Thursday 19 August 2010

Harvard College a Sexual Desert: Gender Feminism's Bitter Legacy

This interesting (if irritating) article from the Harvard Crimson suggests the illustrious college is hardly a hotbed of sexual liberation. This finding chimes well with the Anglobitch Thesis. Elite Anglo-American institutions such as Harvard are embodiments of Anglo-Saxon cultural values, namely repression, misandry, puritanism and feminism, so such findings are fairly predictable.

How much more evidence do people need that Anglo culture is deeply repressive? Here we have a substantial proportion of young people in their physical prime contained in a co-educational setting having little or no sex for four years. Note how the author explains this gross dysfunction by 'academic pressure' rather than puritanism, misandry or feminism. Recreational heterosexual intercourse normally takes a few minutes to complete, so even that argument falls flat (pardon the pun). How much time do the students need?

The blunt fact is that decades of homosocial, Anglo-American gender-feminism have poisoned relations between the sexes. Note how the article makes no mention of Harvard's draconian 'Antioch Rules', wherein males require legal permission to hold womens' hands, kiss and so forth. At Harvard, healthy, natural instincts have been comprehensively erased by anti-sex, misandrist feminists. Twenty-first century Harvard College might as well be set in seventeenth century New England or Cromwell's joyless Commonwealth.

What an unmitigated disaster...

The complaint that Harvard is a barren wasteland of sexual destitution is not without merit. According to a Crimson survey of the class of 2009, in their four years at Harvard, 52 percent of the students had one or zero sexual partners, and only 28 percent had even one dating partner. Add these statistics to the blogs, studies, and numerous recent articles about how Harvard students can’t get any, and you can’t help but feel bad about your sex life. Harvardfml and d-hall gossip don’t help either.

Luckily, the illusion that everyone else is having more sex than you is not specific to Harvard, so if your neighbor’s all-too-audible Saturday morning romps have got you feeling blue, take heart. “Go Ask Alice!”—Columbia University’s Dear Abby-equivalent—reports that the majority of polled college students also had zero or one sexual partners in a given year, while believing that their peers were having three times as much sex as they were. Other revealing statistics include that 31 percent of U.S. college women are still virgins at graduation and that college male sexual activity is down from 2.1 partners in 2001 to 1.6 partners in 2006.

These stats are comforting until you realize that Harvard is still only at or below the mean. This perhaps indicates that Harvard is indeed a barren wasteland of sexual destitution. Why? “Because you all are so dang hard to get a hold of!” quipped my MIT friend. It’s true. He and I spent two weeks trying to find a time simply to get coffee. Every cancellation and re-schedule had been my fault, because of lab, section, rehearsal, or work. This type of social avoidance and excuse making is distressingly common in our college’s culture. As has been pointed out in all those “Harvard-doesn’t-have-sex” articles, every Harvard student is chronically over-scheduled. What they don’t point out is that we are over-scheduled of our own volition. Everyone puts their work first, believing that in the long run, an on-time Gov 20 paper will be more beneficial than a potentially-awkward date with last Saturday’s hook-up. This generates a society of isolated academia, and we lose sight of the fact that one year from now, that paper’s grade will mean nothing. And that date may have been the start of something really special


  1. When I was in college, I remember a very hostile attitude coming from most women.

    I thought that I "rubbed" them the wrong way somehow - and maybe I did...

    But - it seems that were "rubbed" the wrong way by most other men too...

    I expected open-minded women, and I got an army of church ladies.

    Feminism has turned colleges back to the 1600's as far as sexual liberation goes.

    An excellent point well stated.

  2. Pretty much decribes most college girls I know too. It seems about the only time they show an interest in men, a false rape or sexual harassment charge is soon to follow.
    BTW, a little off topic, but did anyone happen to notice that the four finalists in the 'Miss Universe Contest' yesterday were from the Phillippines, Jamaica, Mexico, and Ukraine? All those countries the feminists sneer at men for visiting...LOL Foreign women win beauty contests and Anglobitchs want to prosecute unless there's signed permission before a kiss! Anymore I'm really starting to question the sanity of anyone who dates American women...

