Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Wedding Lessons: Some Useful Revelations

Just a few observations on the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William:

- The Anglosphere countries remain culturally united by more than language
- Disney values define the Anglosphere
- Most Anglo women retain hypergamous fantasies
- The Anglo elites remain committed to puritanism
- Anglo women remain committed to Marriage, Repression and 'Romance'
- The Anglosphere template remains aristocratic
- Anglo 'tradition' and feminism are one
- At heart, all Guys want Something Else

The Anglosphere Nations remain Culturally United by more than Language
This Marriage (and the hysteria surrounding it) proves the Anglosphere remains a cogent cultural entity. From Milwaukee to Melbourne, from Manitoba to Milton Keynes, the event elicited a similar response. Wherever they were, all Anglo women wallowed in the same hypergamous fantasy, searing proof of the Anglosphere's androphobia, misandry and repression. Little wonder: sexual repression ('romance') remains the cornerstone of their agendas - and source of their socio-political power.

As we all know, George Washington defeated the British Crown (with the aid of the French) thereby creating a continental power that would one day rule the Anglosphere (and indeed, the world). And yet the same democratic, 'classless' republic still gets 'hot flushes' for British pageantry and aristocratic privilege.

These facts demonstrate the truth of the Anglosphere concept. Underlying superficial differences of accent, law and 'football' definitions, the English-speaking countries remain a cogent entity.

Disney values define the Anglosphere
Saccharine values define the Anglosphere. The broad mass of Anglo females in America, Australia, Canada and Britain still become starry-eyed whenever marriage is mentioned (especially to scions of inherited privilege).

All this persists despite the fact that around half of all marriages end in divorce and most British children now reach the age of 16 in a single-parent family. And yet, at least notionally, the Disneyland idyll thrives like marijuana in a hothouse. This is because the needle of Anglo culture defaults to a puritan pole, despite an antithetical 'reality'.

At heart, All Guys want Something Else
As a young Mexican fellow once observed here, Middleton looks more like Prince William's older sister rather than his girlfriend or wife. One way or another, most males will do anything to escape a stereotypical relationship with an Anglo female. Of course, selecting a foreign mate is the most direct and forceful expression of this tendency but, even so, an older-looking female still represents a viable statement of protest. Then again, there may be deeper psychological forces at work. As is generally observed, the repressive nature of Anglo culture ensures that the younger and more attractive a female is, the more entitled and obnoxious she will be. Hence the widely-observed preference for old-looking females among Anglo-American men - it represents a psychic defence against fear, insecurity and unhappy memories.

The Middleton girl is not merely too old, she is really rather plain. If she were a prostitute, she would struggle to make a living. And yet the gynocentric media gush over her as if she were Helen of Troy. Yet another reason to want 'something else'...

Anglo women remain Committed to Marriage, Repression and 'Romance'
Women love 'romance' and remain fanatically devoted to it, despite decades (if not centuries) of feminist propaganda decrying it. But hold on; was this the same 'militant' feminism that railed against prostitution, (imaginary) sex-trafficking and pornography? Of course it was. And now we see the kinship between Anglo feminism and the dominant, traditional culture of the Anglosphere, where 'romance' and repression are the order of the day.

Indeed, the popularity of the Royal Marriage (in all, 2 billion people watched it) indicates that the vast majority of Anglo women remain committed to hypergamous fantasies. This implies that Anglo feminism (most contemporary Anglo women are self-identified feminists, after all) coheres with 'traditional' Anglo-Saxon values, a central assumption of the Anglobitch Thesis. So much for 'revolutionary' feminism...

The Anglosphere Template Remains Aristocratic
The aristocratic nature of American culture has never been touched upon in my writings, but is rather important. The high social 'power distance' in Anglo-Saxon countries drives female hypergamy and entitlement to insane levels. Indeed, this 'aristocratic' hypergamy inheres seamlessly with Anglo repression to produce a 'hyper-hypergamy' with racist, caste-like and Neo-Nazi undertones. This is felt most keenly by working-class and non-white males in the Anglosphere (although it also infects female attitudes to all men, to a greater or lesser extent).

Compared to the aristocratic ideal and the 'fairy-tale' hypergamy that springs from it, no male can ever match the crazy expectations of the Anglobitch. Such expectations handily explain why 7 in 10 divorces are initiated by women and half of all marriages end in divorce. Nothing less than a Prince is good enough for a princess, after all...

P.S. A pity the Gynotheory writer is on holiday. I wonder where he goes - perhaps the Bodeleian library? Anyone who can write such fine essays is clearly highly intelligent... the kind of visionary who makes us all dream.


  1. four simple words:


  2. Indeed ROOKH, I've just added 'Gynocentric Theory' to my blog list; based purely on 'lesson 12' alone. I shall enjoy the other lessons later.


  3. Rookh:
    I should point out that, even though 70%+ of divorces are initiated by women, it's estimated by some that about half of the remainer are initiated by men on the woman's behalf. In other words, about 90% is a more accurate figure.

    One apparent anomoly is the way these Anglo bitches (American ones in particular) slobber over 'royal weddings' and fantasize about their 'princes'---while simultaneously slutting themselves off to worthless men. The reason for this, I think, is the superiority complexes inculcated into these entitlement princesses since childhood. When they actually find a 'prince', they immediately resent him and work to emasculate him, because their egos can't tolerate a relationship on an actual level of equals. But she CAN feel superior to a male troglydite and be a victim-princess at the same time.

  4. @Anon - another point - how many men stay "trapped" in a bad marriage because of fear of financial ruin?

    That is how many more women "threaten" their husbands with divorce unless they get their way on various issues...

    I'd say that needs to be figured into the percentage as well.

    I have no idea what that number would be though.

  5. Scarecrow,

    I'll bet the percentage is pretty high. Men who get involved with American women are just asking to get hosed one way or another.

  6. My next door neighbor is an excellent example of a case as mentioned above.

    I can tell he is a ticking time-bomb.

  7. Your life will be a lot better off without getting involved with an "anglobitch."

    When I think about the idea of marrying an "anglobitch" I don't know if I should laugh ........ or vomit!

  8. "When I think about the idea of marrying an "anglobitch" I don't know if I should laugh ........ or vomit!"

    You should celebrate the fact that you have balls to think.

