Friday 26 August 2011

Ten Girls for Every Mumbling Thug: Arab Springs, Good Vibrations and the Revolution of Truth

The recent uprisings in the Arab world are interesting on a number of counts. These insurrections are propelled by the youthful naivety of Arab populations – half of whom are under 25, after all – not to mention the skilled self-marketing of Anglo-American nations.

For those of resident in the Anglosphere, the images projected by the Anglo-American media are fantastical nonsense – we know from our daily lives that very few people own private helicopters, live in mansions or earn billions of dollars. However, to people in Libya, the radiant images beamed at them by Hollywood are accurate depictions of life in the contemporary Anglosphere. Most of the youthful revolutionaries doubtless believe they, too, will own a helicopter if they adopt a western lifestyle.

One of the core myths projected by the Anglo media is the notion that sex with beautiful women is happening everywhere, to everyone, all the time – that casual sex is like autumn fruit, an endless abundance. I recall a coca-cola advert that typified this agenda. Some fool was jogging along when he encountered a beautiful blonde girl running in the opposite direction. In moments they were jogging together, saccharine music welling in the background, caught in the first flush of love... have a Coke and a smile.

Now, many American men report that such easy-going attitudes are rather rare among American females. PUAs talk about continual ‘shit-tests’. MRAs talk about over rudeness and hostility to decent, middle-class men, not to mention no-fault divorces and widespread female misandry. It is reasonable to say, therefore, that a vast gulf divides the reality of American sexuality and its media portrayal.

Sadly, people outside the Anglosphere only see what the Anglo-American media show them. Most young Libyans doubtless walk about thinking that all American men are dating nubile models and enjoying daily orgies. We cannot blame them for this – how could they think otherwise? The Anglo media does not tell them that a vast number of America males are sexually disenfranchised, or that most American women are obese. All they see are Coca Cola ads – hardly an index of social reality.

George Sodini’s rampage had a great impact around the world for this very reason – it confounded America’s carefully-groomed international image. Suddenly, people in Asia, Africa or the Arab world glimpsed the bugs lurking in America’s bed. Sodini’s massacre hinted at a very different America than the one typically portrayed – one where thugs and plutocrats monopolize the few attractive women, leaving all other males to the tender mercies of Divorce or sexual disenfranchisement. That was why the Anglo-American establishment was so quick to decry Sodini as warped and deluded – much more was at stake than a few dead women. One interesting fact that garnered much international attention was Sodini’s attachment to the PUA subculture. Many foreigners were fascinated by its very existence – that American men had to go to such preposterous lengths to get sex with even obese, past-prime or plain women. This went sorely against the grain of America’s international image, where debutantes and models are routinely depicted leaping into bed with ranch-hands and truck-drivers. Consider the lyrics to Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’, a paean to American girls’ sassy, hedonistic ways:

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close
To the Golden Coast
Once you party with us
You'll be falling in love
Oooooh oh oooooh

California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We'll melt your Popsicle
Oooooh oh oooooh

California girls
We're undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce
We got it on lock
Westcoast represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh oh oooooh

Sex on the beach
We don't mind sand in our Stilettos
We freak
In my Jeep
Snoop Doggy Dogg on the stereo (Oh oh)

American pop music from the sixties went even further in its ludicrous misrepresentation of sexual reality; consider ‘Surf City’, the old Jan and Dean surf song. This warbling ditty implies that all American men are driving around in customised T-Birds, attending an endless round of beach parties and banging two or more tanned, beautiful chicks at a time:

I bought a '30 Ford wagon and we call it a woody
(Surf City, here we come)
You know it's not very cherry, it's an oldie but a goody
(Surf City, here we come)
Well, it ain't got a back seat or a rear window
But it still gets me where I wanna go

And we're goin' to Surf City, 'cause it's two to one
You know we're goin' to Surf City, gonna have some fun
Ya, we're goin' to Surf City, 'cause it's two to one
You know we're goin' to Surf City, gonna have some fun, now
Two girls for every boy

You see they never roll the streets up 'cause there's always somethin' goin'
(Surf City, here we come)
You know they're either out surfin' or they got a party growin'
(Surf City, here we come)
Well, with two swingin' honeys for every guy
And all you gotta do is just wink your eye


And if my woody breaks down on me somewhere on the surf route
(Surf City, here we come)
I'll strap my board to my back and hitch a ride in my wetsuit
(Surf City, here we come)
And when I get to Surf City I'll be shootin' the curl
And checkin' out the parties for a surfer girl


Yeah, right. A world-view totally at odds with the experience of every American male I have ever met. All you gotta do is just wink your eye... and be a mumbling, sadistic thug with personal hygiene problems. The surfers forgot to mention that, unfortunately.

