Thursday 23 November 2017

Buddhism, Alchemy and the Red Pill: Overcoming the Fetters of Sexual False Consciousness


It is said that the Samurai refreshed themselves every morning with the thought of death. Similarly, the man striving to escape the misandrist Anglosphere should anoint himself with Red Pill truth every morning. Repeat this mantra ten times: I am not sleeping with models every night

Although there are important differences, a dissident Red Pill mindset has certain links to eastern religions. Like a Buddhist or Hindu, the Red Pilled man awakens from bondage in stages, discarding ever more Blue Pill delusions in order to reach his full awakening. Christianity, with its promise of instant salvation, has little in common with the gradualist Red Pilled worldview. To illustrate the point, there are the ten basic stages of Buddhist enlightenment:

A Stream-enterer (Sotapanna) is free from:

1. Identity view

2. Attachment to rites and rituals

3. Doubt about the teachings

A Once-returner (Sakadagami) has greatly attenuated:

4. Sensual desire

5. Ill will

A Non-returner (Anāgāmi) is free from:

4. Sensual desire

5. Ill will

An Arahant is free from all of the five lower fetters and the five higher fetters, which are:

6. Craving for existence in the material world

7. Craving for existence in the ideal world (heaven)

8. Conceit

9. Restlessness

10. Ignorance

Blue Pill delusions can easily ‘stand in’ for the ‘fetters’ of Buddhism. Among these (in no particular order) would be the idea that Anglosphere countries are inherently superior; that all men are advantaged and all women oppressed; that relationships with Anglo-American women are ‘redemptive’; that moving abroad and starting a new life is impossible; or that true liberation can ever be found within the Anglosphere. The most obstinate Blue Pill fetter is Sexual False Consciousness, which I will address later.

A better spiritual analogy for the Red Pill path is Alchemical Gnosis, a distinctively western approach to achieving psychological wholeness. The three stages of alchemical gnosis, the nigredo, albedo and rubedo, are described thus:

Nigredo – the preparatory stage, the encounter with the self.
Albedo – the marginal or luminal state.
Rubedo – the reddening, uniting the spiritual and the physical in a new mode of consciousness. 

Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo

If we apply these stages to a dissident male taking the Red Pill, they seem eerily predictive and help to redefine the experience in spiritual terms:

Nigredo means ‘darkening’, and this appropriately describes the Red Pill rage that overcomes many men in the initial stage of their enlightenment. They realize everything they were ever told was a pack of lies, that women are not perfect angels handing out sexual redemption and that the culture they live in is essentially misandrist.

In Red Pill terms, Albedo involves transcending the initial rage and gaining a better understanding of one’s deepest goals and ambitions. This might involve seeking out a foreign relationship or resolving not to die on Anglosphere soil, in the coils of the Matrix; it will be different for different individuals.

Rubedo means ‘reddening’ (appropriately enough, for the final stage of Red Pill enlightenment), the final unification of consciousness. In this state one recognises the various Blue Pill delusions that rule Western society (especially the Anglosphere), the most powerful of which is sexual false consciousness. Once this final hurdle is overcome, the acolyte becomes a Red Pill adept and ready to depart the Anglo-Feminist Matrix without a moment’s regret.

As has already been said, Sexual False Consciousness in the last and most difficult obstacle to overcome on a man’s path to Red Pill enlightenment. Overcoming it involves mastering two levels of delusion: the extrinsic and the intrinsic. The extrinsic aspect incorporates a man’s model of the external world; the intrinsic involves his self-knowledge and understanding. While certain strategies are specific to either level, some can be applied to both. Remaining emotionally detached from Anglo-American women is one of these. Also, exclude all Blue Pilled clowns from your life since such idiots will only bind you to the Matrix by their bad example. As soon as Blue Pill drivel starts falling from the lips of friends, shun them immediately. No other course is possible.

The extrinsic aspect is easier to master, especially since the decline of mainstream media. Once, the selfless female angels projected by television, pop music and lifestyle magazines were unassailable icons, offering romantic redemption to lovelorn males the world over. Only since the internet have these gender-deities been effectively challenged – back then, anyone daring to question the assumption that all women are perfect goddesses was labelled insane, stupid or jaundiced (even now, it is hard to challenge these lame rubrics in public). This fake consensus imposed restrictive sexual narratives on the male population, punishing any who dared to ‘break ranks’ and discuss women honestly. In its heyday, even ‘rebellious’ youth culture extolled these gynocentric delusions with Stalinist zeal. For example, rock music projected sexualized women as the norm, without any reference to the frigid and sterile reality. The manosphere allows men to question these myths as never before, however. This is why the Anglo-feminist Matrix is so bent on shutting it down – either neo-masculine, MGTOW or TFL.

As for intrinsic SFC, far more effort is needed to escape it. The final push to freedom proceeds by being totally honest about your sexual situation: become a Red Pill Buddha, completely honest about the sexual aridity of the Anglosphere. Accept that Anglo-American women are typically entitled, snotty and riddled with personality disorders. And accept that nothing will ever change in the Anglosphere, international nexus of gynocentric entitlement. And this is how to finally eliminate SFC from your personality code: total, ground zero honesty, ‘keeping it real’ 24 hours a day.

Internalizing this truth is the purest expression of Red Pill wisdom.