Sunday 27 December 2009

Anglo-American Globalization Spreading Anglobitch Values

Interesting article broadly arguing that Anglo-American sexual repression and hypocrisy is poisoning other, more liberated cultures through the channels of media globalization:

A few years ago I was driving late at night through the Pigalle area of Paris, which has been known as the city's "naughty" quartier for more than a century. I was, of course, merely on my way home.

Out of the darkness, there loomed a tall, male figure: young, pasty-faced, badly-dressed, obviously drunk, obviously British.

"It's all a fucking con-trick," he screamed as I swerved to avoid him. "It's all a fucking con."

A young British male, aggressive, uptight, determined to be virile but not sure how or where to start, had just established contact with the French sex industry, which had offered much but delivered little, at a high price.

Similar scenes are doubtless acted out, with different national protagonists, in every large city in the world. Pigalle is, in any case, not especially naughty these days. But there was something elemental about my late-night vision of young, British manhood on the streets of Paris, the city of lovers. Britons have long been possessed by a suspicion that foreigners especially "the bloody French" are more sexually liberated and active than we are. To put it crudely, that foreigners especially "the bloody French" are getting it more and doing it better.

Similarly, there is a widespread foreign view that the British are erotically inept. Our men are clumsy and hurried and given to strange inclinations. Our women are prudish and cold. Our teenagers are at it like rabbits but in a joyless and brutal fashion, largely under the influence of drink and drugs.

How true are such stereotypes? Are they changing in the globalised world of contraception, liberated morals, the internet, and frenetic travel? Have national sexual characteristics been eroded in a world in which relationships are often international and where sexual imagery infests everyday life?

To try to answer some of these questions, I made an appointment with France's leading "sexologist", Dr Jacques Waynberg, medical doctor, lecturer, writer and sexual philosopher. Dr Waynberg has studied human sexuality from the Brazilian rain forests to Bucharest. He organises academic studies in the psychology of eroticism, and the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, at the Universities of Paris VI and VII. He is the founder of the Paris Institut de Sexologie. What he had to say was startling. He believes that globalisation and modern industrial society have eroded national sexual characteristics. Far from everyone becoming more sexually confident, the developed world has become more erotically clumsy, even autistic, he says. In other words, other nations, even the French, are becoming, sexually speaking, more like the British.

"The British problem with sexuality is not a question of coldness or clumsiness. The problem is that you Britons take sex too seriously, too ponderously, as something deeply personal and secret, to be hidden and discussed in whispers or, conversely, something smutty to be gossiped about," Dr Waynberg said. "Eroticism in Britain has always been a difficult subject, as, of course, in many ways it is.

"The French traditionally have treated sex and eroticism more lightly, as a game, something to be enjoyed. That, I am afraid, is changing. I see dozens of French people of all ages in this office and my impression is that many French people are no longer having much fun out there. The pressures of modern life, the isolation of the modern couple without a wider family structure, the high expectations of performance, have destroyed the lightness, the playfulness which were characteristic of the French Lover.

"Sexuality in France is, I fear, becoming anglicised."

Dr Waynberg blames a paradox of the modern world: the obsession with glorified, or exaggerated, or over-simplified sexuality simultaneously arouses and destroys the true erotic impulse, he argues. As Shakespeare said of drink: "It provokes the desire but takes away the performance".

Jacques-Alain Miller, France's most celebrated Freudian psychoanalyst, makes a similar argument. He points to the systematic media hypocrisy now spreading from Britain and the US to France which glorifies and cheapens sexuality while tut-tutting or sniggering at any manifestation of sexuality in politicians and celebrities.

The Max Mosley affair was much reported in France partly through the device of mocking the prurience of the British press while providing the salient details. M. Miller said that this was symptomatic of changing attitudes in France: "Globalisation is universalising some of the worst aspects of Anglo-American puritanism: a hypocritical fulmination [by the media] against the smut which it encourages and then uncovers," M. Miller said "It is as if orgasm is no longer acceptable in the public domain."

International sex surveys suggest that Dr Waynberg and M. Miller are wrong (but also right). Such studies suggest that there are still great disparities between sexual activity and enjoyment in different parts of the word. A survey for Durex last year of 26,000 people in 26 countries claimed that the Greeks were the world's randiest people. Eighty-seven per cent of Greek adults said that they had sex at least once a week, compared with 34 per cent of the Japanese. The "Anglo-Saxons" came out badly. Only 55 per cent of Britons said they had sex weekly and 53 per cent of Americans.

Source: Independent, September 2008

Monday 21 December 2009

The Shield of Marc Lepine (After Auden's 'The Shield of Achilles')

She looked over his shoulder
For planes and tanks at war,
Pronouncements by dictators
And arbitrary law,
But there on the shining metal
His hands had put instead
A modern family courtroom
As spiritless as lead.

A court bereft of justice, cold and bare,
A place reviled of honour and of truth
Where welfare workers spoke of ‘love’ and ‘care’,
With all the stark naivity of youth
(And no regard for honesty, or proof);
The schizoid Judge in judgement took her time,
Considering no evidence, imagining a crime.

Then out of air a judgement shadow-deep
Declared him guilty, and his children hers;
And all his hard-earned assets hers to reap
Or he would sup in jail, or somewhere worse;
His unbelieving lips could not yet curse
Unless ‘contempt’ be added to his ‘crimes’ –
A tired addendum to these troubled times.

She looked over his shoulder
For vast atrocities;
For Dachau, and for Belsen -
For moral mysteries;
But on the glinting metal
Where these things should have been
She saw by his flickering forge-light
Quite another scene.

A ageing cougar, bondless and alone
Surveyed the wreckage of her fifty years,
Bewept her youth and beauty, long since gone
With eyes beyond the misery of tears,
And felt the chilly clasp of primal fears;
Why would a solvent partner take her on
With all this baggage, and her face undone?

The string of thugs that ploughed her furrow fair
Now lay in jail or under marble cold,
Or in some cell of underclass despair
Consumed by drugs, and prematurely old,
The willing sheep their dealers bought and sold;
Her sons were feral savages, so wild
She cursed the very concept of each child.

She looked over his shoulder
For killers and their crimes,
For Nazis and for Stalinists
In strife-tormented times,
But wide amaze remade her eyes
For on the shining shield
His hands had set stark winter skies,
Above a muddy field.

A savage chav with sharply-shaven head
Surveyed the scene, with predatory eyes;
He longed to find a child, and coax it dead -
Feast deep upon its shrill and frantic cries,
His long, dark drink and sanguinary prize.
His father was a thug he’d never known,
Who’d tried his mother’s bed, and left alone.

The thin-lipped armorer,
Hephaestos, hobbled away,
Thetis of the shining breasts
Cried out in dismay
At what the god had wrought
To grace the cold, hate-strong
Woman-killing hands of Marc Lepine,
Who would not live long.

Sunday 20 December 2009

Rise of the Sinobitch: A Lesson in Socio-Sexual Dynamics

Paradoxically, the rise of the Sino Bitch in China reveals much about the Anglobitch, and gender-relations across the Anglosphere. What makes the Anglobitch Thesis such a potent concept is its flexibility – the way it can adapt and explain any situation in gender-relations.

