Friday 25 February 2011

Terrifying Bayer Ad... The Anglobitch Rampant

Take a look at the following Bayer Beyond Birth Control advertisement:

Note how the women can choose males from a shelf in a department store like different brands of perfume. Advertisements inevitably reflect the values of a culture (or at least a specific target audience) and this one shows clearly how Anglo-American women view men: as disposable commodities to be traded and discarded. Each male on display is a stooge expressing some inane 'lifestyle-choice' for the female to approve (or not, as the case may be).

The whole theme of birth-control is presented as an entirely female enterprise. The fact that a male has fathered the child is conveniently dismissed, along with any influence he might have on the woman's decision. In fact, the process in presented in rather Brave New World terms, except that female 'choice' has replaced the technocratic state.

Ultimately, what we observe here is the ultimate feminist idyll: a matriarchy resembling that of the social insects where the male - any male - is a brief-lived sperm-giver, a necessary evil, a ghost at the banquet. In fact, no living male is necessary to perpetuate such a nightmare scenario; his sperm can be frozen and utilized whenever necessary. The man-hating feminist Jodie Foster of course chose this method of conception, and no doubt we will see ever more middle-class females adopt her spine-chilling approach in the years to come. The complete elimination of living men is already scientifically possible. Like the mythical Amazons, feminist technocrats could simply kill all male infants and their misandrist utopia would still continue indefinitely. Seldom have all the terrible themes of Anglo-American feminism been presented so artfully: misandry, homosociality, gendercide, puritanism and totalitarian matriarchy. What I have attempted to describe in three years, Bayer have successfully expressed in three minutes... no small achievement.

White Knights like Fleming or Futrelle should study this cultural artifact hard and often. At heart, Anglo-American women simply don't like men very much. That goes for Fleming, Futrelle and any other male (whether White Knight or not). The ultimate end of Anglo-American feminism is not some peaceful wonder-world of sexual freedom but the gendercidal elimination of all men - and, of course, matriarchal fascism.

Sunday 13 February 2011

The Puritan Paradox: How Incontinent Cultures Remain Puritanical

Recently, some silver-tongued fellow challenged the Anglobitch Thesis and some of his charges merited a counter-critique, which we present here. Incisive criticism presented with eloquence and skill - we love these things. His central objection was that the Anglosphere cannot be considered puritanical if we view it objectively – children born out of wedlock, rampant divorce rates, sex-education classes, teenage pregnancies, hook-up culture, and so on.

By way of reply, I must first point out that Anglo-American gender-relations are determined by social structure as much as Puritanism. The Anglo-Saxon nations have smaller, less influential middle-classes than most comparable western nations. This means fewer personable, attractive women, since such winning qualities are ‘middle-class’ as such. Continental countries like Sweden or Austria have rather more ‘high beta’ women than the Anglosphere (in Game ranking, 5s to 7s), while the Anglo-American power-distance between classes ensures such women are rare (lots of under-5s and a few entitled over-7s, complete with Homeric 'bitch-shields'). European countries also have traditions of exercise and good diet, further raising the average standard of their women.

That said, at first glance it seems ridiculous to claim that the contemporary anglosphere is ‘puritanical’. In virtually Anglo-American city on a Friday or Saturday night, scantily clad young women can be seen tottering about in drunken stupefaction on the hunt for thugs, sports stars or plutocrats. While the anglosphere was indisputably puritanical well into the 1950s, such a description seems laughable today.

And yet – and it is a crucial ‘and yet’ – the contemporary anglosphere retains a far-reaching animus against men as sexualized beings. Murdoch’s media demonizes men while glorifying women at every turn. For example, British girls who pass public examinations (after years of preferential treatment, of course) are celebrated in press photo-shoots (I kid you not) while young males are mocked as feral morons and pumped full of Ritalin. The ‘conservative’ politicians of the Anglosphere take women’s side at every opportunity, capitulating to every feminist demand. Women commit all manner of crimes with impunity while males are imprisoned for the most trivial offences (and no offences, in the case of divorced fathers).

