Sunday 31 January 2021

An Anglobitch Mystery: What is it with Canada?

'I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated' - Catharine MacKinnon

When I began writing this blog, I never factored Canada into the Anglobitch equation. American puritanism, British repression and Australia’s male suicide rates naturally absorbed all my interest. As the years have rolled by and more commentary has stacked up, I now realise that Canada might well be the most misandrist nation in the whole Anglosphere. The whole world was surprised by the Marc Lepine and Alek Minassian massacres; however, further investigation shows that Canada is the perfect breeding-ground for such events.

The year 2020 will go down in history as a watershed in the history of the Anglosphere: when its global dominance came to an end. Let us consider the two main Anglo-Saxon countries, the UK and US. Both countries have deep problems adhering to their distinctive puritanism, which have led to a wide range of  ongoing dysfunctions:

  • An expensive, ineducable underclass constituting about 20% of the population: an inevitable by-product of feminist social policy.
  • A puritanical drugs policy that needlessly criminalises and imprisons large sections of society. This is not only expensive and inefficient, it seems to have fed mass opoid addiction in the US and abetted the rise of a criminal underclass.
  • Cultural inflexibility derived from reflexive puritanism, stifling rational reform of failed policies such as the War on Drugs.
  • A failed state education system, with too few domestic students studying STEM subjects.
  • Limited social mobility, leading to mass alienation, protest voting (Trump and Brexit) and incompetent political elites who seem to be living in the 1950s.
  • Domination of (soft) academia by post-modernists and misandrist feminists.
  • A common law legal system open to manipulation by misandrist, neo-puritan feminists.
  • Institutional, legal and media misandry driven by residual puritanism and its modern agents, misandrist feminists.
  • A 'future is female' agenda in politics, education and public policy.
  • Mass obesity and poor mental health.
  • A deranged obsession with obscure social minorities such as transsexuals while ignoring mainstream problems such as the criminal underclass, failed drugs policies, dysfunctional families, mass singleness, widespread political alienation, male suicide, etc. 
  • A racist legacy linked to the slave trade.
  • A fake historical narrative designed to downplay the Anglosphere's role in historical crimes like the slave trade.

Of course, there are also dysfunctional factors specific to these two countries.  The UK is primarily secular, unlike the US. It also has a unique post-empire legacy, resulting in an entitled and indolent lower class. Being rather more religious, the USA remains morally puritanical with strict bans on prostitution and hard drugs. Despite the obvious failure of this ‘zero tolerance’ approach, the puritanical trajectory of American culture inhibits rational reform. And so ever more American citizens are needlessly criminalised, permanently sabotaging their economic and social life-chances.

The reader might ask why I am discussing the UK and the US when the topic is Canada. However, Canada is a cultural composite of those two countries. The nation derives its laws and institutions from Britain, while the US provides its basic cultural template; and Canada also gets its core misandrist memes from those two nations. From the US, Canada gets a direct transfusion of misandrist, legalistic feminism. From the UK, it derives a kind of racist socialism that is no less pernicious to the vast majority of men. Both of these toxic cultural strains originate in puritanism, the primal fountain of all Anglo-American misandry. The diagram below describes the basic cultural equation:

As many expat American commentators have pointed out, the puritan tradition remains strong in the US. Further, puritanical repression has become a cornerstone of the misandrist American feminism which is presently being exported around the world. Feminist 'scholars' like Catherine MacKinnon essentially view all men as criminals for being physical, sexualised beings. Atop this, feminists have subverted American society using the nation's all-pervasive legalistic framework, a model which non-American feminists have readily adopted in order to bypass democratic and cultural resistance.

Turning to Britain, the concept of 'racist socialism' might surprise some people. However, it makes perfect sense when one grasps the archaic and idiomatic nature of the English socialist tradition. The Anglo-American brand of socialism has a quite different intellectual heritage to Marxism, which derives from German academic philosophy. The Anglo-Saxon ‘radical’ tradition is far older, dating back to the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381, the English Civil War, the Methodist religion and Chartism (the British campaign for mass voting rights in the early 19th century). 

This English radical tradition was of course a major influence on the American Revolution, via the influence of radical writers like Thomas Paine and John Locke. English socialism differs from Marxism in many respects, not least its intimate association with radical religion (Puritanism, Methodism) and the various anti-Semitic, racist, imperialist undercurrents it picked up during its long history. For example, the late eighteenth century English 'radical' William Cobbett (a follower of Paine) was an avowed racist and anti-Semite, even while he preached the virtues of ‘equality’ and ‘justice for all’. In short, English socialism wants equality between white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon gentiles – but no one else

William Cobbett (1763-1835): English Racist Socialist
William Cobbett (1763-1835): Racist Socialist

Once we understand and appreciate the Anglo-American socialist tradition’s historical links to religious puritanism and exclusionary racism, it becomes much each easier to understand the rabid Antisemitism of Britain’s Labour Party, the long-standing racism of the American Democrats and the hysterical, sex-negative Neo-puritanism of almost all Anglo-American leftists. Let me repeat: the Anglo left is not Marxist. It has acquired some Marxist concepts and rhetoric over the years, but its intellectual heritage and Neo-puritan values are quite different.

Canada is widely seen as the most ‘left wing’ or socialist of all Anglosphere countries. And in many obvious ways, this is true: its present leader is an avowed socialist. However, since Anglo-American socialism is also distinctively racist, anti-Semitic and puritanical (and thus anti-male, since puritanism vilifies men as sexual beings), these factors now oppress Canadian men in general (and non-White Canadian men in particular). The legalistic, toxic feminism emanating from the USA also helps to create an optimal breeding-ground for institutional misandry. Together, these factors explain why Canada loathes and oppresses all men while exalting women (especially white women) in every circumstance.

This is also why white 'liberal' women in Canada are not only misandrist, but also uniformly racist. In fact, not only are white Canadian feminists hostile to ethnic men, they also harbour racist feelings towards ethnic women.  Given the specific origins of Anglo-American 'socialism' in pre-modern England, a culture defined by slave-trading, imperialism,  racism and religious puritanism, such 'liberal-racism' is entirely to be expected. 

Let us list the fruits of Canadian misandry and unbridled woman-worship:

  • While male sexuality is vilified and oppressed, Canadian women are free to have sex with dogs and show their naked bodies to grade school children.
  • Toronto women are free to engage in hyper-hypergamy while suppressing male sexual choice and freedom.
  • White Canadian women can indulge in racist rhetoric and commentary with total impunity, while men are effectively gagged and their experiences of hyper-hypergamy and sexual racism vilified.
  • Female nurses and doctors in Canada can parade their naked bodies online, without fear of professional censure. Meantime, heterosexual males are ostracised and persecuted for the crime of being male.
  • Canada piles public funds into feminist causes abroad, while ignoring the economic and sexual ostracism of Canadian men at home.
  • In common with other Anglosphere countries, Canadian academia privileges women in every circumstance. This results in declining academic standards, too few STEM students and the intellectual legitimisation of feminist drivel.

Thus equipped with a coherent understanding of Canadian history, culture and politics, we begin to see that the violent responses of Marc Lepine and Alek Minassian were entirely understandable. Canada represents a terrifying collision of the most misandrist cultural elements in the Anglosphere, producing an unlivable society for the vast majority of Canadian men.

In the absence of reform, only one question remains: when will the next massacre occur?