What is the Sinobitch phenomenon? In China, women are an increasing problem, displaying many traits usually displayed by Anglo-American women – insolence, arrogance, entitlement and sexual manipulation. This situation has arisen simply because, due to China’s ‘One Child’ policy, sex is in short supply in China: there are thirty million sexless males without hope of sex or a partner. This gives Chinese women enormous power, since they possess what men want – sex: the prime commodity in gender-relations.

In the Anglosphere, women strive to simulate the same situation by banning prostitution, stigmatizing foreign brides and insisting on Jane Austenesque ‘romance’ – repression’s first redoubt. By restricting male access to sex, they have engineered a western facsimile of the Chinese situation. However, even at its best, this is a pale imitation of the conditions unfolding in China. A conservative estimate by the US State Department numbers Chinese prostitutes at 10 million:

A study of the sex industry in rural China found “ a lot of young girls want to get rich so badly and want to make use of their beauty before it slips away. They consider working hard a waste of time and feel their looks are a waste if they don’t take advantage of them immediately.” (Source: BBC)

Of course, many more Chinese women live as concubines or exchange sex for gifts. In short, the rise of the sexually manipulative Sinobitch is, ironically, a masterclass in Anglobitch studies. Sexual scarcity grants women power over men, which is why they go such lengths to maintain it. And all the cloudy talk by American 'pick-up artists’ (self-deluding bullshitters, for the most part) won’t change that.

However, the rising sense of entitlement among Chinese women extends beyond mere prostitution, the LCD of gender-relations. The following discussion of Sinobitch narcissism comes from a fascinating site called, concerned with Anglo-American expats in China. While it contains interesting case studies, the article has several logical flaws. I will explain these errors in due course.

Pathological Narcissism and Grandiose Self Defenses

The single-child policy combined with pervasive traditional Confucian values and beliefs in regard to the superiority of males has led to some rather pathological cultural-specific dynamics in regard to Chinese female psychosocial and personality development.

1.The female child is a grave disappointment at birth, especially to her father. Whether spoken or not, this leads to either an estranged relationship (most common scenario) or one that is, at best, highly ambivalent.
2.As an only child, the daughter is nevertheless pampered and spoiled, especially by her mother and grandparents. If the father is conscious of his disappointment, resentment and subsequent guilt, he too may also overindulge his daughter in an attempt at psychological undoing.
3.This combination of factors leads to a child who feels both constitutionally damaged (i.e., inadequate, inferior at birth) and, at the same time, entitled to special treatment and compensation from the world. One of two types of pathological narcissism will emerge depending on the girl's cognitive and physical attributes:
a.If the girl is very gifted academically and considered physically attractive, she will become a phallic or exhibitionistic narcissistic.
b.If the girl is only an average student (or worse) and considered to be no better than average-looking, she will become a closet narcissist.

Case Illustration: "Andy," a foreign teacher in China married to a closet narcissist.

This post was written by a foreign male teacher in China and vividly describes what his life is like being married to a closet narcissist. It is a fairly common scenario in China, especially for Western men married to Chinese women, which is why it is included here.

Even my own wife has admitted (once) that she takes advantage of my temperate disposition and fair-mindedness to try to put it over on me.

My own wife used to be physically violent with me quite a bit. Hitting and scratching, punching, even biting etc., (basically, the untamed 3 year old). One time she smacked me across the head with a heavy book on the bus, and brought blood to my forehead.

She doesn't do it anymore, though. The last time she hit me, about two years ago, I jabbed her back with a short, sharp jab/punch to the shoulder - the only time I have ever hit a woman. It wasn't enough to cause any damage, but hard enough to let her know that physical violence is unacceptable, at least where I come from. And I told her so directly. It was basically like disciplining a child with a smack. We have talked about this since, and she admits that when she was little her father was "very weak" and she was treated like a princess. i.e. she never had appropriate boundaries set. Many Chinese kids get so much attention when they are little (esp. girls) that they grow up with a completely different mindset to western kids. Many expect the world to revolve around them, esp. now with the one child policy.

Case Illustration: Candy, the exhibitionistic narcissist.

This case vignette was written by a 30-year old American foreign teacher in China who had a very painful experience with an exhibitionistic narcissist he had met through an Internet dating service. Unfortunately, many Western men are exploited and manipulated for visas to their respective foreign countries every day in China.

I first met 23-year old Candy through an online dating service. I was frankly surprised at how quickly she answered my private message to her. We exchanged Yahoo Messenger IDs and then spent about two hours chatting online. She told me that all she was interested in was meeting a good man who could love her: that’s all. She wasn’t interested in a man’s wealth or his possessions, she wrote. She indicated that she had broken up with her first and only boyfriend about six months ago, another American who was 42 years older than her, and that she was ready to start a new relationship. Aside from all that, she was also probably the prettiest girl I had ever seen in China, so all of this was really hard for me to believe. But I wanted to believe, so I agreed to pay for a ticket for her to fly her up to meet me.

When I met her at the airport, I couldn’t believe my eyes: She was even prettier in person than she was in her photos. Inside the taxi, on the way to back to my apartment, I got the distinct impression that something was wrong, that she was distracted somehow, but I tried not to attend to that—I hoped that maybe I was just imagining it because I was so nervous and excited.

When we finally got to my apartment, she simply dropped the bags she had been carrying right next to the door and broke some bottle containing a liquid that then proceeded to leak all over the floor. She didn’t seem the least bit concerned by it and I was the one who would eventually clean it up the next morning.

After she was settled in, and we were both seated at the dining room table, I asked her to tell me what was really going on. I commented on how I realized a girl like her could get any man she wanted, so why would she be interested in a 30-year old guy like me who hadn’t accumulated much wealth and only had a four-year college education? After staring at and sizing me up for what felt like an eternity, while weighing all her options, she then proceeded to tell me the truth. As it turned out, she had lied about everything. She had not broken up with her 65-year old boyfriend at all. She was with me because they had a big fight after he had refused to marry her again. She admitted that her only interest in me was to get a visa to America. She wanted me to marry her and bring her to the states as soon as possible (she seemed to have no real idea about the length of time it took to get a marriage visa). She even offered me $20,000 USD if I would agree.

It’s hard to describe, but I don’t think I had ever been more heartbroken and disappointed than I was at the particular moment in time. I had never been married before so I was looking for a real wife, not a business deal, and I told her so. I then asked her to book a return flight back to her 65-year old boyfriend the next day. That was my third and last try with a Chinese girl. Although I remained in China for another two years before returning back to the states, I never dated another one again. I wouldn’t dare.

I recently received a message from Candy. Leonard finally agreed to marry her and her big dream came true: She has been living in California for the past five months. She also asked if I would come visit her because she wanted to have sex with a much younger man. When I told her that I wasn’t interested, she replied that she had already found a much younger and richer man to marry her after she gets her Green Card and divorces Leonard.

