Saturday 29 December 2012

The Great Dying: The Fall of the Baby-Boomers and its Implications

Misandrist feminism is a creation of the Baby Boomer generation. Most demographers argue that the Baby Boomers will start dying off en masse in 2015. By 2025, there should be very few of them left and Generation X will hold most of their power and influence. With their passing, will the feminism they promoted start dying too?

In our view, the Boomers’ decline has already exposed many unpleasant truths about ‘the Love Generation’.  The bucolic reputation of the British 1960s is rapidly crumbling. The Jimmy Savile revelations of 2012, for instance, exposed the vaunted 'Sixties' as an era of conspiracy, pedophilia and sexual coercion. For decades, Boomer domination of the media had maintained the illusion that the 'Sixties' was a classless utopia defined by the Beatles and Mary Quant. As their grip slipped, however, a harsher truth emerged.

Consider this: after 2015, every Boomer assumption will come under similar attack. And this revolution will swiftly transform the whole Anglosphere.

Middle class Boomers of the 'Sixties' pedestalized women as no generation before or since. But many White Knights will fall from 2015 to 2025, leaving us a free road to advance our agendas: to state the case bluntly, Time’s scythe will leave us masters of the field. Of course, pussy-begging maggots like Futrelle will maintain a spirited rearguard resistance – but without Boomer patronage, expect them to seem ever less mainstream, ever more eccentric, ever more the pussy-begging losers they are.

In sum, the next few years represent unprecedented opportunities to reject, ignore or challenge Anglo-American feminism. Expect also the accelerated decline of organized religion; the marginalization of academic anti-essentialism; and, above all, the collapse of socon politics. Future conservatism must jettison its traditional links to religion, sexual repression and ‘the family’ in order to survive. Mitt Romney’s catastrophic defeat demonstrates that fidelity to such outdated Boomer ‘norms’ only results in electoral failure. Indeed, the leadership of the British Conservative Party is already expressing concerns about its ‘toxic’ ties to ‘tradition’ in a country where 35% of people are single.

So let us take heart as the curtain falls on the Boomers' fading empire.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. Human beings are pig-headed dolts that rarely acknowledge, let along correct, their errors. Fortunately we're mortal and our mistakes die with us. As a boomer I've had nothing but seething contempt for most of my delusional cohort and when I'm swaddled in my adult diaper and stuffed in a closet -- oops nursing home -- to die I intend to remind the lucid remainders of my generation what idiots they've been.

  2. Rookh:
    I'm going to have one of my rare disagreements with you on this point. I don't see the 60s as having been especially bad for men's rights. Most of that generation was about shedding puritanical attitudes towards sex.

    Much of what you said about Savile, for example, is the Murdocratic media spin; judging his actions by the more puritanical standards of today. There really were no 'cover-ups', Savile and other celebrities flaunted openly against the puritanical sexual mores of their day. Savile's alleged 'paedophilia' was no more than statuatory offences against Age of Consent laws which had been artificially inflated by pressure from the feminist Suffragettes.

    What you're saying about the 60s would probably apply more to the late 70s when there was a puritanical backlash against the 'permissiveness' of the 60s. That was when we saw in America, the rise the Religious Right, sexually puritan feminism invading academia, no-fault divorce, legalized abortion, tightening of stuatory laws, anti-porn campaigns &c.

    1. I agree Eric, the golden age for misandry and Anglo feminism was the thatcher era. Many of the 60s feminists are downright horrified by the results of what. They started. Many of the racist ones say they destroyed their own race, the ones who wanted jobs now regret that they have destroyed any chance women had of NOT having to work, and the socon ones say the sexpos created raunch culture. The Millenials will probably the last generation of white Anglos. I don't know a single person under age of 30 who has had a child who isn't an immigrant, married to an immigrant, or is a strict catholic. I'm an immigrant too so I don't state this from a racial standpoint because we all know culture trumps race in the Anglosphere.

