Friday, 19 August 2016

Syrian Immigrants and the Western Feminist Paradox

New Year Sex Attacks in Cologne, Germany

In recent months, much has been made of Muslim ‘sexual attacks’ on western women in Germany, Scandinavia and the UK. Indeed, the events in Cologne during the city's New Year's Eve celebrations made instant headlines around the world. However, the concept of Sexual False Consciousness can largely explain why these events occur.

In short, Sexual False Consciousness is a kind of delusion fostered by the media in western countries. It has evolved to delude western men into believing that – if they themselves are not having sex with models every night – every other man is. Aside from exaggerating levels of heterosexual liberation in western nations, Sexual False Consciousness insinuates that beautiful actresses, models and porn stars actually want sex with blue collar schlubs. Blinded by this Blue Pill rubbish, the average frustrated chump plods happily through his sexually-disenfranchised life without a murmur of protest. It could be said that sex has supplanted religion as Karl Marx's Opiate of the Masses; certainly, the promise of (largely imaginary) sex with beautiful young women is now what binds the average Blue Pilled male to the social order.

Look but Don't Touch: German Feminists Resist

Another aspect of Sexual False Consciousness involves masking the absurd contradictions in female sexual behaviour. In our view, the attacks in Germany occurred because Muslim immigrants have not internalized this specific aspect of Sexual False Consciousness.

Western females demand male ‘respect’ even as they dress like ten dollar whores, wolf down unholy amounts of prescription drugs, drink to the extent of passing out and mate with shiftless thugs and criminals. Sexual False Consciousness leads western males to overlook (or even deny) such contradictions in female behaviour. Viewing western women through the mediating filter of SFC, they still see these painted witches as goddesses on pedestals.

Western Female Demanding 'Respect'

However, free of such mediating cultural spectacles, Muslim immigrants see such females for what they truly are. When discussing the attacks in Cologne or Malmo, the Western ‘mainstream’ media sees the problem as entirely ‘Muslim’ – it never discusses Western women themselves. Frankly, what are Muslim males supposed to think when they see half-naked girls staggering the streets of Cologne or London, brandishing  wine bottles and shrieking foul imprecations? That they are encountering Snow White or Rapunzel?

German Female accosted by Jocular Immigrant in Cologne

Ultimately, Western women embody an absurd contradiction – they want rights without responsibilities. Specifically, they want to retain traditional female privileges while acquiring ever more ‘rights’ (typically at the expense of men). Nearly all the issues discussed by the Manosphere can be traced to this paradox. Nowhere is it stronger than in the sphere of sexuality: women want hypergamy (privilege) with equality (rights); they want Marriage (privilege) with no-fault divorce (rights); they use the promise of sex to manipulate men (privilege) while demanding public respect (rights). Of course, the last contradiction is central to the unfortunate events in Cologne: without a mediating filter of Sexual False Consciousness, ‘normal’ men cannot comprehend western women’s impossible expectations.

Being paradoxical, their demands have no internal ‘logic’ to understand: like every paradox, they ‘tease us out of thought, as doth eternity’.

Western Woman Demands to Taken Seriously


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Rookh. :)

    I don't disagree with your conclusions about Western females, but in the past you have made a point of distinguishing Sweden and its women from Anglo females.

    How come you categorise them together for the purposes of this article? Is it because German, Swedish and Anglo females are overly similar to one another to your average Muslim male migrant?

    Just curious.

  2. Other western females are obviously different to Anglo women, in being less overtly hostile to men in general. However, they still embody an obvious contradiction between rights and privileges, which immigrant males find impossible to negotiate.

  3. Maybe the Muslim Marauders raging across Europe have seen all those Hollywood DVDs before like American Pie, etc and came to believe that their sojourn in Europe would bring them endless free and easy sex with the local women, just like the saw in the movies. Much like the maligned Jamestown Settlers who expected to spend their days picking gold nuggets off the Virginia soil. They expected their adventures to bear the fruits of easy sexual picking instead of gold. I've heard bloggers say how difficult it can be for young college women who go to South Korea to teach English because the local men think they all jump into bed as easily as the characters in a Hollywood movie. Instead of the true frigid upper middle class Anglobitch, the Hollywood female character is the product of homosexual screen writers, transferring their own exploits in queer bath houses onto the screen thinly veiled with heterosexual characters.