Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Grapes of Tantalus: Revolt, Delusion and Sexual Anomie

King Tantalus...

In Greek mythology, King Tantalus was tortured for his cruel deeds by a terrible punishment in Hades. A lake of wine surrounded him, while a vine of grapes hung just above his head. Every time he stooped to drink the wine, it ran from him. Every time he reached up to eat the grapes, they swung tantalizingly out of his reach. And so he was doomed to suffer terrible hunger and thirst, for all eternity. As we shall see, this tale reflects the lives of most Anglo-American males. Unlike Tantalus, however, their punishment is no fault of their own.
From birth to puberty, most Anglo-American men tend to ‘swallow’ the myths of childhood. That is, they grow up believing that the world is a ‘fair’ place; that adults ‘knows best’; and that organized religion – in its various forms – approximates truth.

At puberty, various physical/hormonal/psychological changes kick in. For most males, these shatter the old pre-pubescent world-view. As Professor Richard Lynn observes, the sudden spurt in IQ at this time leaves most self-aware young people either atheist or agnostic. The ‘class-blindness’ of childhood gives way to an awareness of socio-economic distinctions – and the piercing revelation that life is NOT fair. It is no surprise that the disenfranchised typically ‘switch-off’ education at this time, clearly perceiving the vast socio-cultural obstacles they face in pursuit of upward mobility. For adolescent males, the emergence of a sex-drive replaces childhood pursuits with deep, carnal yearnings.

In sum, the self-aware youth has his world-view completely restructured in the space of a few years. This transformation typically occurs without any meaningful guidance from any quarter save the mass media. Indeed, ‘mainstream’ Western society continues to peddle pre-pubescent themes to young people long after adolescence – with ever-diminishing returns. Perhaps this is yet another expression of the Anglosphere’s latent Puritanism and fear of adult sexuality? But I digress...

The Fruits of Adulthood...?

The media, of course, has always been quick to exploit the changes associated with adolescence. The West’s ‘youth culture’ is really a ‘post-pubescent youth culture’, after all. Video games, popular music and films all bombard the young with images of a sexualized, liberated ‘adult’ world that waits beyond the pre-pubescent confines of school and the parental home. Rap and rock music videos, for instance, invariably parade hordes of nubile, scantily-clad women as ‘available’ appendages to 'adult life'. These images raise the adolescent male’s expectations of adult sexuality to priapic dimensions. In good faith, he truly thinks that armies of sexualized women await him in the adult world, eager to be plucked like fruit from a tree

Women, women everywhere...

Well, they do if he is a swaggering plutocrat or sadistic thug, or blessed with outstanding good looks. For the vast majority of males, of course, they don’t. And so many young men suddenly find themselves as confused and challenged by adult life as they were by adolescence. In childhood, they were told a pack of convenient lies that they discarded at puberty. They then find that the ‘adult’ world-view they adopted in adolescence was a pack of lies, too. Like Tantalus, their wine and grapes have been snatched away - again.

And this is the root of the ‘male crisis’ that stalks the modern western world: a breakdown of certainty, a failure of trust. Having been deceived twice in rapid succession by the social order, Anglo-American men are increasingly distrustful of all received wisdom and advice. Hence, the explosion of the online manosphere...

Indeed, it must be admitted that much ‘manosphere’ activity represents an attempt to manage the disappointment and alienation of Anglo-American men. On the one hand, the PUA gurus offer Incel men ‘restorative justice’ – a way to realize the ‘adult’ dream of effortless sex that haunted their adolescence. On the other, the MGTOW crowd present a more radical alternative: complete rejection of a deceitful social system. Last but not least, the conservative MRAs promise retribution against women and a social order that allows them to indulge in selective hypergamy. However, at base, all these responses are designed to redress the justified sense of betrayal that currently besets all but a small minority of Anglo-American males.

Tantalus: Forever Cheated...


  1. Another great article Rookh. Your right, only a small handful of men in anglo countries will be able to get lot's of women. The guys who are thugs and douchebags will have women throwing themselves at them.

