Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What's Wrong with David Futrelle: A Comprehensive List

The execrable David Futrelle recently 'subjected' one of my posts to scathing and ignorant 'rebuttal'. However, his schoolboy attempts to comprehend (let alone rebut) my arguments merely highlighted the shortcomings of this errant White Knight. His puerile efforts were not wasted, however. Obscurely, Futrelle's ignorance illuminates certain features of the Anglobitch Thesis, while simultaneously showcasing the extent of his own folly.

Although clearly a liberal progressive, Futrelle displays the same pro-female self-abasement that defines Anglo-American conservatives like Thomas Fleming. One wonders whether this tendency has masochistic undertones - and whether his public utterances partake of a troubled private life.

Below, I engage with Futrelle's piece point by point. I don't see a single valid point in his juvenile fulminations, let alone authentic understanding of my position.

1. Introductions

The fellow behind the charmingly named Anglobitch blog -- devoted to the notion that "Anglo-American Women Suck!" -- has delivered up a rambling, loopy rant about hate crime legislation, which essentially suggests that the very existence of such legislation reflects an "inherent, all-pervasive hatred of men" in the "Anglosphere."

Florid references to a "rambling, loopy rant" indicate a specious argument is on the way - and David does not disappoint. After all, he misrepresents my argument from the first. I do not say hate crime legislation is inherently misandrist, I merely argue that men are seldom (if ever) beneficiaries of it, when considered solely as MEN... yet, as numerous examples demonstrate, men ARE extensively discriminated against as MEN, for example in the media and before the law. Far from decrying hate crime legislation, I call for its extension to protect men as men. And why is Anglosphere mockingly enclosed in speech marks? Isn't David aware that many reputable academics in economics, law and politics accept that the English-speaking nations are bound by more than language? Ask a silly question...

2. Murdoch's Agenda

His first example of this is ... Rupert Murdoch's media empire. I'm not sure exactly when Murdoch was promoted from media mogul to head of state, but never mind...

Murdoch does not need to be elected as head of state to promote the latent misandry implicit in pan-Anglosphere civilization. I think Futrelle is getting confused by structural/cultural issues (somewhat expected, since he is confused by most things). Anglo culture and its puritanical memes will utilize the media to promote its agendas, whether Murdoch or his minions are aware of it or not. Since Murdoch is the Anglosphere's premier media mogul, his media empire necessarily promotes the core memes of Anglo culture, prominent among which are misandry and soft-feminism. Nor is this mere conceptual rhetoric on my part - Nathanson and Young's excellent study Spreading Misandry: the Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture proves beyond doubt the presence of misandrist agendas in the Anglo-American media. Murdoch's lurid offerings are not exceptional, but certainly characteristic.

I don't remember there being a lot of Jews at the top of the Nazi party. But it seems like every time I turn on Fox News I see someone from "the outcast group (in this case, men)" spewing what to the untrained ear sounds like reactionary nonsense. (I mean, there's Gretchen Carlson, but she's got to share the set with Steve Doocy and that other dude.) But apparently I can't see Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck for what they are: footsoldiers of our feminazi overlords. Er, overladies? Overwomyn?

But 'reactionary nonsense' is, in the Anglo-American context, closely allied with feminism. This is because 'traditional' Anglo-Saxon culture, being puritanical and repressive, reflexively vilifies men and exalts women. Because these presenters are men forwarding a nominally 'conservative' agenda does not make them opponents of feminists, or automatic allies of ordinary men. The British 'Conservative' party recently retracted its earlier pledge to grant accused males anonymity in rape cases, under 'pressure' from left-wing feminists. Is Futrelle really trying to tell us that - were Madeleine McCann a male, working class child - the British media (including Murdoch's) would have batted an eyelid? Is he really that stupid? Isn't Missing White Woman Syndrome a self-evident fact in the Anglo media? Moreover, one that neatly conflates endemic Anglo misandry, racism and puritanism.

Further, Futrelle's distasteful observation about there being few Jews at the top of the Nazi party is irrelevant (and possibly wrong, as someone pointed out). There are many historical examples of people oppressing and abusing their own kind. Does he really think that, in Medieval England, all the male peasants were 'high-fiving' with the Lords, presenting a united bloc to oppress women and gays? What nonsense: most men throughout 'patriarchal' history enjoyed few or no rights, with the added dangers of gendercide and conscription.

