Saturday, 18 December 2010

Two of the Best: The Anglobitch Rampant

As is generally known, Anglo-American women can now commit serious crimes with virtual impunity. Since they acquired 'rights' to go with their privileges in the late 1950s, courts across the Anglosphere have cowered before their lies, sadism and drink-fuelled violence. There can be little doubt that this moral cowardice has contributed to the two crimes described below.

Case Number 1: Robbery of a Blind Man in Coventry, England

A 61-year-old blind man was robbed of £4,000 ($7,000) by a group of women in a "sick and heartless" crime, police have said.

The theft happened in Coventry city centre on Tuesday, shortly after the man had withdrawn the money from the Nationwide in Broadgate at around 2pm.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: "He was possibly followed out of the bank by three women who distracted him by taking him into a number of shops, asking him to try coats on.

"The man was left very disorientated when the women left him and found he had had the cash cut out of his coat pocket."

Pc Mick Rhodes said: "This is a despicable crime. To prey on a vulnerable person like this is sick and heartless. Not only was he robbed, he was left very disorientated and distressed.

"I would encourage anyone with information about this theft to call us and remind anyone planning to take extra cash out of the bank over Christmas to be vigilant."

SOURCE: UK Wakefield Express

What amuses me about this case is that, despite the hysterical response of the British press to this hideous crime, if the miscreants are ever caught (a big 'if', considering the relative indifference of the authorities to crime committed against males) the legal profession will no doubt hand out only the most perfunctory sentences in honour of their age and sex. Which leads us to case number two, where a murderess has been wrongly convicted of manslaughter, not murder, and will receive a far lighter sentence as a result.

Case Number 2: Drunken Anglobitches Stomp and Kill Elderly Man in London, England

A former public schoolgirl who hurled homophobic abuse at a gay civil servant before kicking and stamping on him during a deadly attack is behind bars.

Ruby Thomas, 18, was found guilty of the manslaughter of 62-year-old Ian Baynham, who died 18 days after the drink-fuelled assault in London's Trafalgar Square.

Police later found his blood smeared on her handbag and the ballet pumps she was wearing as she kicked him.

The court heard she smiled as she "put the boot into" Mr Baynham after he was knocked to the ground by another teenager, Joel Alexander.

Thomas's ex-boyfriend told the Old Bailey that the blonde teenager, of Anerley, south east London, was "not the type of girl" to have done it. But jurors did not agree and convicted her of manslaughter, along with Alexander, 20, of Thornton Heath, south east London.

A third defendant, 18-year-old Rachael Burke, of Upper Norwood, south east London, was found guilty of affray at an earlier trial. All three will be sentenced on January 26. Thomas and Alexander were remanded in custody after Judge Richard Hawkins refused to continue their bail applications by their barristers.

Thomas, a former pupil at the £12,000-a-year ($20,000) Sydenham High School for Girls, had a previous record for violence. She was just 15 when she assaulted a bus driver in Northumberland Avenue in December 2007, a short walk from where the attack on Mr Baynham took place.

On that night in September last year she was said to have been "off her face", acting in a "lairy, mouthy" way, and flirting with random men.

The court heard that Thomas screamed "fucking faggots" at the victim and his friend Philip Brown. When Mr Baynham confronted her, there was a scuffle during which she hit him with her handbag and he grabbed it.

Alexander then ran up and knocked him to the ground, causing a severe brain injury as his head struck the pavement. Mr Brown said his friend "fell like a corpse", hitting his head on the pavement with a "crunching noise". Blood was pouring from his head.


Which just goes to show, you can educate her in an expensive private school but it really is impossible to reform the Anglobitch. The well-attested Anglo-Saxon Pedestal Syndrome is directly responsible for crimes of this nature. Anglo females are essentially above the law, and this has abetted the Anglobitch thuggery currently submerging the Anglosphere. If repeatedly stomping on a man's head isn't murder, what is?

