Saturday 26 April 2014

Petition to Free Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker - a political prisoner

Many have expressed deep anger at the case of Ryan Walker, a young man imprisoned in the UK for defending himself against misandrist abuse by two teenage girls. While Ryan sits in jail, they have been defending their vile behaviour on British television:

Well, now you have the chance to strike back. Someone has set up a petition on, calling for the Ministry of Justice to release Ryan from prison. Make your opinions heard! The petition is here:

Although only British people can sign the petition, Americans and other foreigners can still pass comment.


  1. The important thing is to ask what the reaction would be were the sexes reversed: say, two men mocked a woman for looking like Jo Brand or Dawn French [fat] and the woman eventually retaliated physically. Would the look alike be incarcerated?

    Likewise consider 'the coughing Major', Major Ingram who endured months of coughing abuse and eventually losing his cool physically restrained a youngster who was mocking him. Ingram although convicted was given a Non-Conditional discharge. He should of course never have been charged (and for what it is worth he should not in my view have been either charged or convicted for Fraud).

    One thus observes the anti-male bias of the Judiciary which as always white-washes the behaviour of the Female abuser. It seems to me that although it is not new, there is an increase in women abusing the power that they possess and know they possess (even as they paint themselves as victims). Sadly men fall for it all the time.

  2. I live in the United Stated (or as I call them, the discombooberated States).

    If you come across anything asking for donations to pay his bail - please post it.

  3. Rookh and Opus:
    Check out a similar story of misandry:

    Which is also the subject of a lawsuit. Note the misandryist actions in that story were carried out by educated, professional females in an affluent American suburb (unlike the Ryan Walker case done by some ignorant underclass teenaged sluts). It just shows how pervasive misandryist attitudes are throughout the entire Anglosphere.

  4. Something has been really bothering me about the Ryan Walker story.

    Do you suppose it is possible that those two young women found him attractive - and that women have become so sexually dysfunctional that this is how they act when confronted with a handsome young man?

    They approach with ridicule and taunting because they do not know how to act properly, and they are raised to act contrary to their attractions?

    I know that in your thesis you suggest that women are inherently attracted to thugs.

    Isn't every man a thug when pushed too far?

  5. He wasn't defending himself, he was retaliating, and he chose the wrong way to do it. You don't put people in hospital over verbal bullying, that's just insane. Yes the girls were mean by calling him Harry Potter, but putting them both in hospital can hardly be classified as him 'defending himself'. You really are a new breed of idiot and this whole blog is twisted and pathetic. You really are a tyrant in your own insane little world.

    1. Fuck off idiot. Obviously this site is far too intelligent for your diminutive mind.

      Go back to Huffington Post.

  6. Sebastian Hawks18 May 2014 at 19:11

    This is the wrong case to make a martyr out of. While I can sympathize with the plight of sexually disenfranchised beta males in the Anglo-American Matriarchy and under stand why they snap and turn into the Colorado Movie Theater Joker, etc... You can't then go on and justify their violent actions as deserving to be completely excused and forgiven.

  7. this is what a male feminist looks like:

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