3. Legal Matters

Apparently divorce law is so biased towards women that: many Anglo-American women consciously plan for a 'starter marriage' to fleece some unsuspecting male [which] proves that malicious misandry is rapidly becoming a female lifestyle-choice.

Well, so it is. That's why American men don't get married, any more. But it's worse than that, David...

Ex-husband of Italian heiress forced to wait tables by 'manifestly unjust' divorce settlement

A waiter who married Italian multi-millionairess but had to return to waiting tables after their relationship collapsed is seeking to overturn a "manifestly unjust" divorce settlement under which he is forced to pay her maintenance.

Francesco Traversa's marriage to Carla Freddi ended after 20 years in 2008 and he was ordered to pay her maintenance and vacate the home they shared despite the "enormous" divide in their wealth, top judges were told.

But now, in a case which puts both prenuptial agreements and sexual equality under the spotlight, he is arguing his treatment was "manifestly unjust" - and would never have been meted out had he been a woman.

Mr Traversa, 51 - a restaurant waiter from a "modest" background - in 1987 married Miss Freddi, 45, an independently wealthy member of a monied family of industrialists, with a personal fortune estimated at between £1.7m and £4.2m.

Ms Freddi relocated to London where the couple had two children and the first of a series of restaurants in the capital, financed by Ms Freddi's family money, was opened in 1993.

In 2008 Ms Freddi divorced Mr Traversa, of (25) Conniscliffe Road, Palmer's Green, north London, in an Italian court, which - after taking a prenuptial agreement into account - ordered him to leave their matrimonial home in London where he had lived for eight years.

On top of that, he was "required to pay maintenance to his wife, despite her enormous economic advantages," his barrister, Frank Feehan QC, told London's Civil Appeal Court, and is now almost £57,000 in debt to her.

Mr Traversa is now trying to win financial relief in England, but has already been rebuffed by a High Court family judge, despite arguments that "Mr Traversa was economically dependant on Ms Freddi" and that "were the husband a woman" the outcome would have been very different.

Source: Daily Telegraph, 17th November

And there we have it, the 'patriarchal', 'misogynist' machinery of western (and Anglo-American) law in operation. Divorced female millionaires take maintenance from waiters while divorced male millionaires end up on Skid Row... ho hum.

4. Welfare and Conscription

After a brief denunciation of the welfare state -- men pay the taxes and women benefit! -- Anglobitcher comes to the US military draft, for which only males have to register "despite them being tacitly viewed as Untermenschen by law, government and the media." Hey, I didn't like having to register, and I don't think any one of either sex should have to, but, uh, no one has been drafted in the US since the Vietnam war.

I do not denounce the Welfare State as such, merely the fact that women are its primary beneficiaries (that's why 95% of the UK homeless are male, David, a figure doubtless echoed across the Anglosphere) while males are its primary contributors (at least don't deny the feminists' awful 'wage gap' - even though it is the fruit of too many female toilet-roll 'degrees' in flower-arranging and Womyn's Studies).

Whether anyone has been drafted since Vietnam is irrelevant. You really mean, no one has been drafted YET, but that might well change. I doubt David will be feeling such a chipper mangina after losing both his legs to a Taliban roadside bomb in Afghanistan, although it would furnish us all with considerable amusement... specially after his 'caring' Anglo-American feminists leave him sexually disenfranchised for the rest of his days (a 'loser'). But I digress... the US male-only draft remains a potent symbolic weapon held against men, tacitly telling them: women have rights, you have obligations. And this mantra is echoed everywhere in American society. A footnote: American female 'conservatives' fight the female draft tooth and nail, while reaping the many benefits of post-feminism. Again we see Anglo-American 'conservatism' in its true, misandrist light - a heady cocktail of feminist self-interest and semantic manipulation.

5. Try Conclusions

So the first of his examples of state oppression is based on the idea that Rupert Murdoch is The State, not to mention some sort of feminazi. And his last is based on guys having to sign what is for all practical purposes a meaningless scrap of paper. The Anglobitcher nevertheless concludes "that males represent the primary victims of 'hate crime' across the Anglosphere."