Of course, a tiny minority of rich, famous males were enjoying such a lifestyle in the early sixties – and their experiences were amplified by the mainstream media to create an entirely spurious image of the United States as a haven of sexual freedom. In primitive theocracies, the broad masses lack the cultural acumen to perceive the squalid reality behind America’s glittering public image. Young Libyans and Iranians truly believe that adopting Western ways will result in ‘two girls for every boy’. The reality, as we all know, runs more like: ‘ten girls for every mumbling thug/swaggering plutocrat - very little for anyone else.’

The foregoing discussion partly explains the Anglo-American establishment’s rabid antagonism towards the men’s movement. By revealing the tormented reality of Anglo-American gender-relations, the manosphere deflates decades of Hollywood propaganda, indirectly challenging the Anglosphere’s global agenda of economic coercion and cultural infiltration.

Only since the Internet obliterated the legacy media’s tired tales has this ‘revolution of truth’ been possible. I would compare the Internet to a Roman legionary’s pilum. These short spears were designed to stick in enemy shields, not to kill or wound the foe. Thus encumbered, the enemy could not raise their shields to defend themselves at close quarters; which exposed them to fatal, stabbing thrusts from the Roman gladius or short sword. In the same way, the Internet downs the Pan-Anglosphere shield of carefully-crafted media delusions, exposing the Anglo-American world to foreign eyes for the first time: misandrist, repressed and gynocentric.

One good MRA blog undoes decades of surf music, Hollywood romances and Coke adverts. Is it any wonder the men’s movement is so suppressed and marginalised in the United States? When the Arab revolutionaries find the sexual benefits of western life are only for an unrepresentative few, one can only guess at their response. Whatever, the West’s media shields are down or discarded, their filters ineffectual – and there’s not one thing the Anglo establishment can do about it.


  1. Rookh:
    I have always wondered if Islamic fundamentalism has been pushed by despotic governments in North Africa and the Middle East to have both: A dictatorial government and a large proportion of males economically and culturally disenfranchaised. Think about Saudia Arabia. The huge Royal House with its hundreds of members enjoy Western 'decadence' in the cities of Europe and the USA, while the rest of the population is forced to live under strict Muslim rulings. The huge amount of petrodollars have made possible this 'equilibrium', but I wonder what is going to happen as soon as the bubble bursts.

  2. Great article Rookh! My friends and I for years have been saying how out of touch the media is when it comes to dating in the USA. TV shows and movies in America make it look like any man can get any women here in the USA.

    Why is it that in America men are spending thousands of dollars and attending "PUA bootcamps" and reading books and buying dvds to learn how to approach women and get a woman's phone number? It's because, in America meeting women is very difficult.

    In the US, you can't just go up to a woman at a bookstore and strike up a conversation with her and get her phone number. In America, people don't talk to strangers and if a guy does strike up a conversation with a woman in a public place like a bookstore or grocery store, he is considered a "creep" and a potential "stalker."

    America has to be one of the most difficult places on earth to meet women. I know guys who are good looking, have good jobs and good social skills, who go years in between dates with women. Even when they do meet women, it's usually through their friends. That really is the only way to meet women in the US, through friends, or if you can take a lot of rejection, at bars and nightclubs.

    You add to this the fact that 50% of women in America are fat and also the fact that in the USA, single men outnumber single women by 4 million in the 18 to 49 age group and you have a dating disaster for men!

    Some pickup artists in the USA have said, in order to have success with women, you need to ask out dozens of women each month and desensitize yourself to the rejection.

    Also, PUA expert David Deangelo said, for every 10 women's phone numbers you get, you will only get a date with 1 or 2 of those women! So in other words, men in America need to ask out dozens of women each month, get rejected a lot of times and MAYBE get some phone numbers and if he is lucky some dates with women who might be fat, ugly or single mothers!

    Welcome to the dating world in modern day America!

  3. Yes!

    In America, you have to drudge through a mountain of shit, so that you can nibble on a slightly solid turd.