I actually felt sorry for the poor bastard. He probably has no idea

Rookh Kshatriya's Analysis

The article's first error is in confusing female entitlement with a personality disorder:

If the girl is very gifted academically and considered physically attractive, she will become a phallic or exhibitionistic narcissistic.

In truth, arrogance and entitlement are very much natural - indeed, reflexive - female responses to 'owning' sex in a social situation where this premium commodity is in short supply. Where there is a shortage of eligible women, their commodity-status automatically rises - like any other commodity. During the First World War, even balding old crones could make a decent living sexually servicing the front-line troops, since no other women were available. Anglo-American women have of course 'simulated' these conditions by creating a vast edifice of 'romance' around gender relations, so that sex is dwarfed by the vast corpus of chivalric, latent-homosexual gestures that now surround the sexual act. On course, the true purpose of this insistence on Disneyfied 'romance' is to ration sex and thus raise its scarcity value, thus maintaining the Anglobitch Princess in her privileged status.

As for China itself, we are often told that all young Chinese males are 'little emperors' with an enormous sense of entitlement compared to western children. 'Andy's' testimony refutes this, however:

Many Chinese kids get so much attention when they are little (esp. girls) that they grow up with a completely different mindset to western kids.

Especially girls... Now, this chimes well with what we understand of Anglo-American women. Due to the puritanical nature of Anglo-American culture, Anglo girls grow up with a staggering sense of entitlement as 'owners' of sex in a repressive, explicitly 'homosocial' society. In the case of Chinese girls, this 'scarcity' situation will be augmented by sociobiological factors, in that a girl child might now be many low-status parents' sole hope of future reproductive success. So, pampered and cocooned in a world of entitlement, the young Chinese girl rapidly matures into a full-grown Sinobitch, viewing men (especially foreign men) entirely as meal-tickets and stooges. And of course, the influence of 'enlightened' Anglo-American culture on China in recent years can hardly have helped to quell this dangerous phenomenon.

In sum, the rise of the Sinobitch not only teaches us much about the Anglobitch; it reveals the socio-sexual dynamics underlying the Anglobitch phenomenon.

Saturday 12 December 2009

Breaking News: Anglobitch Video Banned as 'Hate Speech'


Youtube have seen fit to remove my major 'Anglobitch' video that explains the theory to novices in simple, visual terms. The excuse they gave was that I am guilty of 'hate speech'. All nonsense, of course: the only 'hate speech' in these debates emanates from feminists like Catherine MacKinnon, Germaine Greer or Harriet Harman. The video, as those who have seen it can readily attest, is entirely bereft of anything but facts.

My fear is that the Anglobitch message has been reaching out so effectively across the Anglosphere that the Anglo-American elites have been stung into suppressing us. Declining marriage rates across the Anglosphere, increased male resistance to institutionalized misandry and a general male 'opt-out' from corrupt societies that view them as expendable ATM machines must have forced their hands.

In response, all I can say is 'keep the faith' - that is, keep spreading the Anglobitch message online, avoid Marriage and keep shunning Anglo-American women. Above all, take heart: their discomfiture is clear proof our message is working.

On a somewhat more positive note, this is your last day to vote for the Top Anglobitch presently operating in the Anglosphere. Right now, it's neck and neck between the Horrendous H Clinton and Hideous H Harman, undoubtedly the two top turnips subverting patriarchal civilization in the West. Don't delay, vote today! An extensive Anglobitch profile on the winner is promised, within the week.

Get voting!

Thursday 10 December 2009

Feminism: Anglobitch Creation or Autonomous Product?

Who is to blame for feminism and its cataclysmic effects? This is one of the great conundrums within the field of Men's Studies. As well as being of intrinsic interest, it is also of great practical importance: for if we cannot identify where the problem lies, how can we possibly correct it? Some say it is men, others women. However, a third possibility exists: society itself. This is because laws and language are systems of information that transcend any individual consciousness.

The Anglobitch Thesis is in many ways far ahead of other MRA concepts, since it stresses the structural aspects of feminism: that is, the cultural aspects. How can we change things? If society is a vast information programme, then it is possible to change it by introducing new data, as one changes software output by inserting different variables. MRA sites, blogs and so forth are already having an impressive effect in this regard.

In our view, Anglo American feminism has become institutionalized via complex, non-linear feedback loops that accentuate behavioural trends implicit in human behavior by virtue of our evolutionary heritage. These have become embedded as socio-cultural memes in law, language and politics as immutable ‘norms’. A good example would be the offhand deference shown to women by the Anglo-American media. This originated in the biological need to safeguard young women in order to expand early hunter-gatherer societies, the first societies in the crudest sense. Then, this tendency was accentuated by non-linear feedback loops to become embedded in communal life.

Beyond this, as true institutions emerged, these norms became embedded in the social nexus at a primal level. These persist as ‘fossil values’ in modern culture, unaccountable 'transparencies' that legitimate offhand devaluation of the male. Anglo American culture above all others promotes female advantage in this manner, because its archaic puritanical assumptions persist as fossils in contemporary, post feminist culture, promoting women on pedestals and vilifying all males as sexualized creatures.

Robert Wright of Harvard: expert Evolutionary Psychologist

Lower class Anglo-American populist culture gives a perfect example of this pernicious process in operation. As Robert Wright of Harvard has shown, lower class families value girls more because a lower class girl can still find a sexual partner despite her poverty - and thus still manage to reproduce. For a lower class male, this is much less likely. This is why lower class women have another child as soon as possible after a boy is born: a boy born in poverty is a biological liability, a waste of time and resources.

Now, it is obvious that contemporary lower class populist culture is deeply misandrist, assuming all males to be rapists, paedophiles and so on. A cursory glance at any lower-class media product will prove this. Now, the lower class media’s owners/managers do not sit arounge their offices saying, “Hey – let’s hate men today!” Rather, the customs and working methods they have developed by trial and error achieve exactly the same result as a carefully-engineered misandrist social programme, albeit unconsciously. In short, the misandrist agenda is amplified by nonlinear feedbacks, becoming embedded in organizational procedures to produce convergent results. At no point, however, did anyone ever consciously plan any of this: it arose entirely by spontaneous, self-organising social processes. In our view, exactly the same process occurs in law, politics and the 'highbrow' media - albeit in a more complex, multi-tiered and symbiotic manner. Indeed, the German scholar Niklas Luhmann claims that the law and other complex institutions are actually self-organising entities in their own right, which spontaneously adapt to (and embody) socio-cultural shifts. It is inviting to think that, in practice, Anglo-American law also embodies unconscious misandry for the same reason.

Niklas Luhmann: expert in complexity-driven social systems

Indeed, if we consider the foregoing discussion carefully, the Anglo-American MRA fixation on ‘conservatism’ to reverse the ills of feminism is entirely mistaken, in that Anglo-Saxon 'conservatism' merely reprises the core values of Anglo culture, which inherently exalt women while denigrating men. Simply calling on that culture for salvation from Anglo feminism is hopeless, since puritanical Anglo-Saxon culture is inherently loaded with vicious misandry in the first place!

