Thursday 27 August 2015

Horizontal Pressure, SFC and Overton Window: the Secret Truth behind Anglo Feminism

Was Feminism designed to obviate Men?

Various authorities continually tell us that western women adopted feminism to escape monogamous relationships with beta males in favour of polygamous relationships with alpha males. However, is it really true that most women aspire to liaisons with alpha males? After all, there is an alternative explanation: that women adopted feminism so they could shun men completely.

PUAs and conservative MRAs seem addicted to the notion that 80% of women have sex with the top 10-20% of men. Rather, could it be that many women harbour a puritanical loathing of sex and hate men in general? In this view, the feminist clamour for economic independence was ultimately motivated by a desire to write men out of women’s lives completely – a desire that has been fulfilled, to no small extent. Lower class women have sexually evicted men by marrying the Welfare State; middle class women have sexually negated men by achieving financial autonomy. For the most part, these women do not appear enamored of ‘alpha’ males , at all; they generally seem happy without men in their lives. Men of any kind, that is: alpha, beta or gamma.

The idea that women have comparable sex drives to men is rampant sexual false consciousness combined with wishful thinking. Of course, men want to believe such nonsense; the alternative perspective is too bitter, with too many troubling ramifications. Hence a situation has arisen wherein all men experience enormous ‘horizontal pressure’ to maintain a façade of sexual ease and plenty in their lives. For an adult male, publicly admitting to incel status is like admitting to homosexuality or even paedophilia.

Sometimes it takes a non-Anglo woman to bring a cold splash of rational truth to proceedings: Anglo males are too pussified. Academic Dr Catherine Hakim not only describes the massive sexual gulf between the sexes in her call for legalized prostitution - she also invokes the core tenets of the Anglobitch Thesis:

"Women have equality in the workplace, but they do not have they equality in private relationships,” says Dr Hakim, whose previous book, The New Rules, compared married men to “caged animals”.
“It’s a shocking difference: men are twice as interested in sex as women and it is the same around the world. Surveys show we see the male sex deficit in Sweden, France, Spain, Japan and South America. It is hard-wired into us: men, on average, are more highly sexed than women. You can’t call it biological, as that implies it is animalistic: it allows critics to dismiss it. It’s across all age groups, but as soon as you hit 30, the gap starts growing dramatically. For a lot of women, the decline in sexual interest is closely linked to having children and they just don’t regain it afterwards. But the evidence is it happens as we age even without children”.
Thus Dr Hakim argues older men are drawn to younger women not just for their looks, but for their libidos.
“With a 20-year age gap, you get women who have the same level of sexual interest as men,” she says. “You would expect that as women get richer and more powerful as they get older there would be a strong demand for buying toy boys – but there isn’t."
Dr Hakim claims the root problem is our “sex negative” mindset – and adds it is North European and American feminist academics and journalists who are most resistant to embracing the idea of female sexual liberation through paid-for sex. In the West we still have a problem that sex can be used for recreation,” she says. “All our moral rules are based upon the fact that sexuality and fertility are linked. Even since the contraceptive revolution in the 60s, we still have one set of ethics that are tied to reproductive sexuality. We need to recognise recreational sexuality as a completely separate animal.
"Northern Europe and America – the Anglo Saxon cultures – are profoundly sex-negative, whereas southern Europe, Japan, China are sex positive cultures. It is very difficult to get more than a sour discussion in Britain. I’ve been attacked by women for my views even though Amnesty International have recommended decriminalisation, as have the United Nations."
- Daily Telegraph, August 2015

Pretends to bang models every night...

However, the mainstream media hide this female indifference to recreational sex behind a carefully-maintained smokescreen of ‘Sexual False Consciousness’. By deploying Overton Window (excluding public opinions they deem unacceptable) in all its outlets, the media matrix covertly classifies anyone rejecting SFC as mad, deluded or deviant. As a result, we now have a bizarre situation where the average male’s sexual reality – one or zero partners a year – is viewed as idiomatic or eccentric. And anyone daring to break ranks on these issues is stigmatized as jaundiced and denied a public voice.

Mad but true.

How the 'Mainstream' Media dismisses dissenting perspectives...

The ‘rampant’ female sex drive is a core feature of Anglo-American SFC; and as its primary force, it has to be protected at all costs. In fact, even otherwise sensible MRAs can be vigorous in its defence. Of course, it is nonsense: women are low T creatures with little interest in recreational sex. However, the media's Overton Window invariably labels impartial scientific research on this issue ‘crazy’ or ‘deluded’; denies the obvious link between involuntary celibacy and mass murder sprees by single men; and generally tries to maintain the fiction that all western males are having sex with models three times a day. All this clouds our ability to consider the generic misandry at the core of Anglo-American feminism.

This is your life, according to the  'Mainstream' Media...

The primary goal of feminism has been to liberate women from financial dependence on men. This has resulted in a much higher proportion of men being single, since most women no longer require a male for financial support. Beyond this, female hypergamy in Anglo-Saxon nations has been inflated into generic misandry by Disney fairy tales and celebrity culture – for no man can live up to such unrealistic expectations, whoever he might be.

So, in de facto terms, Anglo-American feminism was designed to eliminate men from women’s lives; moreover, it has been highly successful in achieving this. Women do not seek alphas – they seek a mono-gender society where men do not exist (except, perhaps, as beasts of burden).

Here endeth the lesson.

Females, females, everywhere: the hidden goal of Anglo feminism?

Friday 7 August 2015

Pseudo Contests: The Rise and Rise of Pan-Anglosphere Women's 'Sport'

Age of the Uglies

In recent months, the British media has become fixated on promoting women’s ‘sport’. In particular, the England women’s football team has been lionized in every quarter (they came third in the recent women’s FIFA World Cup by beating Germany 1-0 by an extra-time penalty - big fucking deal).

Men are so physically superior to women that female ‘sport’ is, in truth, a feminist version of the Paralympics. Women lack strength, stamina, spatial awareness or any competitive spirit; moreover, they lack the communal skills men evolved for warfare and hunting that are so central to team sports. In sum, the sight of androgynous harpies scuttling aimlessly up and down a field remains utterly uninspiring to any right-thinking individual.

Third Place... so what?

Perhaps English-speaking countries have an ulterior reason for promoting women’s sport, however. The harsh truth is that England and the other English-speaking countries do not produce enough talented male athletes to win authentic (i.e. male) international sporting events. In the 2014 World Cup, for example, the men’s England soccer team were effectively ejected from their first round qualifying group after a mere two matches.

Retired player Chris Waddle, part of the England side beaten on penalties by West Germany in the semi-finals of the 1990 World Cup, blames a lack of world-class coaching: "The Premier League is different to any league in the world and that is our big problem. It's frustrating, because we have everything we need - money, facilities - but it comes down to coaching, and we have to get something right about producing players. The Premier League is a great advert for our football but it does our national team no good whatsoever."

Fair enough. Funny, though, how having a world class domestic soccer league has not stopped Spain winning everything in recent years...

I have an alternative explanation for the men's desultory performance. As residual misandry and the relentless march of Anglo-American feminism reduce masculinity to a scorned addendum at the fringes of society, it is no surprise that Anglosphere males have retreated from international sporting contests. This obvious lack of athletic prowess creates a vacuum which must be filled by something; even the rank absurdity of women’s 'sport'.

The Celebration of Nothing