Monday 25 December 2023

Has the Anglosphere become more unstable due to Lamestream Exaggeration of Female Abilities?


Happy Christmas, everybody.

Or as happy a Christmas as one can have in the Anglosphere's dysfunctional, misandrist matriarchy...

We all know that unrestricted female mate choice inexorably reduces IQ, due to the reflexive female preference for retarded thugs and criminals. Now, this truth is becoming plain to even the most Blue-Pilled Anglosphere commentators:

By lauding women's 'educational achievements' (degrees in womyn's studies, for the most part), the lamestream Anglo media plays a prominent role in this decline. In reality, most women only attend college because educational standards have been so eroded. How many study the hard sciences or engineering? Yet the myth of female 'genius' is extolled at every turn, abetting their over-promotion in the public sphere.

So now women are prominent players in law, politics and academia across the Anglosphere, causing it to crumble before our eyes. While males are thrown in jail for approaching a woman in public, female doctors, nurses and teachers are showing their nether regions to toddlers in Canadian kindergartens. Over-promoted women are destroying banking, education and the military with equal aplomb; even Truth is an outlawed concept.

All is not lost, though. For Awakened men like ourselves, the deluded masses are easy marks to outwit and exploit. This crumbling, deluded cultural bloc presents rich opportunities for those armed with the Crimson Pill. The dumber our foes, the greater our chances for glory.

So roll on, 2024.