  3. *Anymore I'm really starting to question the sanity of anyone who dates American women...*

    Agreed, but as the article states... no one IS dating American women!

  4. There is an old expression:

    "Perfection is the enemy of the good."

    I wonder if the feminist advertising slogan: "Because you're worth it.", explains the enmity of western spoilt women?

    I think we are hard-wired to want the best we can get; but if the 'best' is unrealistic, or completely delusional, then our nature may become a trap to our aspirations; leading those who cannot tell the difference between a hawk and a heron, to be deceived by their perpetual greed and self deceit, and end up with nothing. This self destructive tendency of conceit, could be called 'Narcissistic Annihilation'.

    Nature has given us the capacity to love others, so as to overcome this self delusional trap. Without this capacity, civilisation itself would have little point beyond the economics of an ants nest. When people were persuaded to love god, as themselves, then civilisation devolves into the darkness of the theocracy; and when induced to love themselves as a god, they enter the darkness of their own navels.

    Is it not inevitable that the 'goddess' woman would regard the love by mere man as heretical to her perfection?

    Feminism has given women the ultimate gift of the perfect self, therefore destroyed the need of love.

    Feminism is therefore the enemy of love.

  5. LOL I guess I should have qualified that: why anyone would WANT to date American women! The article is about typical of their attitudes.

    Most American women women seem to go through about three distinct phases. From the mid-teens to their mid-twenties, they generally avoid real relationships with men, though they get off on rejecting men for sport and making false accusations. From about the mid-twenties to mid-thirties, they typically hook up with men who are complete losers and get off on the power struggles with them. From about the mid-thirties to mid-forties, they usually find some desperate mangina to marry and have kids with. Then, they take the poor bastard for everything he's got.

    Add into the mix that American women lead all others in mental illness, obesity, abortions and out-of-wedlock births; that false rape and false 'harassment' charges are endemic over here; and it follows that the only men they could appeal to are morons, masochists, manginas, and metrosexuals.

  6. @anonymous:

    From mid-30's to mid-40's - I have met a slew of women who already "had" children, and wanted somebody other than the "sociopath" they made them with - pay for them... What you called the "complete losers they get off on power struggles with"...

    Which - by the way - is one of the most interesting things I have heard in a comment in a long time. "Power Struggle"...

    I think that fits the "I thought I could fix him" I kept hearing from such women...

    Not being argumentative...

    Just stating my observations.

  7. Scarecrow: That's exactly correct. Those women who are always 'trying to fix' these bums are trying to gain dominance over them indirectly, the same way that ones who choose metrosexual types do outright. Also, applies to those women who seek out genuinely decent men and then destroy their lives.
    Usually all those Anglobitches who take up with these loser-guys and thugs get off on flaunting their supposed moral superiority over them and 'fixing them' is part of that. If any of these jerks actually DID reform of his own volition, it would be a safe bet that his girlfriend would suddenly have second thoughts about things and, ultimately, run off with some new lowlife.
    These kinds of women like hearing themselves praised about how 'giving' and 'sacrificing' they are; but notice how none of them are willing to give or sacrifice when it comes to a real relationship with a real man? Never.

  8. Great article! When I was in college back in the early 90's, the only guys that were getting laid were bad boys and thugs. The nice guys weren't even getting dates!

    The funny thing, now that I am out of college, the same thing is true! The thugs and bad boys are getting all the ass they want but nice guys can't even get a date!

    American women certainly are disturbed. What kind of a woman would go after a bad boy instead of a decent man?

  9. Anon2:
    'What kind of woman would go after a bad boy instead of a decent man?'

    Because a relationship with a decent man would actually involve a measure of responsibility on the woman's part; she would have to treat her man as an equal; she would actually have to contribute something make the relationship work. With these loser guys, she can feel superior to him and have a ready-made pretext for dumping him any time she feels like it. It's the passive form of misandry as opposed to the active, militant feminist kind.