    That is the best analogy to the dating scene for men in America I can think of.

    And Sodini (I condemn his actions fully), did confound this nonsense about "work hard", "groom well", "be polite" and you will "get laid".

    BULLSHIT. That is definitely NOT how the Anglobitch mechanism works.

    P.S. "...who might be fat, ugly or single mothers!"


    And still treat a man like she is God's gift to him!!!!!

  4. I have always liked Jan and Dean. The Anaheim Asuza (etc) is surely one of the great pop songs (being based as it is on a Bach Chorale). There was however always an element of the sureal (I almost wrote surf-real) in their songs: songs such as Horace the Swinging School Bus-Driver, and the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, and the one about the 80 year-old lady in a topless-bathing-suit. Certainly Two Girls for Every Guy fits into this hedonistic but bizarre west-coast Fantasy, but at least the lyrics (as in the one set out above) are coherent, whereas Miss Perry's is surely not so. Proof once again that women cannot write songs.

    I rather doubt Arabs really are naive enough to think that all westerners have Yachts and Helicopters, but they can see that there is free schooling, free health care, free (almost) housing and running hot and cold water and refuse-collections, and an elite that bends over backwards in favour of immigrants. They also see plane loads of Western women holidaying in their country for the purpose (thinly veiled) of having sex with the better looking Arab. They see wealthy (by their standrads) western women able to afford a life-style they can only dream of. I doubt they are as clueless and naive as Rookh appears to suggest.

  5. Lately, this blog has degenerated into a series of obsessive and rambling digressions about "sexual disenfranchisement","involuntary celibay" and "being unable to get laid." These obsessions, by their constant repetition throughout this blog, permeate every single one of the author's musings and appear to reflect a deep, unsatisfied longing on the part of the author himself.

    Could inability to have sex with a young and nubile female be the underlying modus operandi which has driven this blog for so many years? Does the author not realize that by constantly harping on sex and the inability to get it, that he automatically places women on a pedestal as the givers of something he cannot have? By writing about sex, he inadvertently increases the sexual market value of the average woman; by continuously obsessing over sex, he not only objectifies and reifies the female as a sexual commodity, which is her primary function on a reproductive level, but simultaneously reinforces her power in those heterosocial transactions which define the sexual marketplace. You see, woman is sexuality itself, as O Weininger says, so any deep and obsessive contemplation on the sexual role of the female will of necessity magnify her out of proportion to her actual worth as a human being, making her most egregious flaws golden virtues and her inherent worthlessness a thing of the greatest intrinsic value.

    Hence, the secret? The secret is to despise sex. It is to hate it with all one's heart, and by doing such, one dethrones woman. Sex is a primitive and contemptible act, whether with man, woman, child or animal. Can anyone imagine how disgusting it is to swap bodily fluids with a woman or a dog or a child? Utterly repulsive! Once one realizes how repulsive and bestial sex is and how evil the sex instinct is, woman or man can hold no sexual power over the author. Respond with violence and threats to all manifestations of sexuality; remove everything even remotely sexual from your existence, do not contemplate that barbaric and primitive act; live as if you have no sexual identity. This way, one triumphs over the urge. This is the secret of misogyny, indeed, of all misanthropy. When one hates sex, spiritually and psychologically castrating yourself, it becomes easy to subjugate and take the female from off her pedestal.

    You'd do well to heed my advice. Stop praising sex; by doing so, you place women on a pedestal, since sex is the only thing of value that any woman has to offer, which in and of itself, is a worthless and valueless commodity, as is any form of sex offered by a man, a child or a dog. Abandon the sex urge and experience a true contempt for all woman and mankind.

  6. In reference to Anon above:

    Dang... What a fruitcake.

  7. I really want a little girl. A sweet, kind, pretty, obedient little girl to be my bride/slave/etc and me to be her master.

    There is nowhere I can go on earth to get this save Afghanistan and maybe India (nope).


    Some of the Afghan girls are really really cute btw. But bombs are not good to be around.

  8. "Obviously, I am not trying to justify sexual coercion"

    Why not? What's wrong with a man forcing a young little girl into being his own?

    The Old Testament has little problem with that.
    (Deuteronomy 22 28-29: just pay the father if found, and keep her)

  9. ""I also take the view (a view which until the last few years that no-one disagreed with) that it is not possible to Rape your wife. It is as incoherent as that one should be a married bachelor. Assault is a different matter. ""

    Why should a man be punished for assaulting his property?

