Friday 26 January 2024

Male Alienation Rampant in 2024: Female Conscription, Populist Politics and Passport Bros Discover the Anglobitch Thesis

We all agree that a unique ideology dominates the Anglosphere: a warped, sex-negative liberal-puritanism which worships women and all deviant, unnatural forms of sexuality. It hates men (especially heterosexual men) and is ultimately driven by a puritanical hatred of reality itself.

The Anglosphere's reflexive hostility to reality makes it the global stronghold of the Blue Pill, in its purest ideological form. This is especially true of sexuality and gender-relations, which are natural targets for Blue-Pilled Anglo-puritans. Which is why we now have 137 genders; why men are jailed merely for approaching women; why female teachers can abuse Canadian toddlers with total impunity; and why ‘trans women’ are considered a mainstream demographic.

While Anglo tradcons typically describe these conditions as an ‘aberration’, I have always labelled this madness the purest EXPRESSION of Anglo-Saxon cultural values. This is because extreme hostility to natural sexual expression ultimately leads to the worship of deviance.

Ultimately, puritanical fantasism of the type ravaging the Anglo-Saxon world can lead only to societal collapse. Why? Because fantasism prevents both effective adaptation to reality and the capacity for corrective action. And so the US and UK slide ever deeper into sexual dysfunction and social decay, becoming more morally insane with each passing year.

The Anglosphere is also weakening, in a practical sense. This is because defending fantasies takes tremendous mental and physical effort, diverting attention from the natural struggle for existence. Lions or wolves do not have 137 sexualities, misandrist laws and trans rights, because they have more urgent matters to attend. Oddly, the Anglosphere’s wealth and influence have actually fueled its disastrous slide into sexual fantasism.

Not only is the fallout from Blue-Pilled delusion now obvious to all (even women, leftists and Anglo 'conservatives'), the reaction against it is also going mainstream. For over a decade I have preached that Anglo-American men have everything to gain and nothing to lose by fleeing the Anglosphere in pursuit of sex and relationships. This is because the overt misandry of Anglo-American culture (and Anglo women, of course) have effectively forbidden normal interaction between the sexes


Even the Anglobitch is waking up... go figure.

Although many wise men have already acted on my words, the recent rise of the Passport Bros demonstrates the normalization of my values. The Anglosphere is now so hostile to men who want normal, healthy relationships that even the average clown wants out: 

For many men in the West, the prospect of dating (which hopefully doesn't end in false accusations of harassment), marriage (that doesn't end in divorce, meaning a significant long-term financial loss), and/or siring children (that are hopefully "biologically" theirs), is a significant "risky" proposition. It is for this reason that so many men have simply "opted-out" of the dating & marriage scene and have chosen to go their own way. They have realized both, the toxic nature of the current Western dating /marriage scene, as well as their real options and true value within the global dating /marriage market. Western society’s current social infrastructure is literally on the verge of collapse, and many of these men have had the wisdom and foresight to see this emerging decline and are wisely going elsewhere for better opportunities, more importantly, for a better quality of life.

With the understanding that honest discourse and open dialogue are the key ingredients needed for any productive societal change, we here at the Official Passport look forward to positively contributing to the global Passport Bros discussion, discussing important issues that affect Men, connecting with Passport Bros, Digital Nomads, and other influential Blue Book Gentlemen from countries all over the world. We believe that building a supportive "Ex-Pat" economic infrastructure network (which financially helps the various foreign communities resided within) provides the key component needed to establish trust & build long-term relationships within these communities.

I suspect these guys have been studying my writings for inspiration. For example, I invented the concept of the 'digital nomad' back in 2017. 


Where it truly all began...

In a similar vein, most of the public want an end to the selective privilege enjoyed by post-feminist women. In the UK, where some form of conscription is being mooted to make up for falling enlistment figures, 72% of the public now think women should be conscripted into the military:


Should women be conscripted in the event of a world war?

Were conscription to be introduced, a new question the government would have to grapple with is whether women should be asked to go into the line of fire.

The large majority of the public (72%) say that women should be conscripted. This is comprised of 42% who think they should serve on the exact same basis as men versus 30% who think there should be some restrictions on the roles they can perform (e.g. perhaps not serving in the infantry).



The fact that mass male alienation from the Anglosphere's institutional misandry has lowered enlistment rates is worth an article in itself, of course.


Another expression of popular backlash against the Anglosphere’s slide into madness is the rise of politicians who are normal human beings. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump might be deceitful and incompetent but they are also relatable human beings, not the repressed, cardboard constructs that dominate Anglosphere politics. Bemired in puritanical delusion, the Anglo-American lamestream is completely blind to the fact that ordinary people want leaders of flesh and blood, not joyless eunuchs.


As this existential gap between the elites and mainstream experience yawns ever wider, expect to see more social unrest, male defection and political upheaval. The old Blue-Pilled ‘everything is perfect’ voices of David Futrelle or Tommy Fleming are irrelevant in the face of Anglosphere dysfunctions like mass male sexlessness and disaffection, normalised sexual deviance and widespread child abuse. The fact that even regular males are voting with their feet in pursuit of foreign women has already marginalized the Blue Pill and its deluded apologists.



The delights of distant shores...