Obviously, reprogramming the culture will be no simple task – however, the more difficult path is invariably the most rewarding. Indeed, some of the articles and essays on this blog and our associated Anglobitch site serve as a good foundation for this unqiue conceptual enterprise. A new language of equitable gender relations must be formulated by MRAs from all over the Anglophone nations if the Anglosphere is to survive the depredations of Anglobitch feminism. American pragmatism, British objectivity, Canadian conscience, Anzac verve and Indian spiritual depth must all be mobilized against the fossilized, catastrophically misandrist memes embedded within Anglo culture.

In conclusion, no one party is ‘to blame’ for Anglo feminism. No one is ‘to blame’ for the inherent misandry of Anglo-American institutions. There is no conscious misandrist agenda, only non-linear recursive feedbacks that produce exactly the same effect – giving observers the impression that such a conscious agenda exists, when in fact it does not. The main challenge for Anglo-American MRAs lies in deconstructing the hegemonic memes of the existing culture to challenge its ubiquitous rhetoric of anti-male oppression.

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Prostitution, Post-Marriage Relations and Obama’s Unlikely Election

Obama: Elected on the back of soft polygamy, Welfare and the Marriage Strike?

Prostitution is a topic that sharply divides MRAs. On the one hand, some consider prostitution a largely benign institution that cheapens the power of sex, thus knocking Anglobitches off their pedestals of entitlement. Other MRAs point out that many feminists view prostitution as a ‘reappropriation’ of female sexual independence – making it something to be obviously opposed by MRAs. (However, yet other feminists strongly oppose prostitution, concocting bogus figures about levels of trafficking and coercion, further muddying the waters).

In short, prostitution is a baffling topic, on which there is no clear consensus among either MRAs or feminists. What is our own view?

The Anglobitch Thesis broadly considers prostitution in the Anglosphere to be quite distinct from that which occurs in other cultures. This relates to the Disneyfied, puritanical repression that undercuts sexual relations in the Anglosphere. Elsewhere, sex is viewed as a physical function, like eating, not some quasi-mystical sacrament bestowed by women on men. Hence, in the Anglosphere it is broadly in women’s interests to keep this high ‘exchange value’ attached to sex, for any decline in its value means a loss of that ‘princess’ status uniformly granted to women in the Anglosphere. That is why, broadly speaking, prostitution is opposed by Anglo-Saxon feminists like Harriett Harman, and all blame for it laid at the door of (largely imaginary) ‘traffickers’, pimps and most of all, men.

Prostitution attracts the utmost controversy among Anglo-American MRAs

However, many women also oppose prostitution for entirely personal reasons. If men can obtain a cheap, steady supply of sex, more women will end up without a mate, a mortifying fate for most females. After all, most men marry to assuage sexual needs and an endless supply of cheap young female bodies is infinitely preferable to spending half one’s life with an ageing, turkey-necked scold. Of course, the ‘Brazilification’ (socio-economic inequality) that has recently emerged in the Anglosphere also means that fewer men can can now attract a wife, anyway. In short, many women are also on Marriage Strike, in that too few Anglo-American men can now afford to keep one. Many evolutionary psychologists argue that prostitution is very prevalent in Third World countries because there, it is more cost-effective for women to prostitute themselves than marry an impoverished husband. In western countries only 1% of women are prostitutes; in African countries the proportion of prostitution-women is as high as 25%. Indeed, the ‘soft polygamy’ that is arising in the Anglosphere probably represents an expansion of prostitution in response to ‘Brazilification’ – that is, we are rapidly returning to a pre-modern, pre-patriarchal socio-sexual compact closer to the Stone Age than advanced industrial society.

So now we begin to explain the differences of opinion among gender activists of both sexes on this crucial topic. Young, attractive, lower-class women will of course favour prostitution, since they can use it to exploit male sexual needs and earn far more than they ever could in conventional employment. However, old or unattractive women will automatically oppose prostitution, for the same reason they oppose male homosexuality – it will likely leave them childless and mateless in old age, as men opt for quality sex over marital commitment. Indeed, old elite women (a la Harman) are invariably most opposed to prostitution for this very reason.

The same distinction can probably be found among MRAs. The Anglo-American MRA movement is broadly divided into conservatives and progressives. Conservatives, represented by sites like American Women Suck, tend to hold Christian beliefs and strongly oppose prostitution. Progressives, as represented by MGTOW, tend to be agnostic materialists and broadly accepting of prostitution and homosexuality. Both positions hav their problems, however.

‘Anglo-American’ conservatism is somewhat of an oxymoron, in that America is a nation forged in revolt. Moreover, Protestantism is a faith of revolt, and Christianity (sans the Judeo) is a revolutionary hotpotch of idealist eschatology, pacifism, paganism and Marxism (turn the other cheek, accept the pagan Trinity, give away all your possessions). Besides, ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon puritanical culture inherently promotes matriarchal values, so adhering to it is hardly likely to challenge feminism. By contrast, the progressive strand of men’s activism acknowledges some of the problems inherent in Anglo culture, even if its solutions may still be invalid.

In sum, the issue of prostitution is complex, and opinions on it are formed by personal circumstances, politics and culture. That the West is changing, moving away from Marriage towards ‘soft polygamy’ (another form of prostitution, after all) is impossible to doubt. This is shaping new cultural trends – increased rates of singleness, the Marriage Strike, more use of hired sexual services and a rapid expansion of alternative sexual lifestyles. What has not been noted before is that these trends are starting to influence mainstream political events in the Anglosphere, as can be seen in the election of President Obama.

The great unstated truth about Obama is that young, single women made him President. There is something about being a young, single woman that makes someone strongly enamored of generous Welfare programmes. The fact that most young, single women earn little, tend to study non-renumerative subjects at college and have a pronounced sense of entitlement in Anglo-Saxon societies all disposed them to vote for Obama in droves. Of course, the crucial factor in their situation is singleness- specifically, singleness occasioned by the Marriage Strike. Simply put, in the ‘Post-Marriage’ era, an elaborate Welfare State is essential for such women. Since men still earn more, yet no longer trust them enough to marry them, young single women must necessarily look to the State for survival provision. Of course, the Welfare State inherently favours women, anyway – just look at Britain, where men pay most taxes but get little Welfare help - which further explains these women’s electoral choice.

Theirs was a vote for misandrist matriarchy, and long will American men rue their present political administration.

Saturday 28 November 2009

John Cleese Cleaned Out by Anglobitch Divorce Settlement

The legendary British comedian John Cleese is returning to work after a grossly unfair Divorce settlement orchestrated by the matriarchy's legal lackeys. At 70, he is on tour again. It is said that the Samurai were encouraged to think of death in battle every morning, to prepare them for the day ahead. Anglo-American men need to contemplate Divorce settlements like this every morning, for the same reason...

The Oscar nominated comedy actor is giving his former wife £8 million in cash and assets which include an apartment in New York, a £2 million mews house in fashionable Holland Park in west London, and half a beach house in Santa Barbara in California which is yet to be sold.

