Sunday, 18 October 2015

British Youth Kills Himself Over False Rape Allegations

Jay Cheshire - Innocent Teen suicided by malicious Anglo-cunt

Sometimes the Manosphere gets so bogged down in the minutiae of its arguments that we lose sight of what we are actually fighting for. Let's correct this:
A teenager took his own life after he was falsely accused of rape, an inquest heard. Jay Cheshire, 17, who was "mature and well-liked", was at the centre of a police investigation which ended in June this year when the alleged victim dropped the charge. But he tried to commit suicide a few weeks later and after being taken to Southampton General Hospital, died on 5 July. An inquest at Winchester Coroners Court, Hants, heard Jay struggled to cope with the false accusations and was "absolutely distraught."
Jay, from Southampton, was a sixth form student at Bitterne Park School studying English Literature, Film Studies and Geography - and hoped to become a history teacher or a writer. The court also heard he had a history of struggling with low moods, was put on anti-depressants and was due to undergo cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

He had a psychiatrist since the age of 13 but in March this year his state of mind improved, leading to doctors agreeing that CBT was not urgently needed any more. However in May, Jay's family contacted them once more saying he was under pressure because of the police investigation.

Central Hampshire senior coroner Grahame Short recorded a verdict of suicide and said: "I got the impression he was well liked and mature in some ways, but was a sensitive young man and vulnerable in some respects and he found it difficult to cope with the police investigation."

Jay's mum, Karin Cheshire, 54, said that the allegation was a factor in his death and that the alleged victim said he was a sex offender. Speaking about the alleged victim, she said: "She accused him of rape and said he was a sexual offender. He was absolutely distraught. Two weeks later she said she withdrew the allegations. He was a wonderful young man with a great love of history."
Source: UK Daily Telegraph

Predictably, Jay's accuser has got away 'scot-free' with her heinous crime - not even her identity was revealed by police. This is what should have happened to her:



  1. I think the anti-depressants and Psychiatrist were a negligible factor as well. But yes, the selfish anlgo cunt's false rape claim pushed him over the edge. I think if the boy had more reliable male friends in his life than the goddamn Psychiatrist, he would be still alive.

  2. @Rookh

    Off topic, but an interesting question

    If women are low T creatures, then what are women useful for?

    They cant work, completely useless in corporate environments & suck up dead air in useless jobs such as nurses & paper pushing secretaries

  3. My take is, the whole point of women is to kill off men, to force young men to commit suicide

    Also women reproducing is a complete scam, women give the impression they want to reproduce

    While the whole point of women, is to destroy civilisation by refusing to reproduce, while sucking up huge amounts of resources in order to de-stabilise society

    & eventually destroy civilisations & society, through under reproducing, & chronic low levels of reproduction

    1. It really wouldn't surprise me if women were actually created by some external, hostile force for just that purpose.

  4. I agree - that is what should have happened to her.

    I will make NO APOLOGIES for that statement either.

    People who exploit government anonymity just to screw with others need to be severely punished.

    And honestly, the government that protects these liars needs to be punished as well.

  5. Here is one as bad or worse:

  6. We are rapidly reaching the stage where every man has had some form of false allegation made against him. I could give copious examples and am not myself immune. I suspect, though it goes against male nature to do so, that the correct approach is to go on the attack. The Deceased was unlucky to have received such an allegation at such a young age and one suspects his abuser knew or sensed that he would be especially vulnerable. She should have been prosecuted and on conviction received a similar length of imprisonment that the Deceased would have been likely to receive, in fact twice that. The Police are (and have always been) a hotbed of Misandry.

    Women (overall) are out of control.

  7. One thing that must be abolished is this ridiculous "Sex Offender" registry that persecutes men for the rest of their lives well past their completion of their sentences for their alleged crimes. No one demands that car thieves or shoplifters register with the local police and put them selves on some shame list for the rest of their lives. Why sex other than the puritanical anglobitch shaming sickness that elevates this even beyond murder as the worst possible thing. These laws reek pre WWII German Gestapo keeping tabs on all the local Jews, they are obviously unconstitutional, yet this is completely disregarded by christo-fascists and feminists in power and the lynch mob character of the mass man seeking out a witch to burn. May I also note the petty characteristics of these laws banning men bearing the scarlet letter from public parks their tax dollars pay for as if that's how sex offenders actually operate when these cases almost always occur in the homes where some connection already exists between the victim and accused. Laws based on how squares imagine things are than how they actually exist.

  8. Off Topic - Please Thumb this Video down: