Friday, 1 February 2019

Generations, Technology and the Sexual Imbalance: Is there a Biological Foundation to Anglobitch Entitlement?

Does Anglo-American Gyneocentrism have ethnic roots?

One explanation for the gender issues that have beset the west is that Caucasians (especially Anglos) have an innate disposition to 'pedestalize' women and grant them far too much freedom. This argument has floated around the manosphere for some years, especially those regions with a high proportion of non-white commentators. My own obvious answer is that these suicidal tendencies are fostered more by Anglo-American culture than genetics (though culture might be another expression of ethnic biology, of course). But aside from the usual cultural factors such as secular puritanism, residual misandry and malleable Common Law, are there any demographic/biological factors specific to Caucasians which might play some role in them promoting and accepting Anglobitch perfidy?

One thing that is notable about white women in general, and Anglo-American women in particular, is that they age very badly. This is partly to do with widespread obesity and a self-destructive 'sun and sex' lifestyle; but that is not the whole answer. Whatever charms Anglo women display last only from puberty to 26, while females of other races mature better and more evenly across the lifespan. East Asian women can be hot up to 40 or beyond but this is very rare among whites, especially Anglo whites, who typically look haggard by 30. Such an intense imbalance leads to a 'beauty shortage' in Anglo societies, with female beauty being incredibly rare. This imbalance inevitably leads to insane female entitlement during those prime years and contributes to the rampant woman worship which defines the Anglosphere relative to other cultures. The Dark Triad of female personality disorders - histrionic, narcissistic and borderline - runs rampant for exactly the same reason.

Since a young female with a normal body mass index is 'beautiful' in the arid Anglo-American context, she is essentially free to act as a goddess during her prime decade; baby murder, thug chasing, no-fault Divorce, misandrist feminism and the rest are simply warped expressions of this deranged power. And all their efforts to stop Anglo-American men contacting foreign women - VAWA and invented trafficking hysteria - are designed to preserve it.

But why has this female tendency worsened so much in recent years? And why has it been allowed to? Is there a biological dynamic underpinning this? Changing demography probably plays a significant role. Because people live longer in modern times, five generations now coexist in the same moment. Since older females are unattractive to most males, there is a huge surfeit of thirsty men from all five generations lusting over one generation of women (women under 26, if that). This is why some young Anglo-American girls can make seven figure salaries displaying their body parts online. More, the whole technological thrust of modern society allows these women to exploit their sexual power over all sexually disenfranchised men, whom they can contact in an instant. A traditional prostitute was limited by proximity to a relatively small circle of males; not so the modern Anglofoid, whose charms are only a screen-tap away.

Another demographic issue that Relampago Furioso has often touched upon is the issue of 'Power Distance' in Anglo-American societies. The Anglosphere is a potent bloc that still bestows considerable status on white Anglo-Saxons in a global context. Anglo media, culture and institutions are still the primary global export, in ideological terms. The obvious international power of say, Victorian Britain or post-War America must have wrought some heightening effect on female hypergamy in those nations; after all, the hypergamy bar is necessarily raised when a country has great wealth and power relative to the rest of the world. In this view, the Anglo female's hostility to almost all men is in fact an insane extension of her natural hypergamous instincts: almost no male or his offspring is good enough for a female raised on and surrounded by imperial pageantry. Britain and America also have much lower social mobility rates than other industrial societies, together with much wider wealth and power divisions. This too must exert a strong impact on female hypergamy, with a much larger proportion of males being dismissed as potential mates by virtually all women than in more egalitarian countries. So again, there might be a biological foundation to the Anglobitch phenomenon, albeit arising from the Anglo West's distinct socio-economic values.

One thing that seems apparent to me is that Caucasians are generally more individualised than other ethnic groups. In East Asian countries, the nail that sticks up is hammered down; in the West, it is coated in gold. This unchecked individualism is of course strongest in the Anglo-Saxon West, where almost everyone sees themselves as a 'brand' and billionaire celebrity in waiting while normal aspirations are scorned for cloudy visions of ideal love and self-aggrandisement. Obviously, Anglobitch selfishness exemplifies this agenda as does poor mothering, lifestyle abortions, no fault divorce and offhand hatred of men. The obvious sense that Anglo women are more 'fucked up' than other women - even non Anglo white women - seems to partly derive from this innate and unregulated individualism.

The Selfish, Fucked-up Anglofoid: A Unique Creature?

Lastly, are Caucasian  - and especially Anglo men - innately more disposed to be cucks and suckers than men of other races? Perhaps the West's 'beauty shortage' and the relatively brief flowering of Caucasian women has wrought some deep psychological effect on them, now embedded in their culture or biology at a primordial - even unshakeable - level. Ultimately, Caucasian men have allowed their females to wreck society with complete impunity and it would be churlish to blame women exclusively for this; since men are stronger and smarter than women, they are ultimately responsible. Despite the truth of my message, only a tiny handful of the most enlightened Caucasian men pay heed to it: the vast majority remain blue-pilled cucks and White Knights listening to saccharine Beatles records. What will it take to rouse them? Are they even capable of being roused?

Why won't Caucasian males fight the evil that threatens them?

This is a free-wheeling thought piece designed to explore a few floating concepts. Whether the distinctive non-cultural factors listed here have permanently altered Anglo women at a behavioural level, or merely artificially inflate universal female tendencies, is difficult to say. What is very clear is that they contribute at least something to the misandrist, evil tendencies so prevalent among Anglo-American females.

Why do only ethnics resist Anglo Misandry?