Friday 30 October 2020

#Metoo, Medusa and the Law: What Feminist Subversion of Ancient Myth tells us about the Post-Covid Anglosphere

Since the statues of slave owners, racist politicians and confederate generals were pulled down by BLM protesters, the Anglo-American world been filling those vacant public spaces with 'woke' artworks which supposedly 'challenge' the cultural establishment. Predictably, feminists have been quick to install such a 'subversive' artwork opposite New York's criminal court:

A new Medusa sculpture now stands victoriously across from NYC criminal court

The statue flips the classic myth on its head, presenting Medusa as victorious over those who would blame and slay her. 

A statue of Medusa, the mythological monster with snakes for hair, was unveiled in front of the New York County Criminal Court on Tuesday, and while it may seem random, it's meant to be a picture of empowerment for victims. 

Medusa With The Head of Perseus by Argentine-Italian artist Luciano Garbati stands seven feet tall in Collect Pond Park on Centre St. The figure, a nude woman, holds a sword in one hand and the head of Perseus in the other. It was cast in bronze by Vanessa Solomon of Carbon Sculpt Studios in Red Hook and Laran Bronze Foundry in Philadelphia. 

For those who are a little rusty on their Greek mythology, Medusa was a maiden in Athena's temple who was stalked and "violated" or raped by Poseidon, according to Ovid’s Metamorphosis. "She was once most beautiful, and the jealous aspiration of many suitors. Of all her beauties none was more admired than her hair," the story says. 

When Athena finds out about the rape, she banishes and curses Medusa (the victim) with a head of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone. Athena and Poseidon aid the epic hero Perseus to hunt her down and behead her. Perseus displays her head as a trophy on his shield. 

Medusa With The Head (MWTH) is an artist-led project that explores the narrative habits of classical stories as well as their role in present culture and vision of the future. It says Medusa's story is part of a narrative of victim shaming stories of sexual violence through time and is relevant to this day. By flipping the story on its head, presenting Medusa as victorious over those who would blame and slay her, Garbati asks "How can a triumph be possible if you are defeating a victim?" By exploring the woman behind the myth, she hopes to give her a moment of empowerment.
Its placement across from criminal court is also meaningful—high profile abuse cases, including the Harvey Weinstein trial, have taken place here. By installing the statue here, it becomes "an icon of justice and the power of narrative." 

MWTH makes sculptural editions and other iconographic representations, like Garbati's statue, available with 10 percent of proceeds donated to the National Women’s Law Center. 

It'll be up through April 30, 2021

SOURCE: Time Out New York, October 14 2020

What can we learn from this sorry, sordid excuse for a news story? Actually, quite a lot. Unfortunately, the lessons we learn only show the depths of cultural and moral decay in which our world is drowning

Inverted Myths, Inverted Values

Myths and legends exist to provide functional guidance to society, revealing eternal truths in a comprehensible, symbolic form that everyone can understand. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a good example of this. Although it can be interpreted as piece of a blue-pilled fiction denying the importance of looks, the tale gently guides young women towards rational mate-choices (as opposed to chad-chasing and fooling with dogs). In most variants of the tale, the unattractive Beast turns into a handsome prince once Beauty declares her love for him. At a deeper moralistic level, the story is trying to reconcile foids to an effective (if unattractive) husband within the patriarchal framework of a functional society.

In short, myth has a functional purpose; it is not there to be ‘inverted’, as this ugly statue attempts to do. ‘Inverting’ myths discredits the values they were devised to uphold, thereby celebrating dysfunction and deviance by default. Of course, this is what feminism is all about: a swift glance at contemporary Anglo-American culture provides ample evidence of this. Young children are encouraged to ‘transition’ into the opposite gender, every form of lifestyle degeneracy is actively celebrated while pea-brained women are exalted as deities in every sphere of life.

As we know, the top three female Internet searches are for rape, gang-bangs and bestiality. As feminism gathers even more power and influence, we will soon be seeing statues of women mating with dogs in every public square.  

Women’s General Crapness and Stupidity

Part of the controversy surrounding this statue is the fact that a man designed and created it. Feminists involved in the statue project argued that a male artist is unfit to represent the #metoo movement, purely because of his gender. However, they had to use a statue created by a male artist for one simple reason: women lack the talent and intelligence to create an original or impressive artwork. 

In fact, women cannot create anything unique or original: they can only exploit, subvert or destroy what men have already created. The human female is a bone-headed clown completely incapable of original thought or endeavour. Consider how women's ‘culture’ (fashion, hairdressing, interior décor, cooking) is invariably the creation of gay men, whose IQs are infinitely higher than their own.

The most flat-headed thing about feminism is how it continually called for sex-negative gender-separatism, even while pillaging male thought, talent and culture for everything they do.  The very fact that this 'revolutionary' feminist statue was created by a man only demonstrates women’s general crapness and lack of talent, intelligence or originality. Even in revolt, they can only emulate male vision and genius; like the worm-brained maggots they are.

Feminism IS ‘the Establishment’

The erection of Medusa’s 'subverted' statue opposite New York's Criminal Court teaches us another important lesson: far from being a revolutionary movement, Feminism IS the establishment in English-speaking countries. Courts give women lenient sentences (or no sentences) for serious crimes such as bestiality, murder and child abuse. Colleges shower them with scholarships and opportunities while men receive no equivalent opportunities (virtually no lower-class white men attend college in the Anglosphere west, for example). The courts divorce-rape thousands of men every day while sex-negative witch-hunts like #timesup and #metoo are given the full backing of the state. 

The lamestream media exalts women at every turn, brazenly denying their endemic racism and sexual elitism. Elite American law schools all have special feminist societies funded by the taxpayer, allowing misandrist feminists to dominate Anglo-American law and politics. All the while, women give nothing back to society in terms of active military service, draft registration or other other form of social obligation.

And now, on top of everything, they get man-hating feminist statues as well!

How is that not ‘the establishment’?

Feminist values are not ‘revolutionary’ and ‘marginalised’ but hold centre stage across the whole Anglosphere. By peddling the myth that women are downtrodden, feminists have cleverly masked the fact that low-value men are underclass untouchables in Anglo-American countries.

'Bombs in the Harbour'?

Baron Nathaniel Rothschild claimed that 'Great fortunes are made when bombs fall in the harbour, not when violins play in the ballroom'. Hardly debatable; and he surely knew what he was talking about. Moreover, it is notable that Anglo-American feminism is using the global pandemic to strengthen its grasp on power. Erecting subversive statues that exalt women and denigrate men might seem a marginalised and obscure strategy at such a time; but statues and other public artworks are crystallised ideology that 'normalise' socio-cultural values, however warped they might be. 

If and when Covid is finally subdued (it might never be 'conquered', from a medical perspective), the Anglosphere is going to wake up to a world in which misandrist, sex-negative feminism dominates every public space, every facade and precinct. Think about it: a statue of a woman holding a man's severed head outside a public court in a major city sends powerful messages about gender-relations in a crude, unobstructed manner that has never been seen before - not even in the degenerate, man-hating Anglosphere.

As always, one word of advice springs to mind: emigrate.


Perseus with Medusa's Head: The Way it should be