    If your a decent, hardworking man in the western world, you will have hard time attracting women. It's funny in the western world how women will gladly choose a thug over a good man.

    Your absolutely right when you say that when boys are in their teen years, they are taught that sexualized women are just waiting for them once they become an adult! Once these guys become adults, they then realize that only thugs and criminals have any easy time meeting women.

  2. "Well, they do if he is a swaggering plutocrat or sadistic thug, or blessed with outstanding good looks."

    Honestly - I would remove "outstanding good looks" - I think that is another "delusion". Since when do women go for "good-looking" men? Think of the Duke Lacrosse Players - all good looking, all rich, all smart, all strong - all had to hire a stripper for sexual entertainment...

    "And so many young men suddenly find themselves as confused and challenged by adult life as they were by adolescence."

    I would replace "adult life" with "sexuality", but I am guessing that is the same thing.

    For me, the delusion was not that there were a surplus of sexualized women "just waiting for me".

    For me, the delusion was, "a billion million men hit their female partners every five seconds".

    Honestly, I thought to myself, "gee, If there are so many guys out there that hit women - then I am going to be a diamond in the rough!"

    Not only did I realize that "a billion million women do NOT get beaten every 5 seconds" - but also that women seemed to gravitate towards the MINORITY of men who actually do hit their women...

  3. I am supposing outstanding good looks will have a tangential effect on a male's popularity with women. That is, good-looking males tend to gain entry to the media (and other lucrative fields) more easily. And this bestows wealth, which some women surely covet. Of course, a good-looking male flipping burgers or working in a responsible job will find his appearance irrelevant to mating success. I recall seeing a study that demonstrated this: a handsome male in a McDonald's outfit garnered much less female interest than an ugly male dressed as a doctor. By contrast, men opted for the attractive female, whatever costume she dressed in.

    But maybe I'm kidding myself. In truth, Anglo-American women seek out only ugly, retarded criminals like Charles Manson as true 'soul-mates'. And all other males are tolerated (at best) as disposal meal-tickets.

  4. Lads in the Anglosphere have been given nothing to win. The systematic cultural dismantling in the Western schools, has left them with no goalposts. They even had to suffer the ignominy of 'they all must win prizes', which robbed them of any chance to compete and win their spurs against their peers.

    Even the job market is fixed towards quotas rather than merit. Computer games are the only thing they have that caters for the spirit of competition that men need; free from the Nanny State, for now...

    When the State finally gets around to controlling the internet, and so called 'violent games', I'm willing to bet we will see mass anarchy on our Summer streets; and then followed by the no holds barred Police State.

  5. *When the State finally gets around to controlling the internet, and so called 'violent games', I'm willing to bet we will see mass anarchy on our Summer streets; and then followed by the no holds barred Police State.*

    Western males are trapped in a 'double bind' situation. Whatever they do is doomed to marginalization, censure and failure, since the default perspective of pan-Anglosphere culture is 'socialist misandry'. I think overt attempts to control the Internet are not too far away, at least in Britain. The obvious decline of the legacy media has made that goal imperative to the power-elite, in order to maintain their hegemony. However, the complexity and flexibility of the Internet will make it a difficult task for them, methinks.

  6. Rookh:
    I would tend to agree with the Scarecrow about the 'good looking' part. If you do any random Internet search for the '10 Hottest Guys' what comes up is hardly a group of good-looking men (unless you accidentally hit a poll taken of gay men LOL).

    To be honest, when I look at American male film stars today, they all look exactly alike to me: square heads; brush haircuts; an unintelligent, uncouth expression on their faces. To me they all seem to have a distinctly unhygienic look to them as well.

  7. Scarecrow:
    "Then I am going to be the diamond in the rough."

    I suffered from the delusion. Worse too, I didn't know about Shaming Language back then and after watching all the available women run after the lowest thugs, it was depressing to believe that somehow women found them 'better.' After I found blogs like this one, though, the truth came out and the 'scales fell from my eyes' and I realized this was the lot of most normal Anglosphere men.

