Friday 9 July 2021

Back to First Principles: Fantastic Essay from John Smith, with Commentary and Analysis

When one reaches an important milestone such as 1000,000 page views, it is usually necessary to restate one's position and perspective: to return to one's first principles, as it were. Happily, an anonymous email from a young American man has helped me to produce such a restatement of my central ideals. Going by the name 'John Smith', his story is extremely illuminating and supports all the key tenets of the Anglobitch Thesis. Stories like his prove I have used my time well by creating and maintaining this blog, as well as writing two definitive books on the issues explored here:

Greetings Rookh, I have only discovered your blog in the last couple of years but since then have probably read your entire blog about three times and have found it truly enlightening, not only because it is the truth, but because it helps make sense to things that I have experienced in real life. I actually came across it originally from the now defunct Relampago Furioso blog page. I said in my comments that I would like to talk about some observations I have had about the Anglosphere. Some of these may simply come across as ramblings and if that is the case I apologize, I don’t offer any sources besides my own experiences. I am a mid-20s male with military experience and an associate’s degree. I am also the one who made the comments on your last blogpost regarding that "modern life dating" clown.

Nothing is more gratifying than when somebody's 'real life' experience verifies one's ideals and ideas. It is a pity that Relampago Furioso has stopped posting and dropped out of the scene, he was very insightful and talented. Anyway, let's get back to John Smith and his story:

My first experiences with what could be considered the anglobitch began in middle and high school for me. I went to a private school until my last two years of high school and then went to college to earn a degree at the same time. Now at this private school, the male to female ration was easily about 4:1 at least for my class. None of the females in my class would be considered attractive to any man who had any kind of standards, but that didn’t stop them from constantly being hags and downright insulting, rude, or just be a bitch to the guys in my class who would be considered bottom of the SMV scale. I was easily down there as, despite being over 6 ft I suffered from childhood obesity, acne and poor self-esteem.

Probably the worst part of all this is that the school faculty would never do anything regarding all of this, these hags knew they could get away with anything because no one would hold them accountable. I always had a feeling, even at a young age, that there was something deeply wrong with Anglo women, psychologically or otherwise, perhaps it was part of their upbringing, but as you have mentioned before, it is Anglo-Saxon culture and how it elevates women and places them on pedestals. I didn’t realize just how bad it was until one day we received a new female student, who happened to be from Russia but had mainly grown up in the USA.

Now first things first, this Russian girl is easily far more attractive than any of the other females in my class. The most striking thing about her was she was kind and respectful to all the guys in my class, not just those in the top 1 percent. Not only that but her voice was softer and overall tone was less combative/and hostile. I am fully convinced that the Anglobitch voice is a real thing, and is likely shaped by their upbringing and hostile behaviour and overall hatred of men.

I have heard this concept of the 'Anglobitch voice' mentioned by many males across the Anglosphere, including Australians and Brits as well as North Americans. Women raised in the Anglosphere tend to have strident, piercing voices defined by pure entitlement, as if the world owes them some kind of explanation. The skewed gender-ratio in the school also implies how the whole Anglosphere works to exalt women and denigrate men by artificially sustaining an atmosphere of 'sexual scarcity' which  allows women do or say almost anything with total impunity.

The most remarkable interaction I ever had with this girl was when I was going to college and she happened to run into me while I was sitting in a lounge area. At this time I had begun to lose weight and shape up but was still socially retarded and had some ugly facial hair. Regardless of all this, she felt perfectly comfortable sitting down next to me and striking up a rather lengthy conversation about how things were going and the future. When we finished she said it was good talking, proceeded to give me a hug and was on her way. I have not encountered her since but last I heard she married a man a few years older than her and is living at home with kids.

Obviously when it came to her, I was not stupid or had any delusions about being able to get with her, but the way her behaviour stood in such contrast to the anglobitch was jarring for me even at that time. I have quite a few Slavic/Russian friends and one thing that I have noticed is that when it comes to their gender relations, there is a huge SMV divide. A vast majority of the women are extremely good-looking while most of the men are very rough and tumble and gruff-looking in the face. Despite this, even a very plain-looking or downtrodden looking Russian man seems to have no problem landing a girlfriend or wife as long as he has a little bit of something going for him. I made a quip to my very dear Russian friend from childhood that in Russia for every "Alexei or Dimitri, there were 5 or 6 Sergeis or Olegs". He laughed and told me it is a very accurate observation.