David's adumbration is so riddled with conceptual errors it is actually amusing... vaguely. Nowhere do I say Murdoch is the State, although his media empire abets the misandrist, pro-female agendas shared by all Anglo-American States. He is not a conscious left-liberal feminazi, but his media promote feminazism, anyway - by complexity-driven social processes and mere replication of puritanical, Anglo-American memes implicit in the dominant culture.

6. Homophobia

Oh, but he's not quite done. For what angry denunciation of hate crime laws is complete without, you know, some good old-fashioned homophobia, served with a side order of transsexual-bashing: It is also telling that the only male groups effectively protected by pan-Anglosphere hate-crime laws are gays and transsexuals. This is entirely to be expected: such males simulate the female role which, as we have endlessly observed, is routinely and blindly exalted by Anglo-Saxon culture. When the only way for men to achieve protection from 'hate crime' is to adopt homosexuality (or female genitalia) the true nature of Anglo 'patriarchy' reveals itself. Only women and their mincing mimics can enter that charmed circle; the healthy, potent male never can.

Note my words: adopt homosexuality. Anglo-American homosexuality (especially its English variant) is a cultural, not a biological product. The biologically-determined male homosexual is the product of late birth order and hormonal levels in the womb altering the foetus' brain structure. However, due to repression, misandry and feminism, many males in Anglo countries adopt homosexual lifestyles contrary to their true heterosexual nature. For example, many English privately-educated males report homosexual orientation in post-adolescence, due the homosocial nature of the schools they attend. While biologically-ordained homosexuality can be seen as a natural outcome, the culturally-determined form so common in Anglo countries must be seen as a dysfunction since it warps an individual's true nature. This insidious perversion of native instinct is identical to feeding a rabbit meat, or a wolf carrots. My use of the term 'healthy' merely denotes a male who eschews the sickly, culturally-determined homosexual role, not all homosexuals. Indeed, I broadly approve of full civil rights for all gay people. Speaking of homosexuality, Futrelle might do well to address the rabid homophobia that characterizes Anglo-American women in general, including feminists. This arises from their primordial fear of sexual redundancy (a natural corollary of male sexual freedom), a fact even admitted by Andrea Dworkin in Right Wing Women.

Thus, my 'healthy potent male' is not presented in conceptual opposition to biologically-configured transsexuals and homosexual males (thus connoting them as 'unhealthy'), but only their culturally-shaped facsimiles. All other conceptual oppositions exist only in Futrelle's fevered and uninformed imagination.

7. Parting Insults

Dude, you're an Anglodouche.

And you're a moron. I know which I'd rather be.


  1. Add Futrelle to Thomas Fleming, Maureen Dowd, Oprah Winfrey--- there certainly seems to be a growing chorus among Anglobitches and their mangina apologists to come after the MRM these days, doesn't there?

    More 'fault lines' beginning to crack in our dysfunctional social structure as men awaken to their own power and abandon the Anglobitch for better options.

  2. I am zeroing in on David Futrelle's debating style.

    So far, it seems like a "seagull-dabate" tactic:

    He craps all over everything - then flies off.

    His references are total jokes - by the time I pick any of them apart, he has already posted 5-10 more "criticisms" of other things, listing more bogus references.

    I have an extreme curiosity as to what is motivating him.

    All my attempts to contact him personally have been rejected.

    I wonder why - what is he afraid of?

  3. Yeah, all you said is true, but, YOU SMELL, so there.

  4. I don't understand the bee in Futrelle's bonnet about the Men's Rights movement. What is his motivation? He's {if he is a he} obviously well-aware that such a movement is necessary to reduce the rights plus priveleges agenda in America and elsewhere. Maybe he is a closet supporter cleverly raising the movement's online profile. On the other hand, he might just be a limp-dicked liberal mangina selling out men for the forlorn hope of White Knight never-to-be-realised sex.

    He's, uh, different. At least, there may be more to him than meets the eye.

    1. David Futrelle is a Jew.

      That's the only reason he will ever need to post crap.

