Thursday 21 August 2014

Foley, Corruption and Lies: Feeding Male Sexual Alienation in the Anglosphere

Beatlemania: the harrowing fruits of male sexual alienation

Perhaps the Anglo-American media needs to start being more honest about Anglo-American women. They are, as we all know, obese, hypergamous, deluded, obnoxious and entitled. However, the Anglo media seems intent on projecting an entirely false image of them. Rap and rock music videos, TV shows and Hollywood films invariably show Anglo-American females as thin, sexualized, blonde, attractive and congenial.

We point out the dangers of such misrepresentation in the wake of another atrocity by the IS insurgents. This time, a young Jihadist with a British accent is seen to behead American photo-journalist James Foley after first warning President Obama not to bomb the IS militias. The killer’s accent suggests he grew up in South East England, probably London itself.

Any society keeps men ‘onside’ - that is, committed to the social order – through viable offers of sexual / reproductive reward. Would Agamemnon’s warriors have besieged Troy without the lure of sex – ‘a Trojan wife’ – for every one of them? Would Ghengis Khan’s warriors have followed him without ample opportunities for rape and pillage? Yet western societies in general, and Anglosphere nations in particular, seem to expect male loyalty and commitment with no such sureties at all. Indeed, such societies promise a blonde, nubile, seventeen year old model for every man – then typically fail to deliver.

What blue collar schlubs can look forward to... yeah, right.

Given this bitter reality, is it any wonder that young men turn from western society to lives of action and commitment in far-flung regions of the world? After all the lofty sexual promises pumped out in movies, rap videos and adverts, the vast majority of young men in Anglosphere countries are reaching adulthood with an overmastering sense of having been lied to. All through their formative years they were told that adult life would be one long feast of orgiastic delight. More, they were told that working hard at school and college would secure fast cars, penthouses and financial independence. Given the record levels of youth unemployment / underemployment in the UK, these economic promises have mostly turned out to be just another mirage.

Sexual pipe dreams...

...and a few pipe-dreams more.

Of course, broken promises are no excuse for beheading people. As Martin Prendergast says in Falling Down: “Hey, we’ve all been lied to”.  However, we must remember that young people view the world in somewhat ‘black and white’ terms. They generally lack the cognitive experience to put the Anglosphere’s sexual lies in context, as just one set of lies in a world replete with them.

Mainstream Anglo-American society  tends to view young men’s defection from the Anglosphere for the battlefields of Iraq as some kind of ‘mystery’, as in the following article:

Charlie Cooper, from British counter-extremist think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, said there were several steps which could transform a young man from the streets of London to a brutal militant capable of beheading an innocent journalist.

He said: "It's a process which involves a number of different factors. The first is an individual having an identity crisis of some form. He might have faced racist abuse or been kicked out of work or something like that, a crisis which leaves them feeling lost. What happens at that point is a charismatic Islamist narrative attracts them and they view it as providing them with answers to the trouble they have faced in their day-to-day life. From that stage they are channelled into an extremist path.

"To get someone from being a non-violent extremist to going to fight in Syria and from then to decapitate an American journalist while they're unarmed is not an immediate process but it is certainly all interlinked. Non-violent extremism provides a mood music for jihadism. This guy will have been recruited and bottlenecked into an Islamist extremist ideology which then will have led him to more exposure to propaganda from the Islamic State."

SOURCE: Daily Express, 2014-08-21

However, in light of the foregoing discussion, we see no complex mystery at the heart of their disenchantment. It is a perfectly logical response to a plethora of broken promises. If the Anglosphere is serious about keeping its young men ‘on side’, perhaps it needs to stop lying to them.

ISIS: a flavour you can taste

Monday 11 August 2014

Isis, Sex and Islam: the Rise and Rise of Jeremy Meeks

What women want: Jeremy Meeks

The recent rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq is typically analyzed through the prisms of politics, religion and economics. However, there is also a sexual dynamic to the current conflict between Islam and the West. Indeed, it could be argued that the whole conflict is driven by conflicting sexual agendas. On the one hand, Islam seeks to police and regulate female sexuality. By contrast, the West (and especially the Anglosphere) grants women free reign to indulge their preference for thugs and misfits (see convicted felon Jeremy Meeks, below):

Click for more pics of Jeremy!

Stated in such clear, direct terms, it is little wonder Muslim males will do virtually anything to resist such a dysfunctional and misandrist sexual ideology. It is, as they say, a 'no-brainer'.

However, this analysis raises many tangential questions. Why did western men allow women such 'sexual freedom' in the first place? Probably the West's puritan-christian tendency to pedestalize women played a significant role. At the time of emancipation (what sociologists call 'the long Sixties'), men did not yet fully grasp the true nature of female sexual preference. Nor did they appreciate the social or political implications of indulging such a preference (massive welfare bills, rising crime and declining social stability, to name but a few).

Why resist sexual disenfranchisement? Why not?

But with the evidence of escalating social dysfunction all around us, it becomes ever harder to grasp why so many western men still support the war against Islam. Having been shafted by female emancipation, low-status western males still rail against Islam even though its sexual philosophy would serve most of them far, far better. Perhaps the 'sexual false consciousness' that pervades the Anglosphere can best explain this crazy phenomenon. After all, many truck drivers and garbage collectors seriously think they have a chance with models and actresses, courtesy of the mainstream media. And if they will believe that they will believe anything.