  10. Of course, most of us have figured out that by consorting with these losers (bad boyzzz!), these women are basically giving these troglodytes one of the few things that they truly care for, other than themselves - sex. For them, sex is like a validation of their thuggish ways - "hey, I must be doin' somethin' right, I'm attracting hot wymyn!". Of course, Anglo women, bereft of any sense of logic and hampered as they are by their profound selfishness, have not figured this out.

    Rest assured, the women in Australia are similar, though they tend to go for daggy, poorly dressed, poorly shaven and inarticulate types more than anything else - but they're still clods. Being a muscular jock or a plutocrat is also nice.

  11. I don't know how it is in Australia; but here in the US, the Anglobitches are constantly complaining that 'men are only interested in sex' and don't appreciate their supposed intrinsic worth as women.

    Of course, these same Anglobitches are utterly incapable of contributing anything worthwhile to a relationship other than sex, but that's beside the point to these Entitlement Princesses. Their selfishness and superiority complexes are so strong over here that they'll take worship even from the lowest and most dysfunctional cretins. The losers and lowlifes they take up with are too stupid and egocentric to realize that they're being played too.

  12. Nobody there up to the job? Give me a scholarship for an M.Phil and I'll get things moving in no time at all.

    "Work pressure" doesn't cover it, either. Cambridge has spades of that stuff, and they're demonstrably able to let their hair down!

  13. About a week ago I happened to be riding on the subway and sat behind a seriously hot girl. Of course, she was with some guy who looked like he hadn't recently seen either a job application or a bar of soap. Anyway, she took a picture of them both with her cellphone camera, and Goat-Boy innocently asked if she was taking photos to show the kids. Without even a thought, the bitch answered: 'Nah, if I was pregnant I'd just go get an abortion.'

    That was too much even for the sock-hat guy. He recoiled and said weakly: 'You'd abort our kids?' The bitch nearly screamed: 'It's MY body! I have a right to do what I want with it!'

    Luckily, at that point, I reached the stop and thought: So, THAT'S the kind of material western men are told to commit to and raise families with? Good God, no wonder nobody wants these Anglobitches: they've managed to sink even lower than the vermin they routinely choose as boyfriends!

  14. 'What kind of woman would go after a bad boy instead of a decent man?'

    "Because a relationship with a decent man would actually involve a measure of responsibility on the woman's part; she would have to treat her man as an equal; she would actually have to contribute something make the relationship work. With these loser guys, she can feel superior to him and have a ready-made pretext for dumping him any time she feels like it. It's the passive form of misandry as opposed to the active, militant feminist kind."

    Sandra Bullock comes to mind instantly

  15. Relating to the Harvard Policy: I actually heard some pundit on the radio last week (US) advocating raising the so-called 'Age of Consent' to 25. This isn't the first time I've heard it advocated over here, either.

    Age differences are not illegal (yet), but they are seriously socially frowned upon. That is, if it's an older man with a younger woman: older women pursuing younger men are celebrated.

    The US is really one of the most sexually repressive cultures outside the fundamentalist Islamic states.

  16. Anon 1544:

    Wow. Only America could manage to combine puritanism with hedonism and social perversion (I mean, what's so attractive about a 40 year old woman with a 20 year old bloke?) so thoroughly. No wonder the country's women are drowning in their own cognitive dissonance.

  17. The US is really one of the most sexually repressive cultures...

    For men, yes. For women, the U.S. is a combined sexual playland/shopping mall.

  18. DaRick:

    Cognitive Dissonance is a great way to describe it. In fact, if you analyise the situation closely, you see that it's like the Shrug mentioned: any normal, heterosexual attitude on the part of men is brutally repressed under puritanical attitudes and even laws; but homosexuality, abortion, female sexual hedonism are all encouraged.

    If you look at any of the women's literature, periodicals, or TV shows over here, there's never a positive portrayal of fathers, husbands, or even decent boyfriends. Women are applauded for divorcing their husbands (needless to say the man ALWAYS deserved it somehow); but men who divorce their wives, for whatever reason, are derided as creeps and losers.

