Wednesday 22 April 2020

The Virtues of Honesty: Why the Black Pill saves Lives

My apologies for not writing but I have been working double shifts and this is my first break in a good while. While toiling away at the coal face of public health in the midst of a global pandemic, I began to ruminate on the importance of truth in gender relations and life in general.

The mainstream, Blue-Pilled culture and its online supporters (for example, the now-defunct Incel Tears) believe (or pretend to believe) that 'lying saves lives'. That is, by endlessly promoting Blue-Pilled fictions and Sexual False Consciousness they hope to keep sexually disenfranchised males in a state of pacified delusion. Males locked in such a state, they believe, are less likely to hurt themselves or others (for 'others', read 'women') in mass shootings and terrorist attacks (which frequently have misogynist undertones, as in the case of the 2017 Manchester bombing by Salman Abedi).

Salman Abedi: Incel Terrorist

However, Blue Pill 'wisdom' is completely wrong, as usual. In truth, incel violence springs from false expectations which are in turn the products of inane Blue-Pilled illusions and falsehoods.  If young men were taught about the Anglobitch Thesis, female hypergamy, sexual fascism, elitism and racism – not to mention the Dog Pill – they would have no false ideals to poison. Instead, the Anglosphere spins puritanical Disney fantasies which pedestalise women and promote sexless 'romance' at every turn. Little wonder incels feel so aggrieved when they eventually realise the bitter truth of female nature.

In short, Blue-Pilled Sexual False Consciousness has killed infinitely more people than Black Pilled truth.

Just admit it: White women fuck dogs

It is simply a fact that there are genetic limitations to an individual’s success in any field. Because someone follows all Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training routines does not mean they will become Mr Universe or an action movie star. Because someone plays football all day will not make them the new Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Someone who draws all day will not inevitable become the new Leonardo da Vinci. Reading medical textbooks will not make someone an MD if they lack the necessary temperament or academic aptitude. This Blue-Pilled 'Anyone can do anything!' perspective is the real root of the self-hatred, resentment and dysfunction that plagues so many western countries.

Blue-Pilled 'mainstream' delusions

Similarly, not all men can be sexually successful with women. Young women are clearly attracted to height, facial symmetry, blue eyes, neurotypicality, whiteness and thinness, not their opposites. Older women are more attracted to money and status, which is why low status adult men are far more likely to be childless and single.  Innate Anglobitch hyper-hypergamy, sexual fascism, racism and elitism coupled with female economic independence simply means that modern women can strike out a huge range of men as potential partners, leaving them free to chase Chad or Tyrone.

And thanks to social media and a general loosening of sexual mores, this dire situation is only going to get worse. Tinder, Tik Tok and the Dog Pill mean that a substantial minority of men – if not a sub-8 majority – are going to experience long spells of sexual disenfranchisement in their prime years, if not permanent sexual disenfranchisement.

Level up: this guy won't be fucking models any time soon

However, accepting and promoting these truths is better for the social good than peddling lies and fantasies which leave individuals feeling enraged and ‘lied to’ in the longer term. Instead of peddling romantic pipe dreams and feeding sub-8 men deluded bullshit about women’s true nature, the Anglo-American lamestream (schools, colleges, churches and medical professionals, not just the media) should just be open and honest about these matters. The dissident Manosphere has arisen because 'mainstream' Anglo-American views about women are such palpable garbage, with no basis in reality whatsoever. However, early acceptance of female nature would free sub-8 men from the justified feelings of grievance they acquire as their early social programming is inevitably refuted by a bitter-tasting reality

A Black Pill a day keeps men grounded and based

Of course, there are different 'truths' for different men in the Dark Enlightenment. For ethnic men resident in Anglosphere nations, the VantaBlack truth that white women are racist dog fuckers will banish their false hopes and lead them to dissident radicalism or self-repatriation. For sub-8 white men, the simple Black Pill will banish their Sexual False Consciousness and point them towards fulfilling sex with escorts and high-tier ethnic women. For 8+ White men, the Crimson Pill of the Anglobitch Thesis will point them towards fulfilling relationships and marriages with women outside the misandrist, puritanical Anglosphere, with its crooked divorce courts and feminist judges.

In sum, lying does not save lives. While painful to accept at first, Black Pill truth delivers infinitely better long-term outcomes for everyone.

For 8+ White Men, Foreign Ladies are Waiting...

Saturday 18 April 2020

Interesting Case of UK 'Incel Stalker': Judge Defends Snowflake Whores

Kyle O'Oconnor: A Dangerous'Stalker'

The following case from 2019 is an interesting one, from a Black Pilled perspective. I have not seen it referenced elsewhere in the Anglo-American manosphere, although it offers important insights into how the 'mainstream' media and legal authorities still view and treat dissident male behaviour in the Anglosphere.

It also demonstrates how 'mainstream' Anglo-American society still views dog-fucking, child-abusing Tinder whores: as sensitive angels in need of 'protection' from 'dangerous' men:

Stalker Bombarded Women with Messages on Social Media and Signed them up to Porn Websites
Kyle O'Connor, 27, also sent them messages about the 'involuntarily celibate' or 'incel' community 
A stalker bombarded three women with messages on social media and signed them up to emails from porn websites, a court heard.

