Sunday 2 September 2018

Update on the Progress of Distant Shores

Just a brief update on the book I am currently working on, Distant Shores.

I am making good progress, having written over 200 000 words. Because of superb reader input over the past year, I am now working to a more profound, original and ambitious design than I had ever foreseen. This encompasses the structural deficiencies and unique misandry of Anglo-American law and politics, not just the cultural issues for which my writing is famous.

I have created a large appendix of reader comments as reference material. To be blunt, these commentaries on my Thesis by learned academics and lay people alike surpass all other manosphere discourse by a country mile; old style MRAs like Warren Farrell are simply nowhere. I cannot begin to say how inspired I was by comments posted by the former corrections officer, law professor and various others on the topic of Anglo-American jurisprudence. Their wholly original perspectives are now central to my new and expanded thesis.

As I write, I am integrating commentary from the appendices into my own work to brace and inform it, while also acknowledging the debt I owe to contributors. This takes time, much more than I had originally envisaged. However, the book will be complete before Christmas and is shaping up to be the most revolutionary work ever written on men’s issues. 

Thanks for all your brilliant contributions and continued support.


Saturday 1 September 2018

She wants YOU! Why Incel Sex Ads are so Last Century

She wants YOU, blue collar nothing!

Nowadays, anyone with a broadband link and a functioning brain cell knows that the small minority of Anglo women who are thin and attractive systematically use sex as a weapon to manipulate and exploit men.  This is surely true of the males using, who have experienced a lifetime of female indifference and contempt.

Yet that infamous blog is full of sex adverts like this one:

And this:

And worst of all, this:

Have the guys who run that site got the memo? While the lamestream media  cheerfully presents beautiful girls as promiscuous angels offering sex to everybody, only the most naïve, blue-pilled idiot still believes the average schlub has any chance with one. In these enlightened times, only females listen to love songs sung by attractive young women – at heart, all men know such women are hypergamous, selfish harpies and that their tuneless warblings about 'undying love' are utterly fake. As we learned from last year's Manchester bombing, Ariana Grande’s concerts are exclusively attended by young girls and gay men with ‘identify’ with her: heterosexual men are almost completely absent except as chauffeurs, stooges and chaperones

In short, Sexual False Consciousness died with the lamestream media.

Which begs the question: if the average Joe Blow can see Anglo -American women for what they are (and their bullshit for what it is) why can’t the enlightened administrators of Some well-chosen adverts for holidays and sex-tours outside the Anglosphere would be far better received by their members than these lame-ass ads that belong in 1978.

Anyway, let’s conclude things with a picture of a nubile young woman who, to quote my good friend Richard Scarecrow:

  • Thinks she’s too good for you
  • Would laugh if your dick got cut off
  • Thinks that you’re her oppressor
  • Would laugh if you got raped in prison

Does anyone really think girls like this want sex with incels?