  9. Rookh: The young Mexican fellow reporting. The Royal Wedding was such an experience for me that worked as a kind of enclosing arguments round about the issues you elaborate in this blog. Well, let me tell you how we ‘enjoyed’ the Royal Wedding here in Mexico.
    Mexican TV sent a group of commentators to report every day of the previous week about the Wedding. Mexico has a Secular Republican political system, in Mexico it’s prohibited to use a title of nobility or to ask people to call you with a title of nobility, and the Church and the State are separated since the War of Reformation (1857-1861). I still remember how in the 90s, a European baroness (I don’t remember her name) lead a group of rich people, Mexican and foreigners, to sponsor an artistic festival. The event attracted the attention of Channel 11, a cultural government owned TV channel, so they asked an interview with the baroness. Since, the baroness couldn’t use her title in the interview without violating the law, an agreement was reached. She would be called Ms. along the interview, but those parts where she was asked questions where edited to not ‘offend’ her. So, the audience watched a program in which a host was saying ‘I asked Ms. X about this and she answered me the following’, then the baroness was shown answering the question. But the media works marvels and it seems that such zeal to keep up appearances faded long time ago. Day after day for a whole week we were given a good ration of a Bridezilla Carnival. Such important issues such as the bride’s wedding dress, the bride’s tail (shorter or longer than that of Diana), the makeup, the hairdo, the best bride’s woman, the wedding motorcade (Bentleys or Rolls Royces), the fucking ridiculous hats ordered by the Royal protocol, the religious ceremony, the protocol, etc. were discussed over and over again by experts on TV. Of course there was a space dedicated for the commoners. So, Londoners were asked about their joy of having another Royal Wedding. So, you could see a parade of fat, ugly young and old ridiculous women cheering up the Bridezilla Festival (even Gore and Punk tattooed women). Nothing rare up to here. However, a feeling of sadness and hopeless came to me when I watched the interviews on men. The scene was always the same. Young and middle aged men, evidently poor, old premature, baldness in progress, sad face, poor body language and opaque eyes were doing their best to play political correctness, trying to cheering up the Carnival. It was like having Indian Dalits (‘untouchables’) cheering up and supporting the caste system in India. It was pretty clear to me that this is the place White men are to play in Today’s UK, they are the ‘untouchables’, the lowest of the lower elements of society to be exploited and depredated by a very real caste system which gives them no hope of social mobility, nor a central role in their own families and a disposable place in society (something I told you about my business trip to London). Of course there were also Mexican commentators, also in the radio, who pointed out the insanity of Monarchy, of State religions, of holding these State Weddings among the poverty of most of Britons, racial tensions, and the black story of the Brittish Monarchy, etc., but only a few listened to them. Hold off the press! Look! ‘Pippa’ Middleton is stealing the show. Look at her tight White Dress! Look at her tall, thin body! Look at her classy walking. Look at the close up the camera is doing on her! Oh, well, another infatuated, entitled middle class bitch who is no longer spring chicken.

  10. Santiago

    I also wonder about the premature ageing of British people, and British men in particular. When they are thirty they look fifty. I know that being socially subordinate attacks a person's health, making them more prone to heart disease, hypertension and other ageing ailments. Since men in Britain (and the Anglosphere in general) are pretty much third-class citizens, it is probable that this 'untouchable' status explains their prematurely aged minds and bodies. Social subordination also reduces male testosterone levels, explaining the hunched, unmanly posture of so many British males, not to mention their fertility problems. The fact that so many English males become sexual deviants can also be attributed to reduced testosterone levels. In Britain, one can still only see healthy male specimens in the Celtic Fringe' areas that are less permeated by Anglo-Saxon gynocentrism - the Scottish Highlands, North Wales, Cornwall and Ireland. I myself am often mistaken for someone over ten years younger, and attribute this youthfulness to my comprehensive rejection of gynocentric Anglo values.

    I was recently watching a documentary about football hooliganism and a top Russian hooligan from Spartak Moscow's 'firm' was asked whether he drew inspiration from English hooligans. He replied,

    "The English hooligans were important once, but banning orders mean they can't travel anywhere. All they do is sit around in the pub all day, drinking Guinness. They throw a few chairs at the European Championships or the World Cup, but that's it. They are more or less alcoholics and drug addicts. They are rubbish."

    And this is supported by the evidence. Countries like Turkey, Russia and Poland now come off best in clashes with the once-vaunted English hooligans. This indicates that, far from becoming a more 'masculine' society as 'conservative' Anglo-American MRAs would like to believe, English males are becoming ever more coerced and emasculated. And the same is no doubt happening around the Anglosphere. I myself am increasingly doubtful about the 'mainstream' Anglo-American MRA movement. It reminds me of a left-wing political organization that adopts enthusiastic youngsters, sucks up their energy and enthusiasm and turns them into professional cynics or whiners. I also think the MRA's culture-blindness prevents them getting to grips with the real roots of Anglo-American gynocentrism and misandry (which, as we all know, are primarily cultural and inhere to 'mainstream' Anglo-American values, not neo-Marxism).

  11. As for the Royal Marriage itself, it illustrates perfectly how the Anglosphere in general (and England in particular) is entirely gynocentric, preoccupied by female values and ideals. So many people have come on here to quibble with my assessment of Anglo culture as repressive and puritanical. Let's put it this way: 'romance' is obviously closely akin to repression, since it inheres to the female's reflexive desire to suppress overt sexual overtures and thus impose 'commitment' on her lover. Cultures with a pronounced culture of 'romance' are thus gynocentric. Now, no country on Earth excels at promoting 'romance' like England, the nexus of the Anglosphere. Why else would the marriage be so popular around the world? Would say, a Brazilian or Indian Marriage attract such international interest? Of course not, since those countries have no equivalent gynocentric 'culture of romance'. In short, they are not repressed. However, if women in those countries had the chance, you may be sure they would try to impose the same emasculating repression. Indeed, it could be said that the Royal Marriage was an international 'advert' for misandrist Anglo-American gynocracy...

    Finally, the Marriage revealed how ugly Anglo women are in international terms. Someone on Roissy's blog actually considered Kate Middleton to be an 8. If Kate Middleton is an 8, I'm a Dutchman. In middle-class countries with a higher female average, like Sweden or Norway, Kate might have scraped a 5 rating in her prime, if that. And the media seemed to consider Pippa Middleton a 9 or even a 10! Pinched nose, lop-sided face and narrow hips... a 4, at best.

  12. Rookh;

    What you say about premature aging and general physical decline in Britain is true in the US as well. When my grandmother passed away in 2008, I got a collection of her family photos---men and women well into their 50s and 60s looked like typical Americans in their 30s and 40s; most of them were still having babies well into their 50s.

    The US also has the highest rate of obesity bar none.

    What you said about British hooligans and the Russians applies here too. I know men serving in the Middle East, and they've told me confidentially that in every hand-to-hand fight between Americans and Afghans (where the American doesn't have the advantage of body-armor, night vision, or superior weaponry), the Afghans have won every single time.

  13. Scarecrow & Jas.Bond:

    Here's an interesting story illustrating the other side of the coin. I heard from a friend recently about a mutual acquaintance of ours. This guy had begun studying Judo and Karate as a child, worked his way up to black belts in both, owned his own martial arts academy when he was in his 20s. He dated Amerobitches until he was in his mid-30s; the few relationships he ever got ended with the bitch running off with some deadbeat jackass.