    Just look at our celebrities over here. Almost all of the female 'sex symbols' are 40+-year-old slags like Angelina Jolie, and younger celebrities, like Britney Spears, are lampooned and ridiculed.

    In fact, just talking about it makes me want to plan my next trip overseas where I can meet some real women!

  19. I think it's best if men in the US avoid American women like the plague.

    Whenever I think about the idea of marrying an American woman, I don't know whether or not I should laugh ...... or vomit!

  20. Anon 1252:

    Yeah, I fully agree with you. By promoting homosexuality and abortion over heterosexuality and female fidelity, America (and the rest of the Anglosphere) is making a rod for its own back. Not only will subsequent generations of children be able to achieve less than in decades gone by (due to genetics and fraught family environments), but there are also obvious demographic issues, due to men obviously being more reluctant to marry Anglo women who cannot reciprocate and are inherently misandrist, with moronic and fantastical divorce laws behind them. In essence, the Anglo-Saxon race is now in terminal decline, to be replaced by immigrants, Anglo-hybrid types (like myself) and non-Anglo maternal figures. Not that this is a bad thing of course - indeed, given the more stable disposition of these types, it will probably rejuvenate the Anglosphhere. This is, of course, unless the Anglo elites, in their self-destructive ways, manage to alienate the immigrants through insipid policies (like multiculturalism) and make them feel like unspeakables.

    You must also consider the type of immigrant that you intend to allow into the country. Masses of Islamist fanatics with no worthwhile skills would obviously just make things even worse.

  21. DaRick

    *In essence, the Anglo-Saxon race is now in terminal decline, to be replaced by immigrants, Anglo-hybrid types (like myself) and non-Anglo maternal figures. Not that this is a bad thing of course - indeed, given the more stable disposition of these types, it will probably rejuvenate the Anglosphere.*

    I cannot help noticing the large number of Asian-Americans in Ivy League schools and other prestigious American institutions such as West Point. One wonders if the Anglo-Saxons are already in serious decline, since they are being driven from their own elite institutions by hybrid immigrants with more stable backgrounds and genes.

    Just a thought.

  22. Rookh & DaRick:
    There were party elections in the US yesterday and a (female, conservative)senate candidate was nominated who's actually called for making masturbation illegal. This morning there were several liberal feminist pundits denouncing her---not for sexually repressing men---but because she implied that masturbation detracts from the sexual pleasure a woman could give to a man. These feminists argued that sexual pleasure should not, of course, be important to any 'enlightened' male.

    So this is the 21st Century US: one political faction wants sexual repression for everyone and the other wants repression limited to heterosexual males.

    To DaRick's point: yes, American women loathe foreign women. Even though marriage between American men and foreign-born is the only US marriage demographic that actually is increasing (and there's evidence to suggest that these are the only unions that are relatively stable); such relationships are lampooned in the media as somehow mutually exploitative. Of course, if anybody really wanted to be exploited, he'd marry an American woman; but the divorce, abortion, mental illness, and abuse statistics about marriages with US women are carefully swept under the rug.

  23. Rookh,

    Yes, they likely are. Not only are the Anglo-Saxon people in decline genetically, they are also in decline demographically, so their being usurped would make perfect sense. With the Anglo-Saxon people would likely go much of Anglo feminism's influence, although the hybrids would unfortunately have picked up some of its effects.

    To Anon 1810:
    Well, nobody said that America wasn't puritanical. Even in AUS, somebody running on that platform would be laughed off the stage - and Australia is obviously very heavily affected by Anglo feminism - though with a more secular undercurrent befitting Australia's heritage. The influence of American culture upon Australia in recent years has rendered this nearly irrelevant though. Australian girls my age (21 or so), are almost as appalling as their American counterparts and just as promiscuous. They're a bit less psychotic and a bit less paranoid, but that's all. All other qualities that you see in American women can be seen here, if you bother to observe properly for more than one second. Another thing that doesn't help is the instinctive Anglo tendency to defend women no matter what crap they get up to. It's little wonder that Anglo feminists are more toxic than continental European feminists, simply because they are given license to be more odious by the society around them.

