Saturday 26 October 2019

Knowledge without Nihilism: Introducing the Crimson Pill

Let us consider the various ‘pills’ that rule contemporary Manosphere thought:

The Blue Pill: The world of comforting illusion. In the MRA Manosphere, it has come to mean the fictional ‘mainstream’ narrative that women are all oppressed and all men advantaged, or that only men can be racist or elitist. In the Incelosphere or PUA community, it is synonymous with various romantic delusions: for example, that race, looks or height do not matter to women or that there is ‘someone’ for everybody. The various Blue Pill fictions are promoted to keep the broad masses cocooned in a comforting world of self-delusion, thereby making society function from day to day. Sexual False Consciousness – the absurd fantasy that ‘all’ men are having sex with models every night – is a perfect example of this.

The Red Pill: The world of (often bitter-tasting) reality. In the MRA Manosphere, it has come to mean the suppressed truth that law, healthcare, education and the media all favour women over men in contemporary society. In the Incelosphere  or PUA community, it has led men to pursue a variety of self-maximising strategies in order to trigger the innate (but socially repressed) female desire for psychopathic, socially dominant/indifferent or physically attractive males.

The Black Pill: The world of absolute truth in all its unending and inflexible horror. In the MRA Manosphere, it means rejecting activism for a MGTOW or renegade lifestyle on the fringes of society. In the Incelosphere or PUA communities, it has come to mean that factors like autism, looks, race or height are fixed and unchangeable, and that men who are ‘challenged’ in these areas are doomed to a life of involuntary celibacy. What defines the Black Pill is its immutability,  its nihilistic acceptance that many features of life cannot be changed despite one’s best efforts.

For me, it is obvious that there is truth in both the Black and Red Pills. While certain features of personal identity (looks, height, ethnicity) are fixed and predetermined, other features (economic status, location, culture) are open to manipulation. Therefore, serious and objective thought requires a new pill which integrates the wisdom of both the red and the black: a pill I will call the Crimson Pill.

The Crimson Pill: Accepting that many features of life cannot be changed but focusing solely on those that can, which are typically social or cultural in nature. Winston Wu of Happier Abroad represents the Crimson Piller at his most effective. He recognises the unchangeable features of his existence (shortness and East Asian heritage) but focuses on those he can change (principally, cultural location). As a result, he has been able to forge romantic bonds with several women outside the Anglosphere.

Obviously, the Anglobitch Thesis is in essence pure Crimson Pill: by rejecting or departing the Anglosphere, a man immediately solves the problem of entitled, misandrist, sex-negative, overweight Anglo-American women who use sex to manipulate and exploit men. That is, the Thesis focuses on a factor – namely, cultural location – which can be changed. It does not pretend that every male can looksmaxx to resemble the young Elvis Presley, or that midgets can become giants, or that autistic misfits will ever be the ‘life and soul of the party, or that hunchbacks will ever win female affection with ‘charisma’ or ‘personality’. Rather, it focuses on the one factor which any solvent man can change for the price of a plane ticket: namely, the culture he resides in

I am aware that many in the Manosphere view the Anglobitch Thesis are a ‘cope’, offering false hope to romantically disillusioned (or sexually disenfranchised) Anglo-American men. However, I have never been under the illusion that all women outside the Anglosphere are angels or that marriage is ever a totally risk-free proposition. Simply relocating to another culture will not guarantee romantic success, a happy, stable marriage or any other factor a man might desire for personal fulfilment. No society is perfect, or ever will be.

As the Manosphere has developed in depth and scope, embracing perspectives from a wide range of cultures, unexpected issues have emerged. Foremost of these is the issue of Canadian misandry. In the wake of his 1989 massacre, most observers considered Marc Lepine an anomaly rather than a true gender-warrior. However, as ever more Canadian males snapped and ‘went postal’ in violent revolt against the misandrist culture-war being waged against them, I began to realise that Canada is just as misandrist as the US, UK or Australia, if not more so.  Further, non-Anglosphere cultures with an active or residual puritan element have similar issues with institutional misandry and strained gender-relations. Obvious examples would be  Japan and some parts of the Islamic world

Despite these observations, the personal evidence of my many correspondents demonstrates that leaving the Anglosphere can definitely improve a man’s romantic chances in the absence of obvious physical deformities or extreme psychological disorders.  And when we turn to issues like divorce, the case for Anglo-specific misandry becomes even stronger. Various learned correspondents have demonstrated that the Anglosphere countries are defined  by several legal/cultural features which make it uniquely difficult for men to form healthy, safe or stable relationships.  I have defined these features as the Five Pillars of Anglosphere Dysfunction:

Class Distinction
Social Isolation
Common Law

The Five Pillars are comprehensively described in my most recent book, Hope on Distant Shores. However, the experience of a correspondent who has actually lived and successfully formed relationships outside the Anglosphere sets out the case in plain English:

And the different, more freewheeling attitudes of Europe towards sex and sexuality are truly a lot different, which probably steers the culture sharply away from Anglo-style feminism, even among the feminists there. Before my fiancée joined me in France—and I’ll admit it here, even after we got married—one of the places I loved to go was up In NE Germany. Tbh German, Polish, Czech, Swedish and Finnish girls are sexy as hell in general, something about that Baltic area, and these gorgeous ladies never have hang-ups about being sexy, attracting men, even being nude or out in thongs in public. When you talk to them, many will say they’re feminists, but their coziness and lack of frigidness around being sexual totally changes what feminism means to them. FWIW I see the same kind of thing down in South America when I’ve been there, particularly down in Brazil, which is the one country I would have chosen if I didn’t wind up in Europe. Crazily hot women, independent, often say they’re feminists but it all means something a world away from Anglo feminism. (In Brazil, when a girl says she’s feminist what she really means is she likes to be the one in control in bed). So from that observation I think you guys are right, the way that Anglo feminists have been conditioned to view sex itself as dirty and nasty, a hang-up from our Puritan tradition, may contribute a lot to the nastiness and misandry of US and Anglo feminism.

For the simple price of a plane ticket, any solvent Anglo-American male can simply wash his hands of repression, sex-negative feminism and shrill, overweight women. If that does not increase his romantic chances by several hundred percent, nothing will. By directing all his efforts on a fluid, Red Pill factor - namely, his cultural location - it becomes possible for a Black Pilled man to transform his life for the better.

That is the wonder of the Crimson Pill.

Friday 11 October 2019

Ready for Battle? Why the Globalist Gynocrats have to shut us down - and how we can stop them

In my last post, I pointed out that the 2020's will be a crisis decade for men in the West. It is obvious that a Battle of Pills is approaching. The Blue Pilled establishment in the Anglo West desperately needs awakened men back on the gynocratic plantation or returned to the shackles of Sexual False Consciousness in order to achieve its global empire of sex-negativity, misandry and deviance; and it will do anything to achieve that goal.

Awakened men are starting to be seen as a serious social problem. The authorities in Canada, USA and UK are starting to direct their energies against our subaltern empire of blogs, websites and channels. The closure of the Braincells Reddit, Undead Chronic's Channel and Roissy's blog are three skirmishes in this struggle. Now, the tempo will accelerate: left-liberal 'academics' (feminist shills) already speak of concocting online 'counter-narratives' to neutralise and subvert our message. Obviously, our opponents hope to crush the Manosphere by obliterating all major strongholds of Red/Black Pill wisdom in an online Blitzkrieg that leaves us fatally weakened. In doing so, they also aim to eliminate the movement's intellectually dominant minority; that is, its conceptual vanguard or 'thought-leaders'. Of course, killing off a nation's leaders has been a highly effective military strategy since ancient times.

In The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Mushashi laid great stress on choosing favourable ground and conditions for battle. If we consider our own ground and situation, both are fairly favourable. Firstly, we are fighting in digital space rather than physical reality. Although this has certain disadvantages, the digital realm is ideal for a small, determined band of fighters to hold their own against more numerous opponents. Secondly, we hold the initiative; our message is already 'out there' on the Internet, with widespread acceptance among the West's small minority of awakened men. At best, our opponents are firefighting, like doctors trying to contain an aggressive cancer.

So how do we defend ourselves? The first thing that needs doing is securing our strongholds by backing up all the data contained there. My good friend Richard Scarecrow has already done this with all content on my Anglobitch website, which is now safe for all posterity.

The second and more important step is to prepare for a decisive counter-stroke against our opponents. Every Red/Black pilled renegade should have at least nine sock-puppet accounts on their favoured platform; consider these as redoubts to which you can fall back and clone your content if the authorities shut down your blog, channel or website.

The third step is to continue the struggle with renewed grit and determination. Unlike fallen icons like Roissy or Undead Chronic, replicate all your work on an alternative account or platform the instant the authorities close it down.  Not only will they be left utterly confounded, your message will reach an ever greater audience. The Internet is ideal for this, since digital information can be instantly cloned and reinstated. Additionally, infiltrating Blue Pilled misandrist strongholds such as Incel Tears and the tradcuck Daily Mail discussion boards with sock-puppet accounts will bog down the Blue Pill's hegemonic counter-offensive with feint, deception and subterfuge. Simply pointing the average clown to any Black/Red Pilled source containing the words 'scientific' and 'research' will wholly confound them, especially when disguised as a female, transsexual or baffled cuck. The British Army used this 'swamping' strategy against the IRA in Northern Ireland, infiltrating their ranks with informers until they were no longer able to function. The 'Chadfishing' operations undertaken by the incel community are a humorous variant of this approach, although direct infiltration is far more effective.