And so we have a paradox - while the contemporary anglosphere is no longer overtly puritanical, it still exalts women as if it were. The explanation underlying this contradiction sheds much light on feminist conceit. As usual, nothing is simple when discussing the Anglobitch.

The culture-bearing classes in the contemporary anglosphere are not reflective of the general population. That is, social elites in Britain, America and the rest of the Anglophere retain an antiquated outlook completely out of step with modern experience. Moreover, the Anglo elites are typically WASPS whose beliefs closely inhere to ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon puritanism. British Prime Minister David Cameron is a perfect example – having attended Eton College, Oxford University and enjoyed a life of insular privilege, he might as well be living in the 1950s for all he knows of contemporary Britain with its gangs, drugs and Welfare mothers. Unsurprisingly, this weak character yields to feminist opinion at every turn, belying the old-style MRA belief that all feminists are Marxists. And elites across the English-speaking world are similarly archaic, repressive, puritanical and misandrist. This explains how a morally-lax culture still nurtures a puritanical, misandrist media, legislature and judiciary. Its top decision-makers are still living in the early fifties, woodenly partisan and fiercely insistent on imposing their outmoded beliefs.

Furthermore, Puritanism persists in pockets outside the elite. Of course, the Anglo elite are of paramount importance in maintaining the old puritanical culture, but they have many lesser confederates in their mission. The feminist movement clings fiercely to the old repression, with its hysterical ‘sex-trafficking’ fantasies, its paranoid desire to suppress porn – and above all, its overmastering urge to prevent American men seeking foreign mates via VAWA and its derivatives. The legal profession remains determinedly WASP-ish – and of course, pivotal in framing the torrent of anti-male legislation that has oppressed Anglo-American men in recent decades. The media – Ezra Pound’s ‘Liars for Hire’ – are also some fifty years behind the times, still exalting women as stainless angels, forever presenting males as dead-beat dads, rapists and morons. And the established Protestant churches augment this agenda – especially in the United States, where religion remains a potent socio-cultural force.

It is also notable that Anglo-American elite colleges like Harvard, Yale and Oxford are hotbeds of repression. The fact that very little sex occurs in these institutions (about half of Harvard students have no sex in four years of study) shows perfectly well that puritanical attitudes still thrive among the traditional Anglo elites. Academic feminism (as exemplified by the execrable views of Ms Catherine Mackinnon) is notably archaic and anti-sexual - indeed, could come straight from Seventeenth Century New England. Yet graduates of these institutions go on to occupy prominent positions in law, politics and the media, maintaining a strong puritanical agenda in the corridors of power.

Though writers like Roissy continually claim that America is now a ‘post-Marriage’ culture characterised by casual hook-ups, these views and experiences are most definitely not shared by the Anglosphere elites. No – they are still living in the fifties, frowning on sex outside marriage – even though a substantial proportion of Anglo-American citizens no longer marry at all. In Britain, the archaic Establishment gushes over Royal Weddings even though hordes of people are single and substantial numbers of children are now born out of wedlock (most Royal marriages fail, anyway).

So – while the Anglosphere is replete with drunken whores, sex-education classes and porn downloads, in many key areas of policy and opinion-formation the old puritanism is alive and well. And this explains our paradox: the Anglo-American elites defend 'princesses' even while the drunken Anglobitch staggers the streets, her panties around her ankles. Indeed, this gulf between the Anglobitch and the Anglo-American Establishment’s idealization of her is what renders feminism so intellectually inconsistent and absurd.

Where does the foregoing discussion leave us? Above all, it hammers home the point that the ‘conservatism’ extolled by old-style MRAs offers nothing to the Anglo-American men’s movement. Why should it, when residual Puritanism is the source of pan-anglosphere misandry?

Elite or overclass detachment from mainstream experience also explains the precipituous decline of the mainstream media. The Internet has greatly weakened the elite’s ideological influence, exposing the gulf between their archaic rhetoric and the post-feminist nightmare most men have to live in. It is by definition that the men’s movement is an online phenomenon, since the Internet allows for objective discussion without hindrance from the feminists' 'silk curtain'. The MSM does not like men, has no time for their issues and has experienced male disengagement for that reason.