    Anyway, he went to Japan to further his studies, and has since married a Japanese race-car model and had two kids.

    Interesting considerations for Game Theorists; why do so-called 'Alphas' only seem to have success with women once they get out of the Anglosphere?

  14. Much as I am persuaded of the premise of the AngloBitch Theory, it does seem to me that Rookh's comments immediately above reveal an anti-White Prejudice. If white-women are so undesirable then why is it that Black and Arab men appear unable to resist them? It cannot just be their scarcity value. I am unable to raise any enthusiasm for Black or Asian women - try as I might.

    The Middleton's are social risers and you cannot go higher (by reason of money and position) than the unmarried heir to the throne of England. The only other comparable male is an elderly german bachelor who has sworn of women - and so Benedict XVI does not count. Kate and Pippa are to the better end of average looking women - say a 6 - and are assisted in this by their youth and slim figures.

    Do I detect that Rookh did not receive an invite?

  15. *If white-women are so undesirable then why is it that Black and Arab men appear unable to resist them?*

    Black men view a relationship with a white woman as a route of upward mobility. The white women they go for are typically obese and below par (in Britain at least), so I don't think animal attraction has much to do with it.

    I would say Kate is a good 6 in a British context - but since English women are the most obese in Europe, that isn't saying much. A British 6 is a Swedish 4 (hmmmmm, that sounds like an axiom).

  16. Rookh:
    In the US, white women typically actively pursue black men for the opposite reason: the majority of black men here fit the dysfunctional social profile that American women seem to like so much. It's interesting that typically successful, strong or otherwise worthy black men are shunned by American women just as much as their white counterparts.

  17. All the flap over the royal wedding and gushing over the aged princess' supposed sexiness reminded me of the 2008 elections here in the US. Remember how Sarah Palin, a mid-40s mother of five was idolized as a sort of American sex symbol?

  18. Guys: If you want to understand the nature of Black men-White women relationships you have to split Black men into two categories: Successful and Guettoers.
    Guettoers have private harems with women like this:
    Successful Black men are like Tiger Woods, they run private harems with prime time chicks, i. e. models, actresses, beauty queens, etc.
    In both cases it’s important to note that Black men are completely immune to Feminism and PC. They are manly, distant and assholes enough to attract any woman, also when they are in illicit activities. Women just go crazy for them.

  19. *All the flap over the royal wedding and gushing over the aged princess' supposed sexiness reminded me of the 2008 elections here in the US. Remember how Sarah Palin, a mid-40s mother of five was idolized as a sort of American sex symbol?*

    I surely do. And the fact that she has a Down's Syndrome child is hardly 'an alarum to love' (as Shakespeare once put it), either.

  20. *Guys: If you want to understand the nature of Black men-White women relationships you have to split Black men into two categories: Successful and Guettoers.
    Guettoers have private harems with women like this:*

    They're welcome to them! That Matt Lucas is a brilliant female impersonator, he has the feral British Anglobitch 'down to a T', as they say. However, while your assessment is of course correct of the social extremes, 'normal' British black males in the aspirational working class/lower middle-class social bracket seek marriage to white women to give themselves a sense of 'social legitimacy'. They especially desire mixed race children to cement their notional 'bond' to British society. I really respect black males' athletic and sexual prowess, but this aspect of black male culture is just too sad for words. Boxer Frank Bruno was a particularly tragic case. These 'normal' black guys pedestalize fat, ugly white women to an extent unknown even among the worst white manginas.

  21. *In the US, white women typically actively pursue black men for the opposite reason: the majority of black men here fit the dysfunctional social profile that American women seem to like so much. It's interesting that typically successful, strong or otherwise worthy black men are shunned by American women just as much as their white counterparts.*

    Again, the American Anglobitch surpasses all others in dysfunctional derangement.

  22. As for the Hooligans, I remember the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. I was a kid then, but I could realize by watching the News that there were serious concerns about the capabilities of Mexican police to deal with the English hooligans. In those days as it is pretty much Today, Soccer matches were a family entertainment event, so the training and expertise of Mexican Police with riots and violence in large public sport events was almost zero. England, lead by its super star Gary Lineker, played the first round in Monterrey, an industrial city known by its heavy drinking beer population, and its passion for soccer. Nothing happened. But then all the lights went red went England was to meet Argentina in Mexico City in the quarter-finals. Hooligans’ violence was at its top those days, but the violence perpetrated by ‘Las Barras Bravas Argentinas’ (‘the vicious Argentinean soccer gangs’) was already well known in South America. The whole country paralyzed that day. Everybody wanted to watch the ‘Partido por las Malvinas’ (the Soccer Match for the Falklands), of course, 99.9% of Mexicans were cheering up for Argentina. The match ended with an English defeat. Maybe Mexican beer tamed the British fans, maybe the horrendous summer Sunny climate burned all their energies, maybe the hundreds of anti riots policemen were very dissuasive, the fact is that the feared hooligans headed to their hotels and then left the next day. I remember how a famous Mexican commentator said after the Heysel Stadium disaster. “What does English youth try to tell us with their non-sense violence?” When you see things in perspective, you can say that maybe it was one the last desperate SOS calls the chavs made to be rescued from a system which was castrating them. I guess those hooligans of Mexico ’86 now have large beer bellies and live in shitholes somewhere in London.

  23. Santiago

    Yes, I have long thought that the vacuous belligerence of British working class males is a tangential response to their 'cultural castration'. Also, they have huge levels of rage about never having sex - or only having sex with fat, ugly women of the Vicki Pollard type.

  24. Although I am not a fan of India nor of Hinduism, I guess we could learn something about them. Hindu males, also from the upper castes, have a very specific and clear perspective about women, relations and marriage. For them, marriage is a business by which two families join fortunes and boost their potentials. Basically, a business deal coldly operated. No romance, no unrealistic perspectives, no fairy tales. This philosophy is supported, paradoxically, by a friendly religion (I have always thought that worshipping cows, snakes, rats and elephants is something funny) where the main theological teachings don’t have a tortuous framework to be introduced and where affective and sexual repression is absent, and prostitution has then always been an innocuous activity. Christianity has never progressed in India, Hindus have never seen Christianity as a ‘good idea worth of being the moral guide of peoples’. Even more, Hindus hate half to death the other big monotheist religion, Islam. So, Hindu males from these castes basically see women as utilities in different degrees, a prostitute to have sex, a woman from the same caste to raise a family. In some way, Catholic European powers such as Spain and Portugal had a similar system in their American colonies. Landlords had an unlimited number of female slaves at their disposal, so upper class women never aspired to be entitled, they could never take such a risk. This utilitarian perspective of life prevents women to feel entitled or privileged, since their main object of trade (sex) can be found everywhere. The ugly side here is the fact that the sexual providers are women from the lower castes, women who in the tough living conditions of India end their lives as disposable objects. The Protestant side of Christianity is another story. Henry VIII created the Church of England because the Pope refused to sanctify his sexual promiscuity. The Power represented and exercised by the patriarchal and centralized figure of the Pope was to be absorbed politically by the King, and to be decentralized and faded theologically among all the schisms of Protestantism. Since the basic deal of the Western marriage was to have women trading sex for economic security, but preventing a man not to have more than one wife and women not to integrate to a dominant man’s harem, the contract needed to be wrapped in a fairy tale. Both Catholics and Protestants have played the game, but Catholics have always had patriarchal figures (the Pope, Kings, landlords, dictators) that directly or subtly, with their privileges or rulings have put things in perspective. Masculine infidelity has always been tolerated, even praised in Catholic countries, hypocritically of course. Meanwhile Protestant cultures have progressively transfer power from men to women by virtue of the absence of patriarchal theological figures, they are basically clueless.