    Fuck you.

    1. I'll bet you fuck your hoover, don't you? And possibly you dog, too!

    2. Anon 09:01

      Like it or not, cunt, women are worthless creatures, or to be more precise, their worth is measured by their beauty, submissiveness and willingness to obey their superiors -men- without guestion and in blind faith.

      A strong willed, nonsubmissive woman is an abomination and aberration, a mistake of nature.

      you should suck more dicks, dyke cunt.

  10. "The limiting social factor is the female ("not tonight, I have a headache")"

    Yea in a pro-woman society. In a society where men can rape young girls and own them that is not so, mother fucker. (Deut 22 28-29)

    You seem to say that the woman always controls and that's just how it is and how it ought to be.

    Little girls should be forced into marraige and owned.

  11. The trolls are out in full force.

  12. Scarecrow:
    I've noticed this on a lot of MRA blogs lately. It seems like every time an MRA starts making sense, there's a sudden chorus of manginas, PUAs, and Roissyite nitwits, exploding all over the place.

    This is a common trend in cultures dominated by monolithic propaganda machines (e.g., the Anglosphere). First they ignore dissenting elements; then when too many people start paying attention, they turn to ridicule and lampooning (like the mass media does). When that still doesn't work, the next stage is drowning out the dissent with bombast. I think that's where the MRM is now.

    There's the rub, though. The next stage in this paradigm is the decisive one: it either ends with suppression of dissent; co-opting of it; or succumbing to it.

  13. Anon 909:
    Dude, you are in serious need of psychiatric intervention.

    As for the idea of sex being a 'primitive, evil force' this is exactly what the more malignant strains of feminism teach. So is 'hating sex with all your heart'.

    The issue isn't about 'not being able to get laid' or any other such nonsense. Sexual disenfrancisement of males is rotting the Anglosphere from within, in case you haven't noticed!

  14. James Bond:
    There's another cultural myth that Rookh has mentioned before that applies here as well: we're all taught that every Anglobitch is really a little Cinderella at heart, who really longs for nothing more than to live happily ever after with an alpha-type handsome prince.

    The only guys I've ever known here in the US who've had no trouble scoring harems of willing women were bums, thugs, losers, louts, and criminals: with a few metrosexual boy-toys thrown in!

  15. Well, the Boycott American Women blog that I created has caused a MASSIVE RESPONSE from feminists and others worldwide. I think that my blog has caused more damage to the bogus Hollywood media image that anyone else has ever done.

    I'm surprised no one has shut down my blog yet. Anyway, nice blog, and keep up the good work.

    BRAND NEW: Buy the Boycott American Women book. After reading this book, you will never even think about dating an American woman ever again.

    Buy now for just $9.99:

  16. LOL.

    10 girls for every jism spewing tard.

  17. @ ScareCrow:

    You're just saying that because you can't get any woman.

  18. Anon1739:
    That wouldn't be shaming language, now would it?

    Somehow, I'm visualizing a guy with his pants down around his knees and his hat on backwards, spluttering: 'These guys is juz jealous...I get all the hot wimmin...cuz I'm such an Alpha stud...huh huh huh huh"

  19. James Bond/Scarecrow:
    Your analyses of the US dating scene is basically correct: if anything you're understating the situation! When I was still dating Amerobitches, I used to get a lot of shaming language about 'looking in the wrong places' and 'having unrealistic expectations'. In reality, most American men are psychologically conditioned not have any expectations at all. When it boils down to it, most of them are settling for the females who are least objectionable.

    It's amazing that whenever I travel outside the Anglosphere, I have no trouble meeting women---and far better quality women, at that.

  20. @Anon 6 September 2011 17:39:


    Are you available for children's birthday parties?

  21. I have been asexual for the last 20 years for no particular reason except that I feel ZERO attraction toward women - so literally- they are about as interesting as a lightpost. I have come to accept this - I will be retiring in a few years, already own my dwelling, have ZERO dependents/in-laws, and NOBODY to humiliate/castrate me constantly- except at work- where these female octopi abound. The more attention you pay to your sexual longings, the more they will bother you. Try meditation and subdue them once and for all.

  22. Anon2001:
    Obviously, you're paying a lot of attention to them if you require meditation to subdue your sexual desires.

