Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beauty, the Geek and yet more Anglo Delusions

Ah, the lengths the legacy media will go to pretend that young Anglo-American women find intelligent males attractive.  The television show Beauty and the Geek implies that – given time, coaching and a little TLC –even the haughtiest Lyndon Hall cunt can be persuaded to consider mathematics majors and software developers 'exciting' mates.

All utter drivel, of course. As just about everyone living to the East of Eden knows, American women are by instinct drawn to morons, layabouts and violent thugs. In reality, the vast majority of high IQ males with tangential interests end up sexually disenfranchised, a la James Holmes , Cho Sui Seung and George Sodini. 

For proof of this, we need only consider the case of James Holmes. When he was a diligent young geek, winning scholarships and striving for academic success, he enjoyed no sexual success whatsoever. After attacking a theatre dressed as the joker and killing several people, he is now being inundated with offers of sex and marriage.

In short, it is entirely obvious that women do not find diligent geeks attractive. It is also obvious that they are drawn to public displays of masculine violence like moths to a flame. However often David ‘Blobfish’ Futrelle tells male college students that MRAs and PUAs are ‘screwed-up misogynists’ and that women like ‘nice guys’, the blunt reality of their sexless lives will repudiate his ludicrous advice.

What exactly goes on in Futrelle’s ‘workshops’, anyway? He is hardly a young Adonis with a tanned model on his arm. The only women he attracts to his blog are past-prime soccer moms and embittered lesbians. And once his ‘students’ work out that his ludicrous advice leads nowhere but the Incel Club, his appeal as a dating guru will surely dwindle to nothing.

I have an idea. Chicagoans, the next time Futrelle visits your campus offering his pearls of wisdom, why don’t you raise the issue of James Holmes? You know, that guy who never got any sex when he cracked the books and ‘did the right thing’ – but now stands waist-deep in love-letters after shooting defenceless people in a movie theatre.

Do it – and tell the Blobfish who sent ya!


  1. As always, an excellent essay.

    I would however disagree with the term, "masculine violence", and replace it with "psychopathic violence", or perhaps, "sadistic violence".

    I would say that the situation (our culture) has gotten so bad, that women are not even attracted to the masculine at all, but rather, the psycho-pathetic and mindlessly sadistic.

  2. Rookh:
    One thing I keep hearing, even among mens' rights activists, is this notion of female hypergamy. I don't have any idea how anybody can take the idea seriously when even casual observation refutes it.

    I had a discussion with a client of mine recently, who was arguing that point. I asked him to name anyone we mutually knew how many were happily married and only found two: both married to foreign women. We also came up with a half-dozen of the worst men we mutually knew: guys with criminal records, histories of abuse, and corrupt professionals. From those six men we calculated 22 children by 15 different women (at the women and children whom we knew of).

    I wonder seriously how many of the females on 'Beauty and the Geek' are hired by the networks and paid for being on the show? It's probably about as 'reality-based' as the rest of the American media.

  3. I wonder what happens to all the 'love' letters received by celebrity villains?

    If somebody gathered all these 'gallows' billets-doux, and published them on a dedicated website; the hit rate, along with suitable advert income, would make a killing!!!

  4. Scarecrow:
    You have a really good point. So-called 'alphas' (at least the responsible ones) have just as little success as professionals (derivesly laughed at by our society as 'geeks').

    The divorce and INCEL rate among professions like soldiers, police, firefighters, sailors, martial artists &c. is higher than the averages for most men. These guys have tough jobs that often entail the use of violence. In contrast, though, the FBI reports that, on average, a woman will leave and return to a violent, abusive thugs SEVEN times. Who knows how many just move to another thug afterwards?

  5. James Holmes was described by his college supervisor as "stubborn, uncommunicative and socially inept". He also threatened a college professor. This is all light years from the clever nice guy image of him you project, 'Rookh'.

    Holmes is also reported to have told a friend he suspected he was suffering a mental illness, and warned the friend to stay away, confessing "I am bad news". I think this is sufficient to explain why women were repelled by him - and why his girlfriend broke up with him.

  6. Anon1645:
    So how does that explain all the female attention he's been getting since he became a mass murderer? Women sure don't seem repelled by him anymore.

  7. Hi Rookh,
    First of all, thanks for your great website! I want to request you to join us on facebook. There are a few anti-feminist pages/groups on facebook. Men and women from various corners of the globe comment on these pages.Although the total number of members exceeds 1000, the number of active members is usually less than 100. It is all rather chaotic, and the discussions resemble bar fights. The opinions of men who genuinely know about the Men's Movement(like yourself) would help enlighten us newbies a lot. Both Paul Elam and Bernard Chapin are already there.
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    1. the various groups are Men's Movement, men's rights Movement, anti misandry, anti feminism and other such groups.


      there are others but these are the main ones

    2. Some good groups, there. Some members seem rather socon, however.

  8. @Anon 28 Sept:

    Dr. Rookh Kshatriya is not projecting a "nice guy image" onto James Holmes.

    If I read the essay correctly, it seems Dr. Kshatriya is projecting the "doing the right thing" onto him - going to college, getting scholarships and whatnot.

    That is, he is seen as a "nerd" (not to be confused with nice guy), by women - until he does something psychotic. After he kills, women see him as being appealing.

    And, unlike before his "nerd" image, he is now getting offers of sex from the Anglobitch.

    Try reading the essay before criticizing it.

    You just made a complete fool out of yourself.

    The only time "nice guy" is mentioned in this essay is when Futrelle is discussed - and how Futrelle and his ilk are trying to make others belive that women fall for "nice guys".

    He never projects nice onto James Holmes.

    1. DOCTOR Rookh? Seriously!?! It's unlikely, don't you think? I digress.

      Descriptions like 'diligent' and 'striving' illustrate niceness as much as nerdiness. And "Rookh" did relate Holmes's sorry circumstances in order to counter Futrelle's argument that 'women like "nice guys"'.

      However, I can see the appeal of Rookh's argument, which goes something like this: women (because we're all the same)are attracted to violent, stupid men. Very quickly (out of sexual frustration) all the nice, clever guys spontaneously mutate into stupid, mumbling, wife beating, mass killing, raping, infanticidal psychopaths. It is an appealingly simple argument with an appealingly misogynistic catch-all hackneyed conclusion: that women deserve everything they get.

  9. Anon 1610:
    Anglobitch outrage is the barometer of Truth.

  10. @Eric - spot on. The more they protest and get hostile - the more they try to invalidate the people making the argument against them with name calling or anecdotal notions - the more they invalidate themselves.

    @Anon - "Very quickly (out of sexual frustration) all the nice, clever guys spontaneously mutate into stupid, mumbling, wife beating, mass killing, raping, infanticidal psychopaths."

    Nah - you are wrong. All the nice, clever guys spontaneously realize why young women never found them attractive. Then they peacefully talk about it on blogs like this - sorry kitten, but there is no woman beating going on here. For me, when I was younger - I was not sexually frustrated - I was confused at women's behavior - getting into relationships where they were beaten - and complaining about it - passing up men's advances that were non-violent types.

    No sexual frustration and no woman beating is going on over here.

    Nice try Anon - but - Epic Fail.

  11. Eric is right on when he said, "Anglobitch outrage is the barometer of Truth."

    Anglo bitches don't like to hear the truth. The truth is, the smart men have seen anglo womans true colors. That is why we avoid them like the plague.

    More men from anglo countries are seeking foreign brides. What man in his right mind would want to marry an anglobitch?