Monday 23 July 2012

Thoughts on the Aurora Joker

In the UK, we still know very little about the Aurora Batman massacre or its perpetrator. This gives us the opportunity to make a few predictions about him, to be ‘reality-tested’ at some future date.

I predict that James Eagan Holmes will be:

  • Single – not married or in a relationship.
  • Sexually disenfranchised – that is, not in a sexual relationship.  In truth, he will probably be a virgin.
  • Deeply disillusioned – his life never ‘lived up to its promise’.
  • A mercenary – one of the new breed of Anglo-American men who are (or become) indifferent to 'mainstream' society and its misandrist values.
  • Alienated – he will have no (or very few) deep relationships with other people.
  • A nerdy, high-IQ individual of the type typically shunned by Anglo women.
  • He will exhibit no sign of organic brain-disease. He will, however, be labelled mentally ill.
  • He will hail from a middle-class or affluent working-class background.
In sum, this man will embody the ‘male crisis’ discussed by so many Anglo-American MRAs. He will be a white, middle-class individual who – prior to the massacre – conformed to societal standards in every way. He cracked the books, respected women and strove to advance himself – and ended up with no sex, no home, no job and no future. Poltroons like David Futrelle visit college campuses telling young men to accept the feminist message – pedestalize women, shun masculinity and conform to approved modes of aspiration (formal education, essentially). The problem with this sage advice is that conformity no longer pays off for Anglo-American men. Males who subscribe to such rubrics get no sex, no money, no public respect and (despite advanced qualifications) little meaningful employment.

Young men who slavishly conform to the misandrist agendas inherent in the Anglosphere eventually find themselves trapped in what British psychiatrist R D Laing called a ‘double bind’ – a contradictory situation where all avenues lead to failure. Instead of being applauded for their conformity, they find themselves despised and scorned for it. While snarling, illiterate thugs monopolize all the sexual action, the Anglo conformist finds himself in a blind-alley of lifelong sexual frustration. While posturing rappers and sadistic jocks rake in millions, many highly-educated males who ‘did the right thing’ end up flipping burgers for a pittance (as James Holmes did).

From what little I have seen of the news footage, it is clearly the toxic blend of knee-jerk misandry and female pedestalization we all expect from the American media. Reports tirelessly praise the female victims – their selflessness, intelligence and vivacity. For example, Jessica Ghawi is universally lauded as a female saint while (somewhat predictably) the male victims hardly merit a mention. With fearful zest, the tragedy has been twisted into an anti-male circusThe only males with positive write-ups are the three White Knights  who died 'shielding their women' from Holmes' bullets. The well-worn feminist double-standard at work, here: men are unwanted except as workhorses, ATM machines, cannon-fodder and now, bullet-proof vests. What clearer proof do we need that the Anglosphere’s ‘default setting’ is misandry – and that men who conform to it are fools?

Oddly, the killer’s behaviour prior to the massacre (dropping out of his doctoral programme) suggests he had belatedly discerned this truth. Further, his adoption of the Joker’s persona implies identification with the anti-heroic, since the Joker is ‘mainstream’ society’s relentless foe. Perhaps the atrocity was an attempt to express his new identity in the most adversarial manner possible. In a culture where manhood is reflexively vilified at every turn, troubled minds will clutch at any archetype containing the least shred of masculine self-worth.

PS: I see David Futrelle has produced a 'pussified' version of Anglobitch. Such incisive barbs... such cutting irony... for a moment there I was, uh, humbled by the brilliance of his wit. Charlie Chaplin, Peter Cook and the Monty Python team will doubtless be looking to their laurels.

What a tosser, as the English would say.