    'and nobody to humiliate/castrate me constantly'

    Except your humiliation and castration are self-inflicted in your case. What you are advocating here is sexual repression---which is the problem with the Anglosphere culturally, as Rookh has pointed out. The feminists offer us poison as the food; you're offering it as the antidote. It's still poison, either way.

  23. There's nothing more pathetic than watching a bunch of grown men circle jerk each other as they cry themselves to sleep about their inability to get laid for the past 3 or 4 decades. Adding insult to humiliation, this blog has "I can't get laid" written all over it, reflecting the bitterness and gradually worsening psychosis of the author as he slowly comes to grip with his lifelong path of involuntary celibacy.

    Now for a dose of reality.

    Have you guys noticed that regardless of age, most of the women around you (over 90%) are big, fat and ugly? Most women aren't even worth the time of day simply by virtue of their physical repulsiveness, making blogs like this ridiculous and petulant. It artificially attaches a level of importance to the female sex which objectively speaking, does not exist in reality. And of the less than 10% of women who are attractive, they don't want you penniless beta losers anyway, being able to marry up and trade their beauty in for alpha male dominance in spades. Keeping this in mind, one quickly realizes how stupid blogs like this are and how omega it is to sit around them and cry all day.

    In the end, it's far wiser to adopt the pessimism of Schopenhauer when it comes to this wretched business. The human being is beset with desires he cannot possibly satisfy in this mortal life of his, which is why the only fulfillment is in a kind of Buddhistic asceticism, a detachment from illusion or material things and a realization of the undifferentiated nature of all being, making all sexuality a source of contempt and derision.

    Either way, it's a lot better than crying yourself to sleep at night because you can't get laid.

  24. Anon0948:

    LOL, I should have guessed that you were a frustrated Roissyite. Usually, your kind of extremism comes from an ideology that collapse when it meets with actual reality. PUAHate is the other extreme.

  25. What's all the bitching in here about women? Every woman has her price and the hottest women can always be had for top dollar. My advice is: stop moaning and whining, save up your money and when you have enough cash stashed away in the bank, start chasing nothing else except 20-year-old hotties.

    Problem solved.

  26. It doesn't seem to have solved your problems.

  27. I am advocating for change.

    Specifically, I would like to see future generations of men NOT have to put up with the vile and disgusting hatred of men that I did in my youth.

    The hatred and bigotry that is prevalent today in shows like "The Talk" on CBS, where the all-female audience and all-female hostesses celebrate a man being castrated.

    It is this kind of hatred and bigotry that I am to alleviate, hopefully to completely obliterate.

    The whole "not getting laid" does not fit into my mindset.

    At best, it is boorishly predictable shaming language.

    Please Note: it is NOT working - and never will.

    Is this whining?

    I'd argue no. Whining (in my opinion) is when a person complains without doing anything to change their predicament.

    Myself and others in these circles are all writing essays like this one, to reveal to the public just how bad male-hatred is these days.

    In addition to that, many of us are starting to attack the male-hating institutions (The Talk was prompted to issue an apology for celebrating castration - and Sharon Osborne is now off the show).

    Whining? Not getting laid?

    You are just making a fool out of yourself by suggesting these things.

  28. Scarecrow:
    In my experience, the thugs and louts who have no trouble 'getting laid' are the ones who shame and spout the most about it at other men. Really, though, none of these jackasses could survive two weeks on their own without women enabling, supporting, and encouraging them. So far from being the 'alphas' and 'bad boys' they imagine themselves; they're every bit as feminocentric as the white knight/mangina or metrosexual types.

    Remember Rookh's article about McDonald---a bum who impregnated seven women in seven years? How long could he make it without women supporting him?

  29. Why do you use the term 'Anglo-American' when it is clear that you are talking about the United States of America and nowhere else?

    The problems you describe are not even approaching nearly as bad on the non American side of the Atlantic (quite the reverse, our women having become foul-mouthed, tattooed drunken sluts only too eager for a no strings attached shag) and until Britain's political and cultural directors decided that all things 'American' are far better than anything English were unknown here. The problems you describe are American without any Anglo component and as an Englishman (that's the Anglo in Anglo-American) I'd rather you left me out of your national self loathing.

    Despite appearances this is not an anti American rant, merely a request for accuracy.