  25. Rookh;

    I've never travelled to Britain, but the more I read your posts the closer it seems to mirror America. The lower-class males here are an exceptionally belligerent lot too and typically can't seem to land much than fat, older, unstable females.

    The males, though, who are even lower on the social ladder; the non-working, dysfunctional, criminal and brutal males are twice as belligerent, but they seem to land the really attractive women over here. I've seen numerous American women who divorced a successful, hard-working man for a completely cretinous lout; only to dump him in turn for an even lower male. The relationship scene over here is one major 'rat race' to the bottom.

  26. @Anon 8 May 2011 13:26:

    Alpha-Beta-Delta-Gamma-Omega. Personally, I think that "game theorists" have it all wrong. Dr. Rookh has written about this before too.

    @other Anons - regarding race.

    I have had black friends and middle-eastern friends. They seek white females out of sexual curiosity. At least, that is the impression I got from them.

    I remember when I was younger, I was DEFINITELY sexually curious about Black women and others...

    One middle eastern man here told me that for his culture, moving to a foreign country and marrying one of its women is a sign of prowess and power.

    Poor fellow moved from Bangladesh, and got mixed up with one of our screwy women...

  27. Rookh:
    I have a question about the Anglobitch Thesis; specifically relating to the Pedestal Syndrome.

    As you pointed out, Americans have the their counterpart to British royal princesses in the archetype of the Disney Princess. American women are steeped in the Pedestral Syndrome and so are most men. However, women over here, when they seek males for relationships, pick men who don't even remotely approximate the ideal of a 'prince'. In fact, even the white- knight types are viciously abused by American women and most decent men in general are shunned.

    What I'm having trouble reconciling is American women's outward acceptance of the Pedestal Syndrome with their obsession for half-evolved human males.

    What is your opinion on this?

  28. Richard

    I think the traits described as alpha ARE useful - if one speaks well and confidently, if one aims high in one's life and career, if one stands out from the common herd then one IS likely to do better than someone who doesn't. However, the American Game theorists seem to conflate these positive traits with male attractiveness to women, despite there being reams of anecdotal (and indeed, academic) evidence to the contrary. One American here summed up the issue nicely by describing mass female fascination with some toothless junkie dressed like one of Steinbeck's hobos. At the same event, clean cut and intelligent high-beta males garnered no female interest whatsoever. From a Darwinian perspective, such a response is baffling (the better providers, the better specimens should have prevailed).

    Perhaps the female mind is so different to the male mind that male logic cannot grasp it - it is like trying to weigh smoke. However, an alternative explanation exists.

    An American wrote to me asking why - despite a well-developed Princess Complex - American women fall for base, degenerate males who do not fit the expected Prince Charming archetype in any way. In Silverberg's Gilmagesh the King, the great monarch says to himself: 'When people are forced to submit to authority they only make an outward SHOW of submission; but when they submit to ability or the power of personality they yield in their inmost heart of hearts, and submit in full measure. All wise rulers know this.'

    Since the late fifties, a misandrist form of feminism has risen across the Anglosphere to downgrade men and exalt women - a deadly mixture of puritanism and women's 'rights'. Now, women find themselves exalted beyond their true value and worth as faultless goddesses who can do no wrong. This lofty status, however, is rooted in a cultural accident, not real ability or effort; and so women feel at heart deeply insecure about themselves. And perhaps this gnawing insecurity and sense of unworthiness explains their attraction to bums and thugs, not to mention the drug abuse and mental illness that characterizes so many Anglo-American women. They know at heart that they sit on paper thrones in a kingdom of dreams, and deserve nothing.

  29. People of Britannia: Will you be so kind to stop spreading your shit all over the World? I thought we’ve got enough with all the Bridezilla Carnival previous to the Royal Wedding and the Wedding itself. But I was wrong. Now we are in the middle of the infamous ‘Pippamania’ which comes from England. Every TV news program in Mexico in its ‘Entertainment’ section gives the audience the latest news about ‘Her Royal Hotness Pippa Middleton’. We have to endure the most detailed descriptions about:
    ‘Pippa this and Pippa that’.
    Pippa’s topless photos.
    Heavily drunk Pippa’s photos
    The foundation of the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society, etc.
    Cut the shit, man! Have some dignity!

  30. Santiago/Rookh/others:

    Pippa Middleton is a mediocre looking girl (I don't find her attractive) who is presumably only in the headlines because she is a high-status Anglo girl and the Anglo media deifies such types. It's insane.

  31. Although I cannot link it, I have recently seen on the net the juxtaposition of the Royal Couple and the Royal Couple from the Walt Disney Cinderella film, and also juxtaposed were Fergies two daughters with The Ugly Sisters. The respective outfits are Identical in each case!

    Rookh: Your latest incite seems spot, (I am indebted), at least it certainly appears to fit my (frankly) miserable experiences with my fellow country-women (and anglo-bitches of the americanadian variety).

  32. @ Santiago,

    Remember the Alamo.


  33. Rookh,

    Thanks for the response! Since I've been involved with the MRM, I've noticed that the social entitlement conditioning and unrealistic expections that American women are taught, along with their predilection for bums, had striking similarities to the psychoanylitic theory of the Superiority Complex.

    But I do have one further question about the Pedestal Syndrome. While socially-conditioned female insecurity explains women's obsession with louts; I have difficulty reconciling it with their attitudes towards 'White Knights'. American women should logically be drawn, regardless of their inferiority feelings, towards men who actively embrace the Pedestal Syndrome (and there are lots of them in the US).

    Instead, though, the White Knights not only are shunned by women here, they seem to be singled out as especial objects for feminine abuse. All the men I know here who've been targets of false accusations, for example, are White Knight types. A lot of others are know who have had relationships are usually callously abandoned, often in favor of a complete thug.

    The question is, then: why do women who've been raised with the 'princess ideal' viciously persecute the very males who would give them at least a psychological escape from their inferiority feelings?