    2. Btw are you the same Eric who was banned from dalrock? I just joined that club!

    3. If you go to Annaraccoons blog, and search for "Duncroft", you will find a rather different view of the Savile witchhunt, together with links to the official Yewtree and CPS reports. Read them. It looks to me like an exercise by TPTB to morph "allegations" into "offenses", and "complainants" into "victims". It says so right in the Yewtree report. No effort was spared to ignore the evidence, it seems.

    4. You're absolutely right on this and I think Rookh has miss-stepped. The Savilocalypse is pretty clearly to me a reinterpretation of the times based on fanatical feminist memes, particularly the paedohysteria.

    5. I've thought much the same thing about all this hysteria; guys doing what perfectly normal guys did in their day, reinterpreted as "monsters" thirty or forty years down the line (with a stern warning to today's men to stick to old fatties being the main agenda).

  3. Ybm:
    LOL, yes I'm the same one. I've been following Rookh ever since I found the MRM (though I used to comment as Anon until recently). I think you'll like this blog---I've learned a lot here.

    I'm surprised Dalrock has any commenters left considering how many MRAs he's banned LOL. The only other manosphere blogger to ban me was Futrelle, so that speaks volumes!

  4. Eric, I agree that the 60s is too complex a decade to be described in a page. I also think that different Anglosphere countries experienced that decade somewhat differently. I have heard it said that the levels of repression in 50s Britain lent the British 60s unusual energy and creative brilliance in music, design and literature. However, one of my pet ideas is that while the 60s had some positive aspects (principally sexual ones), these only touched a relatively small percentage of the population (the urban middle class). Also, the puritanical undercurrents in Anglo culture are not to be dismissed - consider how quickly the tide turned against the 'free' 60s, and how completely! And once the brief bloom of liberation had been crushed, certain troubling 60s residues survived into later eras - namely, the obsessive pedestalization of women and their jackass 'choices'. Futrelle, for instance, espouses '60s values' while sharing the punitive puritanism of Reagan and Thatcher. Take the sex out of the 60s and we are left with woman worship and misandry - hardly a healthy legacy.

    1. And I question the "sex" part of the 60's.

      That is, how much "sex" actually happened in the middle class?

  5. *The only other manosphere blogger to ban me was Futrelle*

    I would hardly call Futrelle a 'manosphere blogger', Eric!

  6. The hand that rocks the cradle...

    The Boomers were merely the vector of the feminist meme. Once they passed on that mind disease, their function was over, as is the fate of all 'useful idiots', their passing is of no consequence.

    Today's culture in the West is assured to last as long as the feminists and queers have control of the education system; for that is the mechanism of self perpetuation from generation to generation. The vectors don't have to breed, they only have to infect.

    And the media and social science students that are on message, are selected via political nepotism for the next round of subversion, enter the 'work places' of influence.

    If Jimmy Savile had married Brian Epstein, and had a baby son called Zachary, even the Boomers would have called foul; but not so their well trained acolytes. A gay couple with a baby are the new royalty, above reproach or investigation, truly untouchable, which is more than can be said for poor baby Zachary.

    We die, but the feminist disease lives. It is the independent working man that is being eradicated by feminism, for this, I believe, is a continuation of the Fabian eugenics programme, whereby only the Nomenklatura decide who is to breed.

    See here for further incite as to the possible explanation of the prolonged media and legal cover-ups of 'establishment' perversion and perverts:

  7. Wow! Both my husband and I are products of the 50's. As political independent thinkers who have fought for rights of those groups impacted by mental illness and addiction all our lives - me coming from politically left retatives that changed the face of assistance for those with less - my husband coming from a family of Holocaust survivors, who came to this country and developed teacher programs and school programs like "No Place for Hate" while my mother-in-law was registering those with less to vote - damn after reading the above I might as well pull out my coffin and bury myself in shame for being a Baby Boomer.