Sunday 16 November 2014

Cannibal Game: A New Direction in Pick-up Artistry?

Handsome Brute: British cannibal Matthew Williams

The pick-up artist community likes to draw on evolutionary psychology for its memes and arguments. While I have some sympathy for their general perspective, it is sometimes hard to square these arguments with real-world events - as the following story illustrates:

Welsh Cannibal Matthew Williams Eats Victim Cerys Marie Yemm and then Dies after being Tasered in Homeless Hostel

The not unattractive Ms Yemm
A killer was allegedly found eating the body parts of a woman he had attacked before being shot with a Taser by police yesterday. He later died. The woman, who died of her injuries, has been named as Cerys Marie Yemm. Matthew Williams, 34, is reported to have been eating the eyeball and face of the 22-year-old woman, who died of her injuries. Police confirmed they had used a 50,000-volt Taser on Williams. Security staff at a hostel for the homeless in Argoed, South Wales, became suspicious when Williams refused to let them enter the room. They are said to have forced entry, before calling the police who knocked Williams to the ground with a Taser gun.
Ms Yemm: an eye for dangerous men
Gwent Police confirmed that the man was shot with a Taser and then arrested, and that while under arrest the man “became unresponsive”.

Williams had been released from prison two weeks ago, after serving half of a five-year prison sentence for a violent attack on his partner. Williams – who is known locally by the nickname Fifi – was staying at the former Sirhowy Arms Hotel, which operated as a bail hostel. He is said to have only just met his victim before asking her back to the hostel for a drink.

Police confirmed that Williams and his victim were known to each other.

Police were carrying out forensic tests on a silver BMW believed to belong to Williams which was parked outside the hostel. Locals have reportedly nicknamed the man “Hannibal Lecter” after the fictional cannibal character. A Gwent Police spokeswoman said:

“While under arrest, the man became unresponsive. Officers and paramedics administered first aid but he has since been pronounced deceased. We were called at 1.23am yesterday after a report that a man was attacking a woman. On arrival both the male and female were still at the location. A Taser was discharged and a man was arrested.

“The woman was located with injuries and has since been pronounced deceased.”

SOURCE: UK Independent, 6th November 2014

While deeply disturbing, the story does seem to shed important light on what women find inherently attractive in a man. Whatever else may be said of Williams, he seemed to have some pretty impressive Game skills. After all, despite living in a hostel for the homeless he was able to pick up a fairly attractive young woman for a night of fun and - well, let's leave it at that. He had been imprisoned for a violent attack on his former partner, something Ms Yemm quite possibly knew about (they were 'known to each other', after all). In addition, Williams was suffering severe mental illness prior to the attack, a result of long-term drug abuse. Indeed, he reported seeing the world as a black-and-white negative. Safe pair of hands, then...

So there we have it. A sadistic, woman-beating thug without education, intelligence or looks, dressed like the inmate of some Eighteenth Century prison hulk, living in a malodorous doss-house full of other psychotic misfits and seeing the world as a photographic negative is able to pick up a relatively attractive young girl ten years younger than himself without any problem at all. Quite the Gamer!

While I am fully aware that the Traditionalist MRAs' fixation with putting the clock back to an era that elides the inchoate vagaries of female mate-choice is deluded, stories like this sometimes make me wish such a thing were possible.

The last thing she ever saw...


  1. After reading the story of this guy, I don't know if I should laugh ............ or vomit!

  2. I wonder if "Ms Yemm" should have her named changed to "Ms Yumm".

    OOOHHH. Bad joke.

    I laugh at these women. The whole dating scene is a joke. College men are looked at as enemies, cannibals are seen as "datable" in the anglobitch's eyes.

    Talk about shattered glasses syndrome

  3. Rookh:
    Yesterday in the news it was reported that Charles Manson is engaged to be married for the 4th time. The lucky bride is a cute 26 y/o brunette who moved out to California to be near Manson when she was 17.

    Gotta love that kind of perseverance! LOL

    And the media commenters are outraged---not because she's marrying a psychopathic killer---but because there's such a huge age difference between the two love-birds.

    The Anglosphere has totally gone to pot...

  4. I came here hoping for a new article on the Manson Wedding. I guess he isn't famous in England the way he is here. Manson literally changed the way TV portrayed villains, before Manson the "Jesus Look" of long hair and a beard would be a weak, flaky character; afterwards it became the hallmark of a frightening killer.

  5. Just an aside - This post out does any of my "Murder and Male Resentment Mondays" that I have ever done...

    Dang - good job in finding this story.

  6. Yes, but how do you account for the (flashy) BMW?

    ...and is there not a contradiction between his being known to the tasty Miss Yumm and his having just met her. Journalists cannot always be taken at their contradictory face values.

    Even so women love bad-boys.

    1. Calling an insane cannibal a 'bad boy' is surely an understatement?

      Besides, I doubt the car was acquired by honest means.

  7. Quite right, but he had the car. Anyway, I see you distinguish between insane Cannibals and those presumably just Insane. Interesting ;)

    1. Obviously, most cannibals active in the developed world are insane or at least psychopathic. However, Jeffrey Dahmer was not considered insane at his trial, yet he is known to have eaten parts of his victims.