  34. I would say that White Knights set themselves up for abuse - that is, they put themselves in positions where women can abuse them... Marriage being a prime example. One positive trait of thugs is the way they stay on the outside like a good counter-puncher, never getting embroiled with official institutions. As soon as that happens, any Anglo-American male is transformed into a potential slave and victim.

    Thugs never get married, they seldom own anything and they usually don't work. They are untouchable. Obviously, never working is not an option for most males, but the thug philosophy of self-imposed alienation and mocking detachment from 'society' is one we can all learn from.

    As to the female contempt for White Knights as wimps and losers (very common across the Anglosphere), perhaps they know such poltroons to be wrong about women 'from the inside', as it were. That is, women know they are worthless, over-rated individuals at a subjective, intimate level, and justifiably detest White Knights for thinking otherwise. And perhaps there are psycho-sexual dynamics involved... the White Knight's bumbling masochism might well excite sadistic female impulses that are usually reserved for other women.

  35. Rookh, Scarecrow,

    I've given this theme (why women consort with dregs) some thought and I have a theory on it.

    Briefly, women instintively know that without their sexual allure they are nothing to men. Ideally, from their point of view, the sexually deprived man is optimum to tyrannize over. The sexually sated man on the other hand is not.

    With that in mind, a practical problem arises. How do women satisfy their own carnal desires without ceding their sexual power over men? The answer is to target the dregs of society as sex partners so as to more easily maintain a sex-free ethic with respectable men and thereby conserve their power (the only power they have) over them. The dregs by contrast can safely be indulged because they are utterly lacking in positive, and therefore superior, qualities.

  36. a result whereof females have to hide their promiscuity from respectable men for otherwise (on discovering the promiscuity) the respectable men would either proposition brazenly or mock the woman as hypocritical.

  37. *How do women satisfy their own carnal desires without ceding their sexual power over men? The answer is to target the dregs of society as sex partners so as to more easily maintain a sex-free ethic with respectable men and thereby conserve their power (the only power they have) over them. The dregs by contrast can safely be indulged because they are utterly lacking in positive, and therefore superior, qualities.*

    Don't forget that keeping solvent males in a state of sexual disenfranchisement makes financial sense for women. In such a state, the solvent male is more likely to rush into Marriage and get parted from his wealth in a divorce. It all makes sense.

  38. * a result whereof females have to hide their promiscuity from respectable men for otherwise (on discovering the promiscuity) the respectable men would either proposition brazenly or mock the woman as hypocritical.*

    Opus, I think this is essentially true. But I also think that women have made a new discovery recently which has given them a new weapon in their arsenal. When women flaunt their escapades with uncommon men (we'll call them that) they can acquire the same, or even greater, level of dominance over their subjects that the traditional mask of sexlessness achieved.

    When women choose uncommon mates they are imlicitly rejecting all men who are different in some way from their choices. A good example for purposes of illustration is the white female paired with a black male. In this case she may not be reaching for the facade of purity like her more traditional sister, but she has still erected a psychological barrier between herself and most men.

    This gambit has been aptly described as telegraphing the message "Yes I do, but not with you."

    Effectively then she remains just as out of reach of, more or less, the same male populace as when she put on airs of modesty.

  39. @ Not Thomas Fleming

    Not only do I agree with you, but I detect an attempt at pseudo-cuckolding; an attempt to make jealous. Effectively the woman is saying, 'You are so undesirable that even the man I have chosen (a man you would look down on) is preferable to you'.

  40. *You are so undesirable that even the man I have chosen (a man you would look down on) is preferable to you.*

    I had never thought of that, Opus. It rings true. Thank you.

  41. Wow, all these comments - all good reading.

    This is without a doubt the most mind-stirring site in the Man-O-Sphere.

  42. Rookh:

    Thanks for the answer to the 'White Knight' question and excellent analysis.

    I've mentioned before that both the White Knight and Game advocates share traits in common: both believe that Anglo women can be won by projecting an aura of masculine superiority. The White Knight, though, does seem to have this added dimension of masochism, or probably more accurately a sense of fatalism and martyrdom associated with it.

    Besides the 'Disney Princess' another common American media motif is that of the heroic male who fights and wins battles on behalf of the woman he loves---only at the end to ride stoically 'off into the sunset'; with the woman giving herself to some non-descript character who really did nothing. I think that sort of image influences a lot of White Knight types here.

  43. Opus;

    That is a brilliant insight. I've often believed that an element of Anglobitch sadism towards men is expressed by throwing themselves at lowlifes.

  44. Someone wrote something interesting on that Virgin Omega Nerd blog (or whatever it's called). He suggested that White Knights were a kind of hangover from the sixties and seventies, when the pedestalization of women did not incur the woeful treatment so typical today (divorce, feminine contempt and an Incel lifestyle). The counter-cultural nature of those decades made them anomalous (in short) in recent western history, but White Knights persist in maintaining those agendas despite the post-feminist and generally misandrist nature of the contemporary Anglosphere.

    It is interesting that there are few Baby-Boomers here, but lots of Generation X/Y males. That makes a lot of sense to me: Boomer males formed stable relationships within a White Knight-friendly context, so the MRA movement and the Anglobitch Thesis mean little to them. However, Generation X males were the first to run into a disconnect between rhetoric and reality in regard to Anglo-American women - the White Knight platitudes no longer worked, in sum - which explains their relative need for explanatory paradigms of female iniquity extrinsic to the misandrist, gynocentric platitudes of the sixties and seventies. In fact, most of the 'new male counter-culture' (PUAs, conservative MRAs and cultural MRAs like myself) is the work of that 'vanguard' Generation, with younger fellows realizing that the old Boomer pedestalization agenda promoted by the mainstream media does not match their experience very well, or help them much.

  45. *Not only do I agree with you, but I detect an attempt at pseudo-cuckolding; an attempt to make jealous. Effectively the woman is saying, 'You are so undesirable that even the man I have chosen (a man you would look down on) is preferable to you'.*

    Without getting too Freudian, I sometimes wonder if the Anglobitch obsession with pond-life is an attempt to shame or degrade the female's father, perhaps at an unconscious psycho-sexual level. Apply the pseudo-cuckolding concept not just to all 'respectable' men, but to the chagrined patriarch, and you have the idea. Freud is an unfashionable thinker, but only a fool would dismiss his many insights.

  46. Rookh:

    Actually when one considers that, especially in America, many Gen X/Y women grew up in fatherless households; listening to their mothers' and teachers' harangues on what pigs all men are; and watching their moms slutting around with louts---I don't think a Freudian connection to hatred of a father-figure is at all unreasonable.

    In fact, I think Freudian sociologists would probably argue that females today are educated in such an anti-male atmosphere that women's ego-ideal of the masculine has become the dysfunctional, half-evolved male; and that their sexual lust for these bums reflects that shift.