Ms Faye Eichelberger, an American psychotherapist, will also receive £600,000 a year for seven years. The papers to finalise the financial settlement were lodged in the courts in California last week.

Cleese, 70, who is in the New Forest writing a barbed one man show to be called Alimony Tour Year One, has revealed his anger at the size of the divorce settlement which will make his former wife, who he was married to for 16 years, richer than him.

He said: “What I find so unfair is that if we both died today, her children would get much more than mine.” He added: “At least I will know in future if a I go out with a lady they will not be after me for my money.” When he met her in 1990 she was living in a third floor council flat in London with two sons from a previous marriage.
His former wife, who is 64, was represented in the legal negotiations by Fiona Shackleton, who is known as the Steel Magnolia because of her sharp negotiating skills. She also acted for the Prince of Wales and Sir Paul McCartney in their respective divorces.

In her divorce testimony, she claimed Cleese was a “world-renowned celebrity” and she was used to “being entertained by royalty and dignitaries in castles”. She claimed half the Monty Python star’s earnings since their 1992 wedding, half his nine properties, and £900,000 a year to live on.

In March a judge in America declared her claim was “excessive” and reduced the interim payments he had been paying from £106,000 a month to £57,000.

Michael Winner, the former film director and acerbic restaurant critic who has been Cleese’s closest friend for 30 years, said: “It is an extraordinary world which means John is left with much less than his former wife even though he is the star who did all the work. The settlement defies human belief. John is extremely cross about it and I don’t blame him. The settlement comes after two years of harrowing legal argument.”

Mr Winner, who accompanied the couple on their honeymoon to St Lucia in 1992, said: “John has worked all his life and will now have to continue working because he has seen a huge chunk of what he has worked for going to his former wife who he rescued from a council flat (Housing Project).”

Cleese, who is also working on a film script, added: “I got off lightly. Think what I’d have had to pay Alyce if she had contributed anything to the relationship.”

In a recent interview the actor said: “In my 70th year I will still be spending two months a year doing work that is of no interest to me and which is probably slightly spiritually depleting in order to feed the beast.”

He has remained friends with his first wife, Connie Booth, who co-wrote and starred in Fawlty Towers and the American actress Barbara Trentham. He has two grown-up daughters with his first two wives. Last year he sold his ranch in California to help pay for the divorce.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Only in England: Elite Anglobitch Murderess escapes from Open Prison

Murder someone with a cricket bat, get your sentence reduced for no reason, fake a drugs overdose to get into a cushy 'open prison' that resembles a stately home, escape over the wall - and no one bats an eyelid! Why couldn't I have been born an Anglobitch? Hey, only in England...

Former Royal aide Jane Andrews escaped from prison just four days after parole chiefs caved in to her demands to switch to an open jail. Murderer Andrews, 40 - the Duchess of York's ex-pal and dresser - is believed to have "bunked over a wall" after a therapy session.

Panic-stricken bosses at HMP East Sutton Park in Maidstone, Kent, locked down the prison and called in support from police search teams and helicopters. But they were later forced to admit she could have vanished at any point during an EIGHT-HOUR window.

Andrews, who escaped on Sunday, was still at large last night despite a huge search.

Andrews - who was moved to East Sutton Park after convincing a parole board of her "remorse" - had just come off suicide watch. She swallowed a handful of paracetamol tablets last Wednesday three hours after arriving at her new jail and had to be rushed to hospital.

A prison insider said: "Jane Andrews has only just arrived and she's already managed to escape. Maybe that tells you something about the state of prison security. She is easily the most high-profile prisoner here and so she should have been monitored. It's embarrassing that no one noticed she was missing until nearly 9pm, and she couldn't be accounted for after around 1pm."

Prison insiders said last night the alarm was raised over Andrews being missing at 8.45pm on Sunday, when a roll-call showed she was not in her cell. After a full search of the grounds, she was deemed a fugitive and the police were called. A helicopter arrived at about 11.45pm.

The former flunky was jailed for life for the murder of her lover Tom Cressman, 39, in 2000. She clubbed him unconscious with a cricket bat and then stabbed him to death with a kitchen knife because he refused to marry her. Victim Tom's brother Rick, 58, said last night: "She has moved to an open prison and what has she done? It was too early to be doing it. I suspect she will try and leave the country."

Meanwhile Tom's mother told today of how police have increased security around her house after the killer escaped. Barbara Cressman, 81, said she thought that "a life sentence should be for life" and that Andrews should never have been moved to a low security prison to begin with.

She said: "I think it's public knowledge how I feel about Jane Andrews. She should never have been moved to a low risk prison after the horrific crimes she committed. It was especially surprising to hear she's escaped after she tried to kill herself during the week by taking an overdose. I found out from my victim liaison officer - there is increased security around me but I feel quite safe. She shouldn't even have the chance for parole, she deserves to serve a proper life sentence. Look at how many people are released too soon. Her 12 years are not enough to pay for what she did."

Andrews was eligible for release in 2012, despite being jailed for life in 2001. She was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years, which was reduced to 12.

Source: The Sun

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Shameful Case of Subway Boy, 13, Proves Anglobitch Thesis

The following case sharply reveals how males have no status in Anglo-American culture. While Anglo-Saxon society places enormous value on young girls, it considers males of the same age to be of no value whatsoever. While armies of police are mobilized when any young white girl goes missing for two minutes, no one paid any concern to this missing 13 year old male. The kid observed, 'Nobody really cares about the world and about people' - true enough, but especially if you are male and poor in the pan-Anglosphere matriarchy. It is interesting that his Mexican parents failed to grasp the crucial gender-factor of the case, missing the casual misandry at the root of Anglo-Saxon civilization. Some would ask: 'If the Anglosphere hates and denigrates men, why does it continue to take our taxes?' An interesting question, with no easy answers:

A 13-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome spent 11 days in the New York subway system after going missing following a school telling off, his mother has claimed. Police found Francisco Hernandez Jr hiding out in a Coney Island station late last month having survived for almost two weeks on a diet of news stand confectionery and snacks. His parents claim authorities were reluctant to make his case a priority because they are Mexican immigrants, but New York Police Department denied the claims.

Francisco is believed to have taken off on October 15 after he failed to complete a homework assignment and was told off for not concentrating in class. According to a report in the New York Times, the youngster walked eight blocks to the Bay Parkway station and boarded a train because it seemed like the best place to hide.

The 13-year-old suffers from Asperger's syndrome - a form of autism which makes it difficult for sufferers to communicate or interact with others. Fearing a scolding from his parents, Francisco removed the battery from his mobile phone. When he failed to return home from school, his mother Marisela Garcia scoured the nearby subway station - a previous incident had seen Francisco go missing for five hours on the network. After hours of searching, the police were called.

Over the next few days, officers interviewed teachers, classmates and distributed leaflets across the city showing the missing youngster's photograph. But despite their efforts he remained unnoticed on the busy subway system.