  8. You're certainly right about 'uncouth expressions':

  9. Rookh:
    Good God---half of those 10 'hottest guys' look like the inmates in a prison psychiatric ward. They all look about as intelligent as a doorknob.

    Two of them are actors who play vampires: what does THAT tell you about women's ideal of maleness?

    As a side note, a pop-up appears here on this site, advertising for a local bail-bond service. I guess the advertisers know what services Anglo women looking for 'hot guys' are going to need! LOL

  10. Actually, THREE of them have played vampires while Taylor Lautner plays a werewolf. It really makes one wonder what is going on in women's heads.

    And the last time I saw a face like Lautner's, it was peering through bars in an ape house...

    1. Peering through bars in an ape house - LMFAO!!!

  11. But these are lies MEN tell other MEN. You don't seriously think the woman with the guitar should be available to you, do you? Why? She was paid to appear in that ad, wasn't she?
    Then again, I don't suppose the advertisers would commission this shit if they didn't think it would work. But still, I thought that men just enjoyed the aesthetics - and why not?
    I mean, you don't expect a spray of Lynx to actually bring a hoard of horny young cave women running to get a piece of you, I hope? Seriously, learn to discern fact from fiction. It will help you to lower your expectations, thus preventing further embarrassment.
    As for which men women find attractive, well it's not for you to say, is it?but let me assure you of this, it's not Sean Connery or George Clooney or Brad Pitt (not if you're under 50, say) - those are yet more lies MEN tell other MEN. Personally I don't like Taylor Lautner - he is pug-nosed with a body so big that with clothes on he simply looks fat. I'm not sure if women have Vampire fantasies- some do, I suppose. I think this particular fantasy waxes and wanes depending on the actor playing the vampire - Robert Pattinson, yep. Gary Oldman, nope.

    Me personally, I like Rafael Nadal or Nico Mirallegro. I'm not remotely angry that I've slept with neither of them. I am not deluded!

  12. No, they are lies a small and unrepresentative minority are permitted to project, because those lies support the gynocentric, misandrist agendas of the parent culture. Of course a misandrist society will be averse to projecting realistic messages about women, in that real women are nothing like the sexualized nymphs and angels exalted by the MSM. The fact that mass murderers and inbred misfits like Charles Manson receive thousands of love letters is routinely ignored by the legacy media.

    However, these lies and fantasies are hardly the exclusive creation of men. The Pan-Anglosphere media aimed at women hugely distort the facts about female sexuality. Magazines like Cosmo are especially guilty of projecting the 'good-looking, educated nice-guys get lots of sex' fallacy. In reality, sadistic psychopaths, vicious criminals and unwashed morons enjoy far more sexual interest from women than educated, decent men. Consider James Holmes - as a law-abiding neuro-scientist, he elicited no interest from women whatsoever. As a mass killer, he is swamped with protestations of love and offers of sex/marriage.

    However, most males with a brain have decoded these silly MSM messages by their mid-twenties, at the latest. Far from being deluded, men have a far more intimate grasp of women's minds and disordered sexuality than at any time in history. The Internet allows reality to 'circulate' as never before.

  13. Rookh:
    It's always interesting that these Anglo-American women fall back on the same refrain: about men's supposed need to 'lower our standards' and give up our 'unrealistic expectations.' There's never a word about women doing anything whatsoever to improve either their own looks or their own attitudes---both of which would solve a lot of the problems between the genders in the Anglosphere.

  14. The whole essence of Anglo feminism is to reduce male sexual choice to the lowest common denominator - namely, the obese and neurotic Anglo female. Almost all the ideas espoused by Anglo feminists (and women in general) are intended to advance this agenda.

    For example, the feminist hysteria about (largely imaginary) 'sex trafficking' is calculated to criminalize prostitution (or even foreign marriage), thereby limiting male sexual choice to civilian Anglo women. Similarly, the feminist hatred of online porn springs from the same need: to lower the male's sexual standards to the lowest common denominator that is the Anglo-American female.