  47. O fellow misogynists, I humbly seek your guidance in a certain matter. How come, whenever a man criticizes a certain failing amongst womankind, the kneejerk reaction of white knights and females is to say that "You're not getting any" or "You're only bitter because no woman wants you" or ... you get the drift. Of course, the prospective MRA is confronted with this ridiculous shaming language directed against his virility ad nauseam, which makes him think twice before questioning the gynocentric NWO. Now, my question is:

    How does one effectively respond to this language? How does one silence the bigots who would have you psychologically castrated post-haste? Is there a way to turn this criticism upon its head and use it as a means of shaming the white knights and females who employ it?

    Please, I beg your help. Will repay with oodles of misogyny.

  48. Anon702:

    I always throw it back at them:
    "You're not getting any"
    A: "Why would I want to?"

    "You're bitter because no woman wants you"
    A: "Judging by the kinds of men women want, that's nothing to be bitter about."

    "Real men never give up on women"
    A: "They haven't. Real women have ceased to exist."

    You get the idea....

  49. *O fellow misogynists*

    There is nothing wrong with women at an intrinsic level, merely the Anglo-American 'pedestalization' of women.

  50. I'm just going to add in a little bit of sense and say not only is everything you are saying utter shit, but the main idea of an 'anglo bitch' is rubbish what about the non english speaking feminsts?

    you may think you are the voice of reason but i'd just like to remind you that those type of opinions are not and will never be welcome on planet earth. The end.

  51. Anon0833;

    Given the fact that the only US marriage demographic that is increasing is between American men and foreign-born women, I'd say that these opinions are much more than welcome on planet earth.

    Just as a side note, last Mother's Day, I stopped in our city's Chinatown for lunch. The restaurants were packed with families out for dinner. Guess what? I would guess that fully 1/3 of the couples I saw had American husbands with Asian wives. The other thing I noticed were how remarkably well-behaved and intelligent the children of these couples were.

    So it looks you're the one who'll have do a little re-thinking about the 'Anglobitch' LOL

  52. When your opponents resort to obscenity you know you are getting near to the target.

  53. Is this an example of the living death you often mention?

    No. I will jab a shiv into my heart. We will never meet alive.

    No hope of having an obedient sweet pretty young girl that I want for a bride == no reason to continue living.

    Why would you assume otherwise? (Because you're dumb and do not understand)

    (The man wants a young girl to marry and keep, posted several pictures of young afghan girls, in the 8 to 13 year range).

  54. The context indicates the 'man' might well be a feminist troll. However, assuming 'he' is not, the words:

    *No hope of having an obedient sweet pretty young girl that I want for a bride == no reason to continue living.*

    sums things up pretty well. All rational people have to accept the validity of biological determinism to a greater or lesser extent, and the blunt fact is that failing to reproduce (or at least enjoy a sex life) is a kind of 'death' that is ultimately felt as a psychological 'death' by the subject concerned. Eventually, this lifestyle becomes so arid that the individual does not care to live (e.g. George Sodini, Seung-Hui Cho), already being in a state of 'living death'. This state is somewhat akin to 'the Little Black Room' alluded to by Muhammad Ali - the sense of constriction a fighter feels when an opponent like Joe Frazier or the young Mike Tyson is applying relentless pressure.

    I guess that state can lead to erratic behaviors of all kinds - rape, child abuse, murder and suicide. Simply put, life becomes pointless and all sense of social restraint lapses. I sincerely hope you are not in such a condition and, if you are, you can extricate yourself from it as soon as possible.

  55. What do you think of the fact that the old testament allows men to take young/girl virgins that are unespoused as their own at will (rape), and just keep them and pay the father (the man who took the girl being the only one who made a choice) some set amount of money? (Deut 22, check the hebrew too)

    Passage mechanically translated from hebrew:
    [quote]if he-meets man girl(hebrew word here means boy/girl/young) virgin who not being-pledged and-he-forces-her and-he-lies with-her and-they-are-discovered then-he-shall-pay the-man the-one-lying with-her to-father-of the-girl fifty silver and-to-him she-must-be as-wife(hebrew word is:woman) because that he-violated-her not he-can to-divorce-her all-of days-of-him[/quote]

    Word study: [url=][/url]

    Also why do you think that such is a bad thing? It clearly is not bad for men: The man gets the girl he wants, the father gets money with which he can get a girl he wants (the payment is always 50 sheckles of silver (1 and one half pounds of silver about), which was about 2 months worth of bread in roman times, and something like maybe 40 goes with a common prostitute maybe, if the cost of baby goats then and now is similar.

    Also what gave you the idea that the Hebrew bible promotes or mandates monogomy? It doesn't.

    I've been in a state that I wanted a sweet young obedient girl since about 14 or 15.

    I sorta envy the afghan men who can get that.
    Though, I don't think they have indoor plumbing. Dirt house + indoor plumbing + really cute really young bride == perhaps heaven.

  56. I made no such assumption about the Hebrew Bible and am quite well-aware that other cultures have held radically different (and altogether less stilted) views about sexuality than the contemporary Anglosphere. Indeed, the feminist hysteria against men who have relationships with younger women (not necessarily illegal ones, either) relates to their terror of past-prime sexual abandonment to prostitutes, homosexuality or simply younger women. Since I broadly favor breaking female control of sexuality, I agree with your views in essence.

    However, pursuing relationships with under-aged partners is not very sensible in our culture, simply because males who have sex with 'under-aged' girls tend to be imprisoned and badly treated (of course, adult females who have sex with under-aged boys tend to be given a slap on the wrist and sent on safari - but that's the post-feminist Anglosphere for you). Maybe you could move to a country where such relationships are seen as more acceptable. American guys can live like kings in such places, such is the power of western currency (even still).

  57. "Maybe you could move to a country where such relationships are seen as more acceptable. American guys can live like kings in such places, such is the power of western currency (even still)."

    It seems this is ending, I've asked people in various countries and countries surrounding those that I thought might be suitable (has to have girls I think are cute, since I'm a european decendant this is somewhat difficult (the girls I think are cute live in europe, the caucuses, and afghanistan)). They say that they don't marry the young girls anymore, it's all lies, propaganda etc.

    Also there were US reports that in afghanistan virgin girls that were raped just were married to the man and the man sent over a girl from his family to the other family. Similar in essence to the bible law (since it's always 50 shekles of silver (1 and one half pounds of silver) the father can then go and get himself a girl he liked), there were also reports of this in india, pakistan. This would indicate that the men there are wise, understand what men desire, and make such things happen... people one could live with (really not feminist at all).

    I talked to afghans, they all said these were lies and they would kill any man that so much as LOOKED at their sister. (Traced the IP to pakistan).

    My pakistani friend says that the pashtun sadly behave like animals, bags of shit: they gang rape the raped girl, and then have the man marry her... so that he has a bad time. Then they take the other girl from the family and gang rape her. A bunch of idiots who just hate eachother.