    BTW, Anglo women in this country dislike non-Anglo women, too. My own mother (a Eurasian with darkish skin) has endured much of this from my dad's bogan (redneck to you Americans) relatives.

  24. Rookh;
    Here's an interesting question: Given Western women's misandry; puritanism (when it comes to decent men); utter selfishness and lack of empathy; and their predeliction for dysfunctional men who make them feel superior---doesn't it logically follow that few or none of them feel a genuine sexual attraction to men?

  25. Sir

    I am preparing a post that explores this very issue. Numerous studies suggest that many women (if not all) have a fairly minimal interest in sex, and that most are bisexual, finding other women at least as attractive as men. Genetics seems to indicate that mitochondrial (female specific) DNA is typically far more archaic than that of males (for example, European males seem to be descended from Indo-European invaders of Europe around 5000 years ago. Female-specific lineages are far more ancient). Clearly, males have invaded territories throughout both history and prehistory, killing off the males and taking the females as war maidens. Consequently, there has never been any real 'need' for females to 'evolve' an attraction to men - they would have been raped or sexually coerced, anyway. This could well explain widespread female sexual indifference. 'Game' experts tend to lay great stress on female choice in mate selection, but there is little evidence of such choice at work either in archaeology or genetics. Women were simply coerced after their men were killed or driven off, so their preferences hardly mattered. Writers like Roissy are mistaken in thinking that unequal male mating success necessarily relates to female choice or male 'Game' - it could just as well be determined by a pattern of conquest and rape, in which female choice had no role. Indeed, a Stone Age grave has been unearthed in Germany full of traumatized skeletons of men and children, but no adult women. Obviously, these men were massacred and their women coerced. If female preference never mattered much, it cannot be a well-evolved instinct. This would probably explain the limited efficacy of Game (a well-attested fact, even Game practitioners admit to low 'hit' ratios with attractive Anglo females). It is thought that Ghengis Khan is the direct ancestor of 1 in 200 men alive today. Do you think that happened because of his 'Game'? No, it occurred through his ability to coerce large numbers of women as unwilling sexual partners. Their preferences had nothing to do with it.

    As I said, I will write more on this shortly.

  26. Rookh,

    Everything I have seen and read makes it apparent that this frigidity affects Anglo females like no other. My mother (from Malaysia) is fairly conservative when it comes to sex, but she isn't a frigid being. Nor are Filipina's or indeed, most non-Anglo's apparently.

    It also should be noted that, amongst Anglo women, this frigidity does not appear to apply with their beloved delinquents. With them, they are all too eager to 'put out'. Maybe their contempt of decent men contributes to their frigidity around them only.

    In the end, Anglo women by and large contribute little to the world beyond venereal disease, underachieving troubled children and a toxic ideology (Anglo feminism). Many are so self-centred, so why would they bother? It's no wonder that my father, after his first failed marriage to an AUS woman, married a non-Anglo.

  27. Oh, I forgot...

    They make a lot of multinationals very happy.

    But I suppose that we shouldn't complain. Imagine if their selfishness and amorality were less apparent to the observant?

  28. DaRick

    Agreed, Anglo females are undoubtedly the most entitled, misandrist and repressed. A constellation of factors is at work in this, of which repressive residues in Anglo-American culture form no small part. My critique of Game inheres to the biological sphere, not the cultural or psycho-dynamic, which are independent fields of discussion. The Anglo female's attraction to deadbeats also has a psychological component. Freud claimed that the desire to 'fix' others arose from internal psychic conflicts and this, rather than biologically-ingrained 'lust' might well be the dominant factor in female liaisons with mumbling goat-boys. Feminism has given free rein to female neuroses and social fracture is the inevitable result.

  29. For all this 'sexual liberation' occurring here in the west, where's all the sex?

  30. Vile Anglophiles, next they'll be giving mere Pedo-Adultophilia a bad name.