Thursday 18 December 2008

Ghost World: More Anglo Delusions

A film based on the famous graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, Ghost World is a magic-realist paean to the tempestuous years between adolescence and adulthood. The protagonists are two American teenaged girls, one clearly Jewish, the other a fair-haired Anglo-Saxon.

Aside from the casual ridicule of the male sex so typical of these Anglo-American media productions, both the comic-book and the movie make a cardinal error in their depiction of teenage girls in general (and Anglo-American teenage girls in particular). This folly is common among sexually-troubled middle-aged men who choose to include young women in works of art or literature: for they project too much of their own life's wisdom into these wafer-thin personalities. In fact, teenage girls are not some complex blend of Dostoyevsky, Derrida and Ian Curtis: they are one-dimensional, shallow and negatively programmed by a matriarchal Anglo-American mass media that exalts them.

In other words, the heroines of Ghost World are not even believable fiction: they are figures entirely unrepresentative of real Anglo-American teenage girls. These are not alienated philosophers, Mr Clowes: not delicate aesthetes, political warriors or religious mystics. No, they are programmed, standard and plastic: the slime of the Anglosphere. And no, your 'mid life crisis' gives you no excuse to pretend otherwise.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

No Cure for Cancer: the Endemic Ignorance and Racism of Lower Class English Women

Jade Goody, the porcine, loud-mouthed English 'celebrity slut' presently 'battling' cancer of the womb, perfectly represents that most virulent curse of the Anglosphere, the lower class Anglobitch. These bloated, entitled creatures represent a caricature of every Anglobitch failing: stupidity, racism, selfishness, homophobia and cruelty.

Goody reminds the disinterested viewer of some monstrous bullfrog, yammering incomprehensibly, lounging about the Big Brother house like a bloated amphibian. Goody is a typical lower class English Anglobitch: fat, ugly and dumb. Not to mention racist, as her vile outbursts against Indian Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty demonstrated. Lower class Englishwomen are scarcely human; they speak only in throaty barks, like the hounds they are. They are utterly stupid, bulbous heads stuffed with low-brow media drivel, small-minded and vicious.

The origins of these unlovely traits lie deep in Anglo-Saxon culture. Because it is puritanical and repressed, Anglo culture sets women atop pedestals of deference; even in the midst of new-found ‘rights’, they are allowed to retain their old privileges. This creates individuals with an ingrained sense of entitlement, exempt from censure no matter how badly they behave. By contrast, males are inherently vilified by Anglo culture, no matter how intelligent, hard-working or responsible.

In the case of lower class Englishwomen, their reflexive low-IQ tendency to racism, homophobia and general intolerance is allowed to burgeon without ever being challenged, since women in a puritanical cultural context are always above reproach. Indeed, such criticism is considered ‘abusive’, since it challenges the unearned exaltation Anglo-Saxon culture tacitly views as an Anglobitch birthright.

This ubiquitous exemption from personal responsibility finds expression in the way women can publicly espouse racist/sexist/classist views without any thought of censure. They are so used to privileged treatment that any critique of their abusive opinions represents an existential crisis (hence Goody’s shock at being brought to task for her racist beliefs).

Anyway, to end on a more positive note, Goody’s cancer seems to be much worse than first feared. Her death – like that of any lower class English female – would be small loss; after all, they produce nothing more than faeces and criminals. It is sometimes good to know there is no cure for cancer...