Francisco told the New York Times that he spent his days riding trains to the end destination before switching tracks and heading in the other direction. He lived on crisps, croissants and other snacks brought from the kiosks that litter the subway's stations. And despite thousands of flyers being distributed, no-one recognised or even talked to him, he claimed.

"Nobody really cares about the world and about people," he said.

He was eventually found on October 26. A transit officer was studying a sign with Francisco's photo on when he turned to see the boy sitting in a stationary carriage, it was reported. Apart from leg cramps, Francisco reported no physically ailments from his ordeal and is now back at school.

But his parents are now questioning why it took authorities so long to find the runaway on one of the world's busiest transport system.

Source: New York Times

Monday 23 November 2009

The Aged Anglobitch: It's Payback Time!

When Anglo-American women hit thirty, they instantly transform into human beings. Prior to that age, they're essentially insane, evil, remorseless, poisonous, rapacious and entitled reptiles. They are indulged in this behavior by Anglo-American culture itself, which bends laws and traditions like paper-clips to accommodate their whims. This unlovely attitude plainly relates to their 'ownership' of sex in a repressive, 'Disneyfied' culture: since they control a scarce and valuable recourse, they have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

By their late twenties, though, their reproductive and sexual 'value' is waning rapidly. Their flesh thickens, grey scars their hair and the first wrinkles are starting to show. Unable to call on sexual allure to legitimize her atrocious attitudes and behavior, a new phase opens in her life: 'I'm everybody's friend'. Overnight, the cold-hearted Anglobitch becomes the convivial matriarch, praying the world will forget her past transgressions.

Most of the world forgets, alright: most, but not all. Many Anglo-American men cannot forget years of sexual disenfranchisement and emotional abuse. And now the pudgy, butter-faced sow is weak and vulnerable, a victim ripe for vengeance. She will typically have a gaggle of psychotic, low-IQ kids on her hands, born to some bullying psycho in her early twenties. All washed up, her ass spreading like a bush fire, she needs a good man's help. Unfortunately, Mr Psycho is usually laid up in jail - or at least, long departed.

This where you come in: guys, it's payback time!

The whip has changed hands. You hold all the cards, now - the money, the job, the nice home, the high performance car - while she's just a turkey-necked loser skulking home from life's poker table. Her life is in ruins, and you are her only hope. She has absolutely nothing you want, you are her potential salvation.

Now, remember one thing, guys, before you embark on your ruthless campaign of sport-fucking and misogynistic abuse: they want your prosperity. Remember that, and harden your hearts. It's payback time!

We, Child, Generation : the Weasel words of Anglo-American Feminists

One way in which feminists have secured a chokehold on western civilization in general (and the Anglosphere in particular) is through language. It is a 'given' among modern sociologists and socially-engaged philosophers that language is an integral aspect of social control. Both in the Continental and Anglo-Saxon academic spheres, language is seen as the key to hegemonic dominance: as George Orwell showed us in '1984', twisting or suppressing language necessarily restricts the individual's capacity to actively resist coercive authority.

Given that we are now living in a matriarchy where men in general have few (or no) rights, we would expect language to have been carefully subverted to achieve this ignoble end. A cursory examination will prove this to be just the case. The present author encourages his readers to find many more examples than are given here, for they abound in the hollow rhetoric expounded by Anglo feminists. Indeed, they have filtered beyond the confines of feminist discourse into the culture at large.

The Feminist 'We'
Nowadays, we are always told that World War One affected 'a generation', implying that women endured the same experiences as men in that war. The same is often said of the Second World War, Vietnam, the American Civil War and wars in general. However, a cursory examination of the historical evidence shows that 'a generation' was not punished, at all: it was men, exclusively. Female contributions and sacrifices in any of those wars amounted to a big, fat, zero. For example, the South in the Civil War lost over 20% of its males of military age (16-45). No women were lost in combat. In 1916, the British lost 60 000 men in a single day on the Somme. Not one of these casualties was a woman.

However, the mainstream culture continually assails us with phrases like the 'Vietnam Generation' or the 'Lost Generation', trying to subvert war into a communal arena where men and women suffered equally. It wasn't, though, and let us not forget it.

The 'Child' Soldier
By the same token, we are always told about 'child soldiers', as though female children were represented in equal numbers within that vile practice. They are not. What they really mean is 'boy soldier', so why don't they just say it? Simple: they will not say it because 'boy soldier' confounds the 'victim status' that Anglo feminists have sought to monopolize in order to wrest power from men without demur. So, by pretending that children coerced into fighting are not just boys, by using weasel words to mask this ugly truth, feminists can deny the male-specific nature of under-age military service across the world, retaining their grasp on victim-hood.

'Gendercide' is another good example of how the liberal-feminist establishment have subverted language in order to distort reality. In fact, Gendercide should be replaced by a new word, Androcide, since men are almost exclusively its victims. In Bosnia, for example, systematic gendercide always involved the liquidation of males - women were typically evacuated from the extermination zones (though of course a number were also raped). Moreover, the fact that matrilinear cultures like the Jews or Ba'Hais are weak minorities gives powerful testament to the fact that Gendercide is overwhelmingly directed against males. After all, while women might be raped and coerced they are still far more likely to survive pogroms and race-massacres than men, which is where the matrilinear custom developed.

From the above, we can see that feminists have cleverly twisted language to give the false impression that specifically anti-male oppressions are burdens equally shared between men and women. Of course, this is so women can monopolize 'victim status' and so pursue their misandrist program of social disruption without interference. However, feminist-leaning liberals are always quick to make certain forms of oppression female-specific. 'Rapist' or 'child abuser' have become synonymous with males, while victims of these crimes are invariably assumed to be female (two false assumptions, both sustained by ongoing linguistic manipulation). Moreover, the Anglo-American media invariably show females preferential treatment in every case ('Pretty White Girl Syndrome'), demonstrating their pliancy to feminist agendas. Of course, given the puritanical, misandrist nature of Anglo culture, we would expect nothing less.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Only in England: Female Child Killer 'Rewarded' on the Public Purse

Now I've heard everything: a female child killer serves a two year sentence for cold blooded murder of a male baby by dashing his brains out against a wall. On release, she is then given public funding to build a new life. Now, can you imagine the male killer of a female baby being treated so leniently? How can those suckers on sites like and EqualWrites seriously persist in arguing that males are 'advantaged' citizens in the contemporary Anglosphere? Note the outrage at this deranged decision in China, a non-Anglosphere country where male life has value.

Warning - content disturbing:

An immigrant convicted of the horrific killing of a 17-month-old baby has been given £4,500 by the Government as a 'bribe' to leave the country. Malaysian Agnes Wong, 29, was jailed for five years in 2008 for the brutal manslaughter of a toddler she was supposed to be child-minding.She was let out of prison in July this year, and two weeks ago was put on a plane at Heathrow and sent to Malaysia with a 'voucher' worth £4,500 to spend when she got there.

Wong was jailed after a court heard how she had swung the boy, Hugo Wang, by his ankles and smashed his head. He died of brain injuries. Wong's payment has sparked disbelief and outrage, coming just days after the Prime Minister said he understood the public's mounting concerns over immigration. Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green said: 'Only last week, Gordon Brown said he "gets it" on immigration but this is proof he doesn't get it. For an immigrant who killed a child to get taxpayers' money to help with her future life is nothing short of appalling.'

