decisive plank of the BNP's political programme is to remove all women from the workplace, thereby expanding male employment opportunities. And the party's far-ranging racist, anti-immigrant agendas serve to minimize sexual competition for young white males from dark-skinned immigrants lionized by the liberal media.

In fact, what we are witnessing is a hegemonic breakdown, in Antonio Gramsci's terminology. That is, the ideological cement that binds the consent of the masses to the existing social order is crumbling, creating new opportunities for ideological reconstruction. At a more pragmatic level, young white males simply have no reason to support the existing hegemony. The Anglo-American matriarchy simply offers them nothing, making rejection of its misandrist edifice a revolutionary act.

In short, the BNP presents a perfectly packaged range of measures to correct young white males' many gender-based grievances. Is it any wonder they are flourishing?

Untimely Meditations

Greetings, friends. Here, I unburden myself of various thoughts that have been building up a head of steam in me, as it were, in a spirit of complete honesty.

Why Are Women not Attracted to Intelligence?
This is much discussed on a variety of mra blogs and other fora. Indeed, their attraction to moronic sociopaths is even more significant as it helped create the dangerous Anglo-American underclass. As a medical Doctor, I have come to believe the answer lies principally in genetics. The male contributes an X or a Y chromosome to his offspring, which determines its gender. The X makes a girl (XX) the Y makes a boy (XY). So far, so good. The problem with the Y is that it is a stunted, error-prone chromosome that is largely reconstituted by the X. This is why males tend to exhibit more extreme characteristics than females - this reconstitution process produces an individual with greater variance potential. This is also why males take after the mother more than the father, or why females take more after the father - his genetic contribution to a female child is more complete, being derived from his X chromosome. Though intelligence is of primary adaptive value to males, intelligence is unlikely to pass down the male line (in that the male's Y chromosome carries little genetic data to his male children, while his X carries far more to his daughters - where it is 'wasted' in the case of intelligence, and regresses in subsequent generations). This could explain why females eschew intelligence in men - while of value in his own life, it is of no value as a heritable trait.

Indeed, these claims might not go far enough. The British neuroscientist Susan Greenfield alludes to evidence that the central nervous system and neurological conditions like epilepsy descend almost perfectly through the female line. This is almost exactly what we would expect if the foregoing discussion were true. Indeed, Schopenhauer supports these claims with reference to German folk-knowledge in his famous essay On Women: that intellect descends almost totally through the female line.

And this explains why women show little interest in intelligent men. A man like Einstein would not pass his intellect on to his male children, where it would be of primary adaptive value. And apart from his intellect, he was in every other sense a Gamma Male - of no interest to women. In any case, if the central nervous system is only descended from the mother, the father's intellect is entirely irrelevant to his breeding fitness. And this, my friends, is why women prefer morons.

How the Internet is Changing Men's Lives

There is an academic at the University of Bristol in the UK who says some interesting things about male underachievement. Broadly, he says that young males seldom really talk to adult men in the way young females talk to adult women. Consequently, they tend to be more influenced by the media in their goals and aspirations - wanting to be rock stars and professional athletes rather than pursuing realistic, middle class career paths.

However, one is continually struck by the profound observations of young middle class males in online mra fora. Apart from a few manginas, they are infinitely more clued up about women that us oldies over 28 ever were. And this is because the Internet is allowing males of different generations to communicate properly for the first time in decades (if not centuries). The young male can, with a click of his mouse button, communicate with males across the Anglosphere of all ages and classes. He can hear from guys living in trailer parks in Montana or slums in Manchester or Melbourne who were divorced by some bitch and taken to the cleaners. In short, the wily old boars can show their young brothers the pitfalls of consorting with the Anglobitch.

There can be little doubt this is shaping the Pan-Anglosphere Marriage Strike. And long may it continue.

The British Political Crisis

Britain is falling apart. The MP's expenses scandal, the recession, the rise of the BNP and Prime Minister Brown's grotesque social incompetence have created a situation unknown in living memory. However things go, what we are witnessing is a 'crisis of hegemony' as described by the Italian political philosopher, Antonio Gramsci. What this means, in short, is that the ideological 'cement' that binds Britain together is starting to crumble. As Britain is the ideological nexus of the Anglosphere, this crisis will be reflected from Alelaide to Calcutta, from Quebec to Miami, in various ways. The old ideological sureties are falling away. My friends, this is the time to advance our cause as never before and programme the Anglobitch meme (and the mra meme in general) into the new hegemonic structure that will emerge from this time of chaos. It is truly an exciting time to be alive and at the height of our powers.