The second case also encapsulates the vicious cowardice so characteristic of young Anglo women. They stalk the streets stirring up trouble, secure in the knowledge that if any male defends himself against their violent abuse, some White Knight thug will come to their rescue. This certainly happened in this case. Ruby Thomas abused the two men who then defended themselves, whereupon her 'boyfriend' (i.e. White Knight thug) knocked one of them to the ground. While he was chivalrous enough to stay back from the fallen man, the two drunken females could not resist the overmastering urge to kick and stamp him to death. This case shows the visceral hatred of men that festers in the lizard brain of the rampant Anglobitch, forever seeking violent expression.

Finally, the homophobic aspect of this crime is illuminating. Homosexual males generally view women as 'oppressed' fellow travellers in the contemporary Anglosphere (quite mistakenly, in our opinion). After all, Anglo-American women derive all their status from a culture of sexual scarcity that sets them on pedestals and gifts them manipulative power over men. Homosexual men challenge this sexual monopoly by mere virtue of their sexual independence. Little wonder, then, that the Anglobitch attacks such males with the same rabid ferocity she deploys against heterosexual MRAs. Both groups threaten the Pedestal, so both groups must perish: in the Anglobitch mind, the solution is simple. And with the aid of the ever-willing White Knight thug they can effortlessly turn this agenda into brutal, uncompromising reality.


  1. Wow, these crimes those women committed are horrifying! Of course women tend to get lighter jail sentences then men (in Anglo-countries). Now I really want to avoid Anglo-American women like the plague!

  2. I wonder what Thomas Fleming and David Futrelle would have to say about these cases? No doubt us MRA 'louts' are somehow responsible for drunken Anglobitches robbing blind men and jumping on men's heads.

  3. Thomas Fleming's recent article came immediately to mind when reading about the drunken butchery of the 62-year old. There's his Cotillion Cinderellas in action! I suppose that he and Futrelle are already writing letters of support to these females; assuring them that 'not all men are like that.'

    The thing I most remember from my school days about those proms were that the women would indeed spend hours getting ready: when they arrived, they'd spend the first hour or so arguing over which one of them looked the hottest. Then, as soon as the drug pushers, gang-bangers, and other assorted cretins began arriving, the women would flock to them like a bunch of carrion crows. I wish I'd been more aware then, so I could have counted how many pregnancies started turning up just a few months later.

    JamesBond's right: avoid these Anglobitches like the plague---and as soon as possible!

  4. Excellent article.

    @Anon - excellent comment.

    One problem with David Futrelle - and I have "called him out" on this:

    He either misquotes the big-guns, or he directly and accurately quotes no-name nobodies from obscure blogs in internet land.

    The difference between his mis-quoting and referring to no-name nobodies:

    The feminists we all quote are not obscure no-namers posting on obscure meaningless blogs - and - we are NOT misquoting them at all.

    They are evil women who have published books, spoken on TV and other media - they are big guns - not even in the blogosphere - but on the mainstream media.

    Most of my challenges to futrelle are met with this response:

    "I'll get back to you on that ScareCrow" - and then of course, he never does.

  5. Excellent point about homosexuals. There is ALWAYS a sexual strategy in what women do, and it's logic is not very difficult to discern.

    Tommy would probably dismiss theses incidents as aberrant, and therefore too extreme, to base any conclusion on.

    Anon, you make a brilliant point about the prom queens. Very many good and proper girls belie their appearance and let drop their mask with hardly any prompting.

  6. *Very many good and proper girls belie their appearance and let drop their mask with hardly any prompting.*

    It's not just their MASKS that they drop for the cretins, friend...!

  7. NTF:

    These girls you speak of aren't REALLY good and proper at all.

    It is often said that good girls like bad boys. Not true. American girls are often bad girls, so they like bad boys. Birds of a feather flock together, remember?

    They may appear good, but they're fundamentally as cretinous as their preferred partners.

  8. Friend Rookh, you are more clever a misogynist than myself!

    DaRick, I fully agree.

  9. @DaRick:

    "Birds of a feather flock together".
    "Water seeks its own level".

    When I was meeting women regularly - I thought of this. Since the men these women were choosing as mates were thugs - it meant the women were thugs as well...

    This is actually one theory that I pondered for a while too...

    I had always heard the stereotype that women are sensitive, kind, caring etc...

    However, like many sexual stereotypes, I wonder if this one -like the others is in fact backwards...backwards thinking from a backwards culture.