Mr Green demanded to know why Wong had not been automatically deported without a penny of public money. 'Even while Labour repeatedly boasted about introducing automatic deportation for people like this, it now appears they have been using public money to help people get round that very system,' he said. The horrific story of Hugo's last hours caused national revulsion when Wong's sadistic behaviour was exposed in court.

The unregistered childminder, who came to the UK in 2003, was paid £120 (c. US $200) a week to look after Hugo in her home in Salford, Greater Manchester, while the boy's parents worked 16 to 20 hours a day to make ends meet. She was accused of waging a 'regime of terror' against him, torturing him with a hairdryer and hitting him so hard with a ruler that it snapped.

Hugo died in January 2007, a day after he was taken, unconscious, to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He had been struck with such force that his brain had shifted in his skull and caused internal bleeding. Doctors also found bite and burn marks on his body. Wong, who denied murder, was found guilty of manslaughter but was sentenced in May 2008 to just five years in prison. The Mail on Sunday has now learned that Wong served only the minimum jail term of two-and-half years, including her time in custody before and during the trial.

Just two weeks ago, she was deported to Malaysia under a controversial 'Facilitated Returns Scheme' under which foreign prisoners are paid up to £5,000 if they agree to leave the UK as early as possible without fighting their deportation using human-rights laws or by claiming asylum. So far, around 1,000 have left the UK and been given the money.

It is not known for certain whether Wong - who used the anglicised name Agnes, although her Malaysian name is Siew Teng - entered Britain legally or illegally. However, any immigrant who commits a serious crime can forfeit their right to remain in Britain and can be deported.

As Wong boarded a plane at Heathrow on November 2 bound for Kuala Lumpur, immigration officials handed her a letter confirming that she was entitled to a 'reintegration fund' payout of up to £4,500. The letter informed her that the money, provided by UK taxpayers but administered by an international migration organisation, could be 'invested' in training for a new job, housing, education, medical treatment or to help set up a small business.

Friends have now spoken of how Hugo's father, Jian Lin Situ, never got over the death of his son and how he had taken the baby's ashes back to China. They also voiced their anger that the boy's killer would get thousands of pounds of public money to build a new life. One said: 'It is an absolute disgrace that she has got this money. That sort of money will go a long way in Malaysia.'

The friend recalled how Hugo's father had been distraught to learn that some of his son's body parts were initially retained by the coroner in case Wong appealed against her conviction. 'When Hugo died it was big in all the newspapers in China. We followed the proceedings and were all horrified by what happened to that poor boy,' said the friend. 'Jian and Hugo's mother Zhen split up soon after. I think they both blamed each other for their son's death.

'I think Zhen went back to China. Jian never got over Hugo's death. He was absolutely devastated. He took Hugo's ashes back to China, to the Canton district, the family's ancestral home. After that, Jian moved on to a restaurant in Liverpool. From there he went to another restaurant in Blackburn and we lost touch.'

The friend added that Mr Situ would be 'horrified' to learn that Wong had already been returned home, especially as he protested that she should originally have been given a 15-year jail sentence.

'Jian thought five years was too lenient. This is just an insult to Hugo's memory. What are they playing at, letting her out so early? They should have thrown away the key.'

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Surge In Claims Of Child Sex Abuse By English Women

It occurs to the present author that female sex-offenders have not recently increased in number, rather that Anglo-American MRAs (by their ceaseless work in exposing the preferential treatment granted to females in the Anglosphere) have created a new cultural climate where rational criticism of women is now relatively acceptable. Hence, the figures SEEM to change, while in fact it is Anglo-American CULTURE that is changing, slowly but slowly:

The number of children reporting sexual abuse by women to ChildLine has soared over the past five years.

New research reveals the helpline experienced a 132% rise in complaints of female sexual assaults over the period, compared with a 27% increase in reports of abuse by men. The statistics follow the case of nursery worker Vanessa George, who is awaiting sentencing for sexually abusing children in her care and taking and distributing pornographic photographs of them.

In the past year, more than 2,100 children told ChildLine they had been sexually abused by a woman. That is nearly a quarter of all calls where the offender's gender could be identified. More than half of those (1,311) claimed their own mother was responsible for the assault. The research found boys were more likely to say they had been abused a woman than a man. However, girls were more than 10 times likelier to report being abused by a male than a female.

Esther Rantzen, president of the helpline, said: "This report reveals that ChildLine, by listening to the direct and authentic voices of abused children, has shattered common myths about sexual abuse.

"It does not only happen to girls, as many people believe. It happens to boys too. Mothers can sometimes sexually abuse their sons. And the report found that when girls are sexually abused, by far the most common perpetrator is not a stepfather, as many believe, but the biological father."

Previous research by the NSPCC suggested women may be responsible for about one in 20 sex offences committed against children.

Sourse: Sky News

Sunday 1 November 2009

The Third World: An Anglobitch Demonstration

In military parlance, a demonstration is a feint with fire. It was often used during the American Civil War to shift defensive firepower in a lateral line away from a concealed attack. Essentially, the manoeuvre was used to distract the enemy's attention from an impending danger.

A new theme in Anglo-American feminism is the Third World, or the sufferings of women in Third World countries such as India or the African continent. Of course, this is partly related to the bourgeois, hypocritical nature of Anglo-American feminism and its idiomatic preoccupations. This explanation, however, is only half the story, for by redirecting public attention to insoluble situations abroad, Anglo feminism is cleverly working a demonstration. What is the ulterior purpose of this feint? The answer is simple: to delude us about contemporary reality in the Anglosphere. The core themes of the feminists' strategy are outlined below:

* To distract attention from the fact that Anglo-American women are now clearly advantaged, having squared rights with privileges.
* To distract attention from the fact that Anglo-American men are now third class citizens in divorce, education and the media.
* To pretend that women are still (or ever were) victimized in Anglo-Saxon countries.
* To distract attention from the negative social fallout from feminism - divorce, family disruption, unemployment and the emergence of a vast, criminal underclass.
* To distract attention from the fact that for working class women (the vast majority), feminism has been an unmitigated catastrophe.

If we consider most feminist websites, for example Feministing and EqualWrites, all are now characterized by studied disinterest in affairs at home in America, Britain, Australia or Canada and an intense preoccupation with issues of no immediate relevance in remote, lawless countries. Here are a few examples from EqualWrites, the Princeton University pro-feminist blog:

* Kuwaiti Women May Obtain Passports without Husband...
* Egyptian University Bans Niqab in All-Female Areas...
* Guinea citizens raped violently during political protest...
* Women in the Military: Changing Standards in Australia...
* Roman Polanski arrested Saturday in Switzerland
* Quick hit: Polish newspaper fined for abortion-related slur...
* Quick links: dating for dogs and anti-burqa talk in Denmark...
* Anti-women's rights campaign triumphs in Mali

What next? Lively, fresh and relevant news items about women's rights on other planets? How about parallel universes? My whole point is, contemporary feminism needs to distract public attention from the catastrophic impact of feminism on the west in general, and the Anglosphere in particular. By these 'demonstrations', academic feminism tries desperately to disguise its own failings.