The final question is: why are Western nations so insistent on exporting psycho-sexual anarchy to traditionalist cultures? Having experienced the various problems associated with unfettered female sexuality at first hand, why does the Anglosphere wish to export them? Or even impose them by force? Again, perhaps sexual false consciousness is the best explanation. Maybe the Anglosphere elites actually believe their own rhetoric. Perhaps they truly believe that crime, social disorder and massive Welfare bills somehow serve the social good.

Weird or what?

Convicted felon and beneficiary of female reproductive freedom.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Women Uber Alles: Anglo-American Foreign Policy Confirms the Thesis

Bring back our girls: in the Anglosphere, only women matter

The core of our thesis holds that Anglosphere nations are, due to their puritanical outlook, inherently misandrist and disposed to gynocentric feminism. Unlike tradcon MRAs, we believe that Anglo-American feminism is not a revolt against established Anglosphere culture, but rather a heightened expression of it.

In recent months, various Anglo-American politicians and religious authorities have only confirmed this critical assessment. After the ‘abduction’ of several hundred girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria, both Barach Obama and David Cameron were quick to prioritize their ‘rescue’ and ‘liberation’. Their entreaties were predictably larded with misandrist, pro-feminist sentiments and supported by hysterical headlines in the 'mainstream' Anglosphere media. That nations (the UK and US) where males have record levels of school failure, unemployment, suicide and incarceration see fit to prioritize the welfare of a few hundred Nigerian girls shows clearly which sex they consider the more valuable. That the girls were kidnapped by Islamic traditionalists with patriarchal views only seemed to worsen the politicians' misandrist rage.

Jolie and Hague: together at last

Meanwhile, British Foreign Minister William Hague met up with Hollywood drug addict Angelina Jolie to campaign against the ‘sexual abuse’ of women during international conflict:

Governments will be held to account over ending sexual violence in war zones, Angelina Jolie has said. The Hollywood actress and UN special envoy said a new international protocol represented the "beginning of the fight" against the practice. Speaking to the BBC, she said the protocol meant governments in war zones would no longer be able to say they didn't know how to tackle the issue.

Ms Jolie said women around the world were "united in this fight together".

The actress and UK Foreign Secretary William Hague have been co-chairing the End Sexual Violence in Conflict global summit, which brings together representatives from more than 100 countries.

SOURCE: BBC News, 12 June 2014

That’s right – not only are men disposable cannon-fodder, they are also be denied recreational sex in the field; for all of history the soldier’s primary motivation and reward. Here we see a seamless convergence of the three core Anglo-Saxon fixations: Puritanism, misandry and gynocentric feminism. As ever, the Anglosphere remains obsessed with quashing male sexuality while trying to create a gynocentric utopia peopled by denatured eunuchs.

Rape of the Sabine Women: the soldier's reward

Meanwhile, the Church of England has at last allowed women to become bishops. Saint Paul’s admonitions against women preaching were conveniently overlooked but then, English Christianity is so remote from scripture that no one really noticed. Besides, the Christian fixation on feminine traits like humility, passivity and emotionalism has always made it ripe for feminist subversion. Indeed, the sickly Christian denial and fear of male sexuality is ultimately responsible for the misandrist tone of Anglo-American culture. After all, Christianity is the only Abrahamic religion that is explicitly misandrist. Both Islam and Judaism promote healthy, realistic attitudes to male sexuality that contrast strongly with the impracticable, damaging repression extolled by Catholics and Evangelical Protestants alike. In short, the wayward decision to ordinate female bishops was exactly what we should expect from a gynocentric religion that loses thousands of men to Islam by the day.

Why not a Boy Summit to discuss failure and suicide?

Finally, to add insult to injury, British Prime Minister David Cameron has thrown his weight behind a UNICEF campaign to end female genital mutilation:
An ardent advocate for girls’ rights, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is committed to putting an end to female genital mutilation (FGM) once and for all, even if it means going after the parents who allow the brutal practice to go on.

The prime minister announced the new measures at the first Girl Summit on July 22, an event he co-hosted with UNICEF, which advocated for an end to FGM and child and forced marriage within a generation. Among a number of measures, the U.K. has pledged 1.4 million British pounds (about $2.37 million) to launch the FGM Prevention Program and will begin holding parents accountable if their children are cut.

SOURCE: Huffington Post, 30 July 2014

But why is FGM so special? Genital mutilation happens to boys all the time, for similar cultural and religious reasons. Of course, Anglosphere politicians have twisted this reality into a ‘war on women’ that must be stopped by any means. What else would they do? Exalting women over men is their sole reason for existing.

The foregoing examples of Anglo-American political and theological collusion with feminist agendas make it entirely obvious that the Anglobitch Thesis is correct, in all particulars. The Anglosphere hates men and has nothing to offer us. At every opportunity, it seeks to impose feminist agendas on other cultures, nations and peoples. The welfare of women is its sole obsession, its only interest; it views men as a necessary evil at best, at worst expendable fodder. Given the various ‘developments’ described in this post, how can any rational person seriously deny this?

As the English working classes say, ‘it’s a no-brainer’.