Friday, 11 October 2019

Ready for Battle? Why the Globalist Gynocrats have to shut us down - and how we can stop them

In my last post, I pointed out that the 2020's will be a crisis decade for men in the West. It is obvious that a Battle of Pills is approaching. The Blue Pilled establishment in the Anglo West desperately needs awakened men back on the gynocratic plantation or returned to the shackles of Sexual False Consciousness in order to achieve its global empire of sex-negativity, misandry and deviance; and it will do anything to achieve that goal.

Awakened men are starting to be seen as a serious social problem. The authorities in Canada, USA and UK are starting to direct their energies against our subaltern empire of blogs, websites and channels. The closure of the Braincells Reddit, Undead Chronic's Channel and Roissy's blog are three skirmishes in this struggle. Now, the tempo will accelerate: left-liberal 'academics' (feminist shills) already speak of concocting online 'counter-narratives' to neutralise and subvert our message. Obviously, our opponents hope to crush the Manosphere by obliterating all major strongholds of Red/Black Pill wisdom in an online Blitzkrieg that leaves us fatally weakened. In doing so, they also aim to eliminate the movement's intellectually dominant minority; that is, its conceptual vanguard or 'thought-leaders'. Of course, killing off a nation's leaders has been a highly effective military strategy since ancient times.

In The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Mushashi laid great stress on choosing favourable ground and conditions for battle. If we consider our own ground and situation, both are fairly favourable. Firstly, we are fighting in digital space rather than physical reality. Although this has certain disadvantages, the digital realm is ideal for a small, determined band of fighters to hold their own against more numerous opponents. Secondly, we hold the initiative; our message is already 'out there' on the Internet, with widespread acceptance among the West's small minority of awakened men. At best, our opponents are firefighting, like doctors trying to contain an aggressive cancer.

So how do we defend ourselves? The first thing that needs doing is securing our strongholds by backing up all the data contained there. My good friend Richard Scarecrow has already done this with all content on my Anglobitch website, which is now safe for all posterity.

The second and more important step is to prepare for a decisive counter-stroke against our opponents. Every Red/Black pilled renegade should have at least nine sock-puppet accounts on their favoured platform; consider these as redoubts to which you can fall back and clone your content if the authorities shut down your blog, channel or website.

The third step is to continue the struggle with renewed grit and determination. Unlike fallen icons like Roissy or Undead Chronic, replicate all your work on an alternative account or platform the instant the authorities close it down.  Not only will they be left utterly confounded, your message will reach an ever greater audience. The Internet is ideal for this, since digital information can be instantly cloned and reinstated. Additionally, infiltrating Blue Pilled misandrist strongholds such as Incel Tears and the tradcuck Daily Mail discussion boards with sock-puppet accounts will bog down the Blue Pill's hegemonic counter-offensive with feint, deception and subterfuge. Simply pointing the average clown to any Black/Red Pilled source containing the words 'scientific' and 'research' will wholly confound them, especially when disguised as a female, transsexual or baffled cuck. The British Army used this 'swamping' strategy against the IRA in Northern Ireland, infiltrating their ranks with informers until they were no longer able to function. The 'Chadfishing' operations undertaken by the incel community are a humorous variant of this approach, although direct infiltration is far more effective.

Thus armed, we are ready for battle.