Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Girl Guides: Anglobitch Incubators

The Girl Guides are one of the most fascinating of all official English societies, in that they exemplify the crass social dysfunction at the heart of Anglo culture that has shaped the rampant Anglobitch. Like the Boy Scouts, that Anglo-American prowling ground for homosexual paedophiles and other misfits, the Guides partition the sexes into separate realms from their earliest years, leading ultimately to a riven society wherein the sexes view each other as rivals or even enemies.

The Guides are divided into Rainbows (5-7); Brownies (7-10); Guides (10-14); and Seniors (14-26). Girlguiding ‘enables girls and young women to fulfil their potential and to take an active and responsible role in society through its distinctive, stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities delivered by trained volunteer leaders.’

The Guide promise, no doubt sworn with all the sneering fervour of an SS oath to the Fuhrer, runs thus:

I promise that I will do my best:
To love my God,
To serve the Queen and my country,
To help other people

To keep the Guide Law.

When we get to The Guide Laws, certain problems emerge:

• A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted.
• A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely.
• A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences.
• A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides.
• A Guide is polite and considerate.
• A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her.

Point number four in particular shows that Guides are systematically taught to value their bonds to other women above those with anyone else – particularly men, implicitly. This impression of arrogance and exclusivity is strongly reinforced by the listed aims of Guiding, which provide opportunities for girls and young women to:

• be challenged by new adventures and experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment
• develop self-awareness, self-respect and self-confidence
• develop a personal faith and values to give life meaning and direction think for themselves, govern themselves and make their own decisions
• make friends and have fun in the family of Guiding
• develop a sense of tolerance, justice, kindness and honour
• learn teamwork and acquire leadership skills, working with and for others
• appreciate the environment and how to live in it
• understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures

Nowhere is there any sense of obedience to men, to fathers, husbands or brothers. The Anglobitch Me! Me! Me! philosophy is here enshrined on an official basis. If anyone still doubts that Anglo-American feminism is in fact an extension of the existing Anglo-Saxon cultural template, just consider the warped values of these ‘traditional’ Anglo organizations.

Above all, the girl guides reinforce the exclusivity of Anglo females in typical puritan fashion. Girls Only! trills the blurb on the website. Nor is this some marginal, bourgeois organization: 600, 000 girls are members in the UK alone.

The Brownies, Girl Guides and so on are a fairly unique Anglo-Saxon phenomenon. They provide a semi-lesbian induction into social life that precludes normal contact with the opposite sex. When one considers this with an eye to psychological development, it is plain that here is the origin of the universal ‘existential abnormality’ that so characterises Anglo-Saxon women. English women exist in an insular world of religion, feminism and snobbery in the case of the middle class, celebrity trash culture in the case of the lower orders. In the onerous official examples of these strange, women-only organisations we see plainly the origins of these attitudes. When one tries to talk to any English woman about anything beyond their parochial, gender-specific obsessions, a look of blank incomprehension sweeps her face. The origins of this lie in the puritan-driven division of the sexes into two separate races by semi-official edict in Anglo-American culture.


  1. I'm not so sure as to the ultimate nature of homosexuality, whether it is purely biological or social in origin; I would suspect that the male homosexual impulse is of dual origin, the sources of which include both the activities of the biological instinct and the socialization process. One reason as to why homosexuality is so widespread is because women are disgusting animals who are cold and selfish, devoid of the capacity to love, as well as being completely sexually frigid in the bedroom. For those who possess a sex drive that is flexible enough it can be altered by social conditioning, homosexuality is a welcome and delightful escape from the emptiness of the female, her usual shaming tactics and savage penchant for inflicting psychological hurt, and of course, the undeniably brutal competition amongst dominant Alpha males for reproductive success.

    Some would argue that the homosexual instinct is reversible by means of psychotherapeutic measures, and in some instances where the individual is bisexual it has been remarkably successful. However, in the great majority of cases, reparative therapy has been a dismal failure.

    Unfortunately, I have always been biologically hard-wired to be attracted to females, although I despise women to the point where I'd rather gun down twenty or thirty women in a single fit of rage. Heterosexuality is a wicked, sick and disgusting mode of attraction; women are shallow, materialistic, egotistical, frigid and selfish creatures; to be in the presence of something so wicked and evil as a member of the female species is truly an abomination in the eyes of god. I derive no pleasure from the heterosexual instinct and its testosterone-fuelled presence within my body has always been a source of the greatest discomfort.

    Nevertheless, despite my great hatred of women and my wish to snap the neck of every female who crosses my path, I am still a heterosexual. I have always wished to become gay, in fact, I have always desired to become gay, yet remain heterosexual despite my best efforts. I have done everything possible to suppress that disgusting and primitive heterosexual instinct and replace it with some other sexual orientation, all to no avail. The only adequate replacement I have found for the heterosexual instinct is homosexual pedophilia or heterosexual sadomasochism featuring hardcore pussy torture/tit bondage. Otherwise, I cannot change my heterosexual desire, in spite of the nastiness and viciousness of all womankind. To me, this seems to suggest that male attraction, whether for the same or the opposite sex, is atleast partially rooted in pure biological instinct. Thus, if male homosexuality was a choice, than I'd choose to be gay in a heartbeat. On the other hand, my continuing heterosexual desire, despite my superhuman efforts to suppress or alter it, is a reflection of how deeply ingrained certain (even unfortunate) tendencies are within human nature.

  2. Have you ever considered a female from outside the Anglosphere? An oriental girl, for instance; or a female from another culture where women do not use sex as a weapon?

  3. I have lived in Canada, the USA, and Great Britain and these nations happen to be very multicultural, so one can easily acquire direct empirical knowledge as to the personalities and behavioural traits of females from other cultures. Unfortunately, women are generally homogeneous in both personality and behaviour, regardless of who or what they are or even their cultural background, in substantial accordance with Charles Darwin's original theory of greater male variability. In other words, women are all the same wherever you go, as the old adage has always said and with great truth.

    Anyway, the only use I have for women is as severed heads in jars of formaldehyde, artfully tacked onto my living room wall as hunting trophies. Quite frankly, I'm much more interested in finding some form of conversion therapy that would enable me to renounce heterosexuality and lead the rest of my life as a happy, well-adjusted homosexual.

  4. My guess is that 70% of female behaviour is hard-wired, while 30% is culturally determined. The problem with foreign women in Anglo cultures is they have imbibed the culture of female double-standards/entitlement from the cradle. Take the same female and rear her in another culture and she will emerge (marginally) less insolent and obnoxious. Even genetically Anglo women improve if reared outside puritanical Anglosphere culture.