Thus armed, we are ready for battle.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Hope on Distant Shores Available on Kindle

The Kindle version of 'Hope on Distant Shores: How Awakened Men can Escape the Anglosphere's Toxic Women, Sexual False Consciousness and Institutional Misandry' - the book I have been working on for the past five years - is now available.

On Saturday October 26, I will be running a one-day promotion in which the Kindle version of Hope on Distant Shores can be downloaded free. Of course, the beautiful deluxe paperback version is also available at baseline production cost.

It would also be good if satisfied customers already enriched by Hope on Distant Shores could leave some reviews on Amazon, so it can have a similar impact on the lives of others.

Hope on Distant Shores offers lifestyle guidance to the following groups:
  • Men tired of entitled, selfish Anglo-American women
  • Men who want a better, safer, more fulfilled life outside the Anglosphere
  • Men who do not want to ‘adjust’ to a culture which views them as third class citizens
  • Men who do not wish to squander their hard-earned dollars on derisive strippers or punitive divorce settlements
  • Men who want slim, warm, attractive women unsullied by sex-negative, misandrist Anglo-American feminism 
When I started this blog ten years ago, it was my intention to create waves and cast shadows across the Internet. I knew my key insight – that Anglo-American culture’s mistrust of male sexual freedom had created an especially misandrist, belligerent form of feminism – demanded global dissemination. Far from being ‘revolutionary’, as conservative Men’s Rights Activists believe, Anglo-American feminism springs right from the frigid heart of Anglo-American civilization. This explains the unstinting support feminism receives from the state in all Anglo-Saxon countries, and why all attempts to resist it have proved so utterly futile. There never was a ‘golden age’ of gender relations in the Anglosphere; the puritanical Anglo-Saxon cultural bloc has been pedestalizing women and vilifying men for centuries.

My first book ‘Havok’ (2009) focused on the condition of gender-relations in the contemporary Anglosphere. My conclusions – which have since taken root all over the English-speaking world, were that residual Puritanism has imbalanced gender-relations in favour of women, reducing Anglo-American males to disposable stooges, walking ATM machines and vilified deviants. Meanwhile the same secular Puritanism has, by sacralising sex as an elusive commodity, set Anglo-American women atop pedestals as exalted goddesses. Despite claiming to be a ‘revolutionary’ movement, Anglo-American feminism is in fact an extension – indeed, amplification of – existing values: Anglo feminism is sex-negative, misandrist and racist, just like Anglo-American society. In this view, conventional Men’s Right’s Activists who invoke ‘tradition’ against Anglo-Saxon feminism are completely deluded: for Anglo feminism springs straight from the Anglosphere’s repressive, puritan soul. Indeed, it will be noted that conservative MRAs have achieved precisely nothing in their 30-odd years of existence. Similarly, the PUA or Pick-up Artist community are merely playing a game they can never win. The puritanical reality of the Anglosphere renders their various ‘approach’ techniques moribund at best and potentially dangerous for men in the #metoo era.

Further, feminism now serves as a smoke screen to disguise the real problems afflicting Anglo-American civilization – namely, socio-economic inequality, corrupt governance and racist policing. Additionally, the Anglo-feminist narrative which presents white women as oppressed outsiders also serves to mask white women’s endemic racism and long-standing affiliation to the Anglo-American establishment. Not only is sex-negative Anglo feminism an exaggerated expression of Anglo-American values, it helps to insulate those values from positive reform.

The movement that emerged from my first book is best called pan-Anglosphere Dissidence: the systematic rejection of repressive Anglo-American values. This rejection is associated with a yearning for the relative sexual freedom waiting outside the Anglosphere. Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence is predictably strongest in the puritanical United States, with its entitled women, institutionalised misandry and fanatic aversion to prostitution. Building on those insights, Hope on Distant Shores offers lifestyle guidance to Anglo-American men who want slim, warm, attractive women unsullied by sex-negative, misandrist Anglo feminism.

Unlike HavokHope on Distant Shores contains only a few references from ‘canonical’ historians, economists or philosophers. Like Saint Paul or the Buddha, I am fashioning something completely new and a completely new conceptual vocabulary is necessary to contain it. Therefore, most references are taken from the extensive correspondence to my blog which began in early 2018. All the postings of these experienced and learned correspondents, some of them containing over twenty thousand words, are included in a remarkable series of appendices which will doubtless be cited and studied by awakened men for decades to come.