Kyle O'Connor, 27, also sent them messages about the 'involuntarily celibate' or 'incel' community, an online group inspired by a mass murder in America.

He sent messages to one woman for 11 months, and another two for 8 months, often using fake Twitter profiles.

O'Connor, who has 'considerable mental health difficulties', knew two of his victims from school years before, the court heard.

Prosecutors said that he would 'turn nasty' when he didn't get a response.

He would say he loved the victims. The content of the messages then became sexual.

O'Connor asked one woman for naked photos and sent pictures of underwear to them, saying they would look nice wearing it.

O'Connor, from Wythenshawe (a slum in the north of England - RK), found out their email addresses, and signed them up to pornographic websites, from which they would receive emails.

He also created social media profiles in their names, prosecutor James Preece told Manchester Crown Court.

When one of the victims was on holiday, O'Connor messaged her saying he had walked past her place of work - and said he knew what her boss' car looked like.

At one point, O'Connor told one of the women to unfollow her boyfriend on Twitter.

She replied, asking: "Or what?"

O'Connor then sent her a picture of what she described as looking like a 'serial killer', followed by a number of exclamation marks.

Some of the messages included references to 'involuntary celibacy' and 'taking the black pill', the court heard.

O'Connor also sent messages referencing mass murderer Elliot Rodger, who killed six people then killed himself in California in 2014.

Rodger, 22, issued a 'manifesto' before the murders, speaking of his loathing of women and of his frustration at being a virgin.

He was part of the online 'incel' community, who blame women for their sexual failings.

The movement is thought to have inspired other murders in north America.

Judge Martin Rudland said victim impact statements submitted by two of the victims 'both speak of the severe impacts on their lives in serious ways'.

"Perhaps the most serious is the sense that they cannot escape it," the judge added.

The other victim was pregnant while the stalking was happening, and this caused her added stress and led her to delete all her social media accounts.

O'Connor was eventually tracked down, but while he was on bail, he went into a doctor's surgery in Wythenshawe with three knives.

He had been there for a medical appointment, but was seen by a concerned onlooker with the knives.

She reported the incident to police on April 15. Later, she said O'Connor didn't make any threatening gestures with the knives, and she saw it as a 'cry for help'.

O'Connor was remanded into custody from May to September while doctors compiled reports into his mental health.

The judge said they found that O'Connor has 'considerable mental health difficulties'.

Defending, Alistair Reid said that since the defendant has been released on bail, he has observed a curfew and not committed any further offences.

Sentencing, Judge Rudland told O'Connor: "You began to use the internet in a way that was wholly inappropriate, and rapidly became a criminal enterprise.

"Over a long period of time you engaged in what has been characterised as offences of stalking with your three victims.

"All of them were young females, all of them accustomed to using social media, and used to people knowing about them and being able to communicate with them.

"You took advantage of that. You created various profiles to bombard them with wholly inappropriate material.

"When one receives material of the type that you were sending, over such a long period of time, the effect is extremely debilitating.

"You in effect took your frustrations out on them."

Judge Rudland said he wanted to make sure O'Connor did not go on to commit more similar offences, and said prison would create 'backwards steps' in terms of his mental health.

Instead, the judge imposed an 18 month sentence, suspended for two years, to include a 12-month mental health treatment program.

An indefinite restraining order was also passed, banning O'Connor from contacting the three victims and from setting up social media accounts in names other than his own.

O'Connor said he no longer uses social media.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking which caused serious alarm or distress; and two counts of possessing a bladed article.

Manchester Evening News (UK), September 2019

I think the overriding lesson awakened men should take from this story is that 'mainstream' Anglo-American society still reflexively stigmatises male sexuality as 'sinister' and 'threatening', while exalting women who show their bodies to children and sexually abuse dogs as 'saints' and 'angels'. Note how this virginal male is seen as a 'threat' to Anglobitches who routinely fuck Fido, expose themselves to children and Instagram their naked asses in the workplace

While some MGTOW and incel commentators believe the Black Pill is reaching a broader audience, this article also demonstrates that mainstream Anglo-American society still associates the Dark Enlightenment with mental illness, mass murder and toxic masculinity. Note how the article deliberately misinforms its audience, falsely stating that the 'incel community' was inspired by 'mass murder'. 

The last lesson to be drawn from the case is that the 'mainstream' is still securely locked in Sexual False Consciousness. The discredited 'mainstream' narrative that all males are bouncing around in bed with models all night runs through this case from start to finish. Daring to break ranks from this narrative in word and deed immediately earned O'Connor instant stigmatisation as a dangerous maniac in need of psychiatric intervention.

So let the Pills of Awakening and the Anglobitch Thesis guide you; but strive to keep their insights to yourself. 

'Mainstream' society does not want enlightenment, anyway

O'Connor: Ted Bundy in Waiting?