Wednesday 17 March 2010

Canadian MRA Blogger Facing Jail

The power of an argument can be measured by its resilience. The same bold principle can be applied to a host of activities, from the martial arts to engineering. We put our trust in engineers whenever we board a plane, use a train or drive a car. If their design and construction skills were conspicuously lacking, we would soon perish. In short, engineering as a discipline proves its worth by being continually tested, and triumphing over the most arduous obstacles.

The same can be said of the martial arts. Gracie Jiu Jitsu operates the Gracie Challenge, wherein a fighter from any other combat discipline can challenge a Gracie champion. In this way, Gracie Jiu Jitsu demonstrates its worth as a martial art. It does not hide in theory, or boast unseen victories: like engineering, its exposes itself to refutation in the most demanding arena possible.

By contrast, if we take a look at Anglo-American women's studies, this fearless masculine desire for 'trial by proof' is completely lacking. Anglo feminists live in obscure academic enclaves, talking only to other feminists who share exactly the same opinions. They seldom (if ever) venture beyond these reassuring confines to face public 'trial by fire'. This is because feminist academics invariably have a 'soft sciences' or liberal arts background, where sentiment and opinion outweigh evidence or proof. Indeed, as Richard Feynman argued, 'soft sciences' like psychology and sociology (let alone the liberal arts) are not really sciences at all, since they are not open to disproof or verification in quarantined test environments. Little wonder, then, that feminist 'research' produces such wild claims as, 'a million girls die of anorexia in the US every year' (the true figure is 100). When there are no criteria of objective proof governing an academic discipline, it becomes prey to such preposterous statements. In sum, Anglo-American feminism retains the thought-patterns of the African peasant.

The execrable Jessica Valenti is a prime offender, pushing her witless books to clueless feminists on her tedious website (from which all dissenting opinion is conveniently banished). Then, she has the gall to excoriate MRAs for not 'standing up in their communities' and openly proclaiming their beliefs. Well, the following story shows exactly WHY Anglo-American men must be wary about publicly expressing their opposition to feminism. The Anglosphere is now so matriarchal that even keeping a satirical blog ridiculing feminism can lead to jail:

A Quebec man facing charges of making online threats to kill women has been denied bail after a judge described him as a "time bomb."

Jean-Claude Rochefort will remain in custody until mid-February pending his trial on charges of uttering online death threats against women. The 61-year-old Montreal man has been in custody since December, after authorities arrested him following repeated warnings to stop posting contentious messages on his blog.

During Rochefort's bail hearing Thursday, Judge Claude Leblond described him as a "time bomb" who demonstrates a visceral hatred of women. The public would lose confidence in the justice system if he were granted freedom before his trial, the judge added.

Rochefort's blog, described by observers as anti-feminist, paid homage to Marc Lépine, the gunman who murdered 14 women at Montreal's École Polytechnique in 1989.

Forensic psychiatrists have declared Rochefort of sound mind and fit to stand trial. He is due back in court on Feb. 16.

Source: CBC news, Feb 5th, 2010

Clearly, pan-Anglosphere feminists are so averse to trial by proof that coercive force is their sole response to rational criticism. And in the new Anglo Matriarchal World Order (NAMWO), they have the legal and political backing of 'elite' Manginas to impose their infantile opinions. Unlike engineers or Jiu Jitsi practitioners, feminists will stoop to any depths to avoid the 'reality test' so crucial to worthwhile endeavor. Ultimately, when one's opinions are logically and morally bankrupt, there is no other option.

As Isaac Asimov opined, 'violence is the last refuge of the incompetent': now, what does that tell us about Anglo feminism? The case also reveals another feminist (indeed, female) flaw - their crushing lack of humor or irony. The Lepine blog was quite plainly satirical. Only a poker-faced feminist could possibly take it seriously.

Uber-feminist Andrea Dworkin: in serious need of a humor transplant

Monday 8 March 2010

GQ: Home of the Anglofag

While running along the beach in Rio one morning, Helio Gracie – the father of Brazilian Ju Jitsu - saw a man drowning. With no thought for his own safety, he instantly plunged into the shark-infested waters, mastered the raging seas with powerful strokes and ultimately dragged the man to shore. As a tragically-aware Latin male, Helio did not need some magazine to tell him how to ‘be a man’ in that situation – he simply was one. However, a cursory glance around the Anglosphere reveals a plethora of 'men's magazines' - GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Playboy and many others - all telling middle class Anglo-American males 'how to be a man' and offering 'role models' of manhood.

Let us examine this. As regular readers of this blog and its associated site know well enough, Anglo-Saxon culture disposes the Anglosphere countries to gynocratic matriarchy - in short, homosociality, misandry and repression. This renders manhood a weak, marginalized force in Anglo culture, with a chronic paucity of masculine role models. Thus, there is little wonder these absurd magazines have arisen, telling Anglo-American males 'how to be men': where masculinity is vilified, such 'how to' guides become tragically essential.

In the Hispanic or Lusitanian cultures, masculinity has never endured such marginalization. This is no doubt why Hemingway set so many of his finest novels in the Hispanic world. As an author extolling a heroic, masculine ethos, the emasculated Anglosphere would have been irrelevant to his purpose. The Old Man and the Sea, for example, necessarily takes a Latin male as its aged but unbowed hero. Indeed, even the concept of fatherhood has been sullied in Anglo-Saxon culture, as an interesting experiment reveals. When Italian people were shown a picture of a man standing in a playground, they thought he was just a father with his children. By contrast, when English people were questioned about the same picture, they all thought the man was a pedophile. When even the universal archetype of the life-giving, protective Father is so besmirched, how can Anglo-Saxon nations expect their men to ever assume a confident masculine identity?

In such disagreeable circumstances, men do not - indeed, can not: and this is where these absurd 'men's magazines' step in, with their latent homosexual 'man of the year' lists and weak, mangina 'role models'. Such absurd 'manhood manuals' timidly negotiate the all-pervasive, institutionalized misandry that rules the gynocratic Anglosphere.

One feature of these magazines is especially amusing. They often feature ‘depth interviews’ with beautiful young women, as though their vapid views held intrinsic interest. As we all know, if Megan Fox were an obese fifty-five year old mother of three, her vaunted opinions would be seen for they are – utter garbage. Sexual allure, however, imbues her fatuous views with some kind of ‘weight’ - as though she were individuated and urbane, not some programmed clothes-horse. One is reminded of those nubile young women who vainly believe they get promotions and pay rises for their brains or ability – not short skirts and high heels. Of course, in early middle age their true worthlessness is cruelly exposed for all to see, which is why so many women suffer a ‘life crisis’ at that age.

To retain any level of manly integrity, these publications should just run porn-shots of Megan and her soulless sisters - after all, their only value is as sexual objects. Beauty is their sole bargaining chip in the poker game of life, without which their vapid opinions would be completely ignored. Thus, parading mindless sluts like Megan and Sienna as mere masturbation objects makes perfect sense – indeed, it displays not primitive animalism but premium existential integrity.

Sunday 7 March 2010

The Anglo Divorce Song

Lovely to look at,
Lovely to hold,
But if you divorce her
Your ass has been sold!