  30. @Scarecrow:

    "Myself and others in these circles are all writing essays like this one, to reveal to the public just how bad male-hatred is these days."

    Excuse me, but writing long-winded and rambling diatribes about how you can't get laid still counts as whining. Change requires you to actually get up off your ass and do something, as in direct political action, which unfortunately for you, does not include producing a seemingly endless series of cum-drenched and tear-stained essays for your small circle of fellow dateless losers to sit around and cry over. So until you can come up with something better, just shut up and endure your permanent, lifelong celibacy like a man (or at least try to), just as nature intended.

    Real men don't cry over women like a bunch of babies.

  31. Rookh/Scarecrow:

    Who was it who said something about feminist anger being the weathervane of truth?
    Looks like your last few articles have have touched a few 'raw nerves' among the Manginas, Angloboys, and Roissyite numbskulls!

    Especially the likes of Anon0737. I'm betting this is a guy who fits the 'mumbling thug' description to a tee, and looks down on everyone else as 'dateless losers'. Probably has one his girlfriends writing these for him too, so it will look like he knows how to spell!

  32. I only date non-Anglo women and can testify that Rookh is right on here. I've met plenty of foreign men who've told me that visiting the US and experiencing the US dating scene first-hand utterly disillusioned them as to the media's false portrayals of the typical Amerobitch.

    More than one of them have told me that they learned to appreciate the women in their own countries after experiencing ours. When I'd ask what characteristics most typified American women, 'selfishness'; 'meanness'; and lack of femininity routinely come to the fore.

    1. Femininity is a social construction and sometimes a useful tool for manipulation. Educated women who earn their own money have no need to bat their eyelases at some ugly old rich man. Perhaps these mean, selfish women should be applauded for their honesty, at least - they're letting you know they don't want you, straight off the bat. Anyway, why not move abroad if you feel you can get better women there? The world's your oyster, by the sounds of it.

    2. Well, it doesn't always work like this: AW are notorious for playing games and leading you on. So even their honesty is suspect.

  33. The teachings of Srila Prabhupada on women and anti-feminism

    The purpose of this essay is to address the issue of feminism and misandry (hatred of men, the opposite of misogyny) and how it has destroyed modern society. We will be analyzing many of the statements made by Srila Prabhupada about women, their role in society, and the anti-feminism stance of his teachings.

  34. @Anonymous above:

    And a hearty Hare Krishna to you too babe! I've seen this exact same post on another blog.
    What gives?

  35. Rookh:

    This the book "White Women's Rights" by louise michele newman confirms your thesis about the protestant roots of feminism.

    It is on line as a pdf see the link below:

  36. Interesting. However, the book presents a rather sanitized view of Anglo feminism. In fact, Anglo feminism was a deeply racist movement from its very beginnings. Most early American feminists were most definitely NOT friends of slaves, non-whites or the poor. Of course, this has been carefully whitewashed by succeeding generations of feminists. The whole point of my writing is to prove that feminism is NOT a revolutionary movement. Rather, it expresses a reactionary, intolerant agenda calculated to return us to a puritan-fascist world bereft of sexual, social and economic freedom.

  37. Here's another interesting article about the history of marriage that mentions Anglo:

    In the seventh paragraph it says:

    "Even after the establishment of Christianity had abolished marriage by capture throughout all of Europe, the Anglo-Saxons persisted in simulating the capture of the bride."

    Feminism may not always work for the women.
    Here is a book I noticed and couldn't believe it:

    "Lonely Learning to Live with Solitude" by Emily White.

    Here is the link:

    It is stunning how a contemporary western woman, empowered by feminism, feels lonely, empty, hollow, just like many men do.

    Her answer? Institute new government bureaucracy to address "loneliness".

    Unfortunately, feminist activism cannot fill her aching empty void, grasping, flailing, clutching to anything,to try to fill the aching empty loneliness.

    The solution seems quite simple given the number or disenfranchised lonesome men. But no, the Feminist, would "cut off her nose to spite her face.

    There was another article, I forget which, about female backlash towards feminism. It seems that the women felt betrayed because feminism left them terribly lonely, wanting a family, but no longer desirable, and unable to find a man.

    Feminism Is Not Healthy For Women And Other Living Things.