    I also saw an (afghan?) muslim boy commenting that (afghan) men watching some girls twirl around in the street... should have their eyes gouged out. The broken english suggested he was legit. He thought it was dishonorable or something. Probably living in the UK or Canada, but having parents from that country.

    When I talked to Indian men who are friends and pen-pals they seemed to like the old testement law.
    Most muslims I've ever talked to, except a very few, were totally against such things and obsessed with women's honor and punishing men. Almost identical to christians and Anglos.
    My Pakistani friend and one afghan guy were the exception to the pro-women brigade.

    All these communications were done through the internet so the men might be self selected.

  58. (continued)
    I looked through alot of pictures of girls from around there, here's the few I thought were cute.
    This girl has nice eyes, a nice v shaped face, looks ... needy, like she listens well, etc
    At first I didn't notice her but that ended quickly, she would be a good little doll I imagine, many many years of happiness.
    (I saw video of an afghan man who's 14 year old wife was being interviewed, he had her since many years before, he was very happy, all smiles. The US reporter woman was not happy.) (BTW: now men are being prosecuted in kabul for marrying young females... though this is directed at religious minorities (no suprise, I never understand why the minority religious don't pull an AK off the shelf when they are assaulted, why do they just take it. It was sihks being arrested, I thought they willingly fought against muslims when given the chance?))
    I'm guessing 2:3 caucasian:arab mix.
    Caucasian girl in northern afganistan, very pretty.
    Only other caucasian/close girl I could find. She's probably cute too. Little waif.

    Anyway, it's never going to happen... so... I dunno, I've wanted young little bride for ... 10 years maybe.
    Gets depressing knowing it's never going to happen.

    Also in pretty much every country I hear of women chopping off their husbands penis. They do this with impunity.
    India, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc etc etc. In bangladesh the woman brought it to the police station and then accused the man she had the affair with of rape (everyone else said that was a lie). He will be prosecuted, seems she'll not be.

    And as you said, there's no rolling-back-the-clock with cultures.
    Havent heard of that stuff in afghanistan, that's the ONLY country I haven't heard of it in.
    Even my pakistani friend seems to hint that pakistani females do this (no suprise, bangladesh was once east pakistan).

    Anyway... yea.
    Hope there's a nuke war since there's no hope.

    Imagine getting an obedient sweet gentle pretty girl young, she'd be pretty for decades rather than only a few years before falling off.
    That's why men used to marry young girls.
    No more :(.
    The best thing in life is gone.

  59. [quote]
    Seamus the Classicist writes:
    \u201d As a cultural aside: in some (possibly all) tribal societies the torture of POWs was always considered woman\u2019s work. This was noted with some American Indian tribes and the Afghanis in the 19th century.\u201d

    A man I knew (RIP) who was in the Wehrmacht said the worst fate on the Russian front was to be tortured by female partisans.

    Is this true, is it still true of afghanistan etc (I haven't heard of females torturing anyone there (did the taliban kill off all those garbage people (woman and the men who thought it was good for females to torture men) in the 80s and 90s?)).

    What value are women and girls then?
    If they can do that, they all are valueless to a man.
    Only science, through genetic engineering could make something good of them.

    Really, if all women are easily capable of torturing men, then they should be done away with.
    You would have to sleep with one eye open... and really... how can you love such a being? It is impossible once you know the truth.

    Kill them all. Replace them.
    Or just destroy the society completly with nuclear weapons.

  60. Rookh:

    The state of living death is absolutely correct, and by extension from the individual to society, ultimately kills civilization, which is predicated on familial units. The return to matriarchy that both the radical feminists and their so-called 'traditional' camp-followers want is really a return to the pre-civilization state of tribalism.

    wool comes not to market
    sheep bringeth no gain with usura
    Usura is a murrain, usura
    blunteth the needle in the maid's hand
    and stoppeth the spinner's cunning.
    Pietro Lombardo
    came not by usura
    Duccio came not by usura
    nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin' not by usura
    nor was "La Calunnia" painted.
    Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
    Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.
    Not by usura St Trophime
    Not by usura Saint Hilaire,
    Usura rusteth the chisel
    It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
    It gnaweth the thread in the loom
    None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
    Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroiled
    Emerald findeth no Memling
    Usura slayeth the child in the womb
    It stayeth the young man's courting
    It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
    between the young bride and her bridegroom

    They have brought whores for Eleusis
    Corpses are set to banquet
    at behest of usura.

    Canto XLV - Ezra Pound

  62. I want to die.

  63. Friend

    In these troubled days, we all want to die from time to time. I kid you not. You are obviously of superior intelligence and you must take charge of things. A lot of young fellows come here and you should think of the dreadful example of mature, intelligent manhood you are setting. Think of all you have - health, probably a decent income and high intelligence. As Hemingway said, 'Man was not made for defeat...'

    Really, just leave the Anglosphere as soon as you can and build a new life elsewhere. What have you got to lose?


    Sucks, women are gaining employment, owning factories and business, and thus gaining power, including in taliban regions.
    They are being educated in the mosques.
    No group of men really want to oppress or hold down women and girls, they just want them to follow their traditions
    and want to fight and kill other men.
    Empowered islamic women are just fine to them.

    Sucks. Nothing we can do. I really hope a nuclear war starts so that the women lose.
    They won't let us have good young girls, they corrupt them with education instead
    we should not let them have our planet.

    Women are garbage. Only science could ever engineer a good female for a man, and it never will.

  65. "Lorena Bobbitt did this, because she knew she could get away with it, living in a feminist (man-hating) culture."

    The muslim bangladeshi woman knows the same.

    Muslims hate men and respect women just as much as anglo-saxons did.

    How do you live with violent psychotic women:
    “Metus improbos compescit, non clementia.” -Syrus, Maxims
    “Fear, not kindness, restrains the wicked.”

    If we cannot have sweet girls (because they don't exist), what is their purpose. We do not profit from the continuation of the species, only future women do. Why not destroy it all, and them, and then just live out our days without them (maybe a few in small prison cells watching)?

    If women and girls are garbage, why not incinerate the garbage?
    Why sleep always with one eye open?

    It really sucks that they are no good, don't have empathy, and society supports them (men and women, weather anglo, muslim, jewish, christian, etc).

    They really are polished shit.

  66. "Really, just leave the Anglosphere as soon as you can and build a new life elsewhere. What have you got to lose?"

    I've asked people in other countries, it is similar there too. Females are females. They never had to develop empathy, feelings, caring, for anyone but their offspring, so they did not.

    Men had to, because they interacted with other men, those that could get along survived by creating societies(pooling labor) to a greater extent than those that did not. Those men who liked and had empathy for females had more of a will to screw them all the time than those that didn't, and these ways of being got passed down too.

    Women mutilate and kill men in every country on earth, and get away with it in every country on earth. In 2 countries men do the same against them (pakistan (punjab), afghanistan), so there atleast is revenge. In all other countries this does not occur.