The Death of Anglo-American MSM (Main Stream Media) and the Rise of a New Counter Hegemony

On May 11th 2009 the New York Times reported that the newspapers (big and small) have lost 16% of their readers since 2000, but the major broadcast networks had lost 28% of their viewers in the same time. In short, the MSM looks to be in terminal decline.

The Main Stream Media is now directed at leftist Baby-Boomers, the elderly and the working class. It survives only because these groups lack the technical facility to contribute to the Blogosphere. Leftists, the elderly and the working class are a useless audience because they are timid, dying or stupid. A cursory glance at any British newsstand shows the same story; publications aimed at out-of-touch pensioners (Daily Express, the Daily Mail, the provincial press in general), neo-Christian liberal eccentrics (the Guardian) or uneducated no-marks glued to their TV sets (Sun, Mirror, Daily Star). None of these publications has any appeal to a genuinely intelligent, self-aware person of any social background. The same can be said of TV. Aside from a few decent wildlife shows, the programmes are banal prolefeed (X Factor, American Idol) aimed at the human LCD. Political programmes are utterly juvenile, still trapped within post-War paternalism, refusing to accept that Britain now dances to the tunes of America’s Power Elite (without understanding this, no genuine understanding of Anglosphere politics can begin).

In the modern Anglosphere, MRAs are heavily outnumbered. In itself, this is not insurmountable: as Stonewall Jackson opined, a small nation can hold its own against a larger nation by concentrating its forces, destroying the enemy in detail, compensating for small numbers with greater activity. Indeed, during the early days of Anglo feminism in the late Sixties, they did exactly this. Feminists were active everywhere across the Anglosphere and were able to drive patriarchy before them, destroyed in detail or trapped in intellectual redoubts. Today, the liberal feminists hold the ground that matters: the mainstream media, the law, politics and academia. We hold nothing. However, the fall of the MSM removes a vital part of their fortress, giving us the initiative for the first time in decades.

To understand this situation better, we must return to Antonio Gramsci's concept of hegemony. Gramsci thought deeply about why revolutions happened in some countries, not others. Why did Russians rebel during World War One, and not the English? After all, on the morning of the battle of the Somme, some 60, 000 British troops died; whole villages lost all their men in a few hours. The same could be said of the American Southerners during the Civil War. Why did they keep fighting, even after Gettysburg, when all hope of victory was gone? According to Gramsci, hegemony explains this difference. Russia had no elaborate mass media comprising radio stations or newspapers, which weakened the masses' social conviction and made revolt more likely. By contrast, the English fought on because they were enmeshed in a complex hegemony comprising schools, newspapers, radio broadcasts, street names and customs, binding them to the existing social order and making them more pliant to state manipulation. We are all trapped in hegemony, to a greater or lesser extent. And it is fair to say that we are now trapped in a matriarchal hegemony, which has normalized the denigration and marginalization of men across the Anglosphere.

However, since the MSM is the major tool for transmitting the NAMWO agenda, its decline represents a golden opportunity to create a counter-hegemonic movement. The Internet is supplanting the MSM and we must colonize it NOW to realize our aims and ambitions. If we look at the media world, the most potent initiatives inhering to men's issues are occurring online. However, removal of the MSM's ability to control popular discourse is beginning to have far reaching effects in the real world, too. We are witnessing what Gramsci called a 'crisis of hegemony' where many of the old pan-Anglosphere sureties are no longer viable. All the old assumptions are disintegrating, where they remain in place at all.

The hegemonic breakdown is much more precipitous in Britain than elsewhere, simply because British hegemony is more developed than that of the younger Anglosphere countries. It is implied that, being more socially integrated, the British quickly lapse into anarchy when sundered from hegemonic tradition. Hence Britain’s hegemonic collapse is having political effects transcending mere lifestyle issues. A case in point: declining support for the ‘mainstream’ parties is matched by rising support for the BNP. Of course, Nick Griffin’s nationalists have fully exploited the Internet to get their message across - as we might expect from a counter-hegemonic perspective.

Canadian criminologist Elliott Leyton discusses British hegemonic exceptionalism in Men of Blood, his study of crime in Britain. He argues that Britain has traditionally enjoyed low crime rates because of high hegemonic integration. For example, British murderers have much higher suicide rates than incarcerated murderers elsewhere in the world – obviously, the ‘shame’ of such a crime is greater for highly integrated individuals. Interestingly, the excellence of the British armed forces may also relate to this hegemonic factor – during World War Two, 120 British troops were worth 150 Americans in western theatres. Even today, the excellence of Britain’s forces give it a disproportionate influence on world affairs. And British football hooliganism mimics traditional imperialist themes of international expansion. But I digress...

In short, the MSM can no longer regulate public opinion as they did in the post-war era. Men’s rights, populist politics and other anti-Boomer agendas are just a few of the online results. In the longer term, the MSM looks doomed to extinction. It cannot compete with the Internet for a number of reasons:

Expenses and overheads. To get any publication to the newsstands, costs are astronomical. It costs little or nothing to post opinion or information on a website. Ultimately, costs alone will force the MSM onto the Internet, where their advantages are nullified.

Speed. The Internet is quicker. Newspapers chew over old stories because they are followers, now. Today, hot news breaks online, not via the MSM.

Technical proliferation. As more and more people get online access, the old media channels wither. As handheld devices like iphones and Blackberries become ubiquitous, those old channels will run completely dry.

Death/marginalisation of current MSM audiences. The old die off. The working class has no spending power. Boomer leftists are dying off, too. The MSM presently survives on these audiences. This is why their offerings are so weird, low-brow and out of touch. Newspapers seem to think we are still living in 1958: party politics, organized religion, feminism and post-war collectivism all express this archaic fixation. Smart younger people have decamped online, disgusted with these offerings. The MSM have adapted skilfully to lower class/Boomer/pensioner tastes - but dealt themselves out of the game.

Given that the MSM are doomed, what does the future hold? Many things, not all of them good.

Firstly, the blogs of today will become tomorrow’s online institutions. Roissy in DC or Whisky (or whoever runs their blogs, then) will become household names. Baby Boomer left-feminism will be forced back, as its spokespeople die off. Already, Greer and MacKinnon convey an archaic ethos bizarre even to most women. We can expect Internet-based, pan-Anglosphere post-modern communities of interest to burgeon. Such communities will widen into pressure groups, maybe even new political blocs. Emboldened and renewed by these new communal links, Britain will sever links with Continental Europe and look more towards the States and the commonwealth as its natural cultural allies. As pan-Anglosphere hegemony erodes, supplanted by these new online communities of interest, the constituent nations will start to politically disentegrate. Britain in particular may lapse into civil war, torn between a paternalist MSM ‘Court’ and a populist Internet ‘Country’.

Truly, we live in interesting times.