Friday 30 August 2019

Incelerationism: A New Cultural Strategy

It is entirely plain than Men's Rights Activism has failed men across the Anglosphere. Despite the efforts of Angry Harry, A Voice for Men and all the rest, nothing has improved for men in any Anglosphere country. Women still get all the educational funding, don't have to register for the Draft, literally get away with murder and child abuse with a slap on the wrist, are favoured by unjust quotas, and so on. Only male Transsexuals seem to have made any real advances, largely due to appropriating the hyper-privileged female role in Anglo-American society. Perhaps the time has come to move away from simplistic activism (which has obviously failed) towards a more subtle and underhand style of cultural subversion.

One of the more potent and interesting models of such subversion is Accelerationism.

In its political form, Accelerationism involves striving to worsen existing conditions so western societies become failed states and social rebellion becomes inevitable. It is neither left wing or right wing, more a neutral strategy that can be deployed by any political or cultural movement. For a left-wing Accelerationist, voting Republican or Conservative is preferable to voting Democrat or Labour since right-wing political parties are more likely to shift conditions towards a revolutionary situation than left-wing parties. Similarly, rightists should vote for pro-immigration, left-wing political parties since their policies are more likely to trigger a 'conservative revolution' against mass immigration. The Traditionalist scholar Julius Evola advocated this very approach for 'revolutionary conservatives' as early as the 1950s.

'Let us hasten the end'

Accelerationism can be applied in cultural and military struggles, not just electoral politics. In these areas, the strategy works best by inverting an opponent's strengths. At the Battle of Cannae, Hannibal cleverly exploited the Romans' vast numerical strength and overconfidence to destroy their huge citizen army. By provoking the United States to assert its imperialist agenda in the Middle East, ISIS greatly weakened America's internationalist resolve. In boxing, Muhammad Ali's Accelerationist 'Rope-a-Dope' trick turned George Foreman's youth, confidence and strength against him in Zaire. Similarly, Stalin cleverly manufactured a famine to discredit Russia's Kulaks before exterminating them.

The Manosphere version of Accelerationism might best be called 'Incelerationism'. Instead of futile protest, the Incelerationist should welcome sexless males, male alienation and failure because these things bring the end of the misandrist Anglosphere ever closer. Instead of trying to reverse misandry in the Anglosphere, Incelerationists seek to advance it at every turn.

Incelerationism: Is inaction the best action?

But how might these Incelerationist goals might best be achieved? Simply promoting feminism is a problematic strategy, since the Anglosphere authorities might use this to further ostracise dissident men. Similarly, the MGTOW policy of indifference and disengagement also invites self-destruction in an overtly misandrist civilisation. The Transsexual approach - co-opting female status and its manifold advantages - has proved highly effective to its practitioners, although it leaves the average male's ostracised condition largely untouched. Besides, most males simply do not want to live as 'honorary' females (nor should they).

The issues are extremely complex and probably insoluble. As always, leaving the Anglosphere and its reflexive misandry probably remains the prime option for an awakened man. By rejecting Sexual False Consciousness and shunning the futile charade of MRA activism, he lends his weight to the chaos without courting his own destruction.

Friday 2 August 2019

The Great Adultwork Eye-Opener: Is 'The Wall' just another expression of Sexual False Consciousness?

The Wall: Does it really exist exist in the Anglosphere?

One of the main Manosphere debating points is SMV (Sexual Market Value): in particular, the respective SMVs of men and women in relation to ageing. Broadly speaking, MGTOWs and PUAs maintain that male SMV peaks somewhat later and that this gives men a certain advantage over 'post-Wall' women in adult life. Meanwhile, Incels and TFLers maintain that the Wall is a myth created to palliate the Anglosphere's growing army of sexless men. 

The chart below is widely used to support the MGTOW/PUA/MRA perspective, although it is often cited by both sides of the debate:

An obvious problem with this chart is that Female and male SMVs are clearly not equivalent, even at their respective peaks. Using the same measurement scale, male SMV is at best a 4 relative to the female's 10 because male and female SMV have nothing like the same value. There are very few male escorts catering to women (if any), while thousands of women sell sex to males every day. Moreover, virtually all young women enjoy the benefits of high SMV compared to a tiny minority of males. These objections aside, it does seem fairly obvious that a middle aged woman is far less attractive to men than a 20 year old.

Doesn't it?

When confronted with theoretical disputes like this, my own approach is to seek out evidence. In the case of the Wall, this is not too difficult. The Adultwork prostitution site - the UK's most popular - lists the profiles of 20 000 British escorts and these can be easily searched in terms of age, location and so forth. The results were extremely interesting.

My Adultwork search showed 500 women over 55 successfully selling sex to men in the UK. A further search showed 42 profiles of women over 65 successfully selling sex. By contrast, the few males 'selling' sex at that (or any) age were clearly catering to sexual deviants or simply paying for the services of female escorts (obviously major Sexual False Consciousness at play here). By contrast, almost all the post-55 female escorts were successfully selling sex to a wide range of male 'punters', with feedback to prove it.

Naughty Cougar was still notching up reviews at 70, although she also combined chat and webcamming with her escorting service. Scottish Kat was doing even better. She had 870 reviews (many very recent) and only offered sex to her clients. She is 55, an age with almost zero SMV according to exponents of 'Wall Theory'. At 60, Monica had 181 reviews, all recent sexual encounters. Her profile makes a point of saying she sees no one under 25, although all males over that age are welcome. All these 'ladies' were charging 200 USD (or more) for half an hours' 'work'. So much for The Wall...

Scottish Kat: 870 reviews at the ripe old age of 55 

At 60, Monica does not see males under 25; is the demand too great?

At 70, Naughty Cougar has no problem selling sex to thirsty males.

With all this remunerative exploitation of male sexuality by elderly women, how can MGTOWs and PUAs seriously maintain that women hit some 'Wall' at age 35?  Yes, online sex workers are not representative of all women but these ageing British escorts still make a laughing stock of the whole MGTOW/PUA agenda. There is clearly no Wall when women over 55 can make a full time living selling sex to men, many far younger than themselves, for a handsome profit

Although I must apologise for the sordid nature of this post, even I was staggered at these results. Is the Anglosphere's problem of sexual repression far, far worse than even I envisaged? I am starting to wonder if a large majority of young Anglo-American males get any free sex at all. But if not, why are so many young men buying sex from women old enough to be their grandmothers? If elderly British women have a higher SMV than men in their prime, how much greater is the SMV of females in their teens and twenties? To quote my Millennial friends: Like, what the fuck....

In reality, the 'Rational Male's' SMV chart should look like the one below:

Clearly, discrete male SMV never surpasses female SMV in the UK. Even when female SMV begins to decline at 23, it remains infinitely more powerful than its male counterpart. Indeed, it remains at least twice as high when women reach old age. What conclusions can we draw from this?

First, it is obvious that the distinctive sexual repression of Anglo-American culture artificially raises female SMV to abnormal levels; which is why Anglo-American feminists remain such vociferous opponents of prostitution and all other manifestations of heterosexual freedom. In addition, the Anglosphere's distinctive hyper-hypergamy and institutionalised misandry mean men have almost no sexual value at all in the UK (and by extension, the Anglosphere). In the light of the foregoing discussion, it seems obvious that the best option for Anglo-American men is simply to depart the Anglosphere and seek relationships abroad

Because distant shores are always waiting...

Is this movement completely deluded?