    Here is a lady who agrees:

    On another note here is a stry about the "Misandry Bubble" by a successful futurist:

  38. "The whole point of my writing is to prove that feminism is NOT a revolutionary movement. Rather, it expresses a reactionary, intolerant agenda calculated to return us to a puritan-fascist world bereft of sexual, social and economic freedom."

    Thanks for the clarification. The astonishing thing about the book "White Women's Rights" is the idea that feminism is really a cooperation with Anglo Saxon Protestant men in colonialism. Rather than rule colonies by force, they use women and feminism in a very clever way to co-opt, subvert, divide and conquer the colonies. The women and men are turned against each other.

    This paints a picture of a covert male/female political conspiracy to use feminism.

    Well, the "Misandry Bubble" will burst anytime now.

  39. I have been reading about the Anglo-American cult of 'muscular Christianity' recently, which chimes with much of what you say. This was a kind of colonial cult, wherein young middle-class Englishmen were encouraged to convert other countries to repressive, Victorian Christianity, usually at the end of a gun (that was the 'muscular' bit). Protecting 'the weak' (for 'the weak', read 'women') was an essential part of this agenda. So yes, feminism seems to have been an integral part of Anglo colonialism from the very start. The American cult of sports that emerged in colleges like Notre Dame during the early Twentieth Century had much the same 'muscular Christian' ethos - a kind of mindless exaltation of women coupled with puritanical repression.

    Facts like these render null and void the arguments of those masculinists who still consider Anglo feminism a 'revolutionary' movement linked to Marxism and socialism. Its origins are completely distinct.

  40. So you're upset, mainly because real life does not imitate the fantasy worlds depicted in advertising, movies, pop music & general pop culture? Get a-hold of yourself, man!

    I mean, this shit obviously works - apparently men will buy a can of the suffocating stench that is Lynx because the advert shows that when you (average, unattractive man) spray it on, a huge hoard of impossibly beautiful, young, nubile girls will flock to you.

    You imply society's wrong because real women do not look or behave like this - you feel that life should mimic your fantasies (because all media and advertising panders to male fantasy, and furthermore works to temporarily soothe male self-esteem). How about a post about male expectations being way too high, not because anglo-American women are too ugly, fat, old for you but perhaps because you are too ugly, fat or old for a young, beautiful woman. Think about it...

  41. "You imply society's wrong because real women do not look or behave like this - you feel that life should mimic your fantasies (because all media and advertising panders to male fantasy, and furthermore works to temporarily soothe male self-esteem). How about a post about male expectations being way too high, not because anglo-American women are too ugly, fat, old for you but perhaps because you are too ugly, fat or old for a young, beautiful woman. Think about it..."

    OK - I've thought about it and I disagree. I'll explain why:

    1) AW are well-known for their attraction to 'bad boys'. Such bad boys are called this because of their deviant characteristics, not necessarily because they are good looking (some do look as if they've taken too many steroids - to a masculine AW, I guess this is 'hot'). Basically, if I was a fat, old, ugly drug kingpin, I'd probably still have AW lining up for me - or at least secretly lusting after me.

    2) I personally believe that AW find me unattractive because of me lacking deviant characteristics, not necessarily because I'm fat, old and ugly (hence the glass-eyed stares I get from them quite often). Because FW often don't seek such deviancy, I'm more attractive to them.

    3) AW are hardly the world's most attractive women. The weight issues among them are well-known (and they age REALLY badly due to excessive tanning and drinking). So whether AM are setting their standards too high is an open question.

  42. Sebastian Hawks25 May 2014 at 00:04

    One of the biggest frauds in this genre of misrepresenting America as a sexual utopia for men was "American Pie" where every beta male wound up getting free and easy sex. Maybe this is reality for rich Hollywood executives, but in high school only a few aggressive guys got sex and most of the betas were frustrated wankers. The mass assumption that nobody has any trouble getting laid is widespread, on the Tom Leykis show a few years back I remember when the hours topic was prostitution shouldn't be illegal some girl called in disagreeing "this isn't the fifties anymore, any guy who needs a hooker in this day and age..." Note how this unusual ethos amongst men in American society also prevails with the "No way will I ever PAY for sex..." I heard this amongst two fat nobodies I work with who work out on the loading dock, as if they can just score with model quality girls any time they wish. Both have fat girlfriends, by the way, way bellow the looks of the average prostitute.

  43. Practically all Hollywood executives are gays/pedophiles; they don't need women.