Saturday 18 February 2017

Under the Radar: Why Female Personality Disorders are so Prevalent in the Anglosphere

Psychologists acknowledge that certain personality disorders are more common in women than men. This is especially true of the Borderline Personality Disorder, whose broad diagnostic criteria are outlined below:

Excessive, unstable and poorly regulated emotional responses
Impulsive behaviors harmful to oneself or to others
An inaccurate view of oneself and others, and a high level of suspiciousness and other misperceptions
Tumultuous and very unstable relationships

The same is marginally true of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as defined below:

An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
Believes she is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
Requires excessive admiration
Has a sense of entitlement
Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve her own ends
Lacks empathy
Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of her
Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

Psychologists claim that around 2% of the female population suffers from each of these 'Cluster B' psychiatric disorders (the third is Histrionic Personality Disorder). However, I would argue that far more Anglo-American women exhibit characteristics of all three – in fact, most women under 35 are either Borderline, Narcissistic, or Histrionic. Indeed, many simultaneously exhibit all three disorders in the cluster. Moreover, Anglo-American culture acts as an incubator for these personality disorders, which is why they are far more prevalent in Anglo-American women than women raised outside the Anglosphere.

In brief, most young Anglo women have unregulated emotions, act impulsively, are totally self-deluded and spend their prime years in abusive relationships with thugs, psychopaths and criminals.  While they might not fit all the diagnostic criteria, it has to be conceded that many if not most young Anglo-American women show strong Borderline tendencies. And among lower class, uneducated young women such tendencies are so pronounced as to be normal.

Similarly, an obvious majority of Anglo-American girls display narcissistic tendencies. After all, hypergamous expectations of ideal relationships with wealthy celebrities, rampant entitlement issues, lack of empathy and general selfishness are quite normal among young Anglo females, especially those of the white middle class. Certainly, only a blind man raised in a bubble could think that these traits only characterize 2% of American women.

Again, the young Anglo female's romantic obsession with 'exciting' criminals and psychopaths, her endless need for 'drama' and social stimulation, her unending quest for dangerous and dysfunctional relationships - these are textbook traits of the Histrionic Personality Disorder, which is also massively underdiagnosed in Anglo-American women.Why, a brief glance over the women's magazines on any Anglosphere newsrack suggests HPD is almost synonymous with Anglo females.

What cultural factors specific to the Anglosphere have led to this state of affairs? In short, why do so many young Anglo-American females exhibit serious personality disorders? How has this appalling situation arisen and why is it not acknowledged and addressed? Here are my thoughts:

Princess  Syndrome / Pedestalization – the Anglosphere, because of its puritanical heritage and tendency to sexual repression, has created a situation where women are set on pedestals from their earliest years. They can do virtually anything with complete impunity; make false sexual allegations, kill their own offspring, dismiss anti-feminist arguments without rational counter-claims, murder their husbands, drink drive, sexually abuse minors and deny fathers access to their children. Little wonder that so many Anglo-women are so narcissistic: the culture that surrounds them actively promotes such tendencies. Think of young Anglo girls’ fixation on Disney Princesses and hypergamous fantasies of perfect relationships. If the Anglosphere were committed to genuine equality as opposed to promoting misandrist feminism, and women truly had responsibilities to go with their endless ‘rights’, one can be sure that the rampant narcissism and BPD that currently define Anglo-American women would immediately shrink to negligable levels.

Rampant Individualism – at a general level, the English speaking countries are defined by a potent individualism that, while it is the source of the Anglosphere’s entrepreneurial strength, has contributed much to its collective pathologies. One recent study found that as many as 25% of American students exhibit narcissistic tendencies: tens of millions of people. 

The Anglosphere Beauty Premium – because most Anglo women are obese and generally unattractive, any female higher than a 5 grows up knowing hyper-entitlement in every sphere of life. At an anecdotal level, it is obvious that attractive Anglo girls are those most riddled with narcissism and BPD. Basically, any remotely-attractive Anglo female can get away with literally anything until the Wall hits them at 35. In a repressive, sickly culture that vilifies male sexuality and exalts all women, beautiful women are essentially goddesses who can do or say whatever they like. Consequently, mild genetic tendencies to narcissism or Borderline are massively amplified by Anglo culture; which is why virtually all beautiful Anglo females are selfish, cruel and evil. That said, even plain or ugly Anglo women often exhibit the same dark constellation of female personality disorders. One assumes this relates to the generic entitlement enjoyed by all young women in the Anglosphere. The obvious observation that BPD traits decline as women age strongly validates the Beauty Premium thesis; for once their beauty has faded, they can no longer act like cunts with total impunity. It really is as simple as that… cue religion, feminism and wire-frame tampon sculptures.