The bit about the attractive yet friendly Russian woman is extremely interesting. The whole MRA/MGTOW 'AWALT' thing is naive nonsense by North American men who never travel anywhere; women outside the Anglosphere clearly have an appreciation of men (even low SMV men) which is wholly absent in Anglo-American women. No, this does not mean that all men outside the Anglosphere are banging models all day; merely that most women outside the Anglosphere treat most men as human beings as opposed to invisible pariahs, walking credit cards and disposable sperm donors

And yes, Anglo puritanism is the force which promotes Anglobitch misandry, as well as raising Anglo-American women's SMV to unnatural levels and pedestalising them as sexual deities. As for women from more traditional cultures, men should still be wary of them if they have spent a majority of their time in Anglo countries. Of course they will never be as bad as a typical Anglobitch, stewed and basted in misandrist, sex-negative Anglo culture since day one. However, since the Anglo-American media-cultural complex invariably seems to corrupt all women it touches, it is still wise to treat these 'hybrid women' with a certain caution

Anyway, back to John Smith's entertaining tale:

I joined the military right out of high school because I had nothing else going for me at the time and around the midpoint (maybe late 2017) was when I came across Roosh game theory and approach and all that jazz. Despite whatever I did however, nothing worked. I tried using dating apps but to no avail. I had constantly read that "looks don’t matter" or "it’s your personality that counts" and I always felt this was bullshit but couldn’t articulate it. The scowls and fake smiles I would get even from the buzzed females in night clubs or the sober ones on my walks around the local lake even from just a casual "hello" seemed to confirm things. I was still baffled that despite all my efforts, the guys that would constantly get in trouble, display thuggish behaviour such as getting drunk were the ones that were always going home with the girls which, at the time, simply confounded me. 
Around this time was also when I began to suspect that American society and women simply do not like men. This thought to me was later verified when, in my last year in the military, during an anti-sexual assault/harassment training session, we were literally told that ANYTHING can be considered sexual harassment. A good Russian friend of mine who attended a local university and his dreadful interactions with American women there, also recently told me that he feels wrong for saying it, but he gets the feeling that women in American hate men. He came to this conclusion by himself simply by attending universities. I have not asked but I doubt he has ever read your blog.

Yes, let’s have men and women work together in close quarters and then say that anything can be considered sexual assault and harassment. Surely nothing can go wrong, especially when it all it takes is an accusation.
To a foreigner, it is entirely obvious that Anglo-American women hate men. This is because foreigners have not internalised misandrist hatred as normal or acceptable female behaviour, as most Anglo-American men have. Despite this truth, the Blue-Pilled mass media still try to represent young Anglo-American women as warm, sympathetic deities handing out free sex to all and sundry. These delusions feed various forms of brain-clotting Sexual False Consciousness in the male population, many of whom are desperate for the smallest morsel of sexual hope

Obviously, Game/PUA trickery is one of these manifestations. Game can help some men but only once they have been pre-selected as a potential mate, according to various physical and social criteria (height, looks, ethnicity, status). For the vast majority, Game is an complete waste of time, effort and money. And even where it does work, Anglo-American women are in any case completely unsuitable as long-term mates.

However, Sexual False Consciousness can also lead to Anglocuck simpdom, which is a far more pernicious and dangerous condition. The Anglosphere is full of lower-class Blue Knights who will leap to women's defence in every circumstance, despite being sexually shunned and despised by the women they idolise. Trapped in their psychotic delusions of extreme Sexual False Consciousness,  these Azure-Pilled losers actually think that actresses and models want to have sex with poor, ugly losers like themselves. In consequence, these dangerous Anglosimps wander the world defending women in the vain hope that a few stray crumbs of pussy will eventually fall their way.  

Anyway, let us return to John Smith and his fascinating story:
Around 2019 was also when I happened to come across your blog, along with the wagecuck meme and things started to make sense. I was working a gruelling schedule at the time with little to no free time and began to wonder if this is all that life offers, that I would be working for most of the day with only the weekends off, no family or prospect of having one, and have to do this for at least 40 years and hope the stock market doesn’t crash so I can enjoy what little I have left in life.
It was when I formulated all these thoughts in my head that I came across your article about how Anglo men have been reduced to mercenaries and it summed it up beautifully for me, and made me wonder just how many other men are out there with technical skills and able to make lots of money but have no ties or stakes to the countries they live in. To me, if you do not have a family or a genetic stake in society, the only reason to work and save money is to make enough money to where you never have to work again, to achieve a position of "fuck you" as John Goodman put it in the movie The Gambler. However, as is abundantly clear, most men are nothing more than sperm donors to the anglobitch, who take the fathers to court and destroy them and take all their assets in family court.
In the last year I have discovered several black pill channels such as Faceandlms, and as much as I like the blackpill perspective, I can see that it is rope fuel and have decided to try to stay Crimson-Pilled as much as possible (credit to you for that term), focusing on things I can change such as fitness and location while earning money stateside or through investments.

I think that’s about it for now. If you actually read through all my ramblings and observations, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you. I know your credentials and intelligence vastly outshine mine, but I hope you found something of value in here.
- 'John Smith'

We certainly did find much of value in your gripping account, John Smith. I too love Black Pillers like Face&LMS and Incel TV but as you say, their way is the road to the rope. Also, many of my readers are presentable, high SMV males who want to achieve better long-term relationships than is possible within the Anglosphere. So stick with the Crimson Pill for practical balance and direction; while life is imperfect, it is still far too precious to throw away (especially at your age). 

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your interesting life experiences and may the Crimson Pill continue to guide you.