    2. He is doing it for money.

  5. *More 'fault lines' beginning to crack in our dysfunctional social structure as men awaken to their own power and abandon the Anglobitch for better options. *

    Yes, Anglo feminists are getting concerned about their outcomes (feral kids, cats and penury). Without men's participation, civilization cannot work. Anglo civilization hates men, so let it fail (and its precious Anglobitches, too).

  6. I have looked at his profile, he seems to be a technical article writer for CNN.

    He does in fact strike me as being a he - and, as you put it, he reminds me of many "limped-dick liberals".

    Or, as I would say, those men who obtained liberal arts degrees in college, and ended up getting brain-washed by such colleges.

  7. I'm opting that both Futrelle and Fleming fall into the 'would-be white-knight hoping for sex' categories. I know plenty of men in that category, and the state of delusion and denial they live in is unbelieveably strong. It seems like a mania with them they have to prove that Anglo women really want them instead of the lowlifes, thugs, and cretins that Anglobitches really desire.

  8. Although this guy does seem like a woefully oblivious young man (yeah, the tone of his comments suggests to me that he is still quite young - if not, then he's just immature), the unfortunate fact is that he's not all that far out of the common way with young Anglo guys. For instance, within the website CricketWeb (which is about cricket but seems to be infested with sneering, politically correct leftists for some reason), people who think like David Futrelle are seemingly a dime-a-dozen. This is meant to be a mainstream website, too. You cannot criticise an Anglo girl on sites like these without getting labelled racist, etc., or essentially told to shut up.

    Anyway, I believe that these sorts are commonplace because they absorb the misandry from the Anglo media, take it seriously and thus internalise guilt for being a male. I don't really buy the idea that it is about sex. Not everything a man does centres around sex, anyway. Futrelle's promotion of Anglo girls is just an expression of said internalised guilt.

    The commentators on this website are obviously not like that, for different reasons (being raised in a different culture, or simply throwing off the Anglo media's influence through either weariness or reflexive disgust).

    Oh, BTW Dave, Rookh doesn't appear to be an Anglo in any way, culturally or racially. He appears to be Nepalese (am I right, Rookh?).

  9. "While biologically-ordained homosexuality can be seen as a natural outcome, the culturally-determined form so common in Anglo countries must be seen as a dysfunction since it warps an individual's true nature."

    I've come to the same conclusion; having spoken to what I call real lesbians, they are distinctly not misandric, compared to the culturally moulded 'lesbian' feminists, who need to be.

    And I suspect that all those who engage in gay pride demonstrations, are mostly pseudo-gays, since they would have an inherent struggle within themselves, to forever exorcise in display. Whereas a real homosexual may tend to act like a real heterosexual, and maintain a degree of privacy, rather than projection.

    Though having said that, don't expect the media headline of: "Tatchel Caught in Bed With Page Three Lovely"; it maybe their sexual dis-functionality that leads them to extroversion, hence their prominence in the performing arts, including demonstrations, which is no more than emotional collateral release by proxy.

    And as for their multitude of sexual partners, which I don't doubt as true, I suspect they are grouping, literally, for a happiness they cannot consummate; because they are neither fish nor fowl.

  10. DaRick:

    One thing I keep asking guys like you described (and would love to ask Futrelle or Fleming in print); is this: just what is it about Anglobitches that they think is seriously worth defending or promoting? Anglo- American women lead the world in psychiatric problems, obesity, voluntary abortions, divorce rates...I can't think of a good reason to get involved with them at all.

    I'm fortunate enough to travel to other countries fairly regularly; and can say that American women can't begin to compete with foreign ones at all. I tell guys over here, who are still dating American women, that they're being completely cheated by these losers and ought to spend their efforts on women who are actually worth their trouble.

  11. Futrelle? A made-up name perchance? A lot of young feminips think they can pretend to be guys on the web and get away with it. The trouble is most male writers are never as long-winded or as "emo" in the content of their writing as their female counterparts. They usually do not try to belittle another man in their counterpoint.

  12. Rookh,
    You may already be aware, but in case you're not, our good friend referred to in this post has taken the time and trouble to create a 'mirror site' for you:

    Makes a change from his usual (boring) quote-mining tactic though... LOL!