Friday 20 November 2020

Salvationism, Treadmills and Forrest Gump: Why the Authorities Hate the Black Pill

A farrago of Blue-Pilled Boomer bullshit...

Forrest Gump is the ultimate Blue Pilled film from the ultimate Blue Pilled decade: the 1990s. Broadly, Forrest Gump seeks to normalise the most ludicrous fiction imaginable: that some retard can make millions in business and acquire peace and plenty after years of abuse and ridicule. In reality, retarded people seldom reach the age of forty. When they do, they usually end up institutionalised. Yet this farrago of filmic nonsense won 6 Oscars – only highlighting the dominance of the Blue Pill in lamestream cultural discourse.

Forrest Gump also shows how the authorities use Blue-Pilled ideology to keep the broad masses committed to society; it convinces them they have ‘skin in the game’, however hopeless and disenfranchised their actual situation. Variants of this ‘Gump Delusion’ exist everywhere in the modern Anglosphere, as we all know:


‘Looks don’t matter! Just take a shower, bro!’

‘It’s what’s inside that counts!’

‘With hard work alone, anyone can do anything!’

‘Education can turn a retard into Einstein!’

‘By lifting weights, anyone can be Mr Universe!’


Okay, you get the picture. However, these delusions work for the vast majority of the population. This brutal fact is often underplayed or even denied by the manosphere. That is a cardinal error: because the average dolt laps up such delusions like a thirsty dog, in the vain hope of a better tomorrow.

Forrest Chump


Turning to our own sphere – gender-relations and sexuality – we see exactly the same principles at work. Trapped in a web of media-induced Sexual False Consciousness, the average male schlub seriously thinks models and actresses will fuck him if only he gets a new car, job or haircut. And this sexual fiction keeps the schlub ‘onside’, toiling away at his mundane trade or profession in the futile expectation of priapic adventures: a kind of ‘sexual heaven’, if you will.


Given the foregoing facts, we can see why the authorities seek to discredit the Black Pill at every turn. Because  - in its purest form - the Black Pill takes a blowtorch to the various fables that bind the broad masses to western society. Obviously, the western elites are not going to take kindly to Black Pilled dissidents attacking the fairy tales that sustain their profits and advantages, generation after generation. Atop this, the broad masses themselves are strongly averse to Black Pilled truth: after all, delusion is their primary life-fuel.  If SFC and other ‘Gump Delusions’ were removed from their hollow lives, what else would they have?

As if this hypergamous Anglo cunt would even talk to a retard...


It is doubtful whether a fully Black-Pilled society could function, especially one with the mass inceldom and socio-economic inequalities that define the Anglosphere. Think about it: if sexually-disenfranchised North American men knew their sexless condition was permanent, how long would Canada or the USA exist? By my estimate, the United States has an army of ten million sexless men, at least (many more if we include escortcels in their number). If I were a member of America’s Power Elite, keeping those men from the Black Pill would be my primary agenda.


In fact, I would concern myself with little else.


Now do you see why the Anglo-American Power Elites hate the Black Pill and all expressions of our Dark Enlightenment? Everyone has to be 'jollied along' and made to think they are living in the best of all possible worlds. If this deluded belief-system breaks down for large sections of the population, society ceases to function. It really is that simple. This is why the lamestream media reflexively quashes incel, Black Pill (or even Red Pill) voices by omission or ridicule; as props of the state, it is their duty to do so. Their other approach is to present dissenters as marginalised eccentrics on the fringes of society, implying that everyone else is happily banging models all day. This crudest of fictions is typically aimed at the uneducated classes, whose ability to deconstruct mainstream narratives is much weaker than that of other social groups. 

This aspect of the Blue Pilled narrative is extremely important. All evidence shows that low status males are far more likely to be suicidal, single and sexless than other classes of men. If such facts were to become widely known, it might create destabilising Black-Pilled 'waves' in society. The average sexless schlub wanders about thinking that 'everyone' (except himself, of course) is banging models on a daily basis. Why would he think otherwise, when the lamestream media promotes this fiction everywhere he looks

Remove that delusion and he might start to see the world very differently, however. 

Think about it. Most awakened men will have experienced the lower-class male rage that inevitably erupts when the myth of sexual liberation is even questioned. Imagine their rage if these dumb clowns ever realised that millions of low-value men are sexually-disenfranchised, not just themselves? And that Anglo-American inceldom is a deep structural problem, not to be fixed by a pay-rise or shower?


I have always maintained that the Anglo-American elite - the genuine elite, not their upper-middle class functionaries - are strongly Black-Pilled. The devilish cunning of the Anglo-American state and its institutions of oppression strongly confirms this analysis. For all that, in us they are facing opponents no less determined, brilliant and ruthless. For all their wealth and power, they are sitting on a Black Pill powderkeg. One spark and their rotting, gynocentric, misandrist system will explode with Vesuvian force, destroying their profits and exalted lifestyles in a matter of moments.

That is why they fear us.