  10. Actually, sensitivity, kindness and compassion are traits almost exclusively associated with the male sex; on the other hand, women are, more often than not, selfish, cold, inconsiderate and brutally materialistic.

    I assume that the origins of this sex-typical behavior can be found in the very different aims of male and female patterns of socialization. To explain, males are generally oriented towards establishing relationships with the largest number of individuals possible and females are largely oriented towards establishing a small number of dyadic relationships with close social intimates, often for reproductive purposes. It is because of these two very separate aims that the sexes often seem at cross-purposes with each other.

    Just my two cents. It still doesn't change the fact that writing about the loathsome second sex is a stupid waste of time...

  11. Scarecrow:

    It seems to be the same with Futrelle as most other Anglobitch apologist/manginas. Usually whenever I encounter one, I ask one simple question and never get a rational reply. It is: What is one positive general quality about Anglo-American women that makes them worth any decent man's attention?

    About the best answers they can come up with are: 'Not all women are like that!'and 'Decent men is a relative term!' Both of these are, of course, half-truths. The first may be so, but the percentages of good Anglo women out there hardly justifies the effort to find them. The second is partly true also; but there are minimal standards of civilized behavior; and most Anglobitches prefer males who fall well below these standards.

    I doubt that if Futrelle ever gets back to you, he'll come up with much better arguments than those. What you'll likely get are shaming tactics. Futrelle strikes me as the type who is fervently hoping that, if he's nice enough to the bitches, one will very graciously and condecendingly agree to 'give' him sex.

  12. BTW... Muzalon, of the great warrior traditions, which do you consider most worthy of emulation? I was thinking that maybe the code of Bushido was perhaps the greatest of them all.

  13. Richard:

    "When I was meeting women regularly - I thought of this. Since the men these women were choosing as mates were thugs - it meant the women were thugs as well..."

    Well, even if these Anglo women don't behave like thugs in the way that men do (due to them usually being less overtly aggressive) they would certainly share similar views on life - which is why their relationships (no matter how abusive) last longer than they should. Perhaps these women also flock to thugs because they subconsciously believe that they 'deserve' punishment for possessing a character that they know is sub-par at heart.

    "I had always heard the stereotype that women are sensitive, kind, caring etc...

    However, like many sexual stereotypes, I wonder if this one -like the others is in fact backwards...backwards thinking from a backwards culture."

    Well, women raised in cultures outside of the Anglosphere are like this, to varying degrees anyway (even Scandinavian girls are fairly nice and polite).

    However, Anglo girls tend not to really have these traits. So they are not attracted to guys who do (the way that Filipina's are).

    BTW Richard, why did you never try dating overseas? I'm nearly 20 years younger than you (I think) and I already am. After three weeks, I think I'm already attached to a Filipina. With your added status and wealth (I'm just starting out in the real world, really), they should be flocking to you. Plus, you're fundamentally a decent person.

  14. @DaRick:

    Okay, who are you, and how do you know so much about me? Just curious - I have never made an attempt to hide who I am - I have just never heard of you before...

    My brother lives in PI, he is coercing me into moving there - he has a woman 1/2 his age - he says it is great.

    I do have a passport DaRick, But - well, I have not gotten around to getting out of the country yet.

    @Anon 12-21-10 18:39:

    "Futrelle strikes me as the type who is fervently hoping that, if he's nice enough to the bitches, one will very graciously and condecendingly agree to 'give' him sex."

    Hmmm - I wonder about this. I am guessing that Futrelle is about the same age as me (perhaps older) - except he appears to have abused his body (he appears to be overweight). I am guessing his penis is no longer functional, or he would have trouble finding it - even if he used both hands...

    My theory - he is an attention whore - perhaps he lacked a father figure in his life - and is now trying to get attention from men - the attention that he lacked as a child.

  15. Richard:

    LOL, I've been prowling around your site for almost a year. Same with Rookh's. When I discovered this, I discovered yours. I know only what you've published over the months.

  16. Hey Muz... what do you think of Roissy?

    A sit where pretty lies do not perish... What do you think? Certainly not hardcore MRA, IMHO.

  17. I was hoping that Muzalon would find the time to treat us to a New Year's Anglobitch special posting.