Why Is It Under the Radar?

Why do psychologists in Anglo-American countries downplay the widespread incidence of personality disorders in Anglo women? In my personal experience, every young attractive Anglo-American female I have ever met showed unambiguous signs of both Borderline and narcissism: all were entitled, impulsive, empty, self-destructive, hypergamous, entitled, selfish and self-deluded. Similarly, virtually all young lower class Anglo women (women without college or hope of it) exhibit undiluted Borderline tendencies. After all, the whole western underclass subculture of unplanned kids, thuggish suitors, welfare dependence and unchecked impulses seems largely built on poor female life-choices. At the very least, BPD and narcissism define considerably more than 2% of Anglo women (I would hazard a real-world figure of 60%, at least – maybe higher).

Firstly, for psychologists to admit that huge numbers of Anglo women exhibit severe personality disorders would create a lot of ‘waves’ in society. In a puritanical culture that places women on pedestals, the idea that so many women are broken and dysfunctional is not admissible. After all, the aim of the Anglo-American authorities is to promote the delusion that the Anglosphere is incomparably superior to other cultural blocs, that life in the UK or the USA is some kind of Shangri La where everyone is happy and fulfilled. Admitting that Anglo culture incubates relatively high numbers of unstable, entitled women does not fit that agenda and is consequently suppressed. Yet if the mental health services were to actually acknowledge the problem, huge savings could be made on the pernicious welfare bills of all Anglo nations; after all, the underclass is largely the product of dysfunctional female mating choices and other Borderline traits.

Secondly, Anglo-American psychology has a long-standing tendency to deny social class differences, preferring to pretend that people are individuals completely isolated from their social context. Of course, this is partly to legitimize the staggering socio-economic inequality that defines most Anglo-Saxon countries. However, it also means that research is often skewed away from incorporating social-class variables, leading to distorted findings that downplay the incidence of psychological phenomena in particular social classes (particularly the lower class). For example, the long-standing tendency of psychologists to use socially unrepresentative college students as research subjects is now widely acknowledged as statistically problematic. In the case of female personality disorders, their effective detection has suffered from their relatively common incidence in the lower social strata, which Anglo-American psychologists rarely acknowledge as a valid research variable. Underclass sociopathy is similarly under diagnosed, for the same reason. Any rational person’s daily experience in any Anglo country will tell them that far more than 2% of young women possess serious personality disorders, however.

Thirdly, the tendency to 'pedestalize' women that characterizes the Anglo-Saxon nations means the cultural authorities are loathe to present women in any kind of negative light. Accepting that a huge proportion of young Anglo-American women (probably most) are afflicted with Cluster B personality disorders confounds the default Anglo-Saxon cultural narrative that all women are perfect, guiltless and so on. Consequently, serious research into these important areas is either quashed or distorted in order to present women in a positive light.

Anglo Culture: the Cluster B Incubator

What is to be Done?

Because men created civilization, men can destroy it. Every building in every street is there because men planned and built it. Not women, not their cats; men. Because of this, men hold all the cards; piss us off and civilization dies. It’s as simple as that.

For normal men, Anglo-Saxon culture is an inherently flawed creation. Everything about it from the ground up is designed to exalt women and denigrate men. There is nothing male-friendly in the existing Anglosphere; it has declared war on men politically, economically, conceptually and legally. There is nothing there of interest to men at all. The situation has deteriorated beyond tinkering with minutiae or putting the clock back – only complete rejection of pan-Anglosphere civilization and all its institutions, root and branch, can now serve the enlightened man effectively.

This wholesale defiance should also apply to women. The Manosphere warns young men not to ‘stick your dick in crazy’ or how to spot girls with Borderline - all well and good, as far as it goes. Such methods are hardly failsafe, though; relationship blogs are full of Anglo-American men taken to the cleaners by Borderline maniacs. However, a solvent single man can simply erase ‘crazy’ from his life for the price of plane ticket; he does not need to spot or avoid it. A safer, more rigorous solution is simply to write Anglo-Saxon females off for good and direct all one’s energies towards pursuing women outside the Anglosphere. Single, solvent men have money for travel and nothing to lose: so what are you waiting for?