    It is sad that revenge is the best that is availiable, but good females do not exist. Good actresses exist, but you never know when they will decide to cut your genitals off or burn you alive while you sleep. Women are scum to those not their offspring.

    I want a pretty sweet young good little obedient girl to have as a bride. Sweet is not availiable. Good is impossible.

  67. Rookh,

    I'm happy to see you quote Pound. On the subject of usury Pound once wrote: "Of the Liberals who are not always usurers we would ask, why are the usurers always Liberal?"

    On the subject of death. Death (in this world) is a passage to a better life. Philosophy, properly understood, is a preparation for death. If you wish for death then you are more alive than the living. You musn't succumb to thoughts of suicide however. You must learn to cultivate the sense of living in this world, but BEING in another.

  68. "You must learn to cultivate the sense of living in this world, but BEING in another."

    Not going to get me a sweet young girl to own, hold, play with, etc.

  69. Rookh Kshatriya: Honestly, where would I go?
    Can't go to a muslim country, they hate non-muslims and anyone not like them. Can't go to a christian country, they hate men (and don't let you marry young girls). Can't go to a communist country (same problem). There's nowhere to go.

  70. """"
    Anonymous said... is in the same vain. Hard times and war are coming. An instant end to feminism is by conquest. This is one possible outcome. Anglo women will literally instantly forget feminism and the special entitlements and be falling over themselves to get with the conquerors. They will have endless scorn for native Anglo men.
    I agree matriarchy rides on the back economic success brought about by men.
    30 January 2010 10:33

    Why don't we scorch the earth so there is nothing for them or anyone.

    Women rule us when our civilization is strong, then when we are defeated they run to someone else.

    We can NEVER win, as men.

    Why don't we kill all the muslims, and our own society aswell. That way women lose.

    No one to run to, and no home society either. Just ash.

  71. """
    The near beatification of females we find in Anglo-American culture is best represented by popular music. In reflexive opposition to all experience, Anglo-American pop musicians routinely describe females as angelic avatars of kindness,

    Muslims do the same. This is ingraned in the human genetics, there's no way to stop it except by nuclear war.

    The sad thing is, after nuclear holocaust you cannot rub the women's faces in the dust of civilization and tell her that you chose to destroy it rather than let her enjoy it.

    Because you're all dead.

  72. """
    Ancient Rome incorporated Christianity into their pagan pantheon. Pagans worship the goddess, while Christianity, is patriarchial.

    Christians completely reject the old testament laws. (Jews do to, through their own "new testament" the talmud)

    Christians accept women's adultery, they don't kill her for it ("cast the first stone!")
    Christians condem men for having multiple wives or going with unmarried women (they care about men's "adultery" against his wife (even though it isn't a punishable offence in the old-testament (only going for some other man's woman is))
    Christians kill or imprison men for trying to marry young girls.
    Christians kill or imprison men for raping young girls.
    Christians support sexual equality.
    Christians' god is really their governments, they obey them in all things.

    Christians are pro-women's rights scum, like most people on earth.

  73. "Christians are pro-women's rights scum, like most people on earth."

    Muslims cut off the arms and legs of their FRIENDS who stole something (surely it could be returned later)


  74. "The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men." - Winston Churchill

  75. Ryoo: what do you think about muslims, christians, etc?

  76. @The guy with suicide tendencies,

    Don't you commit suicide since you can hurt yourself! Go South, young man! Take a trip to Cuba. I have been two times there and I have seen American and English men (yes, American) just going crazy in the public plazas after meeting Cuban girls.
    A friend of mine who works as representative of a Chinese chemical company in Mexico was sent to Shanghai for training, after the job was done he took three days to go to East Russia; he tells me wonders of Russian women.

  77. Santiago:

    Rookh's right about leaving the Anglosphere and heading South is a good bet. I never knew what real women were like until I visited your country (Mexico) a few times. Now, I never involve myself with American/Anglo bitches at all. Euro girls are great too; and Asians and Africans are really nice, although I haven't dated any of the latter two.

    Besides foreign women, I come into contact with a lot of foreign men and they tell me the same story. They've visited the US and told me that American women are the worst they've ever experienced; and that trying to date them gave them renewed appreeciation for women in their own countries. I've heard this literally from men from every non-Anglo country.

  78. Either way, you can't marry a young girl anywhere anymore. Also I like celtic-mix and caucasian girls, they only have them in europe, turkey, northerniraq, and central asia (afghanistan, russia, etc).

  79. @Anonymous: Mexican women are not that bad. My problem with them is that as their American sisters they are getting too fat. Actually, it’s not their sole problem; it’s about the whole country. Mexican population runs second as the most obese people of the World, just behind the American people. Aside from that, you are not going to find an institutionalized misandry among Mexican female population. Even more, women from the upper middle and upper classes in Mexico are worth studying if you want to analyze female hypergamy. These classes have a very similar, if not upper, standard of living than those of their American counterparts. Women from these classes are really privileged, and although they don’t need to attend college or have a job or a career, they are encouraged to do it by their parents. However, they don’t enlist to the liberal* establishment since the conservative background they are from (hypocrite as it is in many senses) tops any other consideration in their mating game. And what is that? Money! Show her the money, show her you can give her at least the way of life she got from her parents and you will get the most submissive woman you can find. She will drop from college, will quit her job, will forget her promising career or whatever else in order to fulfill her ‘domestic and maternal dreams’ and she will forgive you almost anything, systematic cheating included. Are these girls cynic, pragmatical, realistic? Call them the way you want, it’s just the simple rule of game among the upper classes in Mexico.

    *I am using the Anglo American terminology. In a Third World country like Mexico, such concepts are different in meaning and context.

  80. Only females from the upperclass in mexico are white. A european man is not going to be attracted to a half-myan woman, nor is an indian man, etc etc. This is a non-starter as a suggestion

  81. Oh and you still can't get a young girl so why bother? You don't own the woman, you can own a girl, but a woman is her own being unless you had her since she was young.

  82. Santiago:
    Thanks for your note. Of course, I'm not saying that Latinas or any other women are perfect; but they certainly are a radical improvement over Anglo/Amerobitches by a large margin.

    The Mexican upper classes I've noticed are pretty much similar to the upper classes in the US; they mostly marry among themselves. A lot of what Rookh says here (and the MRM generally) really doesn't apply much to the economic elites anywhere. They will always marry among themselves to perpetuate their economic dominance, although they might choose mistresses from the lower economic classes. They don't generally feel any need for the MRM since they can afford to do whatever they want.

    Most of the Mexican women I've been involved with are from the middle and lower classes. They are a lot more open to serious relationships than women from the upper classes are. That's still a huge improvement over the US, where only the absolute bottom- of-the barrel degenerated types of men ever garner any female interest.