Friday 2 April 2021

Five of the Best: Remembering the Logitorian

Some of you might have been aware of the Logitorian, a YouTube Vlogger who discussed female nature, nihilism, social decay and other Black/Red Pilled topics. Apparently, he shot himself in the head a few weeks ago. Believe me when I say this guy completely belied the low-IQ, belligerent stereotype commonly associated with black Americans. His meditations covered a wide range of topics with verve and originality, and it is gratifying to think that his channel might be guiding younger generations of men for decades to come

The Logitorian's immersion in the VantaBlack Pill was the true cause of his death. When he first appeared on the scene, his channel cleverly mediated between the Red Pill and the Black. As time went on, however, he became exclusively Black Pilled and nihilistic in every aspect of his thought. Unfortunately, the undiluted Black Pill is a daily feast of darkness that only the most resilient can endure; when not balanced by a profound sense of life-mission, it can only lead to a terminal conclusion.

This is why I always maintain a Crimson Pilled position, between the Black and Red. Obviously, there are some men for whom things are 'beyond over' in psycho-sexual terms; contrary to what the lamestream media tells us, one-eyed Indian janitors are never going to be bedding models under any social conditions. For such men, the pure nihilism of the Black Pill is an ideal method of managing despair. Not all men are hopeless incels, however; for those of normal height and appearance, there is hope for sex, romance and liberation via dieting, exercise and travelling outside the puritanical and misandrist Anglosphere. 

Here are five videos by the Logitorian which I found inspirational and insightful. 

The first one discusses the Androgyny Culture that is presently engulfing the Anglosphere countries. As we know, the androgyny culture is just Anglo-American sex-negative puritanism disguised as something 'revolutionary' - much like Anglo-American feminism itself:

Beware the Androgyny Culture:
This video discusses the fact that most western women are mentally ill. I have written about this topic before, with particular reference to the female Dark Triad (Borderline, Narcissism and Histrionic) of personality disorders. Obviously, the misandrist and puritanical Anglosphere helps to incubate and normalise these disorders:

Don't Try to Fix Her: 
This video focuses on female entitlement and self-delusion. Due the puritanical, sex-negative nature of the Anglosphere, even the ugliest and most obese women harbour distorted perceptions of their own sexual worth:

Unattractive Women Thinking They're Dimes  
Not only does the repressive, puritanical, sex-negative nature of the Anglosphere give Anglo-American women an inflated sense of their own sexual worth, it also serves to incubate outrageous levels of female narcissism:

Female Narcissism
Finally, this video discusses the ongoing war against masculine virtues being waged across the West in general, and the Anglosphere in particular. Due to its puritanical, sex-negative culture and history, misandry is the Anglosphere's default cultural setting:

Real Men Are Being Exterminated

This is just a small selection of the many videos produced by the Logitorian and I recommend every single monologue he produced. Although his original YouTube channel has been closed, the MGTOW Mirror Project has backed up all his presentations ( An extremely intelligent and self-aware individual, the Logitorian's loss is a grievous blow to the manosphere. It is remarkable to consider that his channel could exist as an intimate record of his philosophical thought into remote posterity, guiding and informing Awakened Men of all colours and classes for decades to come

Indeed, this possibility has moved me to begin work on my third book. While Havok and Hope on Distant Shores were non-fiction works, my third book will approach the same issues in a totally different way.