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Incelerando! The impending Anglosphere Crisis: Will the '20s be the Incel Decade?

The Teens (2010-2019) were a decade of great political upheaval in the Anglosphere. Both the US and UK experienced shock election results and dramatic socio-economic upheaval, largely due to years of social dysfunction. Canada and Australia have both spent the past forty years denigrating and marginalising men with boundless misandrist zeal, creating a sizeable 'incel class' of jaundiced males in both countries.

By submitting to residual puritan narratives and declaring informal war on the male sex, the Anglosphere nations are playing a foolish and dangerous game. As the Twenties approach, I am ever more convinced that it will be a decade of unparalleled social instability for the Anglosphere. Any idiot can see that countries with large minorities (or even majorities) of sexless, alienated young men are heading for serious trouble. In particular, the United States and Canada can expect to see weekly mass shootings as incel males with nothing to lose run amok, selecting women - the sexual oppressor class - as their primary targets.

Below, I list some of the factors which will feed this conflagration:

  • Anglo-American misandry. Though many regions are facing an incel crisis, the problem is much worse in the Anglosphere because of its distinctive sex-negative puritanism and sexual racism, which also determine  the sex-negative agendas of Anglo-American feminism. In the Anglosphere there will be no amelioration of misandry or inceldom, just their unremitting expansion. 
  • Avoidance and apathy. The Anglosphere is reluctant to address sexual issues honestly and directly because of its puritan heritage. This means the incel crisis will have to reach critical levels before any action is taken. And by then, the problem will very hard to rectify without resorting to draconian measures.
  • Fraying trust values. Decades of feminism, misandrist policy and male oppression has made the Anglosphere a dry powder-keg ready to explode with sexual repression and resentment. Expect the Anglosphere countries to become ever more like Brazil or Mexico with social disorder, crumbling institutions and casual violence being normalised. 
  • The Flynn Effect. Rising IQs have made the masses far harder to fool with MSM propaganda. Only an absolute idiot still thinks Chinese guys studying STEM are bouncing around in bed with blonde models every night. Female hypergamy, entitlement and racism are now common knowledge to almost everyone with Internet access and two brain cells to rub together.
  • End of social circle. Once, tribal membership of a youth culture meant easy access to members of the opposite sex. With the stealthy replacement of post-War youth culture by hypergamous social media for younger Millennials and Zoomers, such social circle game no longer exists. This will mean ever more single, dangerous and aggrieved young men in the 2020s.
  • Informational threshold. The Internet permits instant sharing of knowledge and opinion, obviating the old model of top-down media indoctrination. In the 80s or 90s the MSM could happily praise Greta Thunberg as a saint without fear of contradiction. However, once social media appears and a certain threshold of informational complexity is passed, the game is up; it is no longer possible for the MSM to peddle its Blue-Pilled Disney fantasies. Perhaps widespread higher education and the Flynn Effect feed this outcome, also. Even the broad masses are beginning to reject Sexual False Consciousness for a more honest narrative. Generation Z will reach adulthood during the next decade, having been raised by an online counter-culture in which the Manosphere is a prominent force. In the 2020s,  expect undiluted Black Pill thought to become commonplace among people under 40. 

Doubtless my astute readers can add many more factors to this list. With these divisive elements already in place, the 2020s promise to be hot indeed. With the MSM in full retreat, Sexual False Consciousness is breaking down rapidly in the face of Black Pill truth and many males are realising their desperate situation. 

It does not take a genius to work out what will happen in the next decade; nonetheless, a genius has marked the way for us. In this immortal passage, Shakespeare's Richard III - a hunchbacked proto-incel - describes the damage sexual alienation can wreak on the male personality. Here, the deformed Richard surveys his limited options as a sexually disenfranchised male:

Grim-visaged war hath smooth'd his wrinkled front;
And now, instead of mounting barbed steeds
To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,
He capers nimbly in a lady's chamber
To the lascivious pleasing of a lute.
But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks,
Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;
I, that am rudely stamp'd, and want love's majesty
To strut before a wanton ambling nymph;
I, that am curtail'd of this fair proportion,
Cheated of feature by dissembling nature,
Deformed, unfinish'd, sent before my time
Into this breathing world, scarce half made up,
And that so lamely and unfashionable
That dogs bark at me as I halt by them;
Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace,
Have no delight to pass away the time,
Unless to spy my shadow in the sun
And descant on mine own deformity:
And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.

In simpler terms, let the dark times roll...