    Indeed, the feminist alignment with 'traditional' Anglo puritanism is similarly inspired. The specifically repressive and puritanical nature of Anglo-Saxon culture largely explains why feminism arose in (and remains so powerful within) the Anglosphere, in fact.

  15. "Computer games are the only thing they have that caters for the spirit of competition that men need; free from the Nanny State, for now..."

    Women are trying to muscle in on videogames as well, now that being a "geek" and a "gamer girl" is considered socially safe, unlike say 10 years ago, when a woman with high sexual market value wouldn't have touched a videogame with a bargepole nor would have associated herself with someone who did. Videogames were for fat, awkward geeks and that was it.

    But now they want in, and following the usual feminist script, they won't simply carve their own feminist videogaming niche; they want to spoil the fun for everyone. They want to change videogaming entirely.

    They don't like how women have been depicted by those mean sexists in the last 30 years, what with them being princesses to be saved or big breasted bimbos. They also dislike how "unfair" the competitive gameplay is, demanding more simplicity and predictability. That means less complexity, more point-and-click immediacy, more repetitivity, dumb gameplay, banal, Hollywood-inspired storylines and characters (see: Mass Effect, Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell) that push a Liberal, gender-neutral, non-realistic agenda.

    (Tomb Raider must be one of the worst offenders: every male character is either a coward, incompetent or asexual and every female character is strong, athletic, smart and capable.)

    White knights and feminist herbs of course concur, like they always do lest they lose their already meager sex privileges, not to mention their job or reputation. Just google the story about the guy who hacked Donkey Kong, switching the roles of Mario and the Princess. It was to "empower" her daughter, you see.

    I could go on, but the more I write, the more I get pissed. So fuck it.

  16. I am endlessly perplexed by the female tendency to infiltrate male lifestyles and dominions. It suggests that women cannot really create their own conceptual spheres or subcultures, and so are forced to assail those of men. The same principle applies to Freemasonry or even the MRA movement. If women were as independent and empowered as feminism suggests, they would never display such tendencies.

  17. Here is a great example of a young guy buying into PC propaganda. The real problem will begin in a few years when he begins interacting with the opposite sex. His PC view of women will lead to much trouble and he will be clueless to how women actually behave.
    Its not the video its the commenter aardvark4lunch. He is young right around the begging's of puberty. This is the person we need to reach out to.

    Again thanks Kshatriya for the great blog!

    1. Hi. I realise that this comment is old but I don't understand how my disinterest in stalking people relates to the above article.

  18. Once again another brilliant explication of feminism and misandry, from someone who has also bought your book! (Havok! is a must read).

    I wonder why you are not well known in the manosphere, or even referenced by the editors of AVFM...

    Just out of curiosity, are you a black man? I ask because I am a huge fan, and merely want to know your background. I know you're British. Also, are you a natural writer or did you work at it? You are very talented. Did you go to Oxford or something? Do you have a PHD? If so, in what? Literature?

  19. No friend, I'm not black but an anglicized Asian of Aryan descent. I like to think I'm a natural writer but I also have to work at it. I am indeed a Doctor but of the medical, not the academic kind.

  20. I am endlessly perplexed by the female tendency to infiltrate male lifestyles and dominions.

    It's called female hyoagency. Women by nature have both a deep-seated suspicion against male activities that don't involve them and a tendency to invade male spaces.

    In the ancestral environment of humans this behavior may have benefited them, but in the modern world it's clearly maladaptive.

    It suggests that women cannot really create their own conceptual spheres or subcultures, and so are forced to assail those of men.

    In thousands of years of human civilization, they have failed to do so. That probably mean there are fundamental biological reason why that is true.

    The same principle applies to Freemasonry or even the MRA movement. If women were as independent and empowered as feminism suggests, they would never display such tendencies.

    Feminism is simultaneously directed at demonizing men and effecting resource transfer from men to women. That tells you what you need to know.

  21. Most anglo women would rather sleep with a criminal than an intellectual.