'A Generation': The Weasel Words of Anglo-American Feminists
I think it is the Chinese who say, 'defeat is an orphan, while victory has a thousand fathers'. And so it is with feminists: women's rather measly contributions to civilization are enormously inflated and always proclaimed as exclusively female achievements. However, they are very quick to mask exclusively male losses/experiences/sacrifices using a variety of weasel words. For example, consider how often Western liberals/feminists describe the First World War as a disaster that befell 'a generation'. In fact, the ten million dead, and the many millions more maimed, were almost exclusively men. So, it wasn't 'a generation' at all: it was men who experienced/suffered in World War One, exclusively. The same with D-Day: it wasn't 'a generation' who liberated Europe from tyranny, it was men. There probably wasn't a single woman on those beaches, in any capacity. Men, keep alert to the weasel words of Anglo-American feminists and their underhand attempts to distort history, reality and everything else.

Why is Jessica Valenti so Irritating?
The most important meditation of all, since I have the answer: it's her mouth. Wet, twisted and crooked like the cunt herself. She has a certain inbred quality like the perverted British record producer, Jonathan King (his mouth is rather twisted, too). In the Middle Ages, people quite rightly believed that physical blemishes were a mark of God's disfavour - physical expressions of metaphysical taints. In the case of Valenti, when we consider her venomous views, the spiritual root of her physical disorder is entirely obvious.

Why Don't Women Post Here?
Why don't women post on this Blog? If they have rational objections to these views, why don't they come and call us out? On Dick Masterson's site, Anglo-American females are the majority of posters, continually berating their critics for being 'fags', having small penises or not 'getting laid'. OK, if they are so smart and their arguments so strong, why don't they come to Anglobitch and 'clean our dials' for us? Because their non-existent arguments would get trashed, that's why... and they know it.

Friday 12 June 2009

Paedophile Anglobitch Spat Upon!

Well, what the hell does she expect? A bouquet of flowers from Interflora? With the Anglobitch, however, literally anything is possible...

By the time the third sexual assault charge against Vanessa George was read out by the clerk at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court, gasps of horror from the public gallery turned to jeers and cries of “sick”.

A man spat at the 39-year-old mother of two, who was protected by a glass screen surrounding the dock. Another cried out as if in pain and was helped from the court. This was the first time that the parents of infants who attended Little Ted’s nursery where Mrs George worked had heard the details of the allegations against her.

Four charges included an allegation of sexual penetration on two infant girls and an indecent assault on an infant boy. In addition, she faces three separate charges of making, possessing and distributing indecent pictures of children. Mrs George spoke only to confirm her name, date of birth and to say that she had no fixed abode. She was invited to enter a plea but declined. As a security guard led her from the dock, a woman shouted: “Look us in the face, Vanessa.” Mrs George did not respond and kept her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

She had been driven to court in a police van with blacked-out windows before 7am. The van went straight into the underground car park beneath the court, out of sight of the protesters on the pavement opposite.

Earlier, the magistrate, Hilary Anderson, warned the parents not to disrupt the hearing. She said: “This case is of a very sensitive nature and I would like to remind those in the public gallery that they should remain silent during proceedings. Anyone causing disruption will be removed from the court and, if necessary, the court would be cleared.”

Mrs George was remanded in custody until September 21 when she will appear at Plymouth Crown Court. As she was driven away in a police van, the vehicle was pelted with flour and officers made two arrests. Twenty officers were outside the court prepared for trouble, but many of the parents and their supporters did no more than watch her departure in silence.

A team of more than 40 officers is working on the investigation, which began on Monday when Mrs George was arrested at her home in the Efford area of Plymouth. Little Ted’s nursery was closed and computers and a phone were seized during a search.

The charge list:

1. Between January 1, 2007 and June 8, 2009 at Plymouth in the county of Devon, she [assaulted] a girl aged under 13, namely about one year old, as shown in recovered image 140, exhibit number SCL1.

2. Between the same dates at Plymouth she intentionally touched a girl under 13, namely an infant girl, as shown in the exhibit, and the touching was sexual.

3. Between January 1, 2007 and June 6, 2009 at Plymouth, intentionally touched a boy under 13, namely an infant boy, and the touching was sexual.

4. Between the same dates at Plymouth took an indecent photograph of a child.

5. Between January 1, 2007 and June 8, 2009 at Plymouth, intentionally [assaulted] a girl under 13, an infant girl.

6. On June 6, 2009, possessed indecent photographs of children

7. Between January 1, 2007 and June 8, 2009, at Plymouth, distributed indecent photographs of a child.

The British matriarchy being what it is, it shouldn't surprise us if George is released in six months for 'good behaviour'. After all